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I'm gay, and although I don't look particularly manly, I would prefer to look more effeminate.

If I got on a T-blocker like spiro, what effects could I expect? Is this a stupid idea if I'm not trans? I really don't want to grow tits, but I would like to slow facial and body hair growth.
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>Is this a stupid idea if I'm not trans?
Yes, you'll basically get oesteoporosis after a few years of not having any sex hormone
Angry bitter hons will probably tell you off for trying to use hormones as a "cis male" but as long as you are okay with the following effects who gives a fuck?

- soft skin
- possible gyno
- infertility
- possible reduced boners
- possible penis size reduction
Tranny detected

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Any other ftms that prefer to keep their hair long?
I'm starting T soon but I love my long hair because feeling pretty is fucking awesome
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Long hair on guys can be pretty hot

might make it hard to pass as an ftm though
How is it hard to pass as an ftm
Literally all you have to do is talk.
i kind of want to. i cut it a couple months ago but it looks bad, although it could just be the texture or my face shape. this fucking half-grown-out length is torture, i look like either a 5 year old girl or a grandma.

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I hate being a man, I want to become a woman.
I hate myself because I was born in the wrong body.
I want to die, I can't live as a man.
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suicide is the only answer
Me too let's kill each other im too scared to kill myself
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I don't have enough courage for a suicide.

I'm not a killer.

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/mtfg/ is alright, but it's no bowl of Special K

▶Informed Consent Providers: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/932389/Trans/Stepping%20Forward%20-%20Informed%20Consent%20Clinics.pdf
▶Makeup Tutorial: http://imgur.com/a/JO33K/
▶MTF Info Dump: http://pastebin.com/36HC6ZmT (embed)
▶Trans Info Dump: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1d9KKqP9IHa5ZxU84a_Jf0vIoAh7e8nj_lCW27KbYBh0/edit?usp=sharing
▶Size charts: http://www.americanapparel.net/sizing/default.asp?chart=womens.pantse_conversion_chart.php
▶Transition timelines: http://imgur.com/a/qWpxv
▶Voice Training: http://pastebin.com/dgipdsge (embed)
▶Special K Website: http://www.specialk.com.au/en_au/home-page.html
▶HRT info: https://web.archive.org/web/00000000000000/http://taimapedia.org/index.php?title=Hormones
▶Voice Help: http://webjedi.net/projects/lgbtq/speech-therapy/
▶Minecraft Server: minecraft.is-so.moe
▶Discord server: https://discord.gg/0XFIQ4xa7RcYJuo1

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first for hrt curing depression is a placebo
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>tfw a placebo cured my depression
there's no such thing. it sticks with you forever, you can only find ways to alleviate it.

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post 'em if ya got 'em /gaygen/...

tinychat: /gaygen/
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old thread: >>5329141
That's fine im pretty nice tbqh...
I <3 u Santa

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gay male here, and I think I may have been raped.

There's this regular at the gay bar and he comes across as a charming flirtateous guy so I thought nothing of it when I decided to hook up with him. We go to a motel, start having anal sex with condoms and as he's fucking me I'm having a good time so I yell out "oh yeah fuck me like a bitch, give it to me harder" in the heat of the moment.

Suddenly, the dude goes apeshit and starts to really pound my ass and punch the back of my head and fucking slapping my ass. It doesn't feel good anymore and it starts to really fucking hurt. I tell him to stop but he just holds me down and starts to really go to town and I end up getting my rectum torn and bleeding like crazy. He just laughed and left me like that.

I can't report this. No one is going to believe me. Especially when I was enjoying it just a moment before and told him to get rougher seconds before my rectum got ripped. I went to the hospital and it's healed now, but I haven't went to that gay bar since. I don't want to have sex anymore and risk getting my anus torn like that again.

I'm not sure what to do..
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Nah dude, that's rape. He hit you. If we're bleeding out the ass tat can be used as evidence in court, despite how u comfortable that may be to disclose.

You need to nail the bastard in case he does it to someone else. You have a responsibility to do so. If he's a regular he should be easy to identify.
rape him back
If you say stop and he fucks you even harder afterwards while holding you down and tears your anus apart
That's 100% rape imo

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Can we talk about the most important person in the LGBT community?

Pic related
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Literally who?
/pol/tard he is a writer for Breitbart.
He is pretty based though.
I don't know this guy beyond threads here. I just know feminists made me homo. I hear he's working on that.

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since there hasn't been one in a while I decided to make one since I feel my healing is at a point where I'm able to answer most questions
short summary :
srs 5 months ago with suporn
no complications
18 months hrt
2,5 years fulltime

not gonna post pics since I've been doxed and rather not have them floating around
I received feedback about look and functionality from multiple sources tho

trolls will be ignored
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>I received feedback about look and functionality from multiple sources tho

Not gonna ask why you have multiple sources in 5 months cause whateverrr, but what kinda feedback did you get?
since recovery went quite quickly I had sex from the point on when I was able to stop betadin and silvex cream(roughly 2 months mark)
visually the feedback was pretty much exclusively positive and surprised about the quality
taste and sensation like it was kinda funny for my gf to find out that we had the same taste and feel to the vagina (she's cis) only difference we found was that my vagina looked more like an asian one (we hooked up with a few asian lesbians) and that my entrance was a bit tighter than hers in the beginning
How long did the surgery and recovery take generally? Like, the 2 months of betadin and silvex cream was part of the process I assume?

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I use a trans person's preferred name, but I use gender neutral pronouns such as they/their/they're instead of gender-specific pronouns. I believe gender-specific pronouns should be reserved for people of the actual sex, not just what someone wants to be/tries to be.

What does /lgbt/ do when it comes to pronoun usage?
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The same as you.
im mtf and not passing, i prefer people call me she but i cant really get mad at people for not doing it. so while i prefer she i dont really care yet.
I identify as a pi-sexual. My gender is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.

My pronouns are as follows.

They = (list 3 digits of pi)
Their = (list 9 digits of pi)
They're = (list 81 digits of pi)


A recent report from the World Health Organization underscores the neglect of transgender health and wellness in the United States. The results of a meta-analysis of data from 15 different countries reveals that trans women are almost 49 times more likely to have HIV than the general population.

JoAnne Keatley, a transgender woman and one of the authors of the WHO report, talked with NPR’s All Things Considered about these shocking findings. ““We see this repeated all over the world,” Keatley said. “Transphobia is alive and well in many societies around the globe. And we see it play out in terms of verbal and physical violence as well as denial of employment or education or familial support, or all kinds of ways in which transgender people are marginalized.”

The report also revealed that transgender women who engaged in sex work were nine times more likely to have HIV than transgender women who were not.
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Hardly shocking when 'mtf' includes sissy culture where they don't care about getting barebacked by nasty desperate pig men they consider 'alpha'.
As a statistical average sure. But that just includes all the prostitutes, junkies and reckless people. It doesn't mean that any individual trans person is any more likely to get it than you are

Im a virgin, wont have sex till SRS and even then not going to have sex unless I'm a good few months into a relationship, I have no reason to become a prostitute my parents back me financially and even if they didn't I have dozens of friends that would take care of me if inexplicably everything went to shit, even then at most I'd maybe cam and even thats not very likely, plus aside from party drugs I have no interest in any drug and i'm afraid of needles.
So yeah, very low risk. Probably actually at lower risk than the average ordinarily sexually active girl. I live at university and people are constantly doing retarded shit and contracting chlamydia, theyre fucking lucky its not AIDs.
I'm not sure how I'm going to magically get aids because of a statistic but I've only had 2 BF's in my life, one of which I'm still with and have been with for 3 years. Neither of us have aids and I really doubt we ever will.

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Hey /lgbt/ /fit/izen here I know you mostly just post softcore porn and make endless threads about trannies, but I have a question.

Why are gay's camp? Why do they act so hyper feminine and when did this become the acceptable way to act?

Is this some weird culture that has become intertwined with you sexuality and need to belong or is it something deeper and ingrained in the psyche from birth?

The reason I ask this as my gay mate was moaning today that he can't find any decent blokes to rump rustle regularly because they're all seem to be whingy sissy boys, no one level headed and serious. I suggested he try a gay bar but he replied that those places are apparently just sex pit's that are full of the male version of club sluts.

So legbutts, what's the deal?
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feminity is pretty masculinity is ew


feminine guys are the master race. Best of both sexes.
What if you notice all the camp ones because they stick out more.
That's not what I'm asking. I'm asking why is it stereotypical for gay's to be seen as 'camp'. Where does it stem from?

Your argument is interesting and I will take it into consideration.

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>be trans
>super small campus
>roommate is the biggest meme tranny
>introduced themselves as trans to everyone they meet
>everyone on campus now thinks trans ppl are gross and weird including my close friends
>better just keep it secret until I graduate because this fuck gave us a bad name

Kill me
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Your roommate is mtf, and you're an ftm in the closet?

Most people don't even know transguys exist, I think you'll find it okay.
We are both mtf just I'm more on the agender side but I don't just go to class in an animu dress when not even on hormones and flaunt it. I just feel that gives off a bad impression
But OP, aren't all trans gross and weird?

How did you deal with having crushes/feelings in school/college whilst closeted?
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I drank.
Pretend it didn't even exist.
brushed it off with self-loathing
fucked fat chicks
got into drugs

mainly for hetero crushes, for the homo one just brushed it off

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Hey, LGBT.

I took the plunge and bottomed for the first time ever a few hours ago. I decided fuck it, might as well experiment in college.

It was awful, I hated every second of it. I even took it slow, used lots of lube, I just did not enjoy it like I did when I masturbate with myself.

But that aside, I'm worried about the chances of contracting HIV. I told the trans-gender person to use a condom, and they did. I stressed that they bring a condom and they said that they were getting turned off by my repeated reminders to get a condom.

So we had sex with a condom, and it didn't really hurt, it just didn't feel good. I eventually told him to stop and let him jack off onto my ass, unknowingly.

I don't think I'm bleeding internally or anything. I'm sore, but like the typical sore after masturbating and I'm pretty gentle with myself. My only fear is that I wiped his jizz of my ass with a towel, then used the same towel to wipe my ass.

The guy said he has been checked regularly and his tests show up clean, but you can never know. What are the chances I actually contracted HIV? I'm freaking tf out right now.
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You let an AGPER fuck you in the butthole?
You're a giant faggot, you deserve aids bro.
IIRC anal sex will always result in microtears in your rectal tissue. Even if there isn't visible bleeding infection is possible.
You know, you're only supposed to bump your own thread when you're providing pictures other people want. You're not supposed to do it in a political discussion.

/lgbt/, what is the difference between a femboy and a twink? How many guys only like twinks but not femboys and vice versa? Seems like they're pretty similar but is there a difference?
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femboys are your pic OP
twinks are just skinny guys that have an otter body.
You can mistake a femboy for a girl, a twink is just girly while still looking like a guy.
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b0ss likes it.jpg
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Twinks are slim, mostly hairless cute guys
Femboys are twinks that go the extra mile to look and act more girly

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