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I know this is a gay board, and we're supposed to talk queer and here and shit but you guys suck as a board, like you guys are never funny and always so serious or like typing up retarded shit

Tl;dr quit sucking dicks and entertain me, fucking faggots
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This is why you wear a swimskirt.
being lgbtq+ is serious business
I wear male swim trunks and blame it on the fact I have a birth mark I'm ashamed to have on my leg. Which is true I hate it and wish it wasn't there I would rather wear a swimskirt but hey it's an excuse.

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>replace black with female
>replace white with male
>replace National Geographic with 'Media'
>suddenly this interview is NOW POLITICALLY INCORRECT

I don't understand.
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Nkechi Amare Diallo*
>Rachel Dolezal: the male woman who identifies as female
You're knee-slappingly retarded it hurts.

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So this happened. A guy squirted copious amounts of cum all over my bp and some of that cum ran between my thighs and everywhere, even my feminine benis was soaking wet with his cum tbqh. Afterwards I had a bath and also a shower then the day after I noticed that my benis still faintly smells just like his cum. Is this normal?
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what the fuck do you want people to say here. good job for fucking a dude? yes, this is normal? no, you've been tainted with cumstink? fuck off. saged
I just find it very odd, that's all. Calm down big boy.
You've been marked. What little masculinity you had left dripped off your backside. You're a proper girl now.

why are mtf transexuals and cis lesbians the biggest trolls?
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Male brains.

Notice how it's never straight mtfs.
Do you think FFS would save her?
it did for the most part, but remember, you cant completely shave away all the hon

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So I decided to finally order hormones online. I know what I will order but I have a few questions. Which site is the best to use? Will it give me a way to track my package? Will it tell me what day it's going to be delivered? I live in an apartment with my parents still(I'm 19) so I would prefer knowing when it's coming for that reason.
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Inhousepharmacy is pretty good, and the do registered shipping if you pay a bit more
Where do you live
How much more?

I live in the US.

Purity Edition

•Makeup for beginners: http://masterposter.tumblr.com/post/116605714860
•Male vs Female measurement data: https://www.bwc.ohio.gov/downloads/blankpdf/ErgoAnthropometricData.pdf
•Correct hormone levels: http://www.hemingways.org/GIDinfo/hrt_ref.htm
•Checking your levels: http://www.privatemdlabs.com/lp/Female_Hormone_Testing.php
•Reducing Muscle http://www.trans-health.com/2001/lose-muscle-gain-fat-dieting-for-mtfs/
•Size charts: http://www.americanapparel.net/sizing/default.asp?chart=womens.pantse_conversion_chart.php
•Transition time lines: http://imgur.com/a/qWpxv
•Voice Training: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/1ske7b/mtf_voice_training_regimen/
•Voice Help: http://webjedi.net/projects/lgbtq/speech-therapy/
•IRC: https://www.rizon.net/chat#mtfg

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nim thread
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Cute baby elephant.jpg
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cute thred
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qt elephant

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Jesus Christ why is coming out to your parents the hardest fucking thing? I literally can not tell them face to face. Should I just text my mom in the other room and be like "I'm transgender". At least then she knows and can do what she wants with it.
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I wont get kicked out or anything horrible. Worst thing that can happen is they don't accept me but I just can't bring myself to do it.
I'm gonna do something similar. The next weekend that I'll spend outside hanging out in friends' houses I will text "mom I'm trans" to her the first day and not check messages from her until I get home days later. This will make her have time to think carefully and calm down before talking to me in person.
When I told my mom I was gay she laughed and said "yeah I know."

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>My incredibly volatile, politically incorrect hunch is that transitioning is a way to kill yourself without actually having to die. A mixture of suicidal ideation and putting the pussy on a pedestal. Don’t take my word for it: the metaphors are EVERYWHERE in the community. The new name and signifiers. “Look at it this way, you’re losing a son but gaining a daughter.” The dreaded faux pas – “deadnaming.” The butterfly iconography. Referring to the untransitioned as “eggs” – lifeless things that just haven’t hatched yet. THE RAMPANT SUICIDAL DEPRESSION.
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so i had for some reason wanted to kill myself (without dying) since i was 9? despite everything else being fine?
>Referring to the untransitioned as “eggs”

Literally no one does this
>never heard of eggs

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Where can I find a transbian gf? Every transgirl I come across is only into guys.

It's very depressing and discouraging to know I'm so undesirable.
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Stop stealing transgirls from me cunt demon.
They dont always prefer guys, i personally dont
Why do you want a trans girl specifically?

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How do you cope with the fact you'll probably be a hon if you transition? I'm 23 almost 24 and I haven't transitioned yet so I'm pretty sure I'll look like shit. I'm like 90% sure I'll be a hon but at the same time I'm like 90% sure I will kill myself if I don't transition. I honestly don't know which is worse at this point.
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I don't apply absurd amounts of meaning to passing, that's how. And it's genetic anyway. You either have it or ya don't.
Mentally ill fetishists should take the suicide-pill.
It's easy, live through fiction and other people's lives instead of through your own!. I don't like it but it works.

>tfw i'm 21 wasting my youth away trying to make myself not a hon so i can actually stand to have my boyfriend see and touch me.
>tfw he's 5 years older than me and already depressed over wasting his own youth for other reasons. tfw i'm only going ruin it for him because of my own shit genetics and lack of confidence.
>tfw i'm a trainwreck ruining the life of somebody who loves me and i can't do anything about it because i need him in my life.

when do things become okay
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It gets better when you start taking hormones and/or antidepressants

T. Femboy sub that has struggled with this for years
been on both for over 7 months now, antidepressants do nothing. the only thing that can make me happy is him, and he does. but he can't always.

hrt has been.. disappointing. the slow progress is making me only more and more aware of how bad my chances are. my height, my shoulders. they're just huge. i saw slow progress because i guess i have man boobs now, but i can't say there's been anything else.

i just want to be his girlfriend. an actual girl. i want him to look at me and see his girlfriend. not a man.
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oh its this shit again.jpg
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Damn, your anguish resonates with me.

I use to feel the same way as you are now.

Even now still occasionally do, but I learned that I have one life and so does he.
That it would be stupid to waste it all the misery that comes up when issues like this emerge.

We've got tons of mental demons screaming at us, we don't need it in our love lives.

He's obviously with you for a reason.
So do whatever you can to make him happy without compromising your integrity.

Commit yourself to your happiness and his, if he's intelligent he'll pick up on it and follow suit.

-t.27yr old IS TS gril

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stop being a trend
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>Christian social conservative news site
You actually expect me to read that?
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>that image
Does it really matter that some of my ancestors were Christians? Before the Roman Empire, all my ancestors were pagans. :|

>that article
A surprisingly measured and reasonable analysis of young trans and questioning or "gender-confused" people.
Also from this site-'California comsidering law forcing universities to commit abortions on campus' and 'Pro-lifers have courage, liberals don't even know what courage is'.

This seems like a fair and legitimate site.

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So I know the things to look for in men to see if they will be passable if they want to transition into a woman. But what are the things to look for in pre hrt ftm?
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What are those things?
Honestly, unless you have massive tits and huge-ass hips, testosterone will fix ya. Like, the whole "anyone passes on T" is a bit of a meme, but it's really not anywhere as hard.
Really? I always see a lot of ftms that I just know at the moment I see them that they aren't real men. Maybe that's because I'm also trying to see how manly they are but facial features are always super soft. I'm just scared I'm going to be one of those guys that has to pull off the "teenager" look because I'm not manly enough to pass for a man.

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Why is it considered so controversial to suggest to someone that they not transition if you detect that they're alleged GID is illegitimate?
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*their alleged
Cause some people for whatever reason think you don't need GID to transition.
being legitimate allows you to spot illegitimacy

do you like fake tits? I personally don't find them attractive at all, on any woman. Even reasonably-sized fake tits are a turn-off. I don't think it'd be dealbreaker if I really like a girl, but I just greatly prefer natural boobs in any size.

Do any lesbians even get implants, or is it a strictly straight girl thing? I get that impression, but it's not like I have any statistics on it. Maybe that's why I don't like fake tits, it signals "straight woman" to me.
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fake tits are off putting to me also.
natural with whatever about of sag is hot to me

i dont actually know of any lesbians with implants, so you may be on to something. i know that some women do like having the fake tit look, but much of the time, it seems like that choice is made to attract male attention
Fake tits can look fine when they're not completely overdone, like how big Pam Anderson's were for a while there. They aren't a dealbreaker to me, but I imagine they don't feel as nice.

I personally prefer tits smaller than my own tho, as a girl with a larger cup size. Besides, I always say all you need is a good handful-- and I have small hands.
its funny that you say you have a large cup size and prefer a size smaller than your own, cause i have a small cup size and prefer a size larger than my own.

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