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Hey Faggots,
My name is Donald J Trump, and I hate every single one of you fags. All of you are sweaty, retarded, choke artists who spend every second gagging on a 9 inch cock at your local glory hole. Honestly, have any of you ever built a skyscraper with your name on it? I mean, I guess it's fun memorizing the same speech given by your handlers and screwing the electorate because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than having Conservative Gay Foam Parties.
Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. I built hotels and casinos around the World, and a whole city in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. What jobs have you created other than "robocall smearing ghost-writers"? I also got my own Boeing 757, and have a banging hot daughter (She just blew me; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.
Pic Related: It's me and my daughter Ivanka (Yael Kushner)
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We love you daddy.
At least I'm not obese.

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Can guys in HRT make qt chubby girls?
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I really wish.

I really
Absolutely not? I would put up weight if I could.

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question boy.jpg
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Why do I only pass with nerd glasses (square frames) but not without?
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Because they cover your brow.
Glasses make your eyes look bigger
Could be many things.

They make your midface appear shorter, so if you have a long midface, it helps.
They hide the brow, which is often a stumbling point for many trans girls.
Depending on the glasses, they might make your eyes look bigger, a feminine trait.
If you have really dark undereyes, they help with that a lot.

As for me, I pass way worse in glasses, so it really depends. I really need contacts.

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Is this a thing?
I've recently realized that I don't feel attraction towards anybody.
I'm not the type of guy that really believes in non-binary shit. I get hard and horny and all that stuff but nothing does it for me emotionally.
It made me think that I'm gay for a while; but I realized I wasn't when I gave it a try. Felt nothing but cringe and post coital self loathing, had trouble keeping it up.

Is it possible I'm asexual?
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>>7486155 Post there like everyone else
Yes it's a thing. For me it's not a solid state, it can come and go. I've been dealing with an asexual spell for about a year now.
No, there are only people with depression or another condition that lowers libido.

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How old were you when you made the decision to become gay?

Why did you choose to become gay?
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Your gay lol. You chose it bcuz your a fag xDDDDDDDDDDDD
Because the Patriarchy
>How old were you when you made the decision to become gay?
I was a young boy.
>Why did you choose to become gay?
I received a vision.
In that vision I saw truth.
That truth was Cock.
So I became a devout worshipper of Cock.

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>work with short, fat, hispanic male
>nice guy, but acts extraordinarily feminine
>high-end flamboyant accent
>does high-end flamboyant limp wrist hand gestures every time he talks
>talks about how much estrogen he has
>listens to beyonce
>wears female lotion
>obsessed with the way he dresses (okay so that shouldn't count)
>goes around skipping and singing disney songs

But here's the kicker... he's happily married (to a woman) with 2 kids.

I know I shouldn't generalize straight people like that, but it really bamboozles the ol' noggin. It's hard to believe that a woman could fall in love with someone so incredibly feminine.

pic related isn't him, but looks very very close
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Those guys tend to be ones who force themselves into het marriages to please their parents.

I know one guy (funny enough also hispanic) where he denied being gay ever since high school. He too got married to try and legitimize it all but everyone always understood he wasn't het. Well the good news is they didn't have any kids, but they divorced and now he's on grindr.

Also, women are stupid they fall in love with literally anything. Women will date 2 tiers below them easily. When it comes to gays, they are more than willing to date 2 tiers below themselves all because 'he like totes gets me!!!!'
You really think so. I huge part of me really wants to believe that he is somehow actually straight, but the only thing that supports that is the fact that he has a wife and kids.

Why would any homosexual individual do something like that. I often wonder how she actually feels about him.
This is what repression looks like.

The saddest part is their wives will realize their mistake too late, and be locked together with kids to a man uses her as a badge.

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rainbow flag.png
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Well..,This is my first time posting on this board.

Never thought i would do this but im allowed to express my free opinion and if you guys like we can discuss it. I am a catholic person also i am Bisexual but i tend to find women more attractive.

In the Bible it says Homosexuality is a sin. But it does not say it will get you in hell. It also says if you lock jesus in your heart and you truly believe in the holy spirit then you have a seat served in Heaven.

I personally dont think homosexuality is a sin. I mean yes it says it in the bible but i just wont accept that as a sin and i am truly sorry if i block a word coming from God. What is exactly wrong with being Gay?

Just because you love someone who is the same sexuality as you are. My gosh its fricking Love and you cannot break love. Why would god send people to hell who are completely innocent and just love eachother. That makes no sense to me. I know there are also alot of atheists on this Board.

If youre an atheist please dont take part of this Threat. Anyways if you people wanna discuss it it would make me happier than ever and you guys have a nice day, God bless you all.
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In advance i apologize for my bad grammar because English is my second language
Not a pixel.
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your fucking disgusting shit

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Jenna Ariel Tylers has been 23 for the last 6 years? She is still super hot even if she is 30.

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I'm pretty sure she is around 23 I know she was a teen in the late 2000's
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I don't but people get super creeped out when I tell them I am 27 even though I look underage.
I've been lying to people saying I was anywhere form 18 to 20 for the past few years, just to see if any of them will be able to tell. My real age is 24.

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is any one sick of it being call that i mean are framer called the farming comminty or doctors called the doctor comunty maby i am to individualistic but i dont want people to talk abought me like i am a nother race becose i am gay
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english please.
>doctor comunty

You mean the medical community?

This post is the definition of white trash.
>are farmer called the farming communty
>doctors called the doctor comunity
Medical community, but yes.

>maybe I am to individualistic but I don't want people to talk about me like I am another race because I am gay
Sucks to be you then, because you'll be "the gay guy" whether you like it or not.

People who have some things in common will be labeled by what they have in common.

Question for trannies
If you had a pill that would make you a 100% cis girl, but would also make you black, would you take it?
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no, because i'm ftm, but i'd absolutely take the male version of such
and this is considering that as a literal-autist man i would probably get shot by the police real fucking quick in that context, given as mentally/psychologically disabled black men get it even moreso than non-disabled ones do
Yea. You can be black without being a nigger.
>falling for le police brutality meme

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everyone here believes that
i used to think it was possible someone could possibly be female-to-neuter or male-to-neuter because a good friend of mine has that experience, but have since concluded it's pseudotranssexualism rather than transsexualism itself and probably shouldn't be treated with transition due to the lack of a true third category for either sex or gender (no, hijra/kathoey/etc are not third categories, they are ordinary trans people in social contexts where medical transition wasn't yet invented)
also i know the op pic was probably fake but i love the contradiction inherent in 'aromantic demisexual'
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Holy shit that image!
What then fuck tumblr, why do you have to ruin everything?

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>starting to think I might be trans
>don't like that idea since I couldn't be bothered to shave my entire fucking body
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Hate shaving? Two options: laser hair removal or electrolysis.
Now stop being a lazy dramaqueen and start actually transitioning!
>Two options: laser hair removal or electrolysis.
Those seem like longterm options or something. Do you get them on the NHS too? I'm a poor teenager.
Sorry mate. I'm not British here. I wish my country had something similar to its own NHS system, but the backwards government wants to repeal Obamacare.

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I'm MtF, and I'm moving to Austin, Texas with my boyfriend in a week. How does Austin treat its LGBT people, will I be ok if I'm not obnoxious about it? (I'm generally pretty shy). Am I going to need to stay indoors a lot, avoid public bathrooms, etc?
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Am I gonna die?
You'll be just fine in Austin since its the LGBT city of Texas. I hope you have a lot of money because its expensive as fuck to live there and I hope you love traffic because you're going to be sitting in it a lot.

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1483590339872 (1).gif
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I'm only 18, and came from a small school in a small town and I've recently moved to the city.

There were no lesbians or bisexuals at my school (unless you count "bisexual" girls who make out at parties), and honestly, I have no idea where to begin with dating now I'm in a place that must have someone.

I'm feminine, and attractive (men who didn't realise my gayness hit on me all the time, and I've been told I'm about an 8/10 without makeup, 9/10 with it).

Where do I go? How do I tell? What do I do? Please help...
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Use tinder. Chat with qts near you. Acquire gf.
But I'm a bit ethically opposed to phones, and don't own a smartphone.
>ethically opposed to phones

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trust everyone edition


So what games are y'all keeping up with? When's the last time you were betrayed bbs?

old; >>7637389
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Custodian, we need to have a word.
pls no lewdposting we already have 40 other boards (+3 discords and 1 tinychat) to do so in
last time I was betrayed by butt sex, I got aids.

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