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Why are they always so goddamn fabulous but still portrayed as that which needs defeating?
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I think you need to leave
A lot of trans people probably identify with Ozymandias from Watchmen because they're months on HRT and when they come out people are like "Dont transition!"

But it's too late cos they already got the scripts and werent stupid enough to jeopardise their plan.
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My goal in life is to become a close to pic related as possible and I'm not even meming.

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Recently, all my shit is going away for some reason, at least I think.
My love for dick, my gender dysphoria, it's all going away. Is this just some temporary thing or something? Was the talk of everything just being a phase true or is it just going to come back soon?
I'm pretty young if that matters, just turned 18 a few months ago.
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you're 15, aren't you?
what did he mean by this

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drag queens.jpg
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Why is it that every gay guy I know feels the need to dress up as a woman as some sort of cultural thing? What is drag? Why do people enjoy it? Why do people think they're cool for doing it? Literally what is the appeal?
Is there like, a whole gay culture?
It's like people who cosplay or are really into steam punk, but much worse
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>being into steampunk is bad

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I'm not really into drag either, but you shut your mouth about cosplayers and steampunks right meow.
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>Insulting cosplayers

Take that back!

so, i hate to be debbie downer, but this edition of the lesgen, i'd like to talk about health!

>do you have any physical or mental ailments? how do you deal with them?
what is your mental health like? Does your girlfriend help you with your health? do you help your girlfriend with her help?
go ahead and blog post, lets do that typical girlie shit and share share share

Filter list: http://pastebin.com/hmZKdbmE
Discord: http://pastebin.com/P644WESi
Parlez-vous francais? https://discord.gg/3Ry8yaE

>BurgerAnon will be three weeks tobacco-free on Friday
>art major
>anon hates GB, it make her hate people she used to like
>Anon matched with people on tinder but then realized she doesn't have the confidence to date anyone so she just deleted my account and she feels awful
>anon posts /lesgen/ bingo...memories flood back
>two anons one short and one tall get together to play "airplane"
>tfw no Arab gf
>thread bullies are mean and need to stop
> peeps, peepin, peeped
>It's literally alcoholic soda pop senpai.!!!!!
last thread >>8471954
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>niggers on the OP pic

Why don't you ever capitalize your "i"?
In all seriousness, why do I find white girls, asian girls, hispanic girls, arab girls etc. everyone else but not black girls attractive?

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What is with Trannies and their love of Pizza?
I mean, I am Trans and I love Pizza, but I every Tranny I see/talk to, it's talked about regularly.

Anyone know why?
And just to see how many Trannies Eat/Don't Eat Pizza, I made a poll.
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its the salty, oozey delicious hot fluid gushing down your throat
I've heard that Spiro makes you crave salt and pizza is just a common salty comfort food.
Personally I've gotten more attached to hamburgers.
fuck off thot

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Why is my cis girlfriend turned on by the fact that I'm transitioning?
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She has a fetish. Once she realizes real life trannies aren't like her fantasy, she'll dump you and find a new boyfriend.
She didn't date me because I'm trans, that has nothing to do with it. She had never met a trans person before me and didn't really know anything about being trans.

Maybe she has a fetish for it but I think that would only be the case if I "awakened" that fetish in her
I bet she's AAP.

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Pic Unrelated

I have recently realized that I like a finger in my ass when I jack off. I know that I am attracted to women, but there are also a few men that I have found attractive. I don't know if I am bi or just have a fetish. Any Bisexual people on this board, could you please share your story about how you discovered your sexuality? I feel that it would help me find myself.

(sorry if I came off a bit asshole-ish. this is my first time talking about things like this)
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I wiped my butt and it finally stopped itching so I knew I liked dudes.
Its whatever you make of it : if you explore being a faggot, guess what, you will become more of a faggot.
you can like anal and be straight, but if you like dudes you're bi or gay

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Someone be honest and answer this realistically
Yes I do realize what website I am on...
For anyone who is trans, how do you feel like the opposite of your biological gender?
Can someone explain this to me from their perspective?
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I've never been able to accurately put it into words. It's a feeling, like when you meet a stranger you know is a piece of shit but you can't explain why.
how do you feel like a certain gender though?
I understand it is hard to explain, but I really want to understand better
please people, continue responding
It's quite honestly a feeling that is nearly impossible to describe. It's a deep, inner feeling that something is wrong. It's a sense of pain that is always beneath the skin, as such - and is similar to depression, but yet very different. It's a very abstract feeling, to put it short.

I wish I could explain it better, but it's almost impossible to describe. It's just an inner darkness that is relieved by being the opposite gender.

I'm a non-transitioner myself, but this is my explanation of how I feel. Other trans* people may feel differently.

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Thoughts on contrapoints, he's a HSTS right?
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Nah, just another Chris Chan.
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please elabourate.
H(she) claims to be a genderqueer but acts like a stereotypical self denigrating prancing la la homo man.
S/he has a relationship with a girl.

Fking love the videos though and I'm jelly of His/her New hair

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Trans girl and femboys of /lgbt/, what are you gonna do if WW3 starts or Trump starts some bullshit war, and the military draft is reinstated? Since you don't have a womb, you're an expendable male and it's your duty to show up to the draft board and sacrifice yourself for your country at the front lines, instead of draft evading like a coward.

But seriously, as a trans girl, if there was ever a military draft, I would dread it because they would make me shave off all my beautiful long hair. I haven't had an orchiectomy and might not be able to afford one anytime soon, so I dunno would they would do. I've been on hormones for 9 months (would be several years by the time there is a draft), I pass as female without makeup, have cute tits, and a small female stature. I lacked muscle and was seriously scrawny even before HRT. Being transgender doesn't ban you from the military anymore. So do you think the draft board would turn me away when they see a cute girl walk in? Get confused during the medical exam when they see my tits? It's worth mentioning that I've had a legal name change, but can't change my gender marker in Texas. The draft board would be a bit disconcerted to see my legal name along with looking like a girl too.

If you can't get an orchiectomy, I recommend keeping an emergency castration kit in preparation for war. Consists of: betadine, intramuscular needle/syringe, calcium chloride, and distilled water to be boiled. Ensures that if you do get drafted, you won't be screwed if they take you off HRT.
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>the military draft is reinstated

moot point, WW3 will be fought with nukes, and we'll all be dead long they can install a draft
I'm a cripple :^)
one of the few situations it's actually a good thing
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what direction do I even go.jpg
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I hope you all know, I will kill anyone who gets in my way of securing enough HRT

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Coming out to my GP as trans in 2 hours, does anyone have any advice?
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be ready for everything)
break up with her first, it's the only honest thing to do.

if she wants to deal with you as a mental defective, she can make that choice after she knows everything
general practicioner I think, not girlfriend

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Has anyone gone on HRT for a few months purely as an experiment to see it's effects? Just to see if you like the changes? Would it be a stupid idea? I'm kind of interested 2bh but don't wanna have permanent tits really if I ended up looking weird (I'm 23 and skinny)

Also I've always wished I was BORN female, but never thought the idea of being a transsexual as appealing at all, but still curious what hormones would do so I'm kind of interested in this even if it's a bit mad I guess. help
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It's mostly reversible within the first 6 or so months depending on how fast your boob growth is.
Basically when you stop taking them most of the fatty tissue there will go away, but the increased growth of the glands themselves usually doesn't 100% go away, but I've heard that people can get rid of it nearly completely by exercising/weightlifting and bringing their T back up again. I've seen people get rid of some pretty hefty breast growth simply through exercise.
The obvious issue is if you take it, are happy, then start repressing again, the way to reverse what HRT did to you is actually to increase your masculinity. So just think about it.

Also for short periods of times sterility probably isn't a huge huge risk but it can possibly affect sperm quality, which may or may not reverse over time. I don't think anyone has any actual numbers on the risks though.
well this was a better reply than I was expecting so thanks. also I don't have any concerns about fertility so that aspect won't be an issue for me. it's really just the tits I think

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Are there any cases of hrt or cypro triggering psoriasis? My face is getting horribly disfigured and it's probably destroying subcutaneous fat too. Has anyone controlled it with progesterone or changing AA? I'm desperate and don't want to continue with this going south.
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Please help?
Can you afford a visit to a dermatologist?
Yes. My GP ran basic tests and says it likely psoriasis and refered me to one. I have to wait more to know for sure

How does this image make you feel /lgbt/?
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That's not a geisha.

>How does this image make you feel /lgbt/?
It doesn't.
Fucking hon
It's hilariously easy for asians to pass as the opposite gender

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How do i stop cum from leaking out of my bum, i want it all to be absorbed
My bf is hung so no issues there but it still seems to leak out no matter how deep he loads me up
What do?
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Buttplug, obviously. Are you even gay? Geez
Just bee yourself :)
How long can u leave a plug in tho, like can i sleep with it in after getting loaded up?

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