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Guys I've liked this guy. Let's call him bill. Me and Bill have been friends for about 2 yearsm he came over this weekend. We held hands and he kept saying jokingly I have you. I asked him about it yesterday and he said it doesn't matter because we both aren't gay. But he keeps saying that he can't wait until this Sunday to do it again. What do I do
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Let him eat your ass.
put your dick in his butthole
I want a relationship not just a quicky

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How do I fix my saggy gross ass skin with bumps on the cheeks? I just want smooth nice skin. Lotion doesnt do shit
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tit skits
Made it worse with cottage cheese
there are many hings that can be done depending on what you problem really is, maybe dermabrasion, face fillers, collagen injections etc

but first go to a dermatologist to understand whats wrong with you, get diagnosis and appropriate treatment and/or cosmetic procedure to fix your face

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He is Super Star of the future,
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Don't advertising your Youtube channel, please. Send this shit to another board. I'd also call you a certain slur but I'm black too so I can't fuckin' say it.
*Don't advertise

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Can I take non-prescription estrogen through airport security?

(To an EU country)
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non-prescription pills should be OK, but you should leave them in their original packaging so there is no doubt what they are.

I had no trouble going to DR with my non-prescribed cypro in my carry-on bag (the estrogen was prescribed).

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1. Your type (twink, bear, chub, muscleman, trans etc)

2. Would you like to top this guy, bottom for him or both?
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average middle eastern man.jpg
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1. I'm somewhere between ottermode and athletic, closer to the former though

2. Neither, I'm only into girls/transgirls and a few selected feminine femboys

If I were gay, I would top him, he looks like a pred. white brazilian dude with a mulatto grandfather or whatever. Only middle eastern men or men with middle eastern-like features look exclusively top.
1. Your type (twink, bear, chub, muscleman, trans etc)

trans girl (smol)

2. Would you like to top this guy, bottom for him or both?

i'd want to bottom, but ultimately no, he looks weird and shaved heads are a huge turn off

does a forum that looks like a BBS sys get so fucking popular, well fuck and grow a radical muslim

culture? Maybe Osama dig the zigiwigy took his dick out and whiped her ass like a good little girl. Are maybe it was you,

you learned to post your FRIDGEI know MOOT would assist you with that. You did not promote your HACKERNEWSNETWORK webcast

you use to frequent lopht you know you where really never part of their group you are not an excellentt programmer you

haunt your propaganda UNIX culture is almost dead I am the new LINUX. Quite a few bought your photo because it is real you

tied your nannies shoelace daily because you poisoned her. When she died you cut her upin peices at the lodge and stuck her

in the deep freeze, you used your own VPN to post 4chan. It became your culture your family does not really mourn you

neither. You did not mourn the rapid7 team. See you in the next post. CASPERYOURNEIGHBOURSFRIENDLYGHOSTCOPYRIGHTINFRINGED
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t. histrionic pretending to be schizophrenic
you rye. there was no deep freeze

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Despite the name, we have people in here willing to talk amount the things that really matter
Have a gander if you will
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don't join this shitty server. it's like the worst of 4chan scraped into one place.

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>dream about riding in the back of a military truck in a middle eastern city
>just keep pointing out store brands and talking about how you want to go shopping

hrt works in mysterious ways
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Sounds like your HRT might be bringing out your underlying autism. It's okay anon.
Funny you should say that because HRT definitely made me more aware of my autism, and more comfortable acknowledging it without shame.
Not OP though.

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So if I'm 5'7 and have a decently feminine body(all 50th-75th percentile) but a kinda manly looking face that means I could pass if I got ffs right?
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Yea, I'm in a similar situation , 3 weeks on hormones ... honestly you might not even need ffs, I'm noticing some serious changes, I'm putting more fat on my face

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MaleLesbian-9340 (2).jpg
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Hello handsome
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oh baby

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Fluffy Pink Balls.jpg
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Hey, you! Yeah, you there! Are you a faggot? Queer? Tranny?

Well come on in to the PREMIERE LGBT Discord destination!

Kick back and get comfy and makes some new friends.

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Is it weird that I'm a tranny and I really think shit like this is weird? Oh well gays mostly hate me anyways.
Young love isn't weird gtfo.

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I'm back, guys

Just wanted to tell y'all that despite y'all being extremely bluepilled, you're one of the most based boards here.

also gonna unironically start identifying as agefluid from this point on.
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The only blue pill we have here is Viagra, cuck
What are you, gay?
We love you too, you worthless tumblrite..

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Whatever you are, it's ok. It's ok if you need time you figure out what you are exactly, and once you do figure it out, remember that there are people out there who are going through the same thing as you.

Remember, we're all queer or questioning here. We should be glad that we live in a time where we can share our ideas with people of our specific sub-group so quickly and easily and get support.

Let's embrace that a little more.
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Thanks Senpai.
But I know who I am. I'm not 'questioning' anything. I got that out of the way years ago.
Wtf are those other symbols and what do they mean? Are they Unown????

t. tranny who hasn't played a Pokemon game in three years

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Was hoping from some advice?

So I consider myself bicurious, I don't harbour feelings towards men. But for whatever reason I keep thinking about testing the waters and having both sex/oral sex with a man to see what it's like.

I've had these feelings for two years+ and just when it's escaped my memory, I find myself back on the same old cuckold porn and having the same old thoughts. I'm now convinced I need to do it.

Has anyone on tonight got experience on this ktber then craigslist? (Already tried).

Many thanks for your time/understanding
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You could always try tindr or grindr. But be careful and always use protection.
The cuckold thing isn't normal tho. That's objectively degenerate and you should sort that out.
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viking larper.png
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>cuckold porn

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