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Can someone explain to me the concept of gender as a spectrum and what it means for trans gender people? This is not meant to offend anyone and I apologize in advance for my ignorance.

The way I thought things worked was:
>Sex is binary
>gender is binary
>if your gender is the same as your sex you are cis
>if your gender is different than your sex you are trans.

But I don't understand how that fits if gender is a spectrum. Where does the average person lay on the gender spectrum? At what point on the spectrum do you have to be to be trans and want to transition? For example, lets say you are born male but find yourself 49% male 51% female on the spectrum, does that mean you need to transition? Or do you need to get closer to 5% male and 95% female? Whats the difference between someone who is 95% male vs someone who is only say 75% male?

If gender is a spectrum and people regularly fall anywhere on the spectrum what is the point of identifying as non-binary? Wouldn't everyone be non-binary unless they are 100% one gender? Why is non-binary so much more common in women? Are women more predisposed to being non-binary or is it just female privilege allows them to openly exclaim they are non-binary where men cannot without fear of persecution and violence?
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>can someone explain this concept of gender as a spectrum

it's dumb nigger shit. You're welcome op.
if its nigger shit why do white women push it so...

oh, never mind.
Sorry for the Canadian explanation

When you look at mothers with their children and you feel sad.
When you look at pregnant women you feel sad.

>tfw you'll never have the chance to become pregnant and give birth to a child and become the original mother of a child
>tfw sex with will be meaningless after time without its true purpose
>tfw your existence as a human being could be questioned in the most primal sense.
>tfw you'll always be a "non-absorbent cum rag forever"
even if you do bank it, or get someone else to have "your" child it wont be the same.

Does anyone else feel this way or can add more to this?
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>tfw mom asked me to go to church today
>okay It's kind of a hassle and I'm not a believer anymore, but it's Mother's Day, so I can make a sacrifice for her, right?
>first thing that happens
>preacher tells all the women to sit down, not just mothers
>tells all the men to applaud them
>starts raving about how beautiful and amazing they are because of their reproductive ability
>"What's wrong, anon? You look sad."
fuck religion
Whenever i see a pregnant woman i always have the urge to punch her really hard there.

I want to make her suffer
Being pregnant is not that exciting. It's basically like having a heavy bloated stomach for 10 months, feeling sick/out of breath all the time with achy joints and then experiencing the worst pain of your life at the end (childbirth).

I got pregnant at 16 and my mom is still raising my baby. I love the kid, but I feel like I'll be equally excited when I adopt children in the future. There's still that period of waiting, and holding an innocent baby in your arms knowing he's your child is one of the sweetest feelings ever. It doesn't matter if it looks like you or not.

What are you experiences on talking about gender to cises? Every time I do, I have to repeat everything I've said, like I'm holding their hand in the most basic of facts. It gets tiring after a while. Are trans people just more intellectually superior to cises?
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did you make that picture just for this thread? Thats so cute :)

I don't know anyone in real life that really knows about this stuff either. Except one guy that knows they get tracheal shaves and stuff. Also, i just kinda came out to my mom and she hasn't texted me back in a couple of minutes even though shes been replying almost immediately up until now.
Why would cis people even care about gender?
Attempting to explain transsexualism using the trope of "women trapped in men's bodies" is terrible approach: Not only is the explanation inaccurate but the trope is probably not genuinely comprehensible to most people, even though it enjoys some cultural currency. People may recognize the words "woman trapped in a man's body," but they arguably can’t really grasp the concept; I know I can’t really grasp it.

Almost all adults in Western countries, however, recognize the concept of sexual orientation, and many know some basic facts: Sexual orientations exist in more than one variety. Sexual orientations are not chosen and are not modifiable. Like other sexual orientations, it is something we transsexuals did not choose and something we cannot change. And we transsexuals understandably feel strong pressure to express and act on our trans orientations.

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Knowing it can change brain size, it makes sense pseudo bisexuality isn't the only explanation
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So the boy is AAP?
I used to think it couldn't but apparently it can???
>In contemporary clinical practice, sexual orientation per se plays only a minor role in treatment protocols or decisions. Also, changes as to the preferred gender of sex partner occur during or after treatment (DeCuypere, Janes, & Rubens, 2005; Lawrence, 2005; Schroder & Carroll, 1999). It can be difficult to assess sexual orientation in individuals with a GI diagnosis, as they preoperatively might give incorrect information in order to be approved for hormonal and surgical treatment (Lawrence, 1999). Because sexual orientation subtyping is of interest to researchers in the field, it is recommended that reference to it be addressed in the text, but not as a specifier. It should also be assessed as a dimensional construct.

As an aside the idea that people can't be genuinely bisexual, including transsexuals, is not backed by anything. Pseudobisexuality exists but there is no reason why all transsexuals would have to only ever be pseudobisexual.
I wouldn't trust wikipedia on something like this.

So... a quick question about HRT. I've been taking tit tacks for about 2ish months now. And even though there haven't been that many physical changes yet, I feel very different. I'm not sure if this is placebo effect or what but I just feel more calm; like less anxious and antsy. And sometimes I get a warm feeling in my stomach/chest area when hugging someone. It feels different. Not like I'm just going through the motions. I legitimately want to hug them. In fact all of life is like that now. I don't feel like a robot on autopilot anymore. I actually feel things one way or another. It's hard to explain properly but I guess I sorta just feel like a whole person as opposed to being apathetic about everything.

What mental changes did you experience on HRT and how did it change your outlook on life?
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>tit tacks
I haven't heard that one before. I like it.
same as you, i feel like i "woke up" for the first time in decades (23 now). Up until now, i've been very strict to myself. I was emotionless and really didn't care about anything. But now i have crushes again, and im told im much more likable and get a ton of attention from girls now. Which kinda sucks since i want a bf. I even kinda have a deal with a girl who i came out to, she hangs out with me and does nail painting and stuff, and ill make out with her and rent her a room in my house.

I am having a hard time quiting smoking and drinking though. How can i still smoke while hrt? I really need a fucking cigarette.
>and I'll make out with her and rent her a room in my house.


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How many of you got diddled as kids? How did it affect you, what happened?
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>be me
>be 7year old boy
>Walking home, it's getting dark
>A man grabbed me and dragged me into the woods
I lived near a pretty wooded area so this was easy for him
>Was late so nobody heard or saw me get dragged off
I didn't know what was happening at the time, all I knew was that it hurt.
>Got raped
I don't know how long it lasted. I kinda just laid there for a while after he finnished using me.
As I said before, I didn't know what happened so I didn't tell my mother.
He also threatened to hurt me if I ever meantioned it to anyone.
I have no idea how long he had been watching me. Or if it was something spontanious.
Needless to say... I was pretty scared.
>It messed up my mind pretty bad
>wierd silent kid at school because I don't trust anybody
>get bullied
I got raped once more after all this, this time it was somebody I knew. Family friend.
>be 17
>go to psychologist
>didn't work
>Get told I have PTSD
>Still have ''episodes''
>don't like getting touched
I use all my pent up emotions as fuel to work out and do kick-boxing though... Wich is nice...

If anyone is interested in hearing more I'd be glad to answer... I feel like it helps
I didn't, but i wanted to. I think my step dad was super intimidating and i guess now im attracted to guys that were like him. But my dad was raped by his brother, and a couple of other guys including catholic priest lol. Hes the most fucked up adult i've ever met in my life and i refuse to talk to him even though he's literally sending me text begging me to talk to him. Feel bad for the poor guy.

how has this stuff affected your sexuality? are you gay? are you straight? Do you find yourself turned on by situations in which are similar to the rape scene?
Share however much you want. I never got raped myself, though my whole family thinks I did. TLDR (didn't feel like typing it out) I experimented a lot with anal play as a kid, got tired of using my fingers and used an electric toothbrush instead once, put bristle end in and turned it on, hurt like hell, took it out, extreme amounts of blood, literally soaked through my jeans, mom saw and I was too embarrassed to say what I did, she assumed I got raped walking home from school, I didn't deny it and let her believe it.

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Does anyone here have extremely conservative views as a result of how they were raised - so feels extremely conflicted in themselves? I feel disgust for wanting to be a woman and feel digusted with the fact that i like both girls and guys.

Is there a way to overcome this? Also why the fuck is it that whenever i go on the transspeak discord all i come across is filthy furries and bronies? Why are these two groups statistically related?

Its strange. I feel jealousy for women but i feel disgust for transgender people that dont pass. Thats not to say i dont understand the struggle of trans people - i am struggling with dysphoria too but i cant stand most of the trans community - the furries the bronies and the people that dont pass.

This is fucked. Its probably worse than being transgender. Being transgender and bisexual with conservative political views.

Who can relate?
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I was raised by a liberal single mother so I'm a conservative by default.
I do have conservative viewpoint and I guess its partially due to how I was raised. Like you I am bisexual woman, (cis though) and probably swing further conservative than my parents. (They are kinda of socially centrist/fiscally liberal where I am very socially conservative/fiscally centrist).

But I don't hate myself. Why would I? I'm a beloved daughter of God, I do my best in every situation, I am loving to my fiance and to my family.

Tell me why you think being conservative means hating yourself? Lots of people feel same sex attractions. Its not disgusting. And if you are a woman then that's not something you can help. Go easier on yourself.
Something tells me that me having trans feelings is like a form of non self acceptance. Like i cant accept the fact im male. I dont know. It feels like if i went trans i'd be living a lie? I'm so lost in this world

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Are you really transgender if you just want to be, but don't need to be??
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Depends on how you define "transgender." I'd say yeah. Since you're still doing a risk-benefit calculation on transitioning, in the end, it doesn't really matter what you call yourself.
All transgenders are want. We could all live as a birth gender, but profusely prefer not to be.
Speak for yourself, if I couldnt transition I would kms. Probably will anyway.

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A question to non-binary folks, how did you know you were non-binary?
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> don't feel like a girl
> begin to transition
> that doesn't feel right either
> must be enby I guess
> feels ok so far
>feels ok so far

That's either because your a cis bitch or a lazy scared tranny.

>no set up
>even less of a punchline

I miss old memes.

Post Ftm Twinkbod Goals
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Im Mtf les and i Hate my genitals.
An ftm like this makes me want to put it to use.
You fill me with lust and self hatred you beautiful monster.

File: riko1.jpg (82KB, 640x360px)Image search: [Google]
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>be mtf
>roll out of bed in the morning
>dry shampoo, light makeup
>jeans, leather jacket, baseball cap
>just going to the office for some overtime, no one will see me, nothing matters anyway
>stop by food place after
>guy doesn't look too close
>"What can I get you miss?"

These are the moments I live for.

What are the small but significant moments that make you want to kill yourself less?
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I really like the surprised faces of people walking intothe guy's room while I'm washing my hands
that moment of hesitation is my favorite

t. not presenting mtf
Had someone give me my first double take the other day in boymode. Literally looks at my direction then looks a way for a second only to spin her head and look at me again followed by an awkward smile. What does this mean?
It's sad they feel that fear at the sight of someone feminine. They are terrified of making the mistake of going into the women's.

If the situation was reversed and a woman thought an early transition ftm was a guy, she wouldn't be hesitant, she'd be outraged.

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great day for penis.jpg
30KB, 200x238px
Does anyone else on this board plan on fursuiting when they're like, 30 or something and it's the only way to seem like a cute girl?
Or older, for any fellow slow-aging anons.
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>be aging post op MTF
>furshit and hook up with other furshit
>be complimented on how much your vagina is like an animals

The fuck am I reading
My inside out penis is just like a real dog

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Why does it seem like the LGBT community hates cishet straight males and thinks we're scum etc? I don't hate you all why do you hate me?
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File: IMG_3186.jpg (91KB, 916x892px)Image search: [Google]
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Wtf are you taking about

Straight man poo is fucking grade-A

Nothing is quite as exquisite

Transbians please date me.
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That's a cute puppersaurus woofs
What flavor of person are you?
A shy cisbian who just wants to date transgirl and make her happy
Why seek here and not online dating?

File: image.png (32KB, 337x338px)Image search: [Google]
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Mtfs usually seem perfectly fine with their dick and using it, and even being perceived as a gay guy. It seems like they more want to be trans to be "cuter", but it doesn't seem necessary at all.
Meanwhile ftms struggle with suicidal thoughts every fucking day revolving around having a hole where their dick should be, and other unfixable problems.
Tldr; do mtfs even have dysphoria other than *maybe* slight height and face/body shape dysphoria?
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nah i don't have any dysphoria at all
File: 1471438748765.jpg (54KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm MtF and basically would've cut my dick off right away if I didn't have SRS on the horizon, it feels completely alien to me and absolutely disgusting. I honestly don't get other MtFs who are okay with having one, apart from like burgers who are basically bullied by their garbage health care system to either stick with it or pay a fortune for the operation.
Basically this I dislike having it but I was more or less forced to have it and it shrunk and I've had an orchi too so I'm pretty sure I'm stuck with it for life

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