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Straight guy here, just interested in your opinions of this being the portrayal of gays on youtube (and also it being allowed):

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Jesus, made it about 20 seconds into that. Skipped ahead briefly, it's clearly a violation of YouTube's TOS, what do you mean "allowed"? Report this degeneracy.

it's been up for days and has hundreds of thousands of views, it's been reported hundreds of times

youtube is saying it's OK content for their site
Are you retarded or do you not realize there's already a thread about it?

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What's the smallest dick you've ever seen on another gay guy?
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Five and a half inches long, but it was nearly as thick as my fist.
What's that guy's name anyways?
No idea. I keep seeing a naked picture of him posted on different boards and he has a really small dick. So I thought it was an appropriate OP image

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Im gay but i cant get boners to men irl? is there something wrong with that or low libido? like i can only get hard if i intensely think about getting railed but all my straight friends can get hard just from a woman talking to them??
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What are all the things that make you think you're gay?
You probably just have low test.

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>transbians are considered agp fetishists and non-trutrans scum because they like WOMEN
>feminization and sissification videos/porn exclusively promotes being fucktoys for MEN

Straight trannies are the true fetishists.

When will straight trannies finally admit that they transitioned just to get attention from the dick?

>"But, anon, every old hon is basically a transbian. They are all married."
Almost all old hons fantasize about being with a man - see: Caitlyn fucking Jenner. It's a huge part of AGP to imagine being fucked by a man.
Old hons were married and had kids, because they are just like gay man, who repressed being gay for decades.

Sorry for saying the truth, straight trannies. We transbians normally are kind to you and don't tell you the truth directly because you get triggered so quickly.
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>"It would be very ---attractive-- to me to have A GUY treat me like a woman."
Straight AGP hon fetishism confirmed.
>It's a huge part of AGP to imagine being fucked by a man.
Except AGP's are gynephile. This is literally the definition of their typology.
>Transbian masterrace CONFIRMED
>Straight trannies are the true fetishists.

Jesus christ.
Just stop.
Im a transbian too. Please stop. You are making us look more autistic than average trannies actually are.

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Anyone here who feels that their sexuality gives them a evolutionary benefit?

I firmly believe that women are attracted to hot guys, but even more so, hot and cute guys who make out. It is like catnip for pussy.

It is pretty much the same thing for lesbians, two slightly above average looking girls can BTFO a 10/10 in seconds by making out on the dancefloor.

Any experiences or stories? Preferably by the guys, as everybody knows that the reason men find lesbians attractive is that they like threesomes and watching porn.
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Not all women like seeing guy-on-guy action. Some are disgusted by it.

Also, two 6/10's making out is NOT more interesting than a 10/10.

You might think so, but I have seen it proven time and time again in the nightclub. You have to remember how willing an average straight guy is to settle for anything when it comes to pussy. A 6/10 threesome is infinately better. Especially if there is a guy who is 10/10, can get anyone he wants, but has never had a threesome. Straight guys never have threesomes, it isn't like being gay. Being straight is like running through a dessert and occasionally finding some water, maybe as little as once per year.
>Not all women like seeing guy-on-guy action. Some are disgusted by it.

Perhaps, I don't trust what women say, they very often lie or have no idea of what it really is that attracts them. Some say that they want a guy who is nice, but most nice guys will tell you that this isn't the case.

I believe that the reason why women love gay porn so much, is because the way it is filmed focuses more on the guys pleasure. When I come to think about it, most straight porn focuses purely one the woman. No close ups of the guy's face when he cums. All you really see is the penis. They keep it down too, I've heard they specifically tell them to moan quietly, not to disturb the straight guys who will end up looking at the porn. So in that sense, it makes sense that gay porn would cater more to womens needs. And that is without even getting into the BL, fandom, faghags and fujoshits out there. Gay porn is just objectively better for women.

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Alabamafags report in

334 here
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I'm an Alabama faggot & I wanna be free,
to make the state tolerant & P.C.
and keep pushing for a law today,
to make it legal to be queer & gay.
205 here

About to submit my first job application since graduating, wish me luck!
Any Alabama mtf trans?

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Joffrey how?!
It's sad that she's a repressed trans girl. She would make a very beautiful woman. Instead she chose to identify as a femboy.
I don't think she's trans, she loves to show off her non-existent boobs.

Is liking shemales gay?
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Liking shemales is okay as long as her dick is not involved.
What if I wanna suck the girl goo right out of her shenis
It's not gay if she's cute, the dick only makes it better

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I have been with my girlfriend for around a year, we have been seeing one another for around 3 years on and off.


I have never been with a man, always with women, but more and more I have been attracted by dicks, having sex with a man, especially oral sex.

My girlfriend knows this

However, she wants to be there, if I do experiment with a dude, at least that's what she tells me.

I'd rather not have her being there, but for the sake of our relationship, which I want to maintain, I do want her to be there.

What can I do to make my hookup with a dude happen?

She does not know what kind of role she wants to play in this scenario.

I would rather her not have any role to play in it.
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She's making a huge compromise here, so so should you.

I've seen arrangements where the female just watches and others where she participates with only her partner and others where it's a free-for-all.

Discuss it with her. I'm sure you're just being embarrassed by making it with a dude in front of her. Maybe you can compromise by having 30-60 minutes with both of you talking to the guy so she's comfortable, then you have some alone time with the guy, then come out and talk to her again.
>However, she wants to be there, if I do experiment with a dude, at least that's what she tells me.
>I'd rather not have her being there,
Why not? The guy will love it, guys love lesbians and this will give it a lesbian feel even if she's not actually participating.
Are you a girl or boy? I'm confused.

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Tell us you're:

>Age / Gender Identity / Sexual Orientation
>Favorite Vidja
>Favorite Music
>Your spirit animal
>What you're looking for
>What you're not looking for
>Short bio / catchphrase
>Kik username (or other contact method)
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Veel succes! c:
still fine
but why?
Nigger, look all around you. This is the most lesbian country in the world because the women are basically men in dresses and with shitty woman personalities.

Now, find me a gay boy in the Netherlands, and you'll have performed a miracle.

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Too many niggers
lol sweden being that progressive is a meme

sweden is a pretty racist, lgbt-phobic country

t. finland with knowledge
Because I can't afford rich Stockholm neighborhoods were you're treated as a god for being gay so I'd have to settle in one of the poorer, very likely immigrant neighborhoods were you get publicly hanged for being gay.

But then even if I was rich Sweden has such stupidly high taxes and now most of those taxes are going to MENA immigrants and "refugees" that I'd never move that anyway.

Don't get me wrong, I'd go to vacation in Sweden any day but live there? Fuck no, never.

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And then they are surprised why society doesn't treat them as normal, when they act like this.
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Just look at how happy that daddy is. Why do you want to steal his smile?
what a beautiful baby, he looks liek he had a happy childhood
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Join the /cuddly/ lgbt room
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getter the fuck out.jpg
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this server is shit and run by degenerate trannies lol

you should try getting an invite to the other /lgbt/ discord
there are less than 5 trannies in the entire group and none of them have mod powers

Best Discord ever! <3

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tfw biologically female.Fap to AAP and AGP type things, ie: I get off to the idea of having another type body during sex. 8/10 to most straight guys, and I'm romantically attracted to men,but simply can't get off (even a little bit) when I have sex with them because I don't have the right body type for me to find it hot. I'm functionally asexual in every single way except my unreasonable fantasies.

anyone else here fucked up like I'm fucked up?
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classic aap profile, no deviation from it at all
seems anatomic, which makes you more likely to transition than someone with a slightly different fetishistic setup
do you think having a separate male persona alone could assauge it or that you'd have to jump headfirst into being a full-time dude? the former is less disruptive but tends to be a bit of a slippery slope
well, I don't have gender disphoria, and its 100% sexual.

But yeah, If I could have a male body only in sexual fantasy and at no other time, I could probably enjoy sex.
My disphoria has also gotten so peep is a gross rod and turns me off totally to play with it, so now I can hardly get off

>isn't drag/shemale cause no tiddies
>isn't a trap cause he doesn't pass
>isn't trans because he is very, very, very happy with his body

What kind of queer is Dr. Frank N Furter anyways?
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She's a transvestite.
Those kind of distinctions are very, very new. It used all to be lumped into the same thing, hence why some of the oldest trans advocacy groups still have stuff like transvestite in the name.

Just a crossdresser.

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