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>tfw im in love with my qt autistic best friend but he claims he isn't gay even though he was for about a year and says he hates women and doesn't plan to marry and is also sorta right wing

how do i seduce him back to his gayness?
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Zap him.

It's a two way street!
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Mike Pence's secret long term plan is to force everyone to have heterosexual sex.

First he will turn all bottoms into cuntboys/vagentlemen

Then he will outlaw anal with the excuse it is dirty and has high stds

Then everyone will be forced to have vaginal aka heterosexual sex and then we shall have peace

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How many domestic abuse cases go unreported?
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>How much do we not know.
>poo poo pee pee

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Me and a few bored people made a discord thats open to everybody, even you!
There are no general rules, just let everyone have their fun, enjoy!

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what's discord? keep hearing about it
It's like team speak or Skype but better

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19/Gay/M, I get a decent amount of guys who talk to me on Grindr and it's fine and all but the conversation usually stops within 15 minutes because when it comes time to go through with the commitment of making plans I lose all interest completely.

For one, almost every guy who would go out with me on a date is, like, at least 22 years old which I guess isn't that much but the idea of dating anyone who's done with college feels like a generational gap. I often find myself wondering "What the hell could this adult possibly find interesting about me [a kid]?" Additionally, even if I manned up and said ok let's get together there are so many things I don't know:

1. What is a good first date location and/or activity that does not include drinking?
2. How long should I plan for the date to last?
3. Should I to travel to him, or to tell him to come to me?
4. anything else I should know or do?
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1. coffee
2. 1-2 hours
3. meet there
4. nope
As a 27 year old gay man I can tell you that 18-22 basically act the same except 21 drinks more.
1 Restaurant , mutual hobby, hiking.
2 In my experience these things time themselves.
3 either, mix it up if it keeps going.
4 safe sex practices, watch out for predators if you are pretty.
im 21/Gay/M so not done with studies just yet, last year.

1. some park or reserve/ cafe dependent on the person really
2. 1 hour tops, dont make it drag on for too long desu.

3. travel to, but ask if he can travel to you first.

4. if you feel like he wont be interested in you as a "kid" you need to get that thought out, the guy appreciates your looks enough for a date, so you're already off to a strong start, think positive.

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are milo and caitlyn jenner proof that right wing gays are just people who were sexually molested as kids or just mentally fucked up (ie AGP)?

pic related; it's caitlyn jenner
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the fact that 99.9999% of right wing trannies are agp is proof enough. agp genocide when?
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AGPers always have extreme views (right-wing or full kill-all-cissies-commie). trutrans are moderate centrists/socialists capable of reasoned discussion :)
Caitlyn Jenner is literally the most famous Tranny

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Do I pass?
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Is needle hair removal much worse than laser? I have to go with needles because arian master race and it's pretty painful even with anesthetics, takes fucking ages too.
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It's a horrible hour of torture but you'll make it through. Just don't be a little bitch and grit your teeth and it'll be over before you know it. I've done 3-4 sessions and my eyes were pouring tears but I didn't feel like I had to tap out at any point.
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I've already done it like eight times or so, still spots of hair left in face, it's really annoying because it feels like it will take a lot more visits to become fully clean in face.
The empty spots now have invisible hair that I can always feel, and I'm not allowed to shave it either. Really frustrating.

Pic related.
>and I'm not allowed to shave it either.
How long do you have to leave it unshaven? Like do you just go around as a bearded woman for a year? lol

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Help me out lgbt, does enjoying bananas make you gay?
How many of you were straight pre-banana?
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Oh wow you didn't know that bananas make guys gay and peaches make girls lesbians this is common knowledge desu
Banana not even once
no you're wrong. it wasn't the peach. it is the kiwi.

If I am posting in the wrong thread or use incorrect terminology, I apologize in advance. I am curious if anyone else has been in a situation similar to my own. I am a long-term hetero-married male (10+ years). Before marriage I was extremely sexual, I just saw sex as an act of pleasure and explored it as such (male & female). In my young twenties, I rushed into marriage (i don't know why) and the first few years were good. But as time went by everything changed. No more open sexuality, anything deemed "gay" she is not into. No more bondage, no more, no more . . . No more sex at all. She says she doesn't have a sex drive. Now I do the work myself but always look up the "gay"stuff first. I know some will say divorce and that is a consideration, but I worry what that will do to my son. Tough it out until hes 18, bite the bullet and move on? I don't know, thanks for reading even if you don't comment.
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disregard females join the dark side
to the point
Convert to daoism. Try to get your wife to convert. Teach her how to build sexual energy.
Tantric sex.

Also, fuck all the bdsm shit man. She's probably old and thinks that's gross. You need to look at sex in a new way. An exchange of information and energy or something.

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If homosexuality is a desease, can I call to work and skip the day because I'm gay?
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>Hi, uh, I'm reporting in sick today. Got powned in the ass last night and can barely move my legs. I also have to clean all the jizz off my sheets. 'K, thanks Barbara.
If it impairs your work and you didn't let your employer know that's fraud

>tfw twitter people ironically adopt your culture to make fun of you but your memes are so dank that they end up poisoning themselves and adopting it for real but in the end the joke's on you because they're such shitty posters that they end up making it unimaginably worse
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what are you talking about exactly
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I am not OP but it looks like they're talking cultural appropriation of internet memes and the quality dropping as a result.

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>Be me
>Be born as a boy
>Everyday wish and dream I was a girl, because I feel like one
>Sometimes act like a girl
>Mom goes to work
>Home alone
>Wears the brother's girlfriend clothes
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I started out this way too. My advice is to make sure you get your own clothes soon.

If you're worried about being seen shopping like I was back then, create a PayPal account, go to your nearest post office or UPS store and rent a mailbox, then order clothes to said mailbox through eBay.

Good luck anon~
Or OP could do the same thing and get hormones online instead and be the grill
>Unusual life
Not that unusual OP.

Unless you mean the brother's girlfriend's bit and not a female relative.

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I don't actively seek it out and I make it clear that I'm asexual if someone is interested sexually

Not difficult senpai
Not easily, it's why I mock /r9k/ so much. I can live without sex but even then I've still fucked a few times. I ain't even gay, I'm only in this board because I was curious if you guys were discussing Milo at all. Women are so loose these days everybody and their old perverted uncle should be getting plenty of pussy/dick. Only the cringy neckbeards of /r9k/ could pull off virginity in 2017.
AVOID having sex. Imagine that, haha.

Who do you miss, LGBT?

A family member?
A lover? A friend?
A pet? Yourself?

Did they reject you?
Disown you? Move?
Drift apart? Die?
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I miss a bf.
He never existed
I miss my friends that killed themselves. But that's the risk you take when you're a tranny and so are most of your friends.
I miss my ex bf who died in a car accident.
I miss my dad who disowned me.

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We have meaningless conversations, we degrade women, and we all hate our lives, so come on in and join the fun, you fuckin' loser!

Join the voice chat and be a part of the keks.

No roasties, spics, niggers, kikes, wops, greasers, chinks, Canadians, or anything else that isn't a fucking white male xx
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