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Thoughts on The Rocky Horror Picture Show?
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I hate it. It makes fun of lgbt.
you pass already hon
I might check it out if I have time. I'm not too big on movies.

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>Transitioning is almost the most selfish thing a person can do with there life.

>If you really think your life is to please yourself with no regards to others, your a selfish bitch and deserve to die.

>People expect things from you, your here for them and for those who will come after you, your life is not your own.

>And even if you transition successfully, you'll die a lonely old cat lady without ever having kids of your own.

How do I stop these thoughts? How can I honestly believe that I'm making the right choice when It hurts and disgust so many people? Even talking to my therapist, she told me that transitioning is very selfish, and you have to put yourself infront of others. But how do I do this without letting people down? How could I possible find a man to settle down with when even 30y/o attractive women can't find someone to want them?
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transitioning, drinking alcohol, robbing someone and then going to prison, turning to radical religion, driving drunk, doing drugs, not paying taxes, what else?
Once you're on HRT for long enough you'll start to have the selfish, primitive mindset of a woman, and these rational thoughts won't be problem anymore
There is nothing wrong with being selfish as long as your goal has any merits.
t. Ayn Rand

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I want to die so fucking badly. I can't fucking deal with this body anymore it's giving me so much misery, my height, weight, shoulders, body hair, facial hair, foot size, jawline, everything about me is repugnant, ugly, and disgusting. I can't even take when people try to compliment me, it's always "You're so handsome" "I love your jawline" or "You're so tall" for fuck sakes I get it I'm a fucking masculine Frankenstein's Monster who wants to be a fucking woman. I never get any sort of compliments that don't make me feel worse about myself, and I can't stop them from happening. I just want to be fucking pretty! That's all I fucking want!
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Why not transition?

I found new meaning in life thanks to dxm and benzodiazepines

do them, get fucked up over and over again, live for the sake of next trip
I've lived like that for three years already
I think that it will just make things worse. Now I have to deal with stigma as well as looking like a fucking linebacker.

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/LBT/ voices not wanted in this conversation. Our presence is here and we control all thought on this board. Women, women-like imitations and traitors will not be tolerated. Our presence will cease to exist, we will change this board to /G/.

>Men created & paved the gay rights movement while lesbians were busy munching carpet, while trannys we're getting it on with bigenerates

Even today they claim they were the foundation of it all. Feel free to post brothers.
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>all the White guys have disgusting tats

What did they mean by this?
Tattoos and fake tans are a turnoff, sorry. Also, steroids.
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Women wish they had the commanding voices of authority and presence of men.

Its hardwired in their brains from birth to agree with men and avoid confrontation.




Gay /MGTOW/ here, I've ascended into Ancient Greco-Roman ideals. Will you come with me brothers?

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Anyone else repress their sexuality throughout their childhood, and now have no experience dating as a homosexual adult? I actively ran from my identity for years, basically becoming asexual. Now I'm 25 and never even masturbate, let alone go on dates or sex other people. How the hell are you supposed to make up for all that lost awkward learning in middle/high school? People my age have kids and marriages already. Even the gay ones.
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Asexual = Gay but won't admit it.

Bisexual = Gay but won't admit it.

Trans = Gay but won't admit it.

Gay = Attracted to the same sex

Lesbian = Attracted to the same sex and female

Really makes you think. At least you admit you are repressing.
I'm not repressing anymore. However, I'm sure some people are genuinely asexual.
Also lesbians aren't bisexual. I'm a lesbian. Exclusively attracted to girls. Just didn't want to accept it for a long time.
Also, some trans people are also gay. Both at the same time. And bisexuals are validly attracted to both sexes, not just one. Are you new here or something?

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Crying in bed edition

• Makeup tutorials : http://masterposter.tumblr.com/post/116605714860
• Male vs Female measurement data: https://www.bwc.ohio.gov/downloads/blankpdf/ErgoAnthropometricData.pdf
• Correct hormone levels:http://www.hemingways.org/GIDinfo/hrt_ref.htm
• Checking your levels:http://www.privatemdlabs.com/lp/Female_Hormone_Testing.php
• Transition time lines:http://imgur.com/a/qWpxv
• Voice Training:https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/1ske7b/mtf_voice_training_regimen/
• Voice Help: http://webjedi.net/projects/lgbtq/speech-therapy/
• IRC: https://www.rizon.net/chat#mtfg

Previous thread >>8689734
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holy shit the futaba part of persona 5 was sooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllll
futaba is LITERALLY best girl.
They're happier because anyone can make bank if they put in the time. Artists have to """sell out""" or get someone else's table scraps to get beyond poverty level.
persona is a weebshit highschool social life simulator for people who never had a life. The only good thing about the series is the OST sometimes

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I've to admmit that I love traps but I cant find them. Any tips on how to find traps for possible relationship ?
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Same. I live in a southern rural shit-hole. Femboys and trap don't exist near me, as far as I can tell, but I'm to the point where I'd rather have one as a girl/boyfriend than anything.

I dont think one really has 'relationships' with traps.

Try making your own. Find some emotionally needy sissy seeking validation. Im told making them is as much if not more fun than the sex.

Thats the nice thing about young fags, theyre eager to please. I think thats the whole point of why people have put up with them for millenia. Its hard to say no to a guy who never does.
the problem is : still living with my mom
no money

I'm studying law so this will change pretty soon

I'm a gay man and also a male supremacist. Am I the only one here? I don't think so.
I REALLY believe women should stay home.
Maybe allowed to vote, but 2 female votes equal one male vote.

Women are unnatractive, boring, tyrannical and manipulative.
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seems pretty arbitrary desu. why not base it on iq, political awareness, community involvement, something that actually says something about a person.
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Thoughts on the tranny menace?

How do we keep them from trying to turn our precious young femme gays into straight seducing monsters with their titty skittles?
you're not the only one, but man, fuck off

File: 1382221_1280x720.jpg (56KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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Hello fags this is Omar Mateen the Florida nightclub "shooter". This poor dirt monkey had his life cut short by racist gay police officers who shot him down after he went into a gay nightclub to talk to some friends. He wasn't very comfortable with gays, but he pushed through for his friend Carl. Once the fags in the bar found out he had a wife they went mad and called the cops claiming he was a shooter. The gay cops rushed in and shot him down. May this brave man rest in piece and fuck you fags for killing him.
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You know he was gay, right?
That's what the fake news media wants you to think.
>because his dad and wife said so

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>drunk a few nights ago
>slept at best friends house, took turns spooning and remember half conscious sometimes he would pull me tighter when he was big spoon
>99% sure he didn't have a boner but not totally sure since I wasn't focused
>this happens half of the time we lay in the same bed, for a short time before we start playing vidya or get up
>never discuss it afterwards, don't act weird or affectionate while talking after

I-is this weird? I'm straight but maybe biromantic or something, I don't want to fuck guys. He knows I don't want to fuck him either. Is this ok, or will it eventually evolve into him trying something more, me feeling uncomfortable and us stop being friends?
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>cuddling with a dude
lmao u gay nigga
cuddling with my straight best friend while drunk was how I realized I was gay, I had the biggest boner ever, unfortunately my friend didn't feel the same because I asked him to cuddle while we weren't drunk and he refused, one of you might possibly be gay
This is so tiresome. How the fuck do people not know whether they like dick or not. Why the fuck do people come here- no offense OP- and feel they have to have others opinions to calibrate their own goddam identity based on whether balls touched or not. Date whoever the hell you want, but enough with this insecurity already. Just look in the mirror and say what you like and what sort of life you wanna live. If they dont match, relax, you're in the majority. Most men who like blonds with big tits arent married to one.

Im not ranting at you personally OP. Please dont take it that way. Its just this comes up all the time. Im not mad at the question, Im frustrated by the frequency of self doubt in good, normal people.

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First time here for me, sorry if I step on any toes.

Many years ago I traveled the middle-east and Asia. Noticed that Pakistan appeared gay as fuck. Meaning barbers, cops, hotel staff, all wanted to fuck me. Back then I was 99% straight, so not so interested. NOW however, I feel more like 85% straight (all that porn with beautiful cocks got me hooked).

Pakistani m2m sex seems to be about married men being top only. It's the ultimate act of dominance, and I find that so hot. I also kind of like the middle eastern hairy look.

Pakistan is kind of a dangerous country though (even though there are ways of getting in and out without getting in trouble, but one needs to be careful).

Any of you people know of any other safer countries where the "topped by straight(ish) hairy dark-skinned man" experience is the common one? And are there any other countries where one gets hit on by men daily?

I assume the Arab Emirates could be a decent choice.

Sorry for the long post and unusual question. Let the shitstorm begin.
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>Any of you people know of any other safer countries where the "topped by straight(ish) hairy dark-skinned man" experience is the common one?
>don't know if real answer or polfag
I've lived in Germany. That place ain't it.
If you want to get killed lmao.

Greece maybe? Italy, Spain? Israel is full of jews, but they're not the white kind.

I need help achieving orgasms. I'm ftm. Been on hormones 3 years, pass, and am ok with my pussy. But ever since I got on T I have really struggled to orgasm. I'm way hornier, my pussy throbs constantly, but a lot of the time it takes so much time and work to achieve orgasm I just can't bother with it.

I have a bf that shares my kinks. And of course the problem persists, I still very much struggle to cum, even if I'm writhing and horny as fuck.

Dear god, please help me please.
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Ok, this is a very complicated issue. I'd think that after 3 years in T your sexual drive would take a big hit. I would recommend you to stimulate the clit A LOT more since it is has the most nerve ends on it. Maybe try anal? There aren't many options for vaginal stimulation, especially for trannies.
As an mtf I find this interesting. Did you have trouble achieving orgasm before you went on T? Has your clit grown much on T? Maybe you could try doing kegel exercises and see if that would help.
Get off drugs and treat your body better

Or date a more masculine/aggressive guy who doesn't give any fucks (see if you can find a Russian or Eastern Euro dude in your area with a big cock). Most girls who are sexually miserable are just dating losers who can't keep it together in bed.

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Cis male here, how do I look in this bikini? Thinking of heading to the beach but fuck shaving I don't take this that seriously
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>bothering to head to the beach in a bikini, but not bothering to shave

Is this bait?
I would have sex with you. Are you good at sucking dicks?
Like a dude with dude-dadhands, thick dudeneck, dudeshoulders, dudechest, dudeelbows, dudebelly, dudewaist, dudehips, dudeknees and dudefeet, my dude.

File: cock.jpg (3KB, 225x225px)Image search: [Google]
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Straight guy here. My fantasy is to fuck a lesbian. Like I get a raging boner just typing this. How do I this? I'm really serious about this. I would even let one of you guys fuck me in the ass if you tossed me one of your women.
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Commit suicide and reincarnate as a woman, otherwise i don't think its going to happen.
Just ask a lesbian. Most of them want cock so fucking bad.

Fuck lesbians after college when they start letting men fuck them.

If a lesbian fucks you by choice she isn't a lesbian.

Therefore it is physically impossible for you to do this, unless you fuck a young girl who hasn't felt out her sexuality and realised yet.
In which case it'd would still be a straight girl as far as you knew.

Also kill yourself.

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What size should be your penis to prevent your partner from anal pain?
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It's not the size, it's the amount of preparation and stretching.
Op why would you post people that hate fags the most in human history?
I think that the radius should be half a inch and the length should be under 7 inches. You also have to take in account the speed and hardness of your partner. Lube should also be a essential part of enjoyable anal sex, for both sides.

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