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>be me
>typical tranny feelings in childhood/teenage years
>be 18 and financially independent due to landing a well paying 9-5 job
>constantly mistaken for 13 year old boy because 5'4 manlet with no facial hair or extremely manly features.
I'm afraid if i dont start on the path soon I'll end up a hon but im afraid of what my family and conservative brother (roomate) will think/react. I know they'll accept me but I feel its so selfish to put that onto them.
pic unrelated.
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It's not selfish of you. It would be selfish of them to expect you to live as a man if that makes you unhappy. It's your life and your body and they have no right to direct it.
I know that and they would they are good people. But I shouldn't put it on them to live with their son becoming their daughter, it's alot.
If your family doesn't accept you, that's their fault and not your fault. If you're financially independent and can start HRT soon, you definitely should, especially if you don't need laser hair removal or any surgeries to pass.

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If you had been born the other gender, would you transition to your current gender?
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No. I'd be using my titty privilege left and right.
Nah, it wouldn't make me hate my body any less than I do now so what would be the point?
t. repressing mtf

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can i be lesbian/bi if i don't like vagina? they just scare me.
everything else about girls is hot though.
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why are you scared of vag? pussy.
why are you scared of pussy? vag.
Hook up with a transbian who wants to keep their dick. Not hard to find plenty of those on this board.

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surprised bird.jpg
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Straight male about to give my virgin asshole to a thai tranny, what do I have to look forward to?
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>straight male
>taking it in the bum from a real penis

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I dont keep up with all the lingo around the LGBT community.
How can you Gay and Cis? I see alot of people identifying as a Cis Gay Male how does that work?
Is it a FTM who like males?
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cis just means you identify with the gender you were assigned at birth, basically non tranny
Cis gay male means you don't have autism that compels you to larp as a gay male woman.
Cis and trans are latin terms borrowed from chemistry
Cis means same side, trans means opposite
cis gay men are therefore same side as cis straight men

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Do any other lesbos feel like they're just going to end up alone forever?

For a while, I was optimistic, I had this idea about finding a girl and falling in love and being together and supporting each other, but there's too much wrong with me and there's too much wrong with the girls I end up with for that to be plausible.

I find myself getting jealous of the heteros around me, and the way they force their less than ideal relationships to work through counselling and ignoring their problems and religion and having kids...
But at the same time, I can't imagine settling for misery. I know that it's unrealistic for a relationship to be sustainably Good All The Time, that's not even what I'm after, but every one I've been in so far has just been such chaos and drama. Every lesbian I know IRL has been in a relationship where one or both of them were abusive, and I hate that now, at 27, I'm actually starting to believe the "bitches are crazy" rhetoric.

I just wish I could find a nice, mellow girl to spend some time with, but I'm convinced they don't exist in my dating locale.
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If you're waiting for The Perfect Match, forget it. We're all flawed and we make relationships work despite those flaws. I honestly believe there's someone out there for everyone.
>cis female complaining about how hard dating is for her

LMAOing at your life desu. You're failing on Easy McEasy mode.
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Do like-minded things to find like-minded people. Bars breed the relationships you're wanting to avoid. Try yoga, that's a good way to find nice ladies.

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Opinions on the guy Love him or Hate him and why?
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literally who
He's a literal douche that doesn't have the physical appearance to pull it off
Intentionally misgendering people or whatever other nonsense he does is just IRL trolling and makes you a poor debator and also makes you look less intelligent. He is a smart guy but he does these things intentionally and it's a bad career move. But he's a super-jew so he'll always have a career of course, but with his education and experience he obviously could do better but his ridiculous political inclinations hurt his career
Sometimes he misses the point of things he's criticizing and fails and I disagree with most of what he says, but in most cases he's a good speaker and wind up agreeing with him on a few things.

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>Born just in time for scientists to turn your testicles into ovaries and your ovaries into testicles
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>Born just in time for scientists to turn your testicles into ovaries and your ovaries into testicles

That hasn't been approved in humans yet. Who knows when or if it will be. Maybe it was just a proof of concept or done for knowledge and nothing else.
Fuck science.
Would that mean a trans would bleed out of their penis once a month?

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I'm trying to get a therapist to help me with my general mental problems, anxiety, stress, etc

I'm MTF and a lot of my issues stem around being MTF

However, I don't think of myself as a female or a woman, i'm more of just a girly boy who uses the girl's bathroom and doesn't care when people say "she" and has F on their ID. (Much less traumatic and humiliating than doing otherwise)

and I hold a lot of contempt and critical beliefs about transgenderism or left-wing social ideas and perspectives.

What kind of therapist should I get? I kind of want a conservative therapist who won't feed me bullshit, but i'm not completely sure what I want.

Should I get a therapist who is trained in LGBT issues? Should I not? Would maybe having a male LGBT therapist be better? I find that female therapists just feed me bullshit and pretend to care about me.
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>However, I don't think of myself as a female or a woman, i'm more of just a girly boy
Why do you see yourself as a boy rather than a girl?
I see myself as a "girl"
Let's try to remember what this thread is for though please, If I had more self control I would of omitted that part.

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Why are bisexuals the easiest to troll?

Just tell them they are in living in a phase and they will get over it and its not a sexuality but a psychological and behavioral dysfunction and they chimp out?

Why are bisexuals the least secure group of the lgbt spectrum?
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They know in their heart of hearts that they are gay.

Bisexual is a modern euphemism for gays who are willing to repress their authentic sexuality to marry someone of the opposite sex for the sake of appearances and kids.



There has long been controversy about whether bisexual men are substantially sexually aroused by both sexes. We investigated genital and self-reported sexual arousal to male and female sexual stimuli in 30 heterosexual, 33 bisexual, and 38 homosexual men. In general, bisexual men did not have strong genital arousal to both male and female sexual stimuli. Rather, most bisexual men appeared homosexual with respect to genital arousal, although some appeared heterosexual. In contrast, their subjective sexual arousal did conform to a bisexual pattern. Male bisexuality appears primarily to represent a style of interpreting or reporting sexual arousal rather than a distinct pattern of genital sexual arousal.
So basically vaginas are ugly they turn people gay...

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What are some serious dating/hookup redflags?

I couldn't believe when I heard this one myself:
>"I don't want to wear a condom. It makes everything less sensitive, baby ;)"
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Condoms DO make it harder to cum.

Mine would be non-White, "undetectable", "discreet" aka closeted, trans (HIV risk again), or (((bisexual))).
>"you're trans? i had no idea!"
when you know you don't pass or mentioned it in your profile
>just finding red flags right before fucking someone

That's a pretty huge red flag for me

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What are the different qualities between these two tribes on grindr? Trying to figure out which I should identify myself as
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Get off grindr and respect your body.
Well twinks are usually super effeminate and girly acting whereas if you're just a skinny hairless dude and are masc you're probably just a nerd/geek I guess.

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what if i'm an asexual mtf
>that doesn't exist!!
but agp and hsts do? give me a break lmao

you people will believe anything
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A lot of HSTS identify as asexual gays and asexual lesbians pre-transition.
the blanchard cultists say you're either confused or lying when you say you're anything outside of their two categories
The technical name for AGPs is non-homosexual transsexuals.

That should answer your question.

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/clg/ - The greatest /clg/ poster there is edition
Discuss how it feels to be graced by her presence, but not have her lying on your lap right now.

There's a general /clg/ and French Fry discord.
General Discord information: https://pastebin.com/P644WESi
Ask in the thread for French Fry info.
Stalk your locals here: https://zeemaps.com/map?group=2622710
Previously on /clg/: >>8840980

Recent news:
>Nervous masturbator Anon is able to masturbate still
>Ramen connoisseurs unite
>the composite lesbian is a qt, whereas the Straightie is an overweight redneck who asks for the manager at every store
>Anon got three (3) matches on HER
>Discord drama
>Delinquent likes to wear Calvins
>Kek and DR are still alive - no reports of the Floridanons yet
>Bongs, as always, don't know what to wear
>driving a car is scary

Still waiting for:
>Discord pastebin update
>New loli stories of anon's weird mother
>anon to kiss a qt at Mt Bonnell
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clg map.png
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First for you guys have anger issues
>including the map in the OP
Welp, that's quickly going to go to shite
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Thoughts on futch girls?

To me, futch is:

>short hair
>makeup occasionally
>dresses more femme/hipster and not mostly men's clothing like butches
>stylish hair
>accessories like scarfs or watches

100% not asking this because I'm one myself and want to know the general conscious

>Pic related is a good example

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>tfw I actually do take care of myself but gay guys on apps and in real life ignore me and overlook me
>tfw you realize you're just ugly, and that's not something you can really ever change
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I understand... I look really underage even though I'm not. I've never had a girlfriend or boyfriend because of it and it sucks. I'm 19 so it will probably change, but I think I'll just grow into an old man with a shit jawline and chin.

I guess it's fine being single. I don't imagine myself in a relationship anymore and I'm more focused on friends atm.
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Post pics, anon.
>tfw get plenty of people but can't feel love and the ones I like don't want me
Wtf life. I'd love to get swept off my feet by someone

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