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where can i buy phentotal and how much costs thanks
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whats that

sodium pentothal

lethal injection drug

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So I'll probably get a lot of flak for this since everyone in /lgbt/ hates each other, especially the trans community, but who knows.
I'm nonbinary, ama.
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water your pronouns?
>implying AMAB nonbinaries exist

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4chan/lgbt IS SUPPER GAY!
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it's not time for supper yet, calm down
>implying lgbt is gay
>implying 4chan is gay
we know
>4chan/lgbt IS SUPPER TRANS!
fix it

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Why are gay cubs so flamboyant and confident?
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Im a closeted twink and ive been starving myself to get a discreet boyfriend and this makes me so fucking angry

Its not fair i fucking hate fat people
jesus christ that's disgusting
closeted twink reporting in.
I never met a single flamboyant gay here in europe

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Tell me your husbandos so I can perve on their instagrams please

Personally, Steve Raider or @ohboypl are favourites.
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if i'm going to be real with you i would let that eugene guy from buzzfeed gently rest his balls in my open mouth while i slept

Oh fuck yessss
Did you see the drag video? He was adorable throughout.

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so much for the tolerant right
>has LARPing gone too far?

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>See w*men as human

Will they ever learn?..

Ok lgbt, tell me why i should i respect w*men as equals?
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First explain why you shouldn't. Everything should be assumed equal until demonstrated otherwise.
Look look I know us gay men can be catty and joke about women sucking and all, but it's all a joke ok? We don't actually hate women, so this thread? Won't work.

I mean I love misogyny jokes like every other guy, but it's not for real
Reminder that the future is female and you should support the establishment of a Matriarchy.

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>have rhinoplasty scheduled
>need to get blood taken to make sure everything is ok before surgery
>doctor says my Prothrombin time is too low (my blood is to thin...despite the fact that I'm on HRT and estrogen thickens the blood)
>alright...get 20mg/ml of Vitamin K (it's supposed to thicken the blood) prescribed for 10 days
>get bloodwork again
>blood is thinner than it was before

well guess i'll never be pretty
should i kms?
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Eat things high in iron, puree spinach has like 85% of the materials required for red blood cell production, make sure it's salted, up the salt in your diet.
Also get that Total cereal that is literally attracted by fucking magnets
Also Dehydrate yourself so eat it dry.
Only liquids you should consume are Diuretics, like really strong tea, or Soda. Apple Juice if you're feeling a little dizzy, don't go too far obviously.

Do this for about 10 days.
Mornings will fucking suck, it'll be a hangover every day but without the alleviation of still being partially drunk. And your shit may smell like old plumbing.

No Doctor will give you this tip because honestly, what kind of doctor would tell you to dehydrate yourself, consume more salt, and binge on a specific mineral?
Also, if all else fails, this diet is probably also the perfect way to kill yourself, so hey- It's a win-win scenario.
Just add a handful of Haribo sugar-free gummy bears a day and you'll have so much blood in you that you'll be literally shitting it out.
At least you got a qt waif.

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hello im new to /lgbt/ and i keep reading about this cara who are they exactly?
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Psychotic chaser and stalker. Posts extremely autistic threads with loaded questions about tranny shit constantly. Seems to be obsessed with early transitioners.
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ah now i understand thank you for responding to my question
a perfect person

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Why do people choose to be straight and cis? It seems so dull and limiting. Do you have trouble dealing with those kinds of people?
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would gas/10
>the male is contorted into an ideal complement for the female

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Mods, can you get the trolls on here to fuck off? You don't see us raiding /pol/ very much, and every few posts I see some mike pence meme bullshit. Stop ruining our fun.
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Report problematic posts. Mods do delete them. If there's a lot, open the catalog and report everything that stands out.

Which threads are the matter this time?
Also requesting mods to ban all tumblr snowflakes.
trolling is an essential part of every 4chan board. literally go to any board and there is at least one bait thread on the front page. just embrace it and enjoy the chaos it creates.

It's literally just an anonymous online imageboard.

>tfw I will never look like a woman (or a proper man)
>tfw I will always look like a feminine twink
I can't imagine any straight guy being with an icky twinky boy like me. I am doomed to only date fetishists?
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>tfw I will always look like a feminine twink
Being a little optimistic there OP
I am on hormones, so. I'll probably look like quentin crisp when I am old
>doomed to only date fetishists?
yes. sorry

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I'm a 23 year old gay guy. I feel like I've slept with few people, only three, albeit over the course of only four years. All three of the people have been important in my life. Also my periods of intimacy with these people didn't overlap much, so I suppose I've been "monogamous" mostly although only one was a relationship.

It's hard for me to define why, but I'm very uncomfortable with what I deem "casual sex"- uncomfortable with it being associated with homosexuality, uncomfortable with the idea of pursuing it (although on a lot of levels I'm pretty down), and very uncomfortable with my close FWB's occasional sex with other people- jealousy on some level, sure. But it's more than that, I feel like I want to preserve some sort of "meaning" and I'm frightened of the relationship of sex and meaning and the implications of actions... but what does that all mean is a lingering question. It's all pretty hypocritical anyway because by many definitions my own sexual activity is casual- outside of relationships in instances after all.

So I wonder what I should do. I feel fairly alienated from gay people, but I wonder why. I don't want to alienate myself by sitting on some BS "moral high ground" when I can't define an actual moral reason to be more prudent. So I wonder if I should just fuck some guys to get off my high horse, if that's what it is. But at the same time, it sort of sounds fun, but it mostly is really depressing. What do?

Also, why would I be uncomfortable with casual sex?
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It isn't just gay people. I think nowadays casual sex is very normal anyway.
There are reasons to not be a whore. The primary reason I can think of is that whores are usually very depressed because having sex isn't enough to fill the void that is their void for intimacy.
At the end of the day this is all just preference. I'm personally gay and celibate, and the only reason why is because I want to. It doesn't have to be any more complicated than that. I just prefer not to have sex with people I don't care about.
You're not the only one who feels that way about casual sex. I'm 24 and haven't had sex yet because of that. I do wonder why I feel the way I do, perhaps it's just the way I was raised.

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So I need some advice on my transition so far I feel a little lost and thought maybe I could get it here
>I had thoughts of being a girl since I was 5
>like guys in 4th grade
>like girls in 5th grade but i might have been a little more into guys
>never had friends of my own but hung around my older sister and her friends a lot
>Turns out they're sort of the attractive girl clique at they're school
>I envy my sister through out my life and was hoping to one day be like her
>didn't make friends in middle school
>I didn't really understand my sexuality or my body either so i became the weird hoodie kid.
>be in high school re-met an old friend
>she took me into her group of girlfriends who turned out to be all attractive
>be extremely envious of the freedom they have of being able to be themselves feminine and beautiful confident just everything I wanted to be
>always joke about being one of the girls which I always was and didn't really care
>but i was never flamboyant gay kid that hung around girls more the nerdy kid with a lot of girls for friends
>now i realize i want to be a girl but pretty like them

Here is the problem I'm facing the only reason I point out they're attractive is I think one of my biggest reasons i had in high school to start presenting was to be a part of this group but as one of the attractive girls. I feel like vanity was one of the major drives in my transition. I dont really now if I'm AGP because I never got off to being hot I just wanted to be like one of the hot girls. I dont pass and it makes me bummed out and I think this is the reason why. I cant find complete happiness in my transition and i feel like maybe I'm doing it for the wrong reasons because I'm not fully happy like some trans woman are, am i reading to much into this idk help??????
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cis male
Do you have hobbies or anything that can neglect your feelings? If passable is a problem for you, don't transition if you are 21 and above
I dont think vanity should be an issue when you are trans I always striffed to be able to compare with the hot girls which I managed to achieve. But the thing is eventhough Im almost always said to be the most attractive in groups with other hot cis girls Im still not content about myself no matter what others say I cant unsee myself as who i used to be in the mirror in certain angles. Its quite frustrating at times but I take comfort in what others say rather then what I see.
I used to have hobbies but I'm already transitioning and above 21 so maybe I'm fucked ain't I??? The thing is I am trans so I wanted to transition either way
I think that's what it is I'm trying my hardest to attain that look of attractivness or I'm struggling to find what's attractive with me
? How long have you been transitioning for if you don't mind asking

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why do you people enable AGP or in this example AAP?

when will 90% of trans people admit to themselves that they have a fetish?
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Is this person a born girl or guy?
What do you call AGP when it's not just sexual but just in general?
For FUCK'S sake. Most of us don't actually have some weird gender-presentation related fetish, fuck off.

And how is this EITHER? They're not fantasizing about being a woman OR a man. They're fantasizing about being a trap!

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