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Can I simply wear it outside or do I need a shirt? Confused
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No shirt required; they're meant to show off your midriff.
They're meant to stop boobs from flopping around during sport.

If you're outside for something other than sports activities you shouldn't wear a sports bra.

>Sport's bra
Complicated isn't it, anon?
Think of it this way: sometimes you'll see men jogging or exercising shirtless, and no ome blinks, but if a guy is just going around shirtless for no reason, then that's weird and not really acceptable.

Same thing applies for sports bras and women.

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>tfw need to save up just to afford the cost of Suporn's deposit
>tfw after paying deposit would have to go on nearly 2 year waiting list
>tfw (see pic)
Why even bother? i could fix my genital dysphoria in 30 seconds with a pair of scissors, without years of working in poverty
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suporn is a popular surgeon, hence why he has such a long waiting list
any surgeon you recognize the name of (suporn, bowers, etc) will have a list like that
i think it's even worse for ftm top surgery right now because top surgery is the single most common surgery but the number of good surgeons has barely increased in the past fifteen years (in fact, the all-time best one retired a few years ago)
look for newer people, they'll usually have no waiting list or only a couple months
Shit, I didn't realize it would fill up so fast. And I just need to save up a little over 3k, but that'll take some months, and then the waitlist will probably be filled until 2020 or some shit. Maybe I should just kill myself?

Huh, I don't have major genital dysphoria, but this picture is a little concerning in that I don't want to spend my whole life with my penis either.

Anyone know FFS surgeons waiting lists are like out of the ones who are worth going to? And who are those surgeons? I mainly care about FFS.

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average trans.jpg
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Why does this board try so hard to make gay people trans at such a young age? You shouldn't be legally allowed to take hormones that fuck up your body chemistry until you're legally an adult. Telling people they should take hormones before they've even gone through puberty should be a crime. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

Oh, and btw it doesn't matter how early you take hormones you'll still look like pic related. Not to mention your voice will always give away your true biological gender :)
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Not bait, it's the truth.

It's the trans agenda. Just look at what they did to this board.

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Denziens of /lgbt/, I require your expert opinion:

Other than /lgbt/ what are the top 3 boards in terms of amount of LGBT posters and being pro-LGBT rights? Also,what are the top three boards that are anti-LGBT rights?
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/fit/ (they're gay, they think the greek philosophers were also gay)
/r9k/ (they want trap gfs)

/news/ (intersection with pol)
/his/ (the least of them, mostly from intersection with pol)
/co/ (/co/mblr is real, and absolutely disgusting)
/fit/ (as said before, they're oddly homoerotic)
/hm/ (what were you expecting?)

exactly like >>8116458 said.
pro: /mu/, /soc/, /gif/

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There is literally nothing wrong with not really being a woman, but simply a transsexual.

You can be cute, lovely, and feminine. You just don't have a female reproductive system and as such aren't really a woman. There's nothing wrong with that.
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>feeling guilty about succesfully "deceiving" people
There is literally nothing wrong with a transsexual referring to herself as a woman.

>You just don't have a female reproductive system and as such aren't really a woman.
Would you say this to a cis woman who has had a hysterectomy?
Would you call a man that had his testicles and penis removed a man?

File: EELS-Website-with-sidebar.jpg (2MB, 2583x1021px)Image search: [Google]
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Is cornflakes a late transitioner?
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Born before 1995 - 20+
Born 1995-2005 - 15+
Born after 2005 - 10+
Who actually transitions at 10 years old lmao
trutans HSTSs

File: 1sdsuagz.gif (2MB, 250x223px)Image search: [Google]
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If atheism is considered a lack of religious belief(and not a religion), then why asexual people it's a sexual orientation(and not lack of attraction)?
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why asexual people claim*
If you actually were curious about this, you'd google what "religion" means instead of making a thread about it
It's just anology.
We don't consider bald people to have a hair color.
We don't consider unemployed people to have a job.
Why do we consider people without sexual attraction to have a sexual orientation?

File: Sin título.png (378KB, 880x434px)Image search: [Google]
Sin título.png
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Im curious, whats the feminist concensus on incest? is it considered empowering or at least acceptable?

asking for a friend
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/clg/ schlick over one poster who talked about her attraction to her sister.

so banging my brother is a nono?
why we cant make babies we both have dicks

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Hey so i'm a mtf about 8 months on hrt, i just completed my science degree majoring in biology. I was studying biology because i wanted to find a way to magically turn myself into a girl, but now i am on hrt i have given up on that goal and accept that i am just a tranny. I have now lost interest in studying biology, and I'm thinking i would like to work in IT. I can do a postgraduate diploma of cyber security and complete it in one year, is this a good idea?

I know i would just be living a meme if i did this, but i can't help but be drawn to the beauty of computers.

Will being a tranny somehow give me an advantage working in IT? Will it help me learn to code faster? i already have striped socks, but they are not rainbow ones, this isn't a problem right?
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I'm a bi guy, but this has nothing to do with sexuality or belief, your futures at stake here.

Go for it, being a meme isn't all that bad.
Well there are a lot of transgender black hats, so you'd fit right in there.
Is it possible that we all may be threatened at some point for consuming non-heterosexual pornography, and blackmailed?

Non-bait, I'm legitimately scared of that it might have an effect on eg. my future family.

File: qualitysadness.jpg (98KB, 640x640px)Image search: [Google]
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I didn't think I was straight when I was 14 or 15, maybe even 16. I'm 18 now and I have no attraction to men.

I thought I wanted to fuck a man and marry a man, but I never get those thoughts now.. I even get butterflies when I think about marrying a girl.

I even feel guilty sometimes because my parent's are always talking about how attractive I am and how I could get any guy I wanted and how they want me to get married...

What's wrong with me? Is there any legitimate way to reverse this?
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help pls
Fucking kek.
Saved to my leaf posting folder
Just stop being straight you stupid faggot. It's not that hard.

What do we fucking have to do, electrocute you?

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Any advice for a fairly hairy manbody who wants to be hairless/ smooth?
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Accept yourself. Guys love hairy guys and it feels so much more "naturally" soft than if you shave it all off. When I see shaved grown women I feel like it must be so uncomfortable for them, FEELING everything they wear, sit on or touch so vividly on their baby skin. Must be weird.
That's some solid advice.
I'm mtf though and the whole accepting my body for what it naturally is has not really been working out for me.
You ether have smooth legs or don't. If your body is hairy to a point when standard shaving doesn't work then it's bad genetic luck.

Have you tried to be manly and buff instead?

File: 1488713947721.png (2MB, 2000x1500px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 2000x1500px
If you find female PoV stuff relaxing like I do... you're welcome!
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Ohhh thank you anon!
you asshole
what, what is it? I'm eating my dinner atm and I don't want to be spooked!

I'm a noob when it comes to makeup, recommend me some brands, shades of colors, etc, pic in 2nd post
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File: IMG_20170416_075845.jpg (1MB, 1944x2592px)Image search: [Google]
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What should I get?
you should get some of my feminine benis cum
get some orange highlighter and tang mascara

i am actually transitioning thanks to this board
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np ur welcom
You do realize that transitioning is just lgbt's version of "install gentoo"? You fell for a meme.

File: IMG_5066.jpg (182KB, 750x1206px)Image search: [Google]
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Age means nothing, it's all genes.

Pic related,

>boy clothes
>ugly brows

Proof that even ""early"" transitioners can be effortless AGP hon who do nothing but pray for HRT to save them.

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lol 15 isn't even early given that testosterone's had 2-3 years of work. Ever seen a trans man after 3 years of T? Yeah, exactly.

Commieposter just likes to brag about being """early""", even though she looks like a man. 13-14 year olds *usually* have a better chance though. But then there's still Noelle.
>But then there's still Noelle.
poor noelle
Please leave them alone, hurting others like this goes too far.

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