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So...me and this bottom have been hooking up for about a month. Sex has been amazing and he's actually a really cool guy.

Well today he was running errands in town and asked if I wanted to tag along, and I accepted. We spent the rest of the afternoon talking and shopping, got some coffee. It felt like a date and I liked it. At one point I told him this felt like a date and he just smiled and kind of blushed and agreed.

When we got back to my place we took a shower together and we locked lips, i mean lile we really kissed. I carried him to the bed and we had the most passionate and intimate sex I've ever had. Everything was so sensual and right.

We blow our loads almost together, me inside him and he blew on his belly. I rolled over and he wrapped himself around me, i could feel my cum from his butt dripping on to my thigh. He looked up at me with those blue eyes and said "Are you my boyfriend?"

"Damn right"

ITT: first LGBT relationship stories
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Oh my God that story made me literally d'awwww out loud. I love romantic shit like this, please people post some more adorable love stories ;.; pleeeease
We're going out to dinner tonight and we plan on sleeping with each other.

Looking forward to making breakfast for two!
C'mon, first time lgbt commitments anybody? I cant be the only one with a SO story.

Or left over right?
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Left over right
I go both ways.

I guess you could say I am... bilegsual?
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I only ever see women do right over left, but I do left over right. I can do both, the same way I can put my hands together with either on top but I put my left on top when I'm not thinking about it.

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The morning after a night of barhopping, you wake up next to this man.

>As-salamu alaykum, anon. You owe me $250 for the hour, plus jizya.
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Why would a Sikh guy ask for jizya?
>asks for an Islamic tax
Interfaith dialogue is beautiful
Pay for another hour, of course. Sikth men are sexy af.

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>spend years thinking I'm trans
>be on hormones for over a year
>be cute
>suddenly feeling like I could just be nonbinary or femboy or something
>still want to be known as a girl to everyone but suddenly the guy stuff doesn't seem so bad
What the fuck do I do? How can I ever be happy with myself?
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what guy stuff? females can do things like lift weights, shoot guns, wear unfit clothing or kiss other females of the same species.
some people might give you some shit for that, but it doesn't really matter.
>How can I ever be happy with myself?
hahahaha you're finally getting it now
Try embracing it for a while. Stay on your hormones and just do you. Test the waters. See how you like identifying as a boy. Sexually, are you into guys? If so, does it make you more aroused to think of the lewd stuff you'd do with guys to be gay? Does your penis bother you? Are you okay with it?

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What are some comfy gay movies? Like Xavier Dolan's ones, but not those.

Just I guess dating and stuff, not about coming out or D R A M A.

I guess not even gay, but are some comfy movies to you?
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here are a few lists of whatever
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films2456 copy.jpg
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pixel pepe.png
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>mfw I'm using some femfag for money while he doesn't know I secretly hate him and all faggots
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How are you using him for money?
this, we need tips about that part. the hate just fades away in the pool of hate this board is but money is always important.

Lives in my house, but he provides internet and tendies.

Little does he know he will either be homeless eventually or dead while I steal all his shit. :')

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Hey everybody!

I don't know how to handle my identity anymore.

>be 20
>be over 2 meters tall
>live in a small village just outside berlin
>male body, female mind

My head always keeps telling me, I'm female. But i know, ill never be able to pass with my size. But i know i feel uncomfy in my male body. Transitioning probably won't be an option bc I fear the social consequences. I really dont know what to do anymore bc i cant fit into any of both roles.

How would you handle it?
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there is always a way annon.
Also you don't have to transition entirely if you're not comfortable with it. it's supposed to make you feel better. and if you can find a way to feel better about yourself then that is all you need.

ps. there are girls with a similar hight out there. :)

have a nice day.
Raff dich, anon. Geh zur therapie, entscheide wie ein rationaler mensch. Es gibt so viel schoenere sachen als sich ewigkeiten an sowas aufzuhalten.
>ps. there are girls with a similar hight out there. :)


Not really. OP's height is literally one in five-MILLION for a woman in her twenties, assuming she's not wearing shoes.


Because Western women wear heels and platform shoes all the time, seeing a woman who APPEARS to be over two metres is not a tremendous rarity. It's definitely outside the standard deviation, but since people don't go around checking to see if your heels touch the ground, AND because normies don't have trannies on the brain, if you're otherwise passable you should be able to pass as a really tall girl.

Also you can still take oestrogen or at least anti-androgens to make you feel better and maybe even look a bit prettier even without socially transitioning. Grow out your hair a little, it's current year and that's an acceptable fashion statement for a man. The really nice thing is that after doing this for awhile you can take a look in the mirror and decide whether you think you pass well enough otherwise to take the gamble of socially transitioning to a really tall girl.

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to taste some butter, wear a pretty dress, live deliciously and see the world!!
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I prayed to Satan to make me a cute grill

did it work?
Best film I've seen this year
Best horror I've seen in a number of years, if not ever
>school pastor told us the devil would make us gay
>really hated the idea of liking girls because i'm a tranny
>literally prayed to satan to make him make me like boys
I was a weird kid
I still laugh thinking about this

Hello everyone,

I'm an atheist, asocial, fascist, heavily misogynist, 26 years old kissless virgin, %31 autistic, male queer *and many other things ofc*

I think the our society is wrong and needs to be changed. I'm currently trying to document the major issues that needs my *i'm a self declared part-time prophet btw* attention, what needs to be done about them and how we should solve those problems.

I'm looking for friends or enemies that i can argue with *so that we improve and it becomes easier to change/move forward* and comrades to fight against the stagnants.

My aim is to make everything move forwards.

*That tripcode is my real name ,i'm not joking, some Turkish names are like this; Forward is my surname and Lightning and Conqueror are my names so you can call me LCF or just Forward for short*

Ok, that's all for introduction i guess.

*Also my england is not very better as you can seen, thank you.*
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Literally get out

I have been told that this is the most civilized board in 4chan.

Aren't you ready for a revolution?
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>I have been told that this is the most civilized board in 4chan.

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How do you deal with being made fun of as a trans?

I am mtf but havent started transitioning other than wearing gender neutral clothing. I get looks around town of people trying to "figure" me out because i have a baby face. I hate being mocked by people who are much happier with their life and probably never attempted suicide. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to snap and attack them if I felt I had a chance. Safety aside it's hard to let things like that go. How do you do it?

They are making fun to impress a girl or seem more manly, they are fucking bigots. They treat our lives as trivial for the sake of their small gain. It makes me sick.
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You just ignore them I don't see the problem here
where do u live op?
once u pass shit gets way easier.
Are you fucking kidding me? Getting looks and confusing the shit out of people when you're presenting androgynous is insanely fun and gives you a self esteem boost. The problem starts when it happens when you're trying to actually look like a girl, and that's when you start feeling shitty about it.

I'm currently in the andro stage (entered it without noticing because my hair grew and my face is girly by default) and the extra attention is fucking amazing.

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I posted here a while ago about having a threesome (with a girl and a guy, male here). But now I have a dilemma.

The guy doesn't want to do another threesome. He said I can watch and cum on the girl if I wanted.

What do. It was such a great prospect. We're friends, we could experiment, but now it's over. What do?
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You fucked up by initiating a threesome :/ almost all threesome stories wind up turning sour unless its a one-off deal for everyone involved.

What do? Never do it again. Never let that man fuck your girl again, unless you want her running off. I already wouldn't date that much of a slut even though I'm gay so I wouldn't be dating a grill anyway.
Nah mate you misunderstood, I was fucking a couple, but after some deliberation, the guy said he wasn't bi and not interested in doing it more. It just sucks. A golden situation like that doesn't just come along, it was a rare gem. Prolly won't find something like it the rest of my life.
Oh damn dude, you are the guy cucking a guys wife, good job on you dude. Anyway though, you found one. There are definitely more. Have you searched for other mmf threesomes before or did this just fall into your lap?

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How do you people do it? I've been trying to cum from anal, but I just don't know how.
I just wanna feel even better when I'm making my boyfriend feel good ;_;
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Gotta find that anal G spot girl, the prostate. For some people a little jacking off can help. How long have you been on HRT? I hear the prostate can shrink but the rest of the anus becomes more sensitive on E.
I too am also wondering. I'm able to hit it, and it feels fucking great, but i can't reach orgasm on that alone, like it feels like i'm about to climax but then it dies down, leaving me disappointed
I-I haven't started HRT yet.
And how do I know it is the spot? My bf says if he finds the spot I should feel stimulation all over my dick or something like that, but I just don't know.

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Im gonna get my brows done soon(terrified ill mess them up myself) is there any tips or shapes that you suggest? Also i know my face/hair is shit
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Oh, but thick eyebrows are beautiful though.
Yeah but way too masc
Holup, do you live in wisconsin by chance?

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What do femboy bodies look like? I need reference material
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Boy wth boyboobs
File: 1461900179434.gif (2MB, 268x325px)Image search: [Google]
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fembois please ring me soon we have to speak. pm me for my number

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>tfw not bara or fit
>will never have a bara bf
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I'm new to being a faggot what does bara mean?
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Pic-related is an example of bara.
Oh so like a bear? Kek.

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