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How can I suck dick without being gay?
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Just make sure it's a feminine dick senpai
Do it with a really old guy, and for money.

Deal with it, faggots. Bisluts love traps.

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Is there such a thing as a female chaser?

Whenever I hear the word chaser I always envision a guy chasing a mtf.

But are there women out there specifically trying to date transmen or transwomen?

Pic completely unrelated.
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My cis girlfriend is what I'd consider a chaser. She's only been with trans girls.

She's all about my penis.
Do you think she loves penis but pretty much hates everything else about guys? Does she consider herself straight, bi or a lesbian?

I don't know honestly. We've talked about it before.

She's not into men at all. She doesn't think any men are even cute. She doesn't hate them though. She's got male friends.

I like men as well and I'm always kinda playing with her asking if she thinks the same guys I do are attractive.

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Been constipated for over 2 weeks, requested doctor, parents won't bring me.

help i don't want it to be like this forever

(Pic semi related)
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ew peridot
r.i.p my anus
So buy some laxatives or do an enema. It's not like a doctor is going to do anything different.

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>>some not very chic jokes about androgyny in modeling and a fucked up line about whether said androgynous model (Benedict Cumberbatch) has a dick, showing that the writer (Justin Theroux?!?!?!) is familiar enough with the industry to know it’s becoming more open to models of all genders but not familiar enough to know that a cheap joke about an ostensibly trans or gender fluid person’s genitalia is retrograde bitchassness. Not funny, you cishet fuckboys.
>it's okay when we insult you
>but don't you dare joke about us, CISHET FUCKBOYS

why day mad doe?
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What did she mean by this?
That's not even that offensive, and I'm a pretty sensitive tranny.

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What is it with me?

>be me
>be straight male
>masturbate to bi porn.

I'm not in the least attracted to men. Bisexual porn just turns me on.

Pic unrelated
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What sort of bisexual porn you into?
That's how it started with me by the way, realizing I was bisexual, but only in the sense that mmf is what I'm after.
Kek mostly. What does mmf mean by the way?
Forget it, found out. Mmf here too, i like seeing a man blowing another man while fucking a girl.

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and no, "pansexuals likes transgender people" is no a real difference.

pic releated bc best het couple
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Bisexuals are specifically attracted to multiple genders, pansexuals are just indifferent to gender. However, functionally, in terms of who they're attracted to, the distinction is meaningless unless there's at least three genders.
I think bi people are sane enough to like cisgendered.

You have to be mentally ill to like trans. To some extent.

Pans rly different from bi..like worlds away
Can't we all just agree to ban the use of the word because obviously whomever made it up is just dumb as bricks

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Alright /lgbt/
I am sick to fucking death about all of the wining you fucking babies make. OH fucking i can't suck off 8 black guys and do meth for 5 nights in a row because i might lose and job and be able to sue my boss for not respecting my rights as a homosexual.
Alright so now i have no bloody problem with poof yeah but when you bitch and complain about stupid shit like being called a faggot when you just spoke with a huge faggoty lisp in public then you are just being a uhh faggot.
So for all you faggots and blatant homosexuals who still complain in the uhh bloody 21st century about not being respected for what you are then you need to harden the fuck up.

Now next on my uhh shit list of lgbt is the lesbians and my point is simply who gives a fuck about some fat dykes but if you are of the uhh more thinner body type and do not have a fucking stupid hair color, you and your girlfriend are fucking amazing in my book just no fat bitches thank you.

So This Brings me to the bisexuals and you cunts piss me off more then anything alright. Now when was it fucking cool and hip to stick your cock in another mans asshole. When the fuck did this happen? because i want to fucking find the poof who has some how convinced these young blokes that and give him some old chop chop. And for the bisexual girls i fucking love ya and keep it up. And for any of those guys out their who think they really are bisexual, no your fucking not because girl do not want shit in their vagina.

Now their has been a recent interest in the news and all over the bloody media about these fucking uhh disgusting transsexuals now since this is a media i cannot swear so much so let me put these in some more nice words.
You are not fucking normal for wanting to cut off your cock. Then after cutting off your own cock you are fucking shocked to find out that you are not treated like a woman because uhh you are not a fucking woman you are a poof with your cock cut off.
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That's cool
>mfw treated like any other woman after transition

>And for the bisexual girls i fucking love ya and keep it up
Ooooh, babe, a strong male like you could join us whenever he wants.

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Why does this video come off as some sissy fetishists idea of what being a woman is like?
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Because she's feminine, and you're a feminist.
1:11 really angered me for some reason, why does she think a guy would want to bring her around his friends or be seen in public with her? Does she not understand that no self respecting man wants his friends and family to find out that he's fucking a woman that used to be a guy?

I did feel kinda bad for her at 1:40 and 1:55 though t b h
Nah, she's a bit over the top. But awesome passing, more power to her.

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Ursula Pucker.gif
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Hey /lgbt/

I've noticed that queens are pretty well rejected on this board. I can understand with how grating the RuPaul's Drag Race generation lingo can be, but regardless, I like to do drag and participate in female fashion.

Are there any other amateur queens here? Lets hang out and talk, exchange skypes, make friends, etc.
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Queens are awesome. Are they really rejected here?
You do realize that you will almost universally be hated/trolled for posting this shit right? Drag is almost as bad as blackface, some would argue just as bad or even worse. Please stop perpetuating such a godawful practice.
No. Drag rocks, and if the world starts to decide that its offensive and people start getting their fee fees hurt, I will go out of my way to do drag MORE often because I dont give a fuck about whiners who can't take a joke.

Also, the vast majority of drag queens dont claim to represent women, they're representing themselves and an exaggeration of their own personality, not a mockery of a stereotypical female's.

Yeah, unfortunately. I only ever see people criticizing and shunning queens on this board. Part of me doesn't blame them because of the way obnoxious self centered personalities queens have developed since RPDR began, but I like think that there are still a few of us out there who just like doing drag and think for ourselves.

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>I'm not gay or anything, but I'd let you suck my cock

What have people said to you lately that has rustled you, /lgbt/?
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Psh, a mouth is a mouth OP.
"youre gay? does that mean you want to fuck me?"

every fucking time
>maybe you just haven't been fucked by the right guy
>how do you know if you don't try?

Your right, I haven't. No guy is the right guy. No one, not for me anyways.
Now if you have a sister, give her my number.
Also does anybody know why "converting" is such a big thing for guys?

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I only know because there's these people loitering outside my uni library, pic very much related.

Have you lost any trans or /lgbt/ friends to suicide or murder?
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I have a trans friend who attempted suicide a few months ago, luckily she survived
I remember one woman in a group I was in who died of a drug overdose. Didn't know her very well, but it was still pretty shocking/depressing.
funny, because the DMV in my state refused to change the sex on my license even though I got a court order.

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I'm 19 y/o, MtF. And I'm wondering, what the fuck is wrong with most transsexual people. Sure, I understand dysphoria (since I have it too) and everything. But let's start from the beggining.

>Most MtF's got biten more than once for wearing feminine clothes when they don't pass.
If you don't pass, then just don't wear them goddamnit. If you're doing that without passing, it looks gross and disgusting.

Why would I give a shit about it? I'm just misgendering them back in, I love people's butthurt when I do that.
Even at the work supervisor welcomed me:
-Sup, dude?
-Nothing really, miss

And everyone laughed. No big deal.

It's your bussiness, not anyone else. One of my closest friends are gay male and we're totally cool with his homosexuality and my transsexuality.

Honestly, I can't imagine life as a woman without having an SRS. This fucking thing is so gross and disgusting, it causes only problems. Not only because something is between my legs, but there's a risk about having a cancer while on hormones.

Sure, I'm watching anime. But what's the idea to make posts with meaningless pictures from chinese cartoons? Oh, and /a/ is retarded btw.

I think that's all I wanted to say. Have a good day.
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Iv read enough stories of rotten necrotic labia and 2-3 inch neovags... don't need a meat cave to be a "real woman"
you're so awesome dude

so much above the rest of us


Haha yes you do. You have a penis and you're a man. Grow up.

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>its a guy
>wants to fuck girls
>but wants to be a girl
>mtf transformation
>still wants to fuck girls
what the fuck dude?
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Most guys like girls, so even if those guys realize they're girls they still like girls.

Or some turn into cock lovers i dunno desu
Why would what gender you're attracted to have anything to do with what gender you are? Sure, the majority of people are straight, but on an individual level sexuality and gender are two completely different things.
Okay, so as a trans person I totally support this idea. But it doesn't answer the question of why there are so many lesbian/bisexual trans women and almost no gay trans men. I've seriously never met a gay trans man in my entire life nor seen one on the internet.

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You lied to me.

I thought that coming out was going to make me feel better. Instead I just feel ashamed and disgusted. I regret telling anyone.

My coming out didn't necessarily go bad. Okay, maybe I was a bit disappointed. My parents were "okay" with it but made a big deal about how "living an alternative lifestyle has a lot of risks, like diseases."

So that was my feedback. Also they wanted me to be really sure that I am gay. They made me doubt it for a few seconds, but no... no I am very much gay.

Is it normal to feel a lot of shame and hurt after coming out?
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nice blog
>he fell for the coming out meme
Almost everyone states they faced huge discriminization and had fights with their parents, yours are actually accepting of you and care about you and you still cry. Fuck off.

Why is it so hot, gaygen?

last thread: >>5252546
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>>“My guess is five, 10 years away, maybe sooner,” says Dr. Karine Chung, director of the fertility preservation program at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine.

>mfw I'm gonna be able to get my bf beargnant

Cause he would treat you right.
Im actually amazed man. The human body is amazing.

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