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How do i find a feminist bf?
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Look for them in some effeminate estrogen ridden beta shithole like USA.
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Isn't that equality?

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All of you are picking the wrong answers. Make sure you pick one of the bottom two ones.
What's a 'minor problem' and what's not a problem?

What "use" is the typology supposed to have?

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What's the best dating app for trans women to use? Okcupid is stale as fuck in my area and unless I'm looking for other women (I'm pan) Her is only so good.
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Don't worry.
The multitudes of trans computer programmers are working on it!
>dating app
You disgust me.

t. /polgbt/

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So I'm on hormones since Feb 22nd, 2017, and I'm unsure if my hormone dosage is too low and the technique also seems off to me. I live in Germany and my endocrinologist told me that injections aren't normally prescribed here and that pills are "too risky". I'm on 3.6mg Estradiol gel called "Gynokadin" and 5mg Androcur since April 17th, before then I used 2.4mg Gynokadin and 10mg Androcur.
Is my doctor talking bullshit? And if so, does anyone know a decent endocrinologist in the Stuttgart area that prescribes me injections or at least decent pills? Because all I get are old fucks that don't even remotely look like women telling me that my doctor is the best around and that "gel worked for them".
Will also share blood test results if needed.
Pic related, that's me.
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>Will also share blood test results if needed.
Those are the most important in determining whether dosage is adequate.
You belong on reddit r/MtF and r/transpassing, not here. Leave now before 4chan crushes your soul and convinces you to commit suicide.
Alright. Last blood test was on April 7th, and my Estradiol was 99pg/ml, Prolactin 15.6ng/ml, Testosterone 0.27ng/ml and Androgen index was 2.7
If anything more is needed, I'm happy to share it

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Would you?
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No. Absolutely not. I'd rather stick my dick into a blender and put it on puree.
Stop making shitty baits with attention whore mongrels.
t. bernie bro

t. chaseroo

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Is it transphobic to reject dating/fucking a transgender woman, given that you're a straight man who doesn't feel attracted to penises? If so, why?
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Ignore anyone who tells you otherwise
These bait threads bring nothing to my life. Or anyone's. They're just evil.
They're dull but better than the anti-agp threads.

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>tfw twinkhon body, but very feminine face
Feels good, no need to drink shitty chemicals to look like a woman
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Keep telling yourself that...
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You're a mess, I'm sorry
testosterone will destroy you eventually

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How do i do gay stuff w/o getting diseases?
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Use a condom every time.
Be a kissless virgin, ez

How do eat ass then?

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>tfw 4 year hrt transbian with a big dick/cucking/forced bi fetish
why did I have to have a creepy weird fetish

why couldn't I just be wholesome and like feet
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now post a trap version of pic

more wholesome than fucking cucking

at least I have no desire to seek it out irl and just watch porn

I fapped when my ex broke up with me and found out she was dating a big dick alpha

fuck me
getting cucked is ok for girls.

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Hey /lgbt/, sorry for the shitty coming out thread but I need help.
I'm 18, MtF tranny, and I've been repressing, crossdressing and gaming myself away from dysphoria for as long as I can remember. But a good year ago my parents forced me stop, and dysphoria hit me like a brick wall, and I've been wanting hang myself or come out and begin to transition, but I have no idea how make my parents accept me this way : I think they love me, but they are pretty conservative-right-wing (if you know France a bit they've been going to the manifestations against same sex mariage). They're kinda ready for me coming out as gay since they made not-so-subtle allusions to a child coming out as gay, but tranny, and furthermore MtF, is a really different deal.
So do you have any idea, arguments or advices ti convince them I need to go to a therapist ? Thanks by advance, appreciate it.
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you suffer from a mental illness you just a femine faggot ill your not a women you never will bei would pound ur french boipuss with my big anglo cock and give u my beady seed

ps vote le pen
fuck marcon at mudslime loving cuck
shut up nigger

I think it might not be a great idea to tell them you're mtf upfront like that if they are as right wing as you say they are. Maybe try to get them to let you see a therapist and look up ones that specialize in gender and ask to go to them. It sucks coming out to conservative parents because you literally have no clue how they will react when you come out. Results can be from them accepting you to them throwing you out because their beliefs are more important than their child. Just be prepared for the worst.

dont listen to this >>8206913
mental midget tell your conservative parents your a far right trap and you wanna find yourself a nice white christian bf to settle down and have kids with they will prefer that you are at instead of some bottom bitch commie faggot who hates people like there parents

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Why? Why is it such a meme among lesbaybays? And why they defend, even praise the wifebeaters, even if they happen to be victims themselves? After asking for help, no less.
Why don't they just shut their pretty little mouths and take the belt since yeah, teh gf is totally sorry and loves her 4evah and everyone makes mistakes and she totally deserved it anyway?
Yes, if you turn around and bite the helping hand, you have chosen your miserable fate. Stop blaming me for your mistakes.
>sry for rant
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Are you new to this board or are you Cis?
Not new, just stirring discussion. I'm cis though, and?
>why they defend, even praise the wifebeaters, even if they happen to be victims themselves?

For disproving gender stereotypes, of course.

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lonely thread edition

so why does everyone hate us here?
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What is hsts
hsts vs. agp is straight transwomen vs. straight men

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I heard gay couples kissing or holdings hands in the street is not a big deal anymore UNLESS one of the 2 have a beard, is this true?
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No, as long as BOTH don't have beards it's perfectly ok.
I would argue that kissing in public, no matter what is between anyone's legs, should be a "big deal", particularly if it gets too frisky. But that's just me.
Beards are gross.
The same applies to heteros.

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>tfw 5'9 guy and everyone wants 6'3"guy
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>tfw 5'8 guy
>okay with any guy
>might be weird to be bottom for a shorty desu
Get buff
It's a lot less of an issue to be a short homo than a short hetero
>might be weird to be bottom for a shorty desu
if you be the bottom i'd bang you. short guys are good.

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Old thread >>8196124

What's your favorite anime? What anime are you watching this season? I'm following Boku no Hero Academia, Natsume Yuujinchou, and Seikasuru Kado.

Come join our cute Discord @ https://discord.gg/uSrRME9
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Why is anime do?
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why dot jay peg .png
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>chad the pizza guy, delivering 2 XL pizzas for me to eat by myself:
haha that's a lot of pizza, having a pizza party?
>me, obese and obviously alone, in a crumpled t-shirt:
why are you doing this to me. how have i wronged you

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