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Name me worse board than /lgbt/, I'm coming up short.
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unironically /g/
think politics and trannies but also linux spam

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I have a question for you faggots... Do you actually support this shit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uem7QFp0uKY
Why just not stay in a closet, dont parade like a monkey and act like bunch of retards all the time we get it you're gay i dont give a shit just dont force and push this shit to other people...
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>Do you actually support this shit?
Not really. Iunno who you think you're talking to. Maybe you should look at the catalog before you attack lgbt people because they support a cause in your imagination.
People are allowed to do whatever they want within the law. Maybe walking around in BDSM gear is over the top, but being offended by a man wearing glittery eyeshadow is your own problem. Also, why should the LGBT stay in the closet? We have to hear about how you're straight all the time.
Im not tho i literally dont give a flying fuck about people doing what they want but if i want to check a video or read a newspaper go to forum, go outside i dont need to get forced down the throat lgbt and 5 thousands genders shit all the time and then if you dont go with the flow you get called a bigot.

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Why is it that even though im gay, I can never get off to gay porn? I dont like girls but straight porn is the only thing that works for me
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you're trans, obviously honey
and you're also a narcisscist
if you don't or can't picture yourself in the film, you really can't get into it.

memes aside, if the last part of my thing made sense to you pls let me know, i'm trying to get better at my psychology since i'm a shrink irl and it still feels new to me
What is it about straight porn you like? The ugly guy/not ugly girl thing? Makeup? The loud as fuck moaning? You could just have a weird and hard to pin down fetish.
>I dont like girls
Whatever you say, straighto.

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So I'm able to find the female body attractive, but I find vaginas extremely gross to look at. Whereas I have no similar problems with guys. Am I bi? Or am I just actually gay?
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sounds like me tbqh
i turned out gay.
how old are you?
i didn't realize i was gay until i was 21
18, I've known that I've liked guys for a long time, but wasn't accepting of it until I was 17. Since then I've felt like what I said in the OP for a while (couple months). I dunno, in reality I know I'm just gay but there's a bit of me that wants to wait just to be sure that I don't like girls.
Who knows man just explore and don't let anyone discredit you. I'm gay and find dicks utterly unappealing. Other gays will cry something other.
I just consider myself a genuine top.

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>tfw no mtf gf to buy her hrt cute clothes and call her by her preferred pronouns
>tfw not married to a mtf
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you're disgusting and you're right to feel ashamed

what a gross cocktail or objectification and misogyny you embody

stop being a shit person

Why do you want to do that?

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How do I get trans gf
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Literally just talk to an MtF

We're all looking for a boyfriend, assuming you don't look horrendous you'll do just fine :-)
Don't make this mistake OP
literally flirt with one. like holy hecc unless they're a 9+/10 (and know it) they will be eating out of your hand in an hour

except the transbians but you should be able to smell them coming

Every male change that's happening in my body and i'm noticing is giving me extreme anxiety and disgust. It was not like that weeks ago. I just noticed i look like a neanderthal. My anxiety is at it's peak, desu i think i may be in the middle of a panic attack, i don't get one for years. I'm trying to indulce a numb state for days now, but i can't keep doing it. i can't deal with alcohol hangover or the fucking awful tobacco smell anymore. not the heaviest edgy depressive metal songs i've used to listen to are helping me, they don't take my mind off these thoughts anymore. Nor do games, or anything at all besides drugs wich i don't want anymore

But what's the fucking point? I've been on this place for years, been out of it for a long time, it just don't work. Always thinking about it and considering i could be wrong but no i'm just fucking retarded. There's no way, i won't pass. I won't even look like a fem cute guy anymore. I feel like i could end it all right now but i'm too autstic for this. I want a way to forget this all and be a apathy indulced zombie so i can go to college, keep working without thinking about this all and don't get humiliated until the last days of my life. At least i can function until my parents die and i'll follow after them. I have abslutely no way to get ffs or anything like that. For some reason my face looks ok if you look at it from the front but i look like a monster from the side. I'm really unlucky because 1 every 100 people looks terrible and i'm that 1. I can't depend on angles irl. And i feel like its getting worse, i try to force and hold my skull but i feel like it's getting manlier and worse, but on hrt ill just look like freddie mercury with "feminine" body and conetits.

Anything to ease the pain at all? Maybe i should get on antidepressants and anti-psychotics? I literally don't mind losing myself, be a robot that works and sleep, nothing else, i dnt want to end it all yet bc of parents and old "friends"
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How old are you? Get on hormones anyway, just to prevent those further changes.
I feel like it's pointless. ill just get boobs and it will be harder to hide from everyone. with time i'll look like an aberration with a "androgynous" body and a caveman head. Ill end up looking like the tranvestites that live here and i dont want this at all. I'm not sufficient deluded to look at my face and feel feminine. I know what i am and what i look like. It's an option i never had. I want to find another way out of this
get on test blockers

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>Uhm, like, you know?
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"her" literally saying middle eastern gays are just 'killing themselves' is actually the hotter take than this mediocre trans garbage
>want a bf
>no one likes her
>finally someone falls for her
>still want a bf

tranny logic
I've lost respect for Zinnia after she said that Isis was apparently trying to stop gay people from throwing themselves off buildings. Her videos were helpful when I found them, but I can't look at her the same way now.

ZJ also has a public Twitter porn account btw. "Satana Kennedy", dear lord!

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I kinda came out but pussied out and told her I was just confused and probably straight a while ago. Just today she asked "do you still think you're gay?"

Like wtf. She did not take it well and I essentially told her I was straight last time and she still asks?

What did she mean by this?
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She thinks you're gay.

But I made her think I was straight.

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Does youtube pay that much?
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Maybe like

being 16 or whatever

her parents pay for her things?
Wtf, how is that even possible?
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Lol. Must be a trip....

ITT: prove me wrong.

how come it's acceptable for a person of a certain sex to say "now i'm this other sex" but it's not acceptable for a person of a certain race to say "now i'm this other race"? or a person who doesn't feel like a person so identifies as an animal?
>i'd love to be black, i'm going to paint my skin black and identify as such!
>i'd love to be a dog, i identify as a dog now! woof! *shits on the floor*

how are those examples any different from trannies?

it's unrealistic. you can't change what you have been born with. you are born with a stick, you are a boy. you are born with a slit, you are a girl. it's biology.

your move.
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Blame the brainsex theory nonsense that trannies use to deny A*P.
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Racial dysphoria is real tbqfamwyfam

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What happened?
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Bottom right is no longer gay.
There are still plenty of masculine gays.
You just choose to leave them out of your collage.
they're not as vocal and present during pride events and in general there seem to be more twinks then big masc hunks

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What games, because of their content or style, significantly appeal to trans women? And do trans men even play vidya or do they just smoke weed all day?

Off the top of my head there's Overwatch and Life is Strange. Any others? There was a recent thread about FF14 so I guess that too?
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any games with character creators
story based games with female leads
>any games with character creators
So Saints Row? To be fair SR2 had tranny option so that was a nice (and extremely) rare bit of representation in video games.
i'm mtf and i play survival horror and obscure jrpgs mostly

being a female character isn't that important to me because i feel like the story/gameplay is the most important aspect but for most generic tgirls games like terraria, life is strange, sims and black desert online or tera

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Why are trannies sluttier than normal women
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Male sex drive, which is why sex with them is better than cis women, and sex with most ftms is absolute garbage tier.
Do you not watch the victoria secret model show?
They aren't, you've just never spoken to ciswomen because you live on 4chinz

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Cis Lesbian General (/clg/): Lazy Sunday Edition

On lazy (Sun)days, what's your casual outfit, what do you lounge on, what's your comfort food and drink, and your go-to forms of entertainment or hobby?

Bonus: Describe your favorite Sunday brunch

Hide, report, ignore bait.
Filter list: http://pastebin.com/hmZKdbmE
Discord: http://pastebin.com/P644WESi
Parlez-vous francais? https://discord.gg/3Ry8yaE

Last thread:
>/clg/ is mostly planning outdoor adventures in picturesque places this summer
>Mosquitos are dangerous and killed one anon's game
>Listening to cats may bring back your imaginary friend
>Anon was willing to travel in luggage to go on vacation but airport security nazis dashed her dreams
>/clg/ plays a lot of vidya
>Canada wants you to drink their maple syrup
>Drunk Aussie probably thinks it's Tuesday now
>Kek gets autistic about American shipping and Unnie is not a halmoni
>Kitty has a better birthday party than the average anon
>A lot of brain talk still leaves the unanswered question for the ages:"Please explain why I haven't found a girl as autistic as me"
>Short asian couple would be qt3.14s
>OP stole your harem and liberated all the girls

Previously on /clg/ >>8518689
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Hey, Kek. Did you get your package yet?
>>OP stole your harem and liberated all the girls
you Monster
I knew I should have kept Kek out of the OP. I blame the lack of coffee. Anyway, the package isn't due for days.
It was very humane, they were released back to their natural habitat where they belong.

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