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I'm a gay man and I almost laughed literally the entire time.

> Officers are all Hons, one very uncomfortable looking gay guy who never speaks over the honbrigade
> About 30 people in the room, start doing introductions
> "Please tell us your Name, Major, and preferred pronouns"
> About half the room uses words that don't exist like "xe xer xis etc etc"
> Still stick around cause there's a few qt3.14 guys around that are pretty fun to talk to
> Meeting progresses, someone mentions furries in a joke, and suddenly half the room is chanting "IM A FURRY TOO OMG"
> Did I forget to mention that natural hair colors (not people with their natural hair colors, I just mean they had NORMAL colors) made up about 20~% of us? Most were some variation of green or pink

At this point I genuinely consider leaving, I've had to resist lol'ing multiple times, but then it gets worse

> The furry people have now completely taken over the meeting since the Hons are also furries
> They all start sharing fur suit details
> room is hemorrhaging people now, only half way through the meeting time
> I make a comment about one girl's (what I thought was a girl) nice backpack.
> "She has a nice backpack, wonder what brand it is..."
> Room goes SILENT
> "My pronouns are 'they'"
> Left the room

Why is my generation this fucked up? There is literally no reasons for being that autistic
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Bring Zyklon B next time.
This isn't new or surprising, those organizations are either 90% tranny or they're considered "too exclusionary oemgeee"
Mine's 60% bi women, asexuals and a small minority of enbys and like 3 actual trannies, most of the rest is gay men, barely any les, few bi men.

Doesn't live up to the dyed hair stereotype but I noticed it's only local and EU international students that go. I see Asian international students on dating apps but there are only like...five that attend the international students group at gaysoc.

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>work serving restaurant
>4 years mtf stealth
>giant group of trans comes in
>recognize one of them and avoid the table like the plague hoping they don't recognize me and associate themselves with me so I don't get revealed out by association
>coworkers chatting to me about them
>"She told me to bring this dish to the girl at the table but I don't see any"
>Most of them are unpassable hons, some pass but are clocked by association
>mfw just nodding and blending in
Who else /uncle tom/?
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Side note, most of them actually didn't really talk that much shit about them being trans as much as they just kept talking about how there was just an aura of smelling like shit and body odor emanating from the entire group

tbhon spook
Fuck other trannies. You did the right thing.

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Reminder to vote "no" if you think LGBT people are more than leftist stooges.
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nah im good cunt, I was going to vote yes but then you reminded me about the webm you posted

best no argument there is really
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Vote NO, degeneracy and self indulgence are awful we're better than this. Only fucking commies push that anti-western garbage.
Gays shouldn't be pandered to with identity politics.

If they really care about LGBT people how about taking a firmer stance on Islamic extremism because Aus goes the way of Europe, Canada, NZ and the UK?

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Who /following Ray Blanchard on Soundcloud/ here?

>trolls millions of trannies worldwide by inventing AGP
>uploads hour upon hour of Renaissance woodwind music onto the internet

Is there no end to the man's talents?
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kek i wonder if he knows he's constantly posted on 4chan and that the term "blanchardians" exist
tbqhon I have no idea why you autists sperg out whenever this guy says something.

no one actually takes him seriously, right? tbhon

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I want a real boyfriend to marry who loves me and will take care of me. But because I'm trans I'm pretty much untouchable and the loneliness is killing me. Not even my old friends hang out as much with me.

What do I do?
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I got a cat XD . But I feel you OP, basically I only want to be held :(
obsessively hang out with your closest friend and pretend he's your boyfriend tbhon

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>be 13
>schools is having a "boy dressed up as girls" episode
>people are supposed to show up dressed as the opposite gender (there were only two back then) on the next day
>two girls want to dress me up and put make up on me
>says no "because I'm not a fag"
>skip school next day because of muh manliness
>ffw to present
>26, soon to be 27
>been having dreams of traphood since I fapped for the first time at the age of 14
>tfw never fapped to the idea of fucking a woman
>tfw been fantasizing about being a grill for over 10 years
>tfw I don't take grill pills because I'm too old
>tfw I'm 5'3 tall and have a 3'9 benis: the perfect trap numbers
>tfw if I had let those grills wake my trap spirit a year earlier, I would been taking pills since, becoming a cute trap in a dress instead of a depressed "man" in a pair of pants
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did the same thing, "real men don't crossdress ;))" as I type this message wearing a skirt
you're never too old or too manly to be a trap anon
Good job, dummy. How long do you think you're gonna repress? 10-20 years? Good luck though.

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My GF is a ladyboy, and is very attractive, but her personality is what makes her so special to me.

I love her very much and I will not be leaving her, but with that being said I absolutely dislike dick, and anal sex...

I am against her getting a sexchange operation due to the fact that it is unhealthy, messes with hormones, and has too many negative after affects. I want her to be healthy physically, and mentally!

I'm straight, and love pussy, plain and simple, everything about vagina is perfect to me, but I love my girlfriend so damn much that I deny my sexuality to be with her. We are living together, and I want to be with nobody else, she's an amazing lady, and I will do anything for her.

Is there anyone else put there experiencing a similar situation.
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maybe have her fuck you

just relax and put on the skirt
Again, I am straight. I will never let anything come close to my asshole hahahaha.

Also, she is completely submissive.

It's just a complicated situation hahaha :)
>I am straight.

That's your problem, you are denying your gayness.

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This going to be a bit of blog post.

I was thinking a about what Survey Anon said about system I and system II how perception can be a factor in treating gender dysphoria.

Perception and image is obviously very important. As you can see be how we treat highly attractive people vs. unattractive people.

Some anons have said, for example, gay guys might opt out of the man gender role to live as women because they are more attractive that way. While Straight men who choose to live as women lived as men for longer usually because of ease of lifestyle or for their girlfriend, wife, family.

How transgender people are portrayed in film, media, how well they pass, how attractive they are physically and personality wise will effect how accepted they become in society. What I think the T needs now is a PR revamp, but how should it be done? Or are most transgender okay with being out of spotlight? If so, considering that they are not the majority, how can they maintain a quiet image?
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you start with a bullshit assumption - and no amount of 'attractive' can make you want to stay in a gender you don't want, being a gorgeous manly man only hurts when you want to be a woman and hate all your male parts
- same is true for F2M, no matter how society worships female beauty and sex characteristics - like breasts - F2Ms want to get rid of them

>How transgender people are portrayed in film, media... will effect how accepted they become in society

well yeah thats why deliberately ugly 'nonbinary' activists who dont try to pass and make ridiculous claims only hurt public trans acceptance
>amount of 'attractive' can make you want to stay in a gender you don't want

If you interested in getting a girlfriend or boyfriend sure. You are underestimating the drive for sex and reproduction.
and you dont understand gender identity or dysphoria

or that there are many more far easier, safer and socially acceptable ways to increase your attractiveness

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>be me
>look nothing like pic related
>feel like I'm a no one/nothing unless I look absolutely gorgeous
Is there any hope? Will I find someone to love without having to look like an adonis?
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>is there any hope
Yeah, pic related.
I do work out, yet it's a slow process. I still don't see myself as handsome enough though to attract anyone to me or feel like I'm good enough to ask anyone out. I see so much emphasis on looks in "gay society" and it makes me depressed.
File: chris-pratt-then-and-now.jpg (64KB, 600x450px)Image search: [Google]
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There are people that likes a dad bod, and even if it's a slow process, you can lose weight if you actually work on it. If it's really a slow process, you're probably not eating right, or you don't know how unhealthy the food you're eating.

Or maybe you're just ugly and nothing to do with your weight. Post pic to verify.

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When did you start to suspect that you were LGBT?
>Be me, around 8 years old
>Watch my older brother play Metal Gear Solid 2
>Come to the point in the game where Raiden is stripped of all his gear and has to proceed completely naked.
>Become infatuated with his body.
>Start playing the game myself just so I could play around as a naked dude and look at his whole body.
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Ah I was around eight too... Might have been my pink rollerblades or my tendency to cry easy...

but it was probably all the cock sucking I was doing and the other boys calling me a faggot that really tipped me off.
My parents were pretty strictly christian, so when I was young, I didn't even know what homosexuality was.
I never felt any attraction for girls, I rather treated them as my friends, and it confused me a little when my parents always talked about how I'd have a wife and a family when I grew up. I just couldn't see anything like that happening.
I did feel some attraction to good looking guys, which confused me even further, and made me feel scared when I was around home.
I was badly sleep deprived when I was 11-16 years old, because I was afraid that my parents would find out about my weird feelings and thoughts when I was asleep, and come into my room and beat me. They were very stressful times.
When I was 17, I fell in love for the first time. I met the most wonderful guy ever, and it was pretty much love at first sight. And he fell for me too, just as deeply. While it made me feel super happy and loved, it also brought a very deep dread with it, much deeper than what I had been going through before. I couldn't take it anymore. I felt very tempted to attempt suicide, but my boyfriend save me from that. I decided to run away from home instead. I left a small note explaining things to my parents, and I haven't looked back since. My BF did the same thing, and for the first few months, we lived in his car. I had never felt more happy and free. We both got employed eventually, and with time, gathered enough money for our own house. Now, 8 years later, were still living in that same house and were just as happy with each other as we were back then.
I'm not LGBT, I'm just an AGP crossdresser

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>The Left’s Long History Of Transphobia
>I’m Transgender And I Believe In Caitlyn Jenner
>Gay Trump Supporters Plan “Deplorable Pride” Event At Charlotte Pride

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Holy fug u did it. I'm so proud of you (for once)!

fuck gays and fuck drumpf
How does /rwtg/ feel about
>bathroom bills
>gay marriage
>sex ed in school
>trans inclusion in women's spaces
>(add your own topics)

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I'm attracted to all kinds of women, but with guys it's much more narrow... however I find guys like this equally attractive as girls

where could I get a bf like this?
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If you're attracted to both men and women, why would you ever choose to waste your time with women when men are far superior in literally every way?

Go full homo.
Move to Korea
Depending on how the Best Korea situation plays out, there might be a huge number of young Korean guys no longer stifled by an oppressive regime and looking to start a new life.

I have studied for years and any book of human anatomy will show you how the craniofacial structures of a woman differ greatly from the craniofacial structures of a man. Therefore, in some cases ffs will work, in other cases, ffs will not be sufficient.
I explained the scale as being the most important thing in a face and it is a super simple, self-explanatory concept, yet, in return, people tell me "oh, there are women with long faces?" Of course there are women with long faces, but their scale is completely different than that of a biological man.
So, how can I better explain the concept?
Why do people confuse shape with size? Angelina Jolie has a square jaw, but her jaw measurements, her scale, are still way smaller than any trans woman's jaw.
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Skull-chan thread
you can lick my period
Isn't your whole story that you transitioned despite looking like a total man? Why are you trying to imply that you're not AGP?

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ITT: post trans gatekeeping policies you'd like to see implemented. If you'd like you can separate by legal/medical transition but mine are all the same

>nobody over the age of 19 is allowed to transition
>must undergo at least 1 year RLE beforehand
>no transbians
>no AGPs
>must be reasonably passable
>must pass a basic style/makeup proficiency test
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Must not be a sex offender
Must not live in poverty
RLE could be dangerous anon

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>tfw chaser and attracted to traps
>tfw you're a trap as well
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Grow up
What now /tttt/? Do I shatter your chaser stereotype that now am one of you now?
Grow up

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