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>tfw you realize you've literally spent 13 hours arguing with bigots and telling people not to kill themselves on legbutt
I legitimately need help
I can't turn down a fight
Like a shitty shounen protagonist but with retarded arguments on the internet
We mental illness now senpaitachi
This is where I die
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Post tits I guess?

It'll get you banned
Let mommy see your conetits, bb.
t. horny transbian

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hey /LGBT/ Im a cis male but I've been having a lot of feelings about crossdressing and being a submissive guy but it feels like the opposite of who I am. could I get some positivity on this?
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It's a phase, you'll grow out of it. Don't end up ruining your life. It's happened to me.
Do your best
Submissive guys are best guys


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Can I just have a list of all the hundreds of fucking acronyms I see on this board? Like what's an agp, or aap or whatever.
Fuck, what even is a blanchard?
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It's all autistic gender fan fiction.
Why would you want to get wrapped up in that bullshit?
Why not just go to /mlp/ and ask them to explain all the ponies and pony terms and shit to you?
>tfw I identify as GSRM but not as GLBTQIA
I feel like every time i open a thread on this degenerate board i discover a new fuckin term. In 3 years this i what i suspect the format of every post will be.


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What is it like to have anal sex? I'm a boy and I've practiced with dildos and stuff like that but I want to know how it feels to have an actual penis inside of you and what it's like when they cum inside of your ass.
Other related information is appreciated (pic unrelated)
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I double this, i'm horny for dick but idk if it will feel good and all with an actual partner
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Well you can usually feel it throbbing when they come and when their penis starts shrinking back after you can feel it throbbing. Can't really feel the cum itself though.
I think it feels a lot different than dildos and it depends on the dick size and how the guy does it whether it's comfortable or not. So it's kind of more random than dildos where you know exactly how you like it.

I mostly like the bodily contact, the cuddling and kissing and feeling a guys weight on top of you and feeling his body against your ass
It feels great once you loosen up a little either through foreplay, starting off slowly, or loosening up with a dildo a head of time. Just be sure to clean yourself out thoroughly though with an enema and find the right lube that works best for you.

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that is pretty much the one thing you are fairly sure to get
small ones maybe but still
the real question is if you are going to have nice normal boobs or cone tits
And breast cancer later

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If you are exclusively a top, are you even gay?
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If you exclusively have sex with women are you even straight?
If you're into men then, yes, you're gay.
I'm an exclusive top bi guy because I like nice butts (don't care what gender they belong to~) and hate getting stuff done to mine.
I'm also pretty tall with a dom personality, so I fit the role quite well.

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Allmighty anons helb ples. I have been in love with my best straight friend for a few years now. He obviously doesn't know about it. He knows that I am gay, though. The problem is that whenever I talk to him in real life I am blushing and turning into an autist. How do I overcome this shit? Pretty annoying, especially in public.
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all you have to do is tell him you need to talk to him.

Go up to your room.

start kissing him and make your gayness known to him.

whip out your dick and cum all over that little bitch.
Seduce him
Oh, okay. I'll follow your instructions. But if that doesn't work he is probably going to rape me or something I dunno. I guess that's a win/win situation then. Thanks.

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Does /lgbt/ like Gachi?

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take it boy
>Does /lgbt/ like Gachi?

We did in 2008
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fuck you leatherman

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you are actually treated decent in captivity, they do not treat you harshly because of your gender or your sexuality.
but one morning you are given a date for your extermination as well as a form to request your final meal.

what would you request as your final meal?
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A large pitcher of fresh warm horse semen, unironically
tears of the juden
Final meal?
Girldick of course

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What does a (more or less) successful AGP transition typically look like?
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Just look at every trans porn star that exists
I can hardcore relate to that chart
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Im building my own prison, thanks for the link!
Blanchard bless

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How the fuck do I know if I'm trans or AGP? This is so confusing.
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It's OP. I should clear up that I mean trans or just AGP. I'm 99% sure I'm one of them. I had a ton more gender dysphoria when I was younger, but I don't get it as bad anymore. I still do, but it's no longer soul crushing to the point of actually contemplating suicide for hours and hours and falling into very long depressions where I don't eat.
You feel dysphoria from a deep, uncontrollable part of your mind. It's a natural feeling

You feel AGP from the same place. Your brain sees you as a girl, of course it would also see you as a girl in sex and incentivize you to fulfill your biological role
complete bullshit

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Is it ok to masturbate while being trans or that makes me A*P?
I can't get rid of this feel where if I masturbate I'm just fetishising myself and invalidating my claim to be trans, everywhere I read people kinda say the same, should I ignore those feelings and general opinion about it and just do it?
Does that make me A*P?
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just masturbating isn't a fetish
geeze op get off this board
>Is it ok to masturbate while being trans or that makes me A*P?
What did she (male) mean by this?
Using blanchard's nonsense should result in an automatic perma ban.

This board would be cleaned up instantlt

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Aside from being hot and having a nice ass, what can I do to be a better bottom?
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Interested in this thread
character and personality

most bottom I know are pretty vain
Anything else? I really want my gf to have a good time.

why do the mtfs here consider natural effemininity and heterosexuality in other mtfs to be a signal of low iq?

is it because you consider femininity a "step down" from your masculinity and by proxy your male identity?
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lesbian mtfs are generally more likely to commit violence against GNC men and women, as well as straight mtfs because they unconsciously view them as a threat to their straight male sexuality.
But I don't, loads and loads of femms are more intelligent, more capable and more educated than me. I judge intelligence by individuals and put a high value on artistic/emotional iq too

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>tfw you play with your puffy nipples so much the next day they look bruised and one of them has dots of dried blood on it
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now now Alice, dont ruin your supple twinkhon conetits before daddy can have a sweet suckle
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