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>be me
>download several dating apps bc desperate
>one day get 'super swiped' (insta-friended)
>guy named jack
>tells me he's bi (i'm gay)
>we start talking
>really hit it off
>talk for hours
>we clearly 'like' each other
>he's practically my boyfriend
>go to sleep
the next day
>go to school
>at lunch see i got a message from him
>"Hey you there?" 7:11am
>I was not there at 7am
>go to message as soon as i get home
>Open chat
>"We're sorry, but this user has removed you from their friend list."

Why, /lgbt/? I didn't say anything bad to him. I don't understand why he did that.
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Stop posting frogs
people only post one frog retard
he is an impatient bitch and thought you were ignoring him. but if he was acting like a bitch then. not good for you anyway

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Is it gay if I eat my own cum?
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No, it's AGP.
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>Is it gay
What will be gay, is what you will know to be gay.

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What's up with this trend of fathers wanting their daughters to be or be turned to being lesbian? To me it screams trying to force daughter to have an Electra complex. Why else would a man have such an obsessive need to be the ONLY man in his daughters life?
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I don't know what an "Electra complex" is, but I'd probably be chuffed with a gay daughter because I know that most men are basically children with more fragile egos.
This isn't a thing. My dad didn't speak to me for over 5 months when I came out as lesbian.
My dad didn't speak to me for 26 years. Still hasn't.

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everything is fine edition

• Informed consent providers: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/932389/Trans/Stepping%20Forward%20-%20Informed%20Consent%20Clinics.pdf
• buddi
• Makeup for beginners: http://masterposter.tumblr.com/post/116605714860
• buddi
• Male vs Female measurement data: https://www.bwc.ohio.gov/downloads/blankpdf/ErgoAnthropometricData.pdf
• buddi
• Correct hormone levels: http://www.hemingways.org/GIDinfo/hrt_ref.htm
• buddi
• Checking your levels: http://www.privatemdlabs.com/lp/Female_Hormone_Testing.php
• buddi
• Size charts: http://www.americanapparel.net/sizing/default.asp?chart=womens.pantse_conversion_chart.php
• buddi
• Transition time lines: http://imgur.com/a/qWpxv
• buddi
• Voice Training: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/1ske7b/mtf_voice_training_regimen/
• buddi
• Voice Help: http://webjedi.net/projects/lgbtq/speech-therapy/
• buddi
• IRC: https://www.rizon.net/chat#mtfg
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Dat op pic
tfw not a cutie

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Trans guys who can pass, act manly (normal), are straight = real transmen

Trans guys who are femme, can't pass even with facial hair, love dick = straight girls who need a way to be special, or have seen one yaoi too many

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That picture made me laugh and get cancer at the same time..
i prefer hsts and aap, in the great tradition of ray blanchard (who worked before aap trans guys were transitioning in great numbers and so assumed they didn't exist)
also, even aap trans guys usually pass eventually...kinda
t. hsts trans guy
Doesn't hsts mean homosexual transsexual? I'm a straight trans guy and I don't want to be classified as homosexual.

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I am honestly, honestly, honestly, on the verge of suicide, i been doing this dysphoria shit for like 7 years and each day get's slowly worse and worse and worse... i am about to give up, i'm sure i'm not the only one here who's feeling suicidal, how do you deal with dysphoria? please tell me how, no matter how much medication i take i always end up feeling empty and sad and worthless.

Why couldn't i just been born female, it's makes no sense to me.

i am so lost right now, i have no friend's hardly any family, i am about ready to kick the bucket, i don't know if some of you will find this cringey or not... but i really do need your advice and help, please talk with me ;_;
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By medication do you mean hormones?
If not you can self med and not socially transition. Estrogen and T blockers will improve your mood.
I take t blockers and estrogen, and i also take Klonopin and sometimes Xanax, i'v been addicted to Xanax and i'v been trying to wing my self off it.
ketamine desu

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Gee, it sure is easy to tell who's truly transgender and who's an anime fetish seeker.

A real Transgender person doesn't bother doesn't relate them selves to an anime girl, for that's childish and stupid (And Creepy)

Generally the fetish seekers of /lgbt/ always post pictures of cute anime anime girls in hopes that in whatever comment they make will cause people to think of them as that cute anime girl (Because in real life they're always hons)

Real Transgender Women don't compare them selves to Anime girls... we leave that for the fetishist seekers of this board..

The majority you of only want to be a girl in hopes you can look like a cute anime girl... you do realize how cringey that is, right..?

Am I the only semi normal MtF here? or am I sourounded by fetish seekers?
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Relating to fictional characters goes back to the cave painting days. LGBT tend to be into geeky stuff like anime. Don't be a hater.
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>Don't be a hater
But what you meant to say was
>Don't hate my fetish
normies keep moving
this is an anime neighborhood

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Is it me or are genitals kinda like belly buttons?

>everyone has them
>they come in all shapes and sizes
>they either go inside of you or stick out
>feels nice to play with when I'm bored or nervous
>doesn't determine much about my personality
>go for weeks at a time without really noticing it's there

I'm just saying why can't we look at genitals the same way we see belly buttons?
As being completely irrelevant to a person's identity / expression?
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because they are bitterly, bitterly relevant, as actually trans people will tell you
trans people do not have the luxury of being able to go without noticing our genitals
and for 99.8% of the population, their genitals fit perfectly well with their gender
>feels nice to play with when I'm bored or nervous
who the fuck plays with their navel
>not fingering your navel when bored

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i have been trying for 5 years but i cant over my crush on my straight best friend

i don't like girls. i don't like guys. im completely asexual except for this infatuation with him.

kill me
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6 years and 2 relationships later and I still can't get over my best friend who just doesn't like me that way
It never gets better.
>besides him

you aren't asexual, you just aren't a slut, and want connection

just like all asexuals

grow a pair.
ok im not asexual

i still want to die though

life sucks man. have you told him/are you guys still friends?

>hiking your skirt up and pissin in a bush outside

Being a tranny sucks but this is a pretty good feel.
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Sitting down to pee is AGP though
Peeing while standing is also AGP
Is it weird that I never even considered that OP would stand up to do this? For some reason I automatically thought of her squatting... And I was like "isn't that just normal?" I was genuinely confused.

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You might have noticed in the past few days multiple threads along the lines of: I transitioned (usually at a younger age), I grew to regret it, now I want to kill myself. This is deliberate subversion, a concentrated effort.
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I wonder who could be behind those posts...
no shit, contrasted with the entirety of the internet, this site has gotten worse over the last 6 years. It's a garbage dump, calm down
My thread is legit, I'm just crazy, also what does OP pic have to do with anything.

So which is it? Do you prefer taller or shorter men?

What are your reasons, meaning why do you prefer or feel attracted that way?
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Same goes for you too ladies.
i want them to be as small as a peanut so i can stick them in my bum
But then they would die!

How many people have you done this to?

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Unless you are a very lucky tranny who is born with a low frontal plane (and I am not talking about brow bossing), this is why hairline lowering won't work on you. Real women have a frontal plane, a little slope and THEN the hairline starts. The starting point of the hairline is termed trichion in forensic anthropology. Now, a tranny with a huge frontal plane will look uncanny with hairline lowering, it will look as if she has a cheap wig stitched on her forehead. The reason for this is that if the cranial vault is tall and the forehead plane is tall too, simply placing the TRICHION on the frontal plane won't do shit, because there will be NO gradual transition from glabella to trichion. The gradual transition is as follows: glabella, frontal plane, little slope, trichion. In a tranny undergoing FFS, there will be an abrupt step from glabella, tall frontal plane and trichion immediately, missing the little slope.
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But any neotenous boy doesn't have a big cranial vault.

It's mostly just fully grown germanic apes like you.

I'm sorry you were so much of a hon that not even FFS could save you, but not everyone is an ape like you.
keep deluding yourself. I have seen literally dozens of trannies who have had FFS.
My slope is before my hairline, idk what you're talking about

File: hypertelorism-500x500.jpg (29KB, 315x418px)Image search: [Google]
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Not fucking bullshit FFS but REAL craniofacial surgery to brings the face into female ranges. FFS is fucking bullshit and doesn't do shit to minimize the expanded facial planes
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File: ME.jpg (152KB, 719x719px)Image search: [Google]
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Is this classic skullposting?
Isn't this part of FFS?
no, you stupid, no. Educate yourself, you retarded tranny

• black holes and space edition
• Informed consent providers: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/932389/Trans/Stepping%20Forward%20-%20Informed%20Consent%20Clinics.pdf
• Makeup for beginners: http://masterposter.tumblr.com/post/116605714860
• Male vs Female measurement data: https://www.bwc.ohio.gov/downloads/blankpdf/ErgoAnthropometricData.pdf
• Correct hormone levels: http://www.hemingways.org/GIDinfo/hrt_ref.htm
• Checking your levels: http://www.privatemdlabs.com/lp/Female_Hormone_Testing.php
• Size charts: http://www.americanapparel.net/sizing/default.asp?chart=womens.pantse_conversion_chart.php
• Transition time lines: http://imgur.com/a/qWpxv
• Voice Training: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/1ske7b/mtf_voice_training_regimen/
• Voice Help: http://webjedi.net/projects/lgbtq/speech-therapy/
• IRC: https://www.rizon.net/chat#mtfg
Previous: >>7649899
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Please wish me luck on my exam
Im nervous :s
you can do it!
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Eh, no sense worrying about labels.
That's how you get this whole dealio of people repressing feelings or overcompensating for things. Just let yourself fall in love with whoever comes along that's special.

It shouldn't matter what gender you are or what gender they are.

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