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Who else /given up on ever passing or being pretty or accepting themselves as female but dreaming of one day nanites or vr or cloning or brain transplants or something turning them into a real girl/ here?
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Now that Suporn is retiring, it's the only hope for us. Myself, I'm just going to suicide.
i have accepted that i'll never accept myself
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You kids today. I only have to be a girl for about 20 minutes, 15 if my knees start hurting.

The agony you would spare yourself if you learned to be shallow like me. It gets easier if you let it. Spend less time on all this preparation to get the dick and just go get the dick.


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Can we have a thread about the psychological aspect of male homosexuality?

I'm going through this book and I find the models presented by Jung and his followers very strong. Male homosexuality is characterized by an attachment to puerility, identification with the anima, an affinity for images of duality/samness, and possession by the mother archtype (or at least a dissatisfaction with the father archtype). The author's own commentary is terrible and just comes off as a knee-jerk reaction anything less than stellar said about male homosexuals.
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Can you briefly explain it to a layman? If it's believable it could become board ideology, like Blanchard has for the trannies.
Ok. I'll try. Long post

Bear in mind early Jungians considered these CAUSES of homosexuality rather than EFFECTS, they didn't think homosexuality was genetic. However you can still read these as effects and the theories hold up. Reading it did convince me though that at least some homosexuality is not genetic as there were many case studies of people completing losing interest in people of the opposite gender after some great psychological change in their life.

*Anima Possession:
Basically there is a part of the psyche called the Anima. It's not something you identify as but something you see as something "inside me which sometimes acts up". It's generally associated with high emotions, being whimsical, and turning everything into drama. The image of a fairy is a common representation of it. In hetrosexual men they 'project' their anima onto women. Basically the anima sort of serves as a yard stick for measuring femininity.

With homsexuals they do not project onto the anima but identify with it. This explains a lot of my own nature to me. I cannot explain this very well as the Anima is a very complex concept. If you heard the term "inner woman" that's a dumbed down version of it.

You can think of being a tranny as an extreme form of anima-identifaction, they are basically looking inside their mind for the image of the ideal woman and trying to become that rather than seek it out in the physical word. I won't say anymore on trannies since my interest is not in them.

*Puerility: Jung characterizes male homosexuals as being stunted children, think Peter Pan. You could say that we take our relationship with our men as being an extension of playing with other boys when we were young. Obession with anime kind of makes sense from this.
If you have any other questions I'll be happy to work with them.
*Mother archtype: Basically the idea that male homosexuals tended to be heavily influenced by their mother (can be a negative or positive way) and a huge part of their development is based on responding to it. This is not limited to their physical mother but to any mother figure including fictional ones. For hetrosexuals they would be looking to their father or father-like figures (either real or in stories). The result is effiminzation.

*Images of samness: Basically hetrosexual relationships are conceived as contrasting opposites "I am a man. I man masculine. You are a woman, the opposite, femine)" Homosexuals don't do this because they see their partner as the same, rather than an opposite "We are both boys". You can think of self-cest as an extreme manifestion of it. Jung puts this obsession with sameness as extending way beyond just sex. We are fascinated by the idea of 2 same things in any sort of relationship.

Over all these are generally negative descriptions of homosexuality, which is why Jung's theories never caught on in the community. I view that as a superficial reading. One positive thing Jung mentions is that a strong affinity with younger boys (the Puerility thing) means gay men make good teachers of children, he cites the ancient Romans and Greeks.

Apart from that a strong relationship with the Anima and the Mother archtype has certain positive effects (not mentioned in the book). For instance the Anima is associated with feelings of spirituality and art. I love the Anima concept really, I've had fantastic personal development trying to examine or communicate with my own. To give an example, I had a dream in which a child version of myself explained why I am attracted to certain men.

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Ok. My best friend told me a few months ago he likes to cross dress. I was cool with it. He is married. He came out to me lately as wanting to taking cross dressing to the next level and go through a transformation process. I'm obviously ok with it. He is my friend for over 15 years I told him its cool and not to worry about me and what I think. I am totally cool with it as we are friends. What should I do to give this poor guy more support? His wife is going to leave him he said once he tells her. His family wont support him with this and will disown him. Seems like I am his only friend. We are pretty straight up with each other about life in general and are really the best of friends. I wanted to get others input on this that were on his end of it and ask what would you want from your friends? Also what where the hard parts in all of this. I can tell he is emotional over all of this and is worried. I have been totally supportive. He is a great guy, will be a great gal once this is all over I am sure. /lgbt/ drop some knowledge on me. This is all new to me. I want to do the best I can for my friend. Thanks in advance.
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This is not a good place to ask for advice on this.
reddit.com/r/asktransgender will probably give you more useful information

If I transition…do friends have a right to know about my sexual interest in feminization?

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I find it genuinely hilarious men use actual women to represent the "sissies" of their forced fem garbage. It's like they know how ugly men really are in negligee.
Of course we do. Don't shame.

I will, because forced fem is literally misogynist garbage. Sexual objectification and complete dehumanization of women gone to an extreme length. You're nasty.

so, im sure alot of you dont agree, but the person on the right passes to me.

But i don't get it, what the fucks different? I only see longer hair, different shaped eyebrows, and clearer skin. Wtf is the difference?

Also, timeline thread.
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face is much less angular, eyes look more feminine to me when they don't have bags under them/eyebrows are shaped in a way that de-emphasizes brow
I think they got a hairline lowering also
nah, grabbed it off of redit., Said all they've done is take hormones for 6 months.

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Don't deadname her.

randy was a man like all mtfs.

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Okay, this is the first cis woman that actually doesn't pass tbqh.
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Kind of yeah. If she were trans, I would say she doesn't really pass.
t. bdd

/tttt/ is fucking retarded aylmao
Even you can't deny that bitch looks like a man /polgbt/

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Who is beautiful? You are! That's who!

:) I hope you have a day as beautiful as you are LGBT community
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Nobody likes you.
Your friends think you're a disgusting subhuman freak.
Your family is disappointed in having raised a failure, and you have brought shame upon you and your family.
Your crush is dating someone else (they're straight and happy by the way).

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I'm gonna have my first romantic experience soon with a trans girl, we've been chatting for a week now

tips are appreciated
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I'm probably too late but just treat it like a cis girl date. if your fucking, ask what she needs/wants. dont reach for that clit unless she says its ok and hell its better if you don't even ask about it. most trans girls want you to pretend that thing isn't even there, just flip her over and fucking her ass slowly and sensually at first and while making lots of cheek to cheek contact press your face into hers from behind the best you can and gently play with her hair with the shortest but deliberate brushing of her face with a finger or so, and if she looks swoon grab a wrist in one hand, wrap the other around her tummy push her flat to the bed and get real doggy style the rest of the way to the finish line. (t girl here)
Sounded legit to me.
then cuddle and regardless even if shes same height or even taller you big spoon her so good shell think shes 5'4 and desu. i mean it you elongate and dominate that cuddle with as much of an arch you can to to bend her legs inwards to her stomach and make her feel safe and small and all round in pure euphoria. this is of course if your a guy, op. if your a girl, well shit do this any with a strapon. same damn rules apply. (experiece from both these scenarios giving and recieving)

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when is the best time to tell someone you have a dick? Any tips for avoiding being murdered?Experiences you've had with it?
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Where do you live (general region) to have worry about someone murdering you?
the inner webs
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Immediately as soon things show signs of being romantic. It's not relevant towards mere friendship but IS relevant towards sexual and romantic activity. A dick doesn't matter when you watch Yuru Yuri over Skype or go shopping for videogames.

As for avoiding being murdered, follow the above. A substantial chunk of murders of trans occur when trans people neglect to tell their partner (whether romantic or sexually) about their lower body status until things proceed too far.

Saying "oh I didnt think you'd mind" or "it's not deception because it's fundamentally who I am" is useless. People can get into theories on whether trans people should disclose and at what time but it doesnt change the fact that a cis person will be holding the knife and can feel enraged at a 'deception.' The only way to avoid that is to disclose early consistent with the above.

It fucking sucks.

what is your daily beauty regimen?
would there be any difference between AFAB and trans womens beauty regimen?
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facial wash, toner, serum, eye cream, moisturizer twice a day, when I wake up and when I go to sleep
also I'm mtf
The only real difference I've seen is that there is more crying involved for mtfs.
The tears help moisturize and maintain a youthful appearance

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Holy shit, how progressive. They hired all trans women for the voices of the characters.
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They're not trans they're just ugly.
Mercy isn't ugly
They're all ugly.

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Anyone else become a bitter asshole after years of repressing? Over time I just lost all my good personality traits.
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>Dysphoria makes me reclusive
>Always hide from photos, never make many friends, spend years in dorms at Uni during the supposed time of my life just sleeping and practicing makeup
>Develop those really tired tranny eyes and just dislike dealing with people although I know people are generally okay
>Never really learned how to be social and developed a cynical personality
>But always watching people makes you empathetic and compassionate in a weird sense
>Begin transitioning medically MtF and feel happy and make some friends
>Come out as trans knowing these people should be supportive
>Slowly lose contact with everyone
>Not quite back to square one but close
Other way around. I was a faux-masculine jerk who acted out throughout most of his life. As I started to understand myself I also developed sympathy for others. Now I'm nice and usually in pain :^)
Nah, starting to transition pretty much made me barf sunshine and rekindle old friendships.

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Join this teamspeak you stupid fucking faggots.
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I for one will not stand for this prepare for a mouth full!
Don't feel like giving 4channers my IP today sorry

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I failed, when I could have accomplished so much.
>be trans
>enlist in US Marine Corps to help repress, be more masculine
>in for maybe 6 months when dysphoria keeps getting worse and worse
>start talking to trans military support group
>wind up on Camp Pendleton
>meet people from the group irl, they're cool people
>depressed as fucking hell
>never going to pass, too afraid to transition
>last June after almost a year in the corps have a really bad night
>slash wrist wide open to try to escape this life
>down the road, not across the street, know what I'm doing
>realize what I'm doing, stop bleeding and go to hospital
>spend a week in the psyche ward
>get out, go back to my job like nothing happened
>people from the trans group stop talking to me
>pull away from everyone, work, my room, sleep, repeat is my life
>sent to military psychotherapist
>recommended me for administrative separation
>fuck everything, I want out
>process for adsep begins
>takes several months
>depression keeps getting worse through it
>October given chance to start hrt
>talked to family, gonna have to move back in with homophobic mom and she says can't do hrt if I'm living with her
>it's because she's hardcore mormon and they're not trans friendly
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>november, few days after thanksgiving get drunk as hell
>tell my mom "fuck you, your religion doesn't control my life and neither do you"
>decide I can't move in with her, would rather be homeless
>get in contact with dad
>he says I can move in with him in Texas
>mid december finally out, adsep completed
>go to dads house in Texas
>still depressed, no friends
>been here ever since
>no job, even though I've applied to a fuck ton of places
>started self medding february 1
>rarely leave my room, neet but no neetbux
>wednesday was 1 year since my suicide attempt
>a year ago today I was still in the hospital
>still have a massive scar running down my wrist

If I hadn't been such a fucking pussy and gotten help instead of trying to kms I could still be in the Marines, have been on hormones since October, still have plenty of money, and still be working with that trans support group. Instead I'm sitting here crying every day, broke, and only have enough hormones to last till the end of July. I can't get a fucking job so I can't afford more
I'm sorry. I wish I knew what to say to help you but I don't. Please hold on. You can turn things around.
same boat but parents are in the military

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