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these losers back here: >>5350875
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Sounds like someone losing his mind.
I miss my boyfriend, gaygen :(

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tumblr-brand gender and sexual identity cringe stories

>after i met her, an acquaintance became non-binary/gender fluid/whatever
>wants to be called he/they although she primarily wears lolita
>years pass
>comes out as poly, has two non-binary partners (one male, one female) and a "queer-platonic partner" (apparently just a good friend that lives with them all
>announces on facebook that her male NB partner knocked up her female NB partner and they'd all be raising their "fawn" together (because the child will choose its own gender of course) including the queer-platonic partner
>makes big self-involved facebook post about how amazing this child's life will be being raised by a bunch of 22 year olds who are still dependent on their parents because they all have more love to give than your standard cishet family
>go to facebook so i can screencap the post
>she deleted her facebook
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thats the essence of cancer, straight people who want to be gay lmao
sometimes, hiring a hitman should be legal. For example, JFK.
God damn. I don't see anything inherently wrong with a child being raised gender neutral or by more than two people (besides, perhaps, that the child would have a harder time fitting in). I do, however, have a problem with a bunch of fucking 22-year-olds raising a kid on mommy and daddy's money. That does more damage than a family of special snowflakes ever could.

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the pizza is aggressive.gif
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Just found out that one of my trans friends has HIV. Who do I tell besides her?
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wait, you found out that she has HIV before she did??
Yes. I received a letter in the mail addressed to a person with a similar name that I didn't at first realise was hers. I told her first, but I don't know if she'll tell her partners.
>I received a letter in the mail addressed to a person with a similar name that I didn't at first realise was hers
you opened her mail.......

I really do not see how this is your issue unless you have aids then you need to contact your fuck boys.

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last thread >>5349986
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kill yourself wiz
tinychat: /gaygen
Is anyone on gaygen actually bara?

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At what age do mtf-hrt effects/results gradually decrease?

I'm currently 20, 5 months on hormones and started 3 months before I turned 20

I've seen videos of people (though late 20s) 1,5yrs on hormones and still look masculine, like in between somewhere. I'm aware I look somewhat androgynous but still it got me worried about passing
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Often people who still look masculine are either very unlucky with genes, or have poor dosages given to be them. Or are doing self medding poorly.

I'd say effects gradually decrease since the start of male puberty, that much is obvious, but where it really matters is I'd say around age 20-25 range is where it starts to decrease further, though you can still see very good effects at after 25. It varies way too much because no one looks the same.

Also we started at around the same time, agewise and for how long we've been on it. If that pic is you, you're gonna be a super duper QT Anon.
It doesn't matter. I've seen people who started transitioning later in life and they get to reap the benefits at the end of the road with hormonal therapy just like the super young ones who started in their teen years.

It's only been 5 months. Give it more time. Rome wasn't built in one day, after all.
To be honest HRT barely changes your features, you might get a little extra fat on your chin and stuff but that's about it....you're not gonna look like a different person.

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I've always been a "straight male" in denial. I would jerk off to gay fantasies/porn or full frontal male nudity and just write it off as being "perverted", i couldn't be gay, cuz I like women, yet I homoerotic thinks would always turn me on.

After doing a bit of soul searching and stop abusing drugs and alcohol, i've come to the realization that I am in fact a homosexual male, I don't really have alll that much interest in girls(the interest I showed was learned, I learned it from seeing how other straight men behaved).

I've always hated this side of my(the faggot in me), i've always tried to justify my sexual urges by writing them off as deviant sexual behavior and that I should repress it.

I'm so jealous of people who have enough emotional intelligence to realize they were gay in their teens and not try to fight these urges.

I've finally admitted to myself and my family that I am a homosexual, but that hate and shamefulness doesn't go away I always feel like I am just a damaged person with a fucked up brain. Also I've been living as this "straight" man and acting like somebody that doesn't exist.

How can I stop being so self loathing and just embrace what I really am? And just live the lifestyle I want to truly live(without shame and feeling like I'm worthless).
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please respond...
Seek therapy, it will help you deal with your self-loathing and get rid of it for good, so that you can accept yourself.
We all come through this.
Just stick around, talk to other gay people, it'll pass eventually.
I hope you haven't achieved the gay death yet.

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Are gender norms detrimental to society?
Would the world be a better place if most cultures were more open sexually?
Would you worship a fertility god if there were a large modern religion that had one?
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>Are gender norms detrimental to society?
in some ways yes. They reduce people's potential, cast people into socially-mandated roles, and fuel transgenderism.
>Would the world be a better place if most cultures were more open sexually?
>Would you worship a fertility god if there were a large modern religion that had one?
mydick.jpg worship it every night
Yes. What we make up in social efficiency, we more than lose to undirected labor, squandered potential, and especially unexplored aesthetic. Based on fashion alone, I say down with gender norms. Look at women's fashion in the West: it gets to be all kinds of crazy at the different levels, because their (visual) norms are so much wider than most genders in most cultures.

We'd also be better off with less sexual censorship. It just creates obsessions and dramas that are totally pointless except to create restrictive castes. You'd see a whole hell of a lot more bisexual actions, if self-reporting is to be believed in that case. Bisexual fantasies are far more common, especially among women, than the practicing bisexuals would indicate.

I would convert to a coherent, polytheistic religion that espoused proselytization, social harmony, and charitable transcendence instantly. I would even beat pavement to spread the good word about it, and participate in the creation and teaching of musical worship in its canon. Fertility gods are vital to the human spirit, and they always have been.
>in some ways
Legitimate question
In what ways are they beneficial?

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>be me 22 year old guy
>i think im straight, but i dont know because im a virgin.
>Go to bar last night with bro
>we split a pitcher of beer
>cute hispanic girl comes over to talk to me (see pic)
>bro gives me the thumbs up, and leaves me in the lion's den all alone.
>get nervous shy spaghetti everywhere.
>can barely make conversation she's so beautiful and amazing
>excuse myself make up some excuse about smoking a cigarette (i dont even smoke)
>go outside
>thank god, relief from terror.
>some guy comes to talk to me
>start talking about video games
>seems pretty cool! decide to go to his house and smoke weed
now im not gay but....
>really horny. want to have sex and cum and stuff
>but women are too beautiful and terrifying to approach
>end up sucking each others dicks because ...free blowjob, right?
>wasn't mind-blowing.
>...but wasn't that bad either
>i mean, it was better than masturbating
>fucked him last night

.........no but seriously straight guys do this all the time right?
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Sounds like a typical straight guy to me.

Seriously tho most people are somewhat bi. Don't think about it too hard.
>girl comes to you in bar
Where is this fantasy land? How can I get a passport?

To answer your question you are bisexual with a preference for women.
i also wondered this.
she was either a professional hired by the bar owner to get more male customers
someone who enjoys watching men squirm.

either way there were cute guys and guys looking for babes, and i was neither.

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Does anyone here not watch porn for ethical reasons? After reading about yet another young porn actor killing himself recently, I've decided to not watch any commercial porn anymore. I've wrestled with this for some time but have usually been too horny to care.

I don't know if this an unpopular opinion among LGBT people but I don't think being an escort or acting in porn is just another career like feminists seem to think (and how any criticism is shaming). I don't want to judge the actors' choice in doing porn, but it seems they are usually depressed, addicted to drugs, in a bad place in general and that's what drives them down this path.
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laughing anime whores.gif
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That's like saying prostitution should be illegal as to discourage it, when in reality, it makes it dangerous and pushes it underground.

There are sick people who need help in every profession and I don't see how porn is any different, or how you believe there's a correlation between the two. They're free to leave and do something else. It's just a job.
Liberal feminism is the worst with this, you're right. It is SO easy to find information on the rampant abuse in even "ethical" pornography, to find the stories of exited women, to learn about how it truly is an industry of trauma, but confronting that is hugely uninteresting to most people. You are awesome, OP!

I used to laugh at people who disn't want their partners to watch porn. I thought it was insecure/naive/controlling/high maintenance/etc, but after really learning about the porn industry, I really hope to date someone who chooses not to and I'm so glad people like you are out there.

You might be interested in checking out the documentary "Hot Girls Wanted," if you haven't yet.

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Not gay but a man pinned me to the wall and made out with me do I have herpes? I was the most drunk I've ever been. Kinda scared
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Even if you do have herpes, I thought it was extremely common these days. So please don't 1 HP Revenge kill the guy that kissed you, Hexer-kun.

Better question, did you enjoy the kiss?
Get revenge by pinning him against a wall and one upping him by fucking him
>man pinned me to the wall and made out with me

why not with me

forever alone

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Always thought i was a little gay. Lately it's been an increased interest in TS, then traps, then just femboys. I decide it's time i try to find something in real life, so i install grindr.


nope nope nope nope nope nope
im curious about the community, and i want to try it out, but holy shit im not about to go take a 12 inch cock down my throat on a "maybe i'm gay".

should i just pretend im not curious and stick to chicks? is there a gentle way to meet guys? honestly it all just seems to be about someone wanting to force a cock into one of my holes, and i'm really not interested in that yet.
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You ignore those guys. Message the guys who aren't outright about wanting 'fun' and you'll find people similar too you (Usually they'll talk like a normal human being at first, small talk etc etc). Also, if you're college age it helps to find other college age people as they're not likely to be massive sluts. Also, tinder is good for this too, you can select just guys from your preferances.
I'll try the tinder angle. Thanks. I suppose i should have expected something like this, but it was just a thousand cocks all over the place. even when i said i was new, they took that to mean maybe i'd just want to watch them jerk off or something.

i dont want to get raped man.

You can also hangout anywhere likely to have gay guys. Bars are listed, but remember anyplace with humans is social. (As long as it's not lesbians.) They should cool with it if you're questioning and don't identify as gay at this time.

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>always thought I was straightish, possibly asexual
>have developed intense feelings for a girl
>deeply confused about this
>she stayed over at my apartment today
>she came out as trans to me
>never known a trans person in actual real life
>even more confused about my feelings now
>she's asleep on my couch
>can't tell if there's bulge in the blankets or not

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what anime is that
File: Lascars French.webm (1MB, 608x320px)Image search: [Google]
Lascars French.webm
1MB, 608x320px
Lascars. It's French.
Did you hook up with her? You should do that.

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double fucking rainbows.jpg
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You know what i hate? How whenever i want to ask somebody about weird gender-y stuff i only have tumblr or 4chan in my general vicinity. Even before lgbt was created, /d/ and /r9k/ and even /tg/ sometimes used to host groups-of-sorts about this, and now with /lgbt/ it's somewhat more official.

Thing is, i can either have the "its ok bub everybody's a special snowflake, here, have this reference list of 200 gender identities and 50 sexualities and find one you like. Oh and hurry up! Older people don't get to experience anything!" tumblr discourse or the ">>>/tumblr/, trannies are barely accepted here, go be a special snowflake somewhere else" 4chan argument.
Can we have an "other reasonable places to go and talk" thread, please?
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Yes, you may ask a question.
how do i genderfluid
specially how do i genderfluid if ugly as sin

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r9k shitposting on lesgen.jpg
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Post webcomics you like lesgen. Go

old thread:
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someone already made a lesgen(i deleted mine because someone else made one first),why are you being such a bitch?
everybody go here:
This is it.


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Pet play edition
Last thread: >>5325127
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B-but I always liked you.
I'm not kek.
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beat me to it.
deleted my thread.

>TFW no Succubus gf

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