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Why can't people just identify according to their actual sexual orientation? You are not straight if you want to fuck guys every now and then, you are not gay if a girl can get your dick up.
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It's usually a little more complicated than that
Girls can be a bit attractive to me, I prefer straight porn, but boys can take my breath away and make me dizzy with love and spoil my underwear, so I just tell people I'm gay
you're watching the wrong gay porn

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One of Pacquiao's sons is gay. Can you guess who it is?
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The one in the pink dress?
I'm sorry but that is one ugly chick. :( See what happens when ladyboys discourage breeding in Philippines?

Boy in the light blue.

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Our lord and saviour edition

▶Informed Consent Providers:https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/932389/Trans/Stepping%20Forward%20-%20Informed%20Consent%20Clinics.pdf
▶Trans Info Dump:http://pastebin.com/h1vLPxyV
▶Beginner makeup resources:http://masterposter.tumblr.com/post/116605714860
▶Size charts:http://www.americanapparel.net/sizing/default.asp?chart=womens.pantse_conversion_chart.php
▶Transition timelines:http://imgur.com/a/qWpxv
▶Voice Training:http://pastebin.com/dgipdsge
▶HRT info:https://web.archive.rg/web/0000000000000http://taimapedia.org/index.php?title=Hormones
▶Voice Help:http://webjedi.net/projects/lgbtq/speech-therapy/
▶MTFG Radiohttps://www.dubtrack.fm/join/mtfg
▶Discord (new):https://discord.gg/0qFz5Shp1aVSTsTz
▶IRC:https://www.rizon.net/chat #MTFG

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>tfw a universe explodes into existence and then billions of years later mtfg exists
>tfw no trans gf to go shopping with
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Gaben is a false prophet.
>tfw a man forever

So my girlfriend is obsessed with Harley quinn. To the point of asking me to dress up as her.

Is this uncommon for lesbians?
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Id say its uncommon for most couples, but not rare. Roleplay is certainly something that happens. Id get more concerned if she comes out in a purple suit and asks you to do the cartoon voice.
>Dontcha wanna rev up ya Harley?
She doesn't ask for the cartoon voice, but she does ask me to call her puddin'

It doesn't particularly effect my enjoyment, but I have to stop myself laughing at times.

>Thread about lesbians.


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Chat: tinychat/notgaygen

Previous Thread:
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I'm glad Hitler showed me that twitter earlier. Was worth a good view.

>tfw qt Trump supporting bf who wants to MAGA, have white babies, and get rich with together
went on craigslist last night advertising that I wanted to take as many loads raw in one night as I could, got 7 guys over the last 5 hours, what are the chances of having an STD now?

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>started hrt at 17
>22 now
>had ffs at 20, srs at 21
>passable in every way, including my genitals
>guys still struggle accepting you
>can't just "make friends" with them because they will try and bone
>sooner or later you need to reject them or come out to them
>they will leave either way
>the best relationship ive had was where i didnt tell him i was trans
>he moved away
>don't know how to many friends with other girls

I finally got to my goal of being an attractive young ">female"

>no matter how passable
>or friendly

making friends will always be weird as a trans person. I just wanna be normal.
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Do transwomen have to keep taking hrt forever?
>tfw boys keep hitting on you
>tfw you can't have any of them because they'd leave if they knew what you were

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>> younger bro is 2 years younger and like my best friend
>> we used to do everything together, went to same college/HS, workout together, travel, clubbing, we work in the same industry, etc

>> He just went through a breakup and he gets shitfaced. I know what its like so I just let him feel bad, the wound is raw, yknow? But I stay at his apartment night just to keep an eye on him

>> He's snoring loud as fuck at by 12 pm so I'm like I guess he's out already ( that didn't take long) , let me clean up his projectile vomit and make sure he doesn't soil himself

>> I walk into his room after he gets drunk
>> he's got a pair of womens panties on and he's got a chatlog on omegle of some stranger telling him about how he wants to make him his bitch
>> he's got like feminine guys in skirt softcore porn open on another window

I'm so fucking furious right now. This is my brother. My main man. My fucking partner in crime. We were going to dominate the world together. And now, what: he's a faggot?

I'd prefer if he was fucking regular gay. He was always the better fucking dressed/well put together, but he always got mad fucking pussy.

And I see him bent over wanting to be another man's woman?

This came straight out of left fucking field. I had no inkling that he was a fag. We're not religious but we were raised irish catholic so if this gets out he's for sure excommunicated from the family

I've been on 4chan for years, but this is my first time ever posting on /lgbt/.

I can never accept my brother being a woman. Should I just leave our apartment and never talk to him? I want to puke and my hands are shaking just as I'm typing this.

I want to fucking punch him in his fucking piece of shit face for doing this to me

Fuck this fucking piece of shit mental illness. I don't hate gays but why the fuck does it have to happen in my family? Why my little baby bro?
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Shut up dog shit.
i wish i was your little brother desu
btw im straight
youre a good brother
just ask him about it

might just be a sex thing and he dosent actually want to be a chick

still weird though

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Why is that some people are so obsessive about other people's biological sex like they have to constantly "prove" and point out what biological sex you are? If you don't hurt anyone but yourself who cares? It's like people get downright insecure when they see men not staying men and women not staying women as if the whole world was going to end and that Satan is going to jump out of a Planned Parenthood clinic (probably growing out of the aborted fetus tissue) and rape everyone with his red dicks just because little boys feel to be girls and vice versa and that they are given hormones at such young age to prevent eternal hondom.

Sometimes it seems like "normal" people are more autistic than aspies when you see them spout "NO! Men are men XY = men, you got that. EVERY SINGLE CELL in your body, sir, including your brain, sir, is male ... so stay male ... or I will get very very upset, sir. This is nuts! Sir."
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I think a lot of it has to do with insecurity. Realizing that the barrier between genders isn't so solid forces people to realize they might experience attractions they would classify as gay. And it might be jealousy too, masculine straight men in particular may wish they could transition so that they would have easy access to a female body.
Because there's even fewer transgender murderers then there is gay male or lesbian murderers.

That and because there's fewer laws protecting transgender people then any other people. Surprise surprise, if people can get away with something, they will do it, even if it's something like, say, shitting down a baby's throat. In Russian satellite states where there is no law enforcement, people shit down baby's throats when they get bored.
Because it's giving a group of people rights no other groups or individuals have.

If a short man have dysphoria over being a manlet and the treatment he has in society and he wishes he could be taller, he will be told by the medical profession that he needs to learn to love himself for what he is and stop thinking.

A trans person will told that of course they are what they say they are and be carefully monitored so they can change themselves to fit what they want.

No other groups are treated this way, of course there will be backlash against it.

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So I'm a trans guy that still likes to 'dress up' sometimes. I feel like its healthy to make yourself comfortable in the body you have, while you have it. Especially if you can't transition right away.

There's no problem with rocking what you have.

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you pass in this

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the first time i had sex with a guy was fucking horrible, honestly borderline abuse. Give me your shitty first time stories
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heres my first time story: __________________
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anon you need to fill in the blank
maybe one day I will, but today is not that day

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Evil fucking cat.jpg
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Why do trans people get so offended by the term "boi pussy" ?
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is it a girl or a boy?
Probably has to do with the boi part. If you don't get that, maybe don't try to lay trans women
I'm obiviously not going to use the term just wondering what is particularly offensive about it ?

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Lesbian General: Uniform edition

From military to flight attendant, school to police, there is hardly anything better than a woman in uniform.

Previously on lesbian general: >>5880678
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They pass better than most of the board and they're not even trying

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Some of these Japanese crossdressers are scary good.
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Old: >>5843286

Don't forget to sage and wait to make new threads until we're at bump limit on page 9-10.

Ancient map: https://www.zeemaps.com/edit/U0Hw9yNtqrJd-qzTdbUFMw

Some info (excuse the tumblr, it's truscum): http://helpfultransinfo.tumblr.com/tags/

Skype group: add cheeki-briki or duckduckfrog
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nice image choice mate
snake was definitely one of those dudes i wanted to become when i was a teenager. i sunk so many hours into mgs3.
Do people have opinions on truscum shit? I used to fuck with it heavy like 4 years ago now, but... it looks like it's mostly died out, at least from googling. It still bothers me when kids base their gender identity off of how masculine/feminine they are, but that's become the norm so much I don't say anything about my thoughts in public anymore. I don't know. I wish I could buy into the whole "you're whatever gender you FEEL like" thing because it would make it a lot easier to make "ftm" friends IRL
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I'm for it but I keep away from any sort of SJW/gender/trans related shit on tumblr. Pic related. It's really mostly just a bunch of impressionable teenagers who want to feel like they belong to something.

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Hey everybody,
I created a crowdfunding link to my mastectomy. After the French description, there is that in English. If 1000 people give $ 2 then we arrive at the sum then there is no small gift! :)
Thank you !
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yeah French laws are bad
(bonne chance)
You look like a sad mop

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