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Be honest transgirls from /lgbt/, how many of you decided to transition only to become a cute anime girl desu?
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anime made me trans
I am a transanime and you will check your privilege
I don't watch anime. Tried watch lucky star I was bored to death.

This cum dungeon has been harassing my friend and telling lies on whisper and here to get people to tell him to kill himself, saying he was with my ex friend and cheated on her when really he is gay and doesn't want some overly used slut, he has too much going on to deal with this, do what you want to jojojocat99, make her crack, have as much fun as I am. Make her beg for it to stop, I don't care what you do she is all yours now.
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your friend should kill himself

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I don't know what the fuck to do phamm. I'm really fucked up and a mentally ill individual. I'm so depressed and at this points I can't even tell why, I can barely even observe my own thoughts and I don't know what thoughts of mine are real and what are fake
How do I trust anything
I can't try to see any therapist because they are all to o far and it's not like it even helped when I did before.
How do I just get out of the layers of thought? How do I stop ?
Why have I convinced myself I want to girl ? It hasn't always been this way I used to be normal? I'm just lonely Excaberated by AGP. I can't focus on schoolwork I can't do anything except drink and get high.
How do people do shit while the world is so shitty? Why couldn't I just have been normal or at least with somewhat mild mental disorders? Like come one there are smentally strong people out there who would be much better suited to live inside my head.
What do?
Where go?
Pplease response pic unrelated
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I don't know what to say to you bro as you are a total stranger, but I feel like going on a rant.

I'm going to give you the straight up. There's no use sugar coating. This world can be absolutely vicious to human beings. It doesn't give one shit one way or another what happens to us, and to make matters worse there are more ways for things to go wrong than they can go nicely, all things considered.

You've got to tough it out, and start thinking pragmatically. You've got to throw out the view of yourself as a baby needing nurturing and more as an agent capable of making decision and altering circumstances.

This is easier said than done, especially if you have no money and are starting from square one. Nobody else understands your struggle or your pain. It just gets grimmer and grimmer.

That's why you need a fighting spirit. You need to not want to be rescued, or rescue youself. Picture what you want to be, and even if your circumstances don't permit it, use what is available to you to the best of your abilities.

I have no idea what it is like to have AGP. That is some weird shit and I can't even begin to understand what would get into a dudes head to start him thinking like that. Anyways I'm no help there.

It's cliche but you've got to make the best of a shitty situation. That's all there is to it. You need every bit or intelligence and cunning available to you so take yourself seriously.
thanks for response but honestly I'm not sure what to do with that. like if I was a bootstramps person I fwoulnd't be fucked up like I am.
i mean I "get" it like I "get" that you need goals and shit and to "just do ti" to get to them and be a real person and normal but it's just so foreign. it feels like everything is just against me
Fundamentally, a human can have three answers to suffering.

Do nothing: this is easy, and there's a chance the things that are hurting you will go away on their own, even if that's rarely how things work out.

Suicide: you can kill yourself, and will with varying degrees of certainty be freed from the unreasonable situations you are subjected to. Even unsuccessful suicides often result in a greatly changed situation, although not necessarily for the better.

Change something: you can change very nearly anything about your life that is within your power. It needn't even be one of the big problems dragging you down. Just effecting some significant change in your life will provide new context for everything, and may alleviate, or make manageable, those impossible troubles. This is sort of the expert mode option, because sometimes the only way you can change is to "worsen" your situation.

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Anyone else find it hard to keep up conversations with straight coworkers? I can't talk sports and I really can't talk women...

It just seems endless.
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maybe try not to be such a boring little faggot?
or perhaps you thinking of them as heteros rather than normies is what the root of the problem is. nice victim complex
Luckilly I don't. My job makes it impossible to have conversations with coworkers during our shifts, so there aren't any awkward conversations at all ever.
If you can't relate to them then maybe just...idk...don't bother?

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Do they let you donate blood if you're on HRT?
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That's for cis women after menopause, but the only other medication is your anti-androgen.

Just imagine the repressed tranny who gets some of your blood after a car accident, "Mmm, why do I feel much better?"
I'm ftm.

I can only picture a lil kid with Leukemia getting a sudden extra dosage of testosterone and biting a nurse.
I'm checking criteria out of interest now and, man, they do not want faggot blood.

I am a pansexual femboy and its really hard to come out to family

I already came out to my 21 year old sister who is bi and she is happy for me.
And very few friends know but constantly makes fun of me for it..

The problem for me is coming out to my dad...
I dont know how to.....

I also feellike my brother is a homophobe.....

Can i please get some tips and some support ^₩^ thank you <3
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Dont be a bitch bro
don't try to explain what your meme sexuality is and just come out as bi
I guess i am being a little bitch huh. Well if you peeps wanna know more about me, my profile name for practically everything is yelsaen (kik,snapchat,skype,steam,etc...)

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How do you build a support network when you have no friends and your family has disowned you
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fuck them all, that's how
stop frog posting for starters
>start sucking dicks for $1.99
>suck 2400 dicks everyday
>you are now a millionaire
>wait as your family tries reconciliation

>Be male
>Attracted to women and trannies
>Likes getting prostate massaged

What does that make me, /lgbt/?
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normal and straight probably
makes you a fucking faggot
You guys don't have any weird label for this type of thing?

You can do better than that.

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>Be in Oregon
>21 gay
>have gross fat gf who is 19
>never fuck the girl but the cow just appreciates a good looking bf
>she refuses to go to uni to be with me
>she wastes her full ride on me
>I am a dirty slut
>I will be why she has aids
>probably a future dike

AMA my niggas or share similar
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Please act now.

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I want to go through mtf transition but I am simply terrified of coming out to even my closest family and friends.
Also terrified I'll become some liberal ass with a degree in gender studies
also terrified of being wrong
please give me guidance
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OK. Let's guidance.

Why do you want to transition? Especially, be clear about how you became convinced to ask about this on /lgbt/.

Why are you scared of coming out to those friends and family? Be sure to ask that of them not only as a whole, but also individually.

Why are you concerned about being "liberal" and studying gender at college? Establish the connection between these and the transition you are seeking to pursue.

What makes you think you might be wrong, and what might lead you to know? Too, what do you perceive as the consequences?

>I want to go through mtf transition
>Also terrified I'll become some liberal ass with a degree in gender studies

Imagining a you as a young girl who's nervous over this makes you sound adorable.

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Is it possible to trans and not grow breasts?

I just dont like breasts.

Can I like use a binder or something? My tits are approaching a cup and im neither fat nor even on mons yet.
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I don't see any reason you couldn't wear a binder like ftm wear. HRT will cause growth, but it's hard to predict how much. Sometimes /femgen/ talks about ways to take hormones but not grow breasts, I don't know if they actually work though. Worst case, you could get breast reduction surgery, though probably you'd like to avoid making that necessary.
Binders are fucking painful and borderline dangerous, not a long term solution at all. If you wear them for longer than 8 hours at a time or buy too small a size you're at a real risk for fucking up your ribcage. I've bruised my ribs from keeping it on too long. Do not do that.
>tfw on hrt for 5 years
>tfw fuck all breast development


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The main cause of my depression is not being able to find love easily. All of these people I meet are straight, some find gays disgusting or just uncomfortable. Some are okay with it. My uncle committed suicide in the 90s because he was gay. I guess it just depends where you live. It's harder to find that special someone. I was raised in a conservative family so that's why I'm still in the closet. I was thinking of going to a psychiatrist for my depression. I also get social anxiety in public as well so I'm just a fucking mess.

I mean would meds even work? Antidepressants or anti anxiety or whatever the fuck I'll just take anything to get out of this hole
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Therapist is a good idea if you can afford it. It sounds like your situation is the problem, so I'm not sure if meds/a psychiatrist is a good idea. Pills will (at best) fix chemical imbalances in your brain, but they can't magically make your life better. Therapist on the other hand will help you get your shit together.

If you're closeted and in a horrible conservative area you just need to gtfo. It's hard to do but it's worth it. Life is so much better in a liberal area, it's night and day. If you stay there it's like living in a war zone, you're always on guard and about to get rekt by someone or other.
Just move somewhere better, to a more accepting place

Meds don't really do much from my experiences, but are worth a shot

Therapy is excellent if you pair up with a good psychologist you find caring

Take care, anon :3
I'm from AZ so it's not entirely conservative but you can get the point that there is a lot of Spanish people here and they believe in that gay is sin bullshit because of Catholicism.

I want to move, but money. So the best I have is a psychiatrist OR a therapist. I never experienced any of these before but I hope that I'll get better from it

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Just tell her.
the answer is yes and if you say no you're a horrible person
Just say yes. If you act like it's something to be ashamed about people will act like you deserve to be ashamed.

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im 18.5 mtf pre anything, do i have any chance of passing/looking somewhat feminine? other than my fucking witch nose
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no but you're pretty cute

Get some makeup for those eye bags
I'd say you have a very good chance. Your face looks quite feminine (I first thought you were ftm)
and you are still very young (transition wise) non-passing age begins with ~25

You're pre-HRT? You're gonna be fine. When I first saw the pic before reading the post I thought u were an FtM who just started T

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>tfw found out about dysphoria treatment (mones) way too late and I am FOREVER doomed to be a gross unfuckable wide-shouldered hips-deficient hon everyone can laugh at
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not true post pics
If cute fails, just get awesome lady-muscles and be a sexy, statuesque, amazonian beauty.

If your concern is just having broad shoulders, that doesn't really make you much different from the millions of other non-tranny girls who are insecure about the same thing:


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