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LIVESTREAM AT http://filthycasualsDOTtv/

Delete the 'DOT' and replace with a '.'
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i seen it
FCTV represent lel
i didn't know they were so popular with gays and trannies
you'd best learn

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Where can I find pics of sex reassigment surgeries that went wrong?

Either by being ugly, had complications, or whatever. Everywhere I look it's only those advertisement sites where they show the best results out of hundreds of patients. I want some reality.
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You want the truth?
You can't handle the truth!
Kankerneger tering tyfus pokkehond
where can i find pics of SRS GONE SEXUAL PRANK 2016

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If I can take a dildo, am I ready to take a cock?

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Well the real thing will be a little different since you aren't in control of the dick. But using dildos will help make you more prepared.

20 year old gay male looking for dirty talk
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Which one's you?
Can I talk to the dog? I'd rather talk to the dog.

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Any other homos wish they had like a group of gay friends, maybe like 2-3, who they genuinely cared about as human beings? And you form like this bromantic cuddle pile.

I never had an experience like that with a sports team or fraternity, and it seems like most gays who don't have eyes on each other for dating or fugging simply disregard each other as entities.

Where can I find a band of qt gay boys who actually like and support each other and aren't insanely annoying?
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Fuck knows. All my gay friends have tried to get with me. I have like one left and that's only because I tried to get with him too. There's a mutual respect between us now as we both have BFs.

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>filter all tripcodes for /lgbt/
>board is instantly more pleasant and quality of discussions go up dramatically

best decision i've ever made 2bh
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Only person I filtered was girl with pneumatic drill.
its suspicious how obsessed one anon seems with that guy

gud tripbait I'm sure they will talk to you now
pfft these insecure "girls" will respond to anything

and even if they did i wouldn't see it

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I need everything I can possibly do to maximize bob growth pls help
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Bob needs lots of yummy protein to grow big and strong
delete this comment

Hello there...well, nobody fucking cares but i feel really sad right now.
A couple months ago I was one of three sons in a totally perfect family, with a caring mother and a wokaholic father. And I thought theres was nothing wrong with them.
Untill one day he suddently said that he was leaving home, because he no longer loved my mother.

Long story short, she's taking some expensive pills without my father knowing about it, resulting in me and my brothers having to live in a way we are not used to. Life has never been this hard. I never thought of killing myself until all this shit happened at home.

I'm not ready for this.
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Sorry bro. Just ride it out. Grow a bit, become wiser.
i understand you're upset but out of curiosity does this actually have anything to do with lgbt issues?

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This is fairly specific question that I've never seen answered so I guess I'll finally make a topic.

I'm a normal 22 year old guy that wants to experiment with someone around the same age and experience level as me. Did I miss the boat on this one? It seems like everyone did this as a teenager and now they're establish straight/gay/bi and with tons of experience. I had a fairly sheltered suburban upbringing and focused on school/sports and never got to do anything besides the cliche on and off dating with a girl a few blocks away.

The standard advice for this usually goes something like "have a few drinks with a buddy and turn some porn on, see what happens" I've done this, and in short nobody's interested, plus it was a bit weird trying to set them up like that.

The thing about just going online is I'm not into all of the extremes most gay guys enjoy (extremes for me anyway) especially the crowd that hangs out on sites/apps. It's funny you would think there are curious guys left and right who just want to jerk it or something and go from there but I seem to be odd man out. Drugs and anything anal are definitely not for me and I've read the statistics on STD's through Grindr which is really scary. Plus I have a thin build and it seems to attract very rude guys that are twice my age/weight and get mad when I politely decline. All of you on the /lgbt/ board talk like saints in comparison!

Any ideas on what to do from here? I might just write this off as a curiosity that will never be sated. There's no online community for guys like me especially since I live in a medium sized city instead of a metro area. I have more thoughts on this but didn't want to turn the first post into a novel.
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yes and no. you're still young, but its going to more and more difficult to find someone with the same level of experience, but not impossible.
just hang in there, learn to be more assertive with what you're looking for. don't say anything, say exactly what you're looking for.

>have a few drinks with a buddy and turn some porn on, see what happens"
I've never known anyone that has done this
>>i might just write this off as a curiosity that will never be sated

Would be a shame, anon. What's so special about finding a guy who is as inexperienced as you? You're narrowing down your bracket quite significantly that way.

What is the actual thing you are curious about? You need to picture what would satisfy you.

Just jerking off with another dude? What about jerking each other off?

Plenty of guys who are bi curious start in their early twenties, often once they've settled into college and see the opportunity.

The thing is, bi-curious looking for bi-curious is a rare combo, it's like some kind of straight4straight logic fuck.

Why don't you just let a gay guy suck your d?
Oh I'm not determined to find someone who has never tried anything with a guy like me, I know it's increasingly rare, but a buddy that has no hangups about messing around like this would be great. I'd probably be down for anything that isn't anal-related since that just isn't for me.

I'm sure I could find some gay guy online more than willing but like I said the MASSIVE difference in experience they tend to have (just being realistic about average promiscuity) and the STD rates in that group freak me out.

The term "straight4straight logic fuck" is hilarious, I think that describes straight curious guys perfectly. I know there are more guys like me out there but we're so few and far between. Gays who feel foreveralone because they can't find a partner who won't cheat on them are kind of in the same boat, they're going against the norms within the culture.

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Obama on 4chan.png
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Is there a sissy gay porn beginner guide?

I wanna see if I'm gay so I'm going to download some gay porn but I don't know where to start
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Gay OCD, also known as Homosexual OCD (HOCD), or Sexual Orientation OCD (SO-OCD), is a term for a type of Pure Obsessional OCD (Pure O) in which an individual reports experiencing repeated, unwanted obsessions related to their sexual orientation. It is important to note that the terms Gay OCD and HOCD, while used commonly as shorthand for this type of OCD, are misnomers. Just as some “straight” people obsess about being gay, some homosexuals (male and female) experience obsessive fears of being “straight”. At its core, Gay OCD / HOCD is primarily about the overwhelming discomfort with experiencing uncertainty about one’s sexual orientation.

best of luck to you.
What kind of OCD is it if I obsess over being an attack helicopter?
t. demi-bipolar pan-autist
Not an OCD, but mental retardation. Have your doctor take the ICD 9 on you.

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Thought Alarm.gif
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>/lgbt/ is a place where people of different sexualities can come and discuss with each other
>Really? I don't really agreed with the LGBT community is currently doing
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What don't you agree with? Lets discus.
what is it there to disagree with?

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I'm MtF, very early in transitioning. I know this is who I am, so that's no issues, but I'm bald. My hair started to recede two years ago, and I just shaved it to avoid looking 40 instead of 20.

I've pretty much anticipated that I'll have to wear a wig, but I was wondering if any of you have found better solutions in similar situations? Thanks in advance.
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finasteride or transplant your butt hair to your head. preferably your buttcrackhair and bam two problems solved at once!
pills now if u want to stop this. if u ever want kids store fertility first. gametogenesis takes 70-90 day minimum of cessation of hrt
like do you really mean bald bald? how bald can you be at 20?

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>split with group I was out with
>wondering around in the city because wanted to experience something
>end up in fancy club
>chatter up with a girl to maybe prep her for later
>meet a real cool gay guy
>we talk, I tell him I'm interested in girls but I'm just too shy to get one (I can get girls that's not the issue, but I always have to get out of my comfort zone to get them and I didn't feel like)
>I'm not into guys but I start to really like the guy to an extend where I wouldn't mind kissing or cuddling him
>I get really interested in his female friend but she already has a boyfriend
>we dance but all this knowledge and alcohol is fucking with my head and body so I'm probably looking terrible
>they leave to go smoke
>I autisticly follow them and say something like yeah I should fuck off
>step outside, realize that I just blew a massive chance to get what I was looking for in the first place
>walk back but can't find club even though I had just walked 10 meters away from it
>bash my hand open on a wall door and decide to just leave
>hop into bus
>fall asleep and miss stop
>get out and take the stop the other way
>meet a black dude who goes by the nickname black
>he sells cocaine that comes from a really good producer in Germany for a reasonable price
>we hop in bus together
>drives asks me his ticket
>I act real drunk like I don't understand the dude in hopes I get a free ride
>black tells the driver: "He's from Germany, so you better let him in"
>black asks for a cigarette, starts smoking in the bus
>other people too scared to say anything to black about it, bus driver seems to owe him something
>get his number for good cocaine and hop out of bus to go home

I knew that there were certain guys I might be interested in, like one in a million. Too bad I didn't get to go with both of them shouldn't have been so retarded. Every year a new realization (happy b-day me). How was your Saturday?

By the way this is a really nice board. Can I just hang here a little bit?
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can a bisexual guy tell me what it's like

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░▌▐░░▌░░░░░░░░░░░▀░░░░▐░▐ ░
░░░▐░░░░░░░░░▌░░░▄▀▀▀▀(_̅_̅_̅_̅_̅_̅_̅ ()ด้็็็็็้็็็็็้็็็็็้็็็็็้็็็็็้็็็็็้็็็็็้็็็็็
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Wew lad I would have never found that out without you

Here's your feel-good story

>The Manitoba court has a new transgender judge, and his appointment is a milestone for the province.

>"I'm just one example of many of my colleagues and people who are attaining certain levels of notoriety that can show people we are just people," McKenzie said. "We are just doing what everyone else does and we can achieve whatever we want to do with hard work and dedication."


What do you think legbutts? Is he more of a hero than Caitlyn Jenner?
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i wish we mtfs had someone ordinary like him to represent us

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