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Dyke plaid 1.jpg
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Why do dykes love plaid?
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Why wouldn't they love plaid? Are you seriously hating on plaid, /fa/ggot?
That's not really an answer, is it now?
i'm a main influence to them
stop copying me u idiot cunthuffers

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Well, this is a first.

I'm ready to be punched in my cock that's soon to not exist.
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kill urself
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extreme cuckoldry.png
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Britain recently legalized 3-parent babies. I assume this would appeal to poly families.

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What are some examples of well-written LGBT characters in video games?
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>video games
just read Burroughs
why do you even play video games u fucking loser

Get /lit/ senpai
Revolver Ocelot

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tongue sucked.webm
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Chat: tinychat/notgaygen

Old Boring Thread: >>5981358
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I like people who know their limits and play to their strengths. However, I am sure you have a personality - it's just an acquired taste.
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lol wtf

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gendo doing gendo.jpg
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hey I'm writing a paper on why there are more mtf then ftm transgenders. first i need some solid evidence on this stating that this is a trend. (which is the main part i need tonight) a link to the info would be appreciated.

but i would like some more information on what causes this. I would like some solid evidence but opinions from experts are welcome as well.

Now I am doing this for a report but I'm also doing this for myself as a newly out the closet mtf transgender.
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you're making a huge assumption just by stating that there are more trans women than trans men. no one knows this for sure, there have never been reliable studies done afaik. the studies we DO have are incredibly imbalanced (i think one of the ones that people commonly cite was based off of sex reassignment surgery patients, which obviously will have a larger mtf population represented). and everything else is just anecdotal/experiential evidence.

methinks you should choose a different paper topic desu
I was just thinking the same thing i was looking at the reports my self couldn't find anything conclusive.
Probably the same reason why there's twice the numbers of gay men vs. women. The mechanism that cause brain feminization and masculinization are unrelated.

Is it just me or do people on dating sites all talk like retarded down syndrome infected robots?
How the fuck are you supposed to even go on dates with these people when they can barely hold a conversation to even get to that point?

Do people usually just ask to go on a date right off the bat or something? I can't be the only one finding the process ridiculously difficult due to having to get cooperation from retards
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>Hopped in skype chat group one day
>Eyo got a hotel for two in Thailand but am all alone, anyone wanna come (...she said jokingly)
>Guy was like well I could, took a whole month off work, booked flight
>First date while I'm having fucking SRS
>Playing games, he's taking care
>Having a good time despite surgery

Well that's certainly not how I expected dating to happen.
My experiences have been vastly different. Usually people really suck at keeping a conversation going so it just ends up dying after a few exchanges because they never ask any questions about me.
You gotta make the move, anon. It usually works out if you're not disfusting.

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I personally think catfishers are invariably trannies who are still insecure about taking the next step. Or at least AGP obviously, which IS literally composed 90% of trannies.

It feels like an (unnecessary but telling) part of transition desu. The reason I was an early transitioner was because I catfished before even being sexually mature

pic related, other person is my bf who acts masc af but pretends to be girls on the internet to seduce nerds and hurt their feelings
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File: image.png (101KB, 640x1136px)Image search: [Google]
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File: image.png (101KB, 640x1136px)Image search: [Google]
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It's pretty funny how his typing is more girly than mine
>my bf who acts masc af

>what the fuuuuuuuuuck
swish shoosh

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Why do I get massive urges to bottom and suck dicks after smoking weed?
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Because it amplifies whatever is already bouncing around in your head and also can make you horny.
because weed turns u gay and makes blacks and messicans rape white wommin
You didn't know that marijuana makes you gay?
I was 100% straight before smoking pot now I can't stop sucking dicks

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>tfw I will never pass so well random anons on imageboards assume I am trolling them with pics of a cis girl
>tfw I will always be a sad pathetic boy-looking tranny not even some fat neckbeard basement dweller would fuck out of pity
why even bother taking le magic sugar pills, whats the fucking point
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No every girl is beautiful anon. Stop being so entitled. The point is to be female and live life as a female. You sound like a cunt by saying ugly girls aren't true girls.
Pics of body pls
5% of all humans are beautiful

20% of all humans are attractive

50% of all humans are average

20% of all humans are unattractive

5% of all humans are ugly

Why not just find some satisfaction in being a genderfluid average/attractive femboy?

Why torture yourself with the idea that you could/should be a beautiful person of the opposite sex?

It's like wishing you were a trustfundie.

Or wishing you were a genius.

It's just entitled and whiney.

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Hey, lesbians of /lgbt/, gay man here and I've been meaning to pose a question to lesbians specifically, seeing as I know literally none IRL:
>To what extent do you think the accomplishments of women throughout modern history can be attributed to the contributions of closeted lesbians/open lesbians/lesbian-leaning, bisexual cis women?

Also do you consider it misogynistic to assert that women's achievements can be attributed to those who are stereotyped as possessing more masculine traits? Do you believe it's true that women that fill powerful political/business positions tend to be lesbians?
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self bump cuz i'm genuinely curious and this got spammed off the first page by inane tranny threads
I personally think it was probably a decent amount. Being assertive is generically a manly trait, and with how women were treated back then, I don't imagine straight women letting that assertiveness out much. But manliness doesn't determine sexuality, so at the same time I'm not sure.
Well a question that would be easier to answer is:
>Are lesbians overrepresented among the women that have done such accomplishments?
to which I would absolutely say yes. To what extent is harder as lesbians are still a minority.

I guess it also depends on what an "accomplishment" is. For instance I knit and crochet quite a bit, which are traditionally feminine arts. There are a lot of very, very clever tricks in both arts (that are actually quite heavy on spatial thinking) that in most cases have likely been invented by women. It might not be a large step for mankind but for the art.

I think lesbians/more masculine-traited women are more likely to be overrepresented in achievements that require stick-to-it-ness and tunnel vision.

>do you consider it misogynistic to assert that women's achievements can be attributed to those who are stereotyped as possessing more masculine traits
no. But I do think disregarding occupations and accomplishments in more feminine areas is misogynistic, which most people do when talking about "accomplishments". Improvements in nursing for instance won't revolutionize the world but they surely can revolutionize the world of nursing

Likewise, "there is no female Mozart because there is no female Jack the Ripper." It's either misandrist (that men commit more violence) or the inverse (acknowledge the higher commitment and crazy levels of men).

>Do you believe it's true that women that fill powerful political/business positions tend to be lesbians
Again, it's easier to answer the overrepresentation question (yes), but dunno about the overall ratio

This is how you guys act when you try to pick a new name. I would have thought that it was satire if I wasn't told that it was pandering.
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Don't know about other mtf here but I'm keeping my boy name, forever, I think it's cute and it may be a boy name but it's MY name
So you can hack that tranny to pieces immediately, right?
What is it?

File: Reign_compsite4.png (743KB, 800x600px)Image search: [Google]
743KB, 800x600px
The old one >>5973371

What are your favorite movies, shows, pictures, books, etc.?
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>show, movies
too many to list.
probably 1984. Don't read much.

>tfw no gf
File: 1407060751879.jpg (29KB, 500x746px)Image search: [Google]
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Don't have anything quite as SFW, though.

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Trans Gamer.jpg
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What video games does trans play to impress their gamer boyfriend?
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Dark Souls, Disgaea, 2D platformers, and Quintet games (because nostalgia).

>tfw no boyfriend to play games for me
He's gotta impress me by doing good at all the games I play . o .
Hey, this isn't just your board you know.

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So why is it LGBT, rather than GLBT, BGLT, or TGBL?

Is the community afraid of women losing their shit over being second place to men again?
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File: download.jpg (10KB, 259x194px)Image search: [Google]
10KB, 259x194px
We have this thread every fucking day. Top theories are either the lesbians got mad or it just sounds better. Either why, who really gives enough of a shit to change it?
Just kick out the L :)
They're the ones with privlege.

>Is the community afraid of women losing their shit over being second place to men again?

No, it already happened. That's why it's LGBT.

What are the best trans friendly cities to live in? Which have the biggest trans communities?
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Albany, NY is pretty lgbt friendly. We have a nice parade every year, and there's a fairly large trans contingent. My roommate is trans and there are monthly meetings, and we have some pretty good resources. Problem is that the city is small and the endochineologists are few and far between.
baltimore = aids
yeah anyone that thinks living in baltimore is a good idea is making a mistake

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