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How many lesbians can you think of who AREN'T avowed feminists?

(Google couldn't parse this question right; all I got was "Are all feminists lesbians?" rather than "Are all lesbians feminists?")
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well i know plenty who are trailer trash or rednecks
Not necessarily a disqualfier.
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Most lesbians I know IRL grew up playing sports with boys at recess, and hanging out with guys well into college. None of them are feminists. They like guys a lot, most of their close friends are men, they're just physically/romantically attracted to women.

There are some exceptions to this. Most later-in-life lesbians I've met dislike men, lesbians who grew up in low socioeconomic (AKA homophobic) neighborhoods dislike men, political lesbians obviously dislike men, and it seems like lots of lesbians online don't like men.

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>fell for the tranny meme
>Now am homeless and have to suck dick for groceries even though am a lesbian

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>fell for the tranny meme
>Now am homeless and have to suck dick for groceries even though am a lesbian

That's kinda me though I'm not really sure if I'm lesbian. I'm more of an asexual that has to fuck to be able to afford a place to sleep.
Pick one
that pic is spot on i should just die

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>You and every other transexual will become the gender they wish to be, no more transexuals from that day will be born
>Everyone with 10% or more African heritage dies

Would you take it? I need to know before Wednesday.
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But what's the catch OP?
Of course! Do you really have to ask?
>I will give you this tasty ice cream BUT you must also take this free $100

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>Gender you were born with as listed on your birth certificate
>Current gender/whatever and sexuality
>Rough estimate of how often you masturbate during a relationship and when single
>Type of porn or anything you masturbate to
>How long the masturbation session lasts
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>Gender you were born with as listed on your birth certificate

If your intention is to find out who's cis and who's trans with this question, you do realize that 46 states allow you to at the very least amend the gender on your birth certificate? And some allow you to replace it entirely.

But anyway, here's my answer.

>Gender you were born with as listed on your birth certificate
>Current gender/whatever and sexuality
Female, bisexual
>Rough estimate of how often you masturbate during a relationship
Implying I've ever been in a relationship
>when single
Hardly ever
>Type of porn or anything you masturbate to
I don't really masturbate to porn, but I do prefer to look at hentai over live action
>How long the masturbation session lasts
Don't know
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>Gender you were born with as listed on your birth certificate
>Current gender/whatever and sexuality
pretending to be female, bisexual
>Rough estimate of how often you masturbate during a relationship and when single
relationship: some (2-3 times a week), single: quite some (4-5 times a week)
>Type of porn or anything you masturbate to
depends on my mood and what i feel like at that moment. usually straight hardcore stuff. occasionally hentai.
>How long the masturbation session lasts
5-30 min

>Gender you were born with as listed on your birth certificate

>Current gender/whatever and sexuality
Idc, bi

>Rough estimate of how often you masturbate during a relationship and when single
3-4 a day, kissless virgin

>Type of porn or anything you masturbate to
Stuff with femboys, twinks, lingerie catalogs (imagining im wearing that), scat, piss. Those are the most common ones but i can fap to whatever

>How long the masturbation session lasts
10min-1 hour. Normally closer to 20 min.

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Shout out to everyone who suppressed because they weren't popular enough in school to dress/act how they wanted who got to watch other kids living their dream every single day who only could because they were popular.
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I forgot about that rhyme.

>tfw iktftb

Shitty conservative parents are shitty.
This isn't about parents though, it's about overly popular shits flaunting themselves every day, assuming an identity that if you dared to express you would be laughed at. Story time?

>10th grade (2006)
>kid moves from LA to the Midwest
>first day, instantly popular.
>is wearing black skinny jeans and a tight white low cut shirt, long hair wrapped in a pastel floral print bandana.
>Has chunky bangles and earnings that hang.
>light makeup, lip gloss, and wearing skull print flats with blue and black striped socks.
>sits with the popular/cheerleader girls at lunch, is loud as fuck and overall obnoxious
>within a week is on the cheerleading squad
>walks with other girls in cheerleading outfits through the halls, does random dances and quotes random pop songs throughout the day.
>have math with them, 2 other cheerleaders in class.
>get called to the front to solve some problems
>get stuck on one, hearing them talking about something in the back really loud and obnoxious
>"please be quiet for like 5 minutes"
>entire class looks at me like I just assaulted him
>roll my eyes and get back to work
>whispers start among cheerleaders
>"omg I can't believe he just said that what an asshole" "omg he needs to be nicer to Milly (name on the class roster was Marshall) she didn't do anything to him" "omg should we tell the counselor he is being homophobic" (before transphobic was common)
>turn around again and just glare at them

CONT >>>
>they smile at me and bar their eyelashes mockingly
>proceed to purposefully 'ugh' and resume
>out of nowhere they get up and walk to the front and start doing their cheerleading bullshit full volume behind me
>teacher is getting a kick out of it
>I look at her like 'are you going to do something about this?' and she stops laughing and tells them to get back to their seats
>still talking, even louder now
>finish my problem and sit down 1 row forward from them
>pieces of paper and eraser bits rain down on me for the rest of class from at least 4 people
>get up and walk out of class, math teacher tries to stop me but I just keep walking, she's following me down the hall;
>'they were just joking with you'
>'you need to lighten up a bit'
>'everyone else thinks they are really cool you should try to be friends'
>'you need to come back to class now'
>'if you don't come back I'm giving you an F for the day'
>keep walking, she stops following me
>walk to front door of school and walk outside and just sit in the atrium.
>principal walks out and sits next to me and asks me what happened.


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How do you guys feel about the dawn of penis transplant surgery in the last year, and how it could be used for SRS? I'm excited about the prospects but am a little weirder out about having someone else's dick attached to me. Major improvement overall compared to phalloplasty though. Thoughts?
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>am a little weirder out about having someone else's dick attached to me
Would you be weirded otu by having someone else's kidney or liver on your body? Personally I think the upsides of such an operation would outweigh the weird sides.
>Hey some guy used this to masturbate with for years, but at least I'm not a dickless freak anymore..
You would get used to it pretty quickly.
When you get your new dick can I have your vagina?
Would love to give it to you.

I've also heard of people working on technology for MtFs and FtMs to swap brains to bypass hormones and surgery. I'd love to do that with a cute trans girl but that technology will take a while lol

Cis Lesbian General: Superhero cosplay edition

Whose your favorite superhero? Would you ever cosplay a superhero? Should nerds be given this much free rein?

This thread has been tailored to fit the AFAB lesbian experience. Please be sure to keep your filters updated for all our sakes! http://pastebin.com/hmZKdbmE

Bisexuals, transgender lesbians, men with questions, and heterosexuals are encouraged to use the other generals (bigen, tlgen, start a new thread on the board, etc.) to keep things organized and in their proper place. Adherence to board rules is appreciated.

Some rando kid trying to fill my shoes to feed their sad addiction
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I have officially found the most realistic lesbian porn ever! I mean the femme has all her clothes off first the stud cant get the fucking strap on right and its all intense, like its the sounds and everything, hell it even has the stud trying to not cover her face because she is so turned on. (I do that) it has the girls guiding each other any everything. I love it. I mean the screaming can be toned down a little, but a lot of what happens in there actually happens in real life.

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that is some very decent strap-on action.
me and my gf haven't done anything with strap-ons yet but we're kinda thinking about it, and since i'm a top i guess i'm looking for advice. do i like practice it or work out certain muscles before ? help a girl out
ok here's the thing about first timers with strapons, its expensive, get the non-latex ones then you have to get Two, not just the one, you have to get a smaller one for when you first start, if your the stud your tolerance for fucking is going to have to go WAY up, or you're going to make the mistake of finishing first. Lube is for those who DONT GET SELF LUBED. if you use lube then you wont really feel it, you have to both be already turned on. I personally usually recommend a two way, that way you are both in the same place sexually and are more likely to come at the same time. If you do in fact decide to get a two way then make sure its a long one, the 24"ers let you do way more stuff and use WAY more positions then the shorter ones, but keep in mind the thinner ones are going to be the ones you are going to have to start with, but then you WILL want a thicker one later. by that time then you WILL need the lube, if your anything like me sex will last days for you NOT "minutes" (unfortunate to have ANY kind of sex that doesn't go for AT LEAST and hour) the more you love each other the longer the sex will be, have all kinds of sex, drink alcohol, smoke weed, get high, fuck in all those instances. trust me your sex life will sky rocket.

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Literally wtf? Am I not allowed to want to date only std free individuals?
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He's fat and old, why would you expect him to be intelligent? He's just projecting his own shame.
yeah but I'm pretty sure other people have his mentality
Serodiscrimination is something spoken about often and having worked in lgbt health I often ask a question to workers there that always leaves them stumped.

I personally would not mind being with someone who is HIV positive, however I am also aware that sex practices associated with HIV+ people are not to my liking and I would not have sex with one without a condom.

It's not shade, I think it's important to end this notion of dirty and clean/stop treating people like lepers and really challenging our notions of what it means to be healthy

Buuuuuuuuutttt I won't bareback or have oral sex with someone even if they are undetectable

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What do you think about my new shoes (Clark's Originals)? Are they worth $130 to you?
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Ha, hell no! I would rather wear my $60 pure white autism shoes.

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What do you think about transmen who develop toxic or sexist behaviors towards women? They have experienced living as a women and being treated in bad manner by men so one would think they'd be the least likely to develop such harmful personality.
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I'm ftm and slightly misogynistic, though I don't like most people.

But all of my "girl" life, all the girls in my family always belittled men. "That's guys for you, they're so dumb", "Guys are stupid, it's just how they are"

Yet it's the girls who are always stupid. Confused, whiny, guilt-trips, never have any practical knowledge and barely common sense. It irritated me that because of double standards favoring women, so many of them think they're naturally better, more entitled.

I hated that they taught me not to do anything for myself because men can do it. Don't worry about money, just marry a rich man. They never understood why I wasn't ok with being a girl, living an easy girl life.

I was the only girl in my family that didn't fuck around and get pregnant in high school. I'm the only one, still, that doesn't think women are magically better than men (we're all stupid in our own ways). I don't hate ALL women, but I am bitter towards most of them by default.

I've had experiences with dumbfuck guys too, but women are crazy.
theyre shit, but thats how most of them are

People seem to think Trans Men are like, Diet Men, but they're just as toxic as cis men, and people who try to separate the two are transphobic and implying that trans men aren't really men.
It's moronic but it's not like there isn't a culture behind it.

It does speak to how tone deaf some trans men are that their reaction to how girls are treated growing up isn't that it's generally unfair for anyone, but that it's unfair because they're men.

What's the HIV risk of dick sucking?
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Like everything with HIV. Frission can cause tiny fractions in the skin. If you have a wound or fraction in your mouth you can get HIV from a positive person.
Pretty low but possible
Tests are inexpensive, im very happy me and my bf got tested

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>This guy was kicked out naked by his friends, who ealier put a laptop with a chatroulette up high so the victim couldn't reach it. Then they recorded reaction of random guys, this one is hilarious. Poor guy though, he had to stand there and couldn't do nothing lol
>It gets even funnier when you know he's extremly homophobic and racist :D And all the gay guys can see him naked now lol


Must be hard for a homophobic guy to be naked in front of other guys who might be gay :P
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lol nice ass
And what exactly is the point of this?
Some 4chan pedophiles got naked, showed their bits to little girls, and made a super cool yay Jesus Christ dank just-say-no-to-gays joke. What else? Monkies like to fart out of their oral cavities and act important.

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do lesbians and straight men (or other way around) like the same things about their preferred gender, or is it different?
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Dunno lol.
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This is a good question. I'll give my input as a lesbian for why I like women I guess? Sort of hard to break down I'll try
>vaginas are cute
>body shape is superior and attractive
(I would assume this is the same for straight guys)
>girls are pleasant to be around in terms of personality and stuff
>more sensual
>less defensive, more open minded, more chill and sociable
>don't make me want to jump off a bridge when I talk to them
>better hygiene
>like the same things as me generally if they're also femme, but at the very least aren't bored by things girls are usually interested in
>intuitive and kind
>pretty (??) idk
Do straight women and gay guys have the same tastes in men? I think it's a case by case situation desu. Personally I cannot stand weak women with no personalities. I don't know if straight men feel the same way or not

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Do you like leaving marks? Does it make you a ho Gaygen?

Last thread:

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tfw a bf :3
Leavin marks on dat ass hunty
File: image.jpg (446KB, 1013x1432px)Image search: [Google]
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>tfw I love biting
>subby guys always tell me "Don't leave marks on my neck."

Bottoms are goofy.

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Lesbian here!
I live in a small college town, not too friendly to gay people but with a lot of bars. I kind of want to hook up with another girl to get some experience in bed. Can I have some pointers and advice?
I've never been out drinking before, and none of my friends are in town now, so I'd have to go alone. Is this an awful idea? I've never slept with anyone either, I'd really like to get more familiar with this part of life.
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Yeah going out ALONE to drink alcohol and find a girl to sleep with sounds like an awful idea, especially if your town's bars aren't very gay. Try actual social places where you think other lesbians can actually be found. Good luck.
Aw, ok, I'll try. The problem is that during summer our uni's gay club disbands, and honestly, it's not filled with very nice people to begin with. Would hooking up with someone via Tinder or Her be a better option?
Yes absolutely try Her.

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