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Ask a heterosexual male living in Uganda anything. Will take some time to answer though. Slow phone/connection. Don't hold your breath.

Also, I'd like to explain why I'm here, I haven't visited this board in a long time ( from around the time it was created).

I came here because I was curious to see how many fags are there on 4chan. It being an 'muhrikan site, (full of non-religious degenerates with no moral code or discipline), I knew there'd be a shit load of them. I wasn't disappointed.

So given the recent law we passed allowing for the execution of your kind. (it's actually currently life in prison, to be frank I just think it'd increase the rate of fags by putting them together for life, so that has to be fixed, anyway the execution thing bill/amendment has yet to be passed, but I think it is the merciful thing to do, seeing as it wasn't your fault you were "born that way". And you shouldn't have to be punished by having to live with your condition. Being born into this shitty world of ours is punishment enough, amiright?

Oh and before any of you sick fucks starts defending your immoral ways and your deserved "right" to live amongst us and our children whilst you carry out your sick acts. I'd like to ask you a question, if we do actually let you carry out these sick acts amongst us, what do we tell the pedophiles and necrophiliacs when they ask for their right to do what they do since we let the homos do it? Do we deny them their so-called rights to fuck innocent kids and kill people just to fuck their dead bodies?

And before you call me backward or non-progressive. I'll tell you that I'm far from that. I just happen to be a normal (by our current societal standards) man. Wondering why you people have no decency or moral code or why you think you're different from the pedos. They also tend make similar arguments when defending their sick acts.


Also sorry if there are any typos here, my phone doesn't have a spell-check utility.

And also, sorry if I have offended or hurt any of your feelings. but I doubt I have, since most of you fags don't give a shit, fucking immoral scum.

If there's anything I or my country is missing please enlighten me/us. Maybe that piece of information will start a revolution that makes us more tolerant of this kind of sick perveted sexual filth. Who knows, we might end up being as immoral a country as the huenited states-a ov amurikah.

Oh, also I write for a tabloid and a newspaper plus a few blogs, I just might include this forum thread into a report. If it's eye opening, that is and not just a bunch of enraged homos bashing at us like I know it's going to be.

Anyway, here goes... Submit post!
Really wish moot could increase that word-limit.
>Asking an African anything
I have met exactly one upstanding Ugandan in my entire life and that was in America where he was trying to get the funds to get his village a hospital because his area is so shitty. What you do with your backwards country is your problem and not mine, I can't imagine why any gay person in Uganda wouldn't just move.
>And also, sorry if I have offended or hurt any of your feelings
Don't apologize if you aren't sorry about something.
>hates fags
>seeks out fag forums to post on

not everyone can just pick up shop and take off you know
Not a fag, but you are free to prosecute paedophiles as they take advantage of children and necrophiliacs, because they desecrate the dead.

The people you are thinking about tend to be consenting adults, and civilized societies stay out of adult's bedrooms- and I am willing to be a bazillion Ugandan currency units that there are more adulterers and nonmarried couples than lgbt peoples, acts that to a varying degree are immoral but your children do not seemed to be harmed by them.
Well that's quite true, but as it currently stands, what else would you do if given the chance? Obviously they're an African nation under the rule of someone who wants to kiss Muslim ass and is trying to distract from the sorry state the nation is in by scapegoating. This being Uganda, only a handful of people are smart enough to figure out that they're being fed a lot of horseshit about gay people as a smokescreen. Essentially LGBT people just happened to be a convenient target. If it wasn't us, it would be someone else.

That's politics in action: When in doubt, blame a minority. It works all the time, especially in third-world shitholes like Uganda.
>undermining our country, continent and home.

You might want to stop typing and find a better use for your hands, like sticking them up your ass.
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You sound rather uninformed. Being a faggot is pretty cool.

Tell the pedophiles that fuck kids to stop fucking kids that can't consent, tell the necrophiliacs that desecrate bodies to stop fucking corpses that can't consent, and tell your secret boyfriend to wear a condom, I hear AIDS is pretty common in your shitheap of a country.

Well that's what Id like to say to a Ugandan guy if you actually were one anyway. Try harder /pol/.
Buddy I couldn't undermine Uganda any more than Uganda has undermined itself. How do you undermine what's already a trainwreck? That's like a man living in a cardboard box accusing a guy in a mansion of trying to ruin his home.

If you really are Ugandan and you really are a reporter, please post your report here because it's going to be hilarious to read.
How's your AIDS and virtually nonexistent infrastructure treating you?
I started this thread for said reasons because I want to know what your mentality/mindset is and how you homosexuals, pedophiles, etc. feel about what we're doing. Do you support it? Are you hurt? Or do you simply not give a shit.
What kind of a question is that? Take five seconds and think about what you just asked. If we made a law throwing every Ugandan in America in jail permanently, or if we made a "Kill the Ugandans" bill, how would you feel? Would you support it? Would you be hurt? Or would you simply not give a shit?
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>OP. who happens to not be a fag.
Coming on a little strong there, buddy. Just a touch too obvious on this one. Still, it's a fun idea to think about. What if an Ugandan really DID show up on /lgbt/?
How's life in Uganda? You said to ask you anything, so I'm asking.
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You're getting creative, /pol/. I'm glad to see you learning, it's more interesting this way!
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East African Flag.png
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hey, I am kenyan. Una elewa Kiswahili?

Are you ready to be one country? What do you think of the EAC? Picture related, the flag of the East African community.
>country ruled by dictator
>country plagued with poverty
>country where people are lynched in the streets for stealing
>my face when westerners only care about gay sex

I know you wish I was pretending, but I'm not. To be honest though I don't give a shit what you believe.
Not bad. Can't wait for Shari'a law to be implemented. And for all of Africa to be united and governed under one religious law.

HAHA. Msenge weee... I doubt you are; lakini ni'na'elewa kiswa vizuri sana. But ni mzuri kukumbuka that these fags, wanaweza kufanyisha jewgle trans. etc to understand vitu tuna sema.

Do you speak kikuyu, shenge?

Also, (fuck, I say also alot) Nika kuliya tz and sababu hivyo my swa. Is a little conc. and different lakini nafikiriya tunaweza kuji'elewa.

Ate oluganda olutegera?, Oba orunyankore? You speak it?

>inb4 english mf do u spk it jackson memes.

Njaa kutera munongaaa...
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btw, kwanini uko hapa on /lgbt/? una tokea wapi, una kaa kwa inchi gani?

Somali-Kenyan living in USA. But currently in Europe for work.
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>posting a picture of the president of Sudan for some random-ass reason
>talking about Shari'a and Islam, whereas the gay bill in Uganda was motivated mostly by evangelical Christians

sorry /pol/ — if you want to troll /lgbt/ by pretending to be Ugandan, you actually have to know something about Uganda
also, he used google translate for this: >>2452716

no one ever says "Una tokea wapi". It's "Unatoka wapi"
warya... haha, omg. get outta here, you probably won't believe this, im also somali, ethnically, lived in "isli" east-leigh with my cousins about a decade ago.

btw do you speak somali, do you eat halwa, do you have an annoying habaryeer, do you wash your xooyo's feet? are you me? do i know you? are we related? probably.

wow, shit man, how can we have so much in common, guess curious minds tend to converge around the same ideas, places.
Not knowing the difference btn. shenge, tz swahili, coastal swahili, congolese swahili, and other variants.

Yeah, try harder fag.
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bait overdose.png
158KB, 625x626px
Also, I wasn't going to correct you. But unatoka wapi means where are you from, like coming from, unatokea wapi is mostly used when asking where someone hails from.
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sweet feel.jpg
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yeah whatever. Learn swahili, cunt. It's going to be the language of the East African Federation!
>trying this hard when nobody is reading your shit

Even I only read half your shit, and I can't remember what your shit was, because...well, why would I bother?
Are you retarded or something? I hope you're not the somali bro or that you're just pretending to be him/Somali.

On a shitty phone, so check out these links on this page yourself. Stop being misinformed wannabe troll.

File: somali1393295861.jpg (132KB, 774x501px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This board needs to have ID's.
I think the question is, would I rather be a dirty lazy ignorant nigger or be a degenerate faggot. Hmm..
U gan da have to troll better than that son.
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Sexuality has nothing to do with race or even species.

You'll find pedo/gay animals, chimps, chinese, pygmies, mulattos, negroids, caucasians, hispanics, etc.

The question is how should each race/species/community treat its "own" homos and pedos.

Homosexuality, pedophillia, being born with one eye, etc.are all genetic defects, occurring in nature and are a part of it.

Once we stop being passive participants in our own evolution and take matters into our own hands, like we are already starting to do. We might hopefully be able to guide and engineer these defects out of our future offspring, or atleast reduce the numbers to an amount we can control or kill before maturity.

Homosexuality is not a race, it is a vice, an anomalous occurance. Homos like you should be eradicated.
>cue in ad hominem attack

You know, I wonder why racist pieces of shit like you always attach yourselves to the achievements of others in your racial grouping. As if their achievements are any indicator of what you are. What have you done for yourself lately? What have you achieved?

>cue out. anon out.
You're aware that you could just shorten that to "amen" or "heil!", right? And it'd have just as much impact.
File: 1307503157445.jpg (17KB, 155x202px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>implying niggers have done anything useful

Is that why y'all live in huts, like dirt, poor as fuck and high HIV rates among straight people?

Man gays sure are a problem!

Hey listen up closet brazilian spic, How we Africans handle our affairs is none of your business. Why don't you stick to your own kind and advise them on what to do.

Don't go into other people's homes telling them how they should eat their food.

I'm a nigerian living in ghana and I agree with op Shari'a law will unite us, it's a good moral code.
lol that's OP, what a clever troll. Africans cant write properly, this is definitely a troll.
No one is trying to make an impact on you or anyone anon. Just having a discussion.

Harvesting your thoughts, the political climate of /lgbt/, etc. Just want to know what you think of what we are doing?

Do you think we should let homosexuals do what they want? Where Do we draw the line? How do we make the distinction between what is right and wrong if we tolerate everything even filth like this?. And what if that tolerance conflicts with our religious beliefs. What then? Do we abandon/defile our religion and morals?


>inb4 this is op.

This is not me. I'm still lurking on my shitty phone. Waiting for questions worthy of a reply.

But thanks, supposedly nigerian-ghanaian friend.
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nice try.jpg
34KB, 410x280px
>Being able to spell

I'm finding this hard to believe.
Oh the master baits!
Thank humanity there are people like you to make me laugh.

Please excuse me while I go have amazing lesbian sex with my beautiful girlfriend. Unlike you, all alone, hating the world.

Because lets face it. With an attitude like that I doubt you'd ever get laid. Or is that the reason you've become scum of the planet?

what's it like being a part of a more primitive and stupid inferior race? that was subjugated by superior white folks?

Do you ever listen to Beethoven or Brahms and compare it to your wub dub wub dub jungle music?

Or looks at the Cathedrals of Europe that were built 1000 years ago and think that your people couldn't even build a two story house until white people showed you how 100 years ago?

Why is your country so primitive and filthy, why don't you build roads and schools and hospitals and put shoes on your children?

Speaking of hospitals, why is the HIV rate in Uganda so much higher than in the US or EU? You have to be truly, truly stupid to pass on a disease like that these days, or a criminal that doesn't care if he infects others.

Aren't you ashamed of yourself? How do you people live the way you do?
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>tfw the USA government is planing to send actual scientists to Uganda to try and undo the damage done by "christian-scientists" that went over on behalf of far-right political groups to lie that they had success curing gay people in their "pray away the gay" camps
>Ugandan guy thinks he's right
>comes from a country that illegalized condoms
>compares homosexuals to pedophiles
Man it's like looking at the U.S. in the 40s but without the class.

>No, he doesn't.

>[citation needed].

>Not really.

I think He knows the difference between the two anon. He's just wondering why homos should get preferential treatment over pedos, necros, traps, furfags, since they are all born with their affliction.

Sure they are different, but they are all engaging in sick sexual acts, which btw go against his country's moral code and his religion.

So how can you accept one sexual depravity and refuse another?. Give your reasons if you have any.


What exactly do you know about class, you chan-browsing fag.

>insert laughinggirls.jpg
>this faggot


i dont consider myself anti- or pro- gay (who gives a shit what faggots do or fuck?), but the only thing more irrelevant than gay rights is your shithole desert excuse for a country.
>7% of uganda's population current has HIV/AIDS


how do you explain that aids is more prevalent among niggers than faggots?
File: lqbait.jpg (5KB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>summer pls go

How does it feel the be the slave of Christians that failed in the west?
OP you don't know how lucky you are. I really wish we could get a solid law passed here in the USA to kill or imprison all of the gays. We have what you might call a negative solution, in that we don't have laws that discourage fags, but our social structure doesn't really protect them either, so if you live in a small town in the south/midwest and there's a faggot dumb enough to be open about it you can usually beat him up and as long as you don't kill him like that methhead Matthew Shepard nobody gives a shit. In high school there was one fag in our class and my friends and I used to drive past his house and throw empties at it. His parents must have gotten sick of dealing with it because he got kicked out, unfortunately he left town before we could track him down and I dunno where he's at now.
I all sincerity, i view africa as a write off.
EVERYTHING about it is failure. Its people are just substandard.
Yeah, you can blame some of it on colonization and abuse... but for fucks sake, just LOOK at the countries that had minimal intervention from whites/arabs, and then places like South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Egypt.
Egypt and South africa are the 2 economic power-houses in the continent, and neither are truly, geo-politically, african.
Zimbabwe used to be the 'bread basket' of the continent(inspite of being significantly smaller than other places).
Now that whites have minimal control over both of those former colonies, they have edged closer to failed state status.

I really dont consider myself racist... I'm just totally disallusioned with what africans accomplish when they are left to their own devices, or even GIVEN modern functioning counties. They, as a collective, just seem too fucking stupid to make anything of value.

And the people are too fucking easily manipulated.
>We're hungry, we want jobs!
>That makes sense to me...
its fucking pathetic...
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