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Gender is a meme buzzword. Just call it sex like the good old days

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"mom, dad, i'm bisexual"
older bro
>wait you're just a faggot in denial; i'm living in the same roof as a faggot, what the fuck!
>*doesn't give two shits about with who do i sleep with as long as i don't get someone pregnant/ get a std*
>"when did i go wrong with you?"
little bro
>"does dick taste better than pussy?" joke; friendly tone

>ff to yesterday
>mom bitches at my dad about me going to hell and getting me a therapist so i can 'see the light' and prevent the neighbors from pointing at her all like "she taught his child to be homosexual and is going to recruit our children"
>dad goes all like "yeah, see how much i care about anon being bisexual"
>"oh for fuck's sake, woman"
>find in the table an appointment for a therapist

older bro doesn't talk to me anymore, but mom... what the actual fuck
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>Coming out as a memesexual to conservative parents
Nice bait
Sorry for being disrespectful, but your mom is retarded and probably passed it onto your older bro

Let me guess, your older bro has always been the mama's boy? Might be wrong tho.
>mother getting you a therapist appointment

How old are you? Why are you taking your mother's shit? What can she possibly do? Your dad is based as fuck.

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Why do people believe the "trannies are just like you and me!" meme?
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>implying anyone wants to be like you
Nationwide, there were 19.6 arson offenses for every 100,000 inhabitants.

we are! :3
True, we have lower criminality than cis people.

What style, or person inspires your look, MtFG?

▶ Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VutDFyysHrY
▶ Informed consent providers: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/932389/Trans/Stepping%20Forward%20-%20Informed%20Consent%20Clinics.pdf
▶ Trans Info Dump: http://pastebin.com/h1vLPxyV
▶ Beginner makeup resources: http://masterposter.tumblr.com/post/116605714860
▶ Size charts: http://www.americanapparel.net/sizing/default.asp?chart=womens.pantse_conversion_chart.php
▶ Transition timelines: http://imgur.com/a/qWpxv
▶ Voice Training: http://pastebin.com/dgipdsge
▶ HRT info: https://web.archive.rg/web/0000000000000 http://taimapedia.org/index.php?title=Hormones
▶ Voice Help: http://webjedi.net/projects/lgbtq/speech-therapy/
▶ IRC: https://www.rizon.net/chat#mtfg
▶ Zeemaps: https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=1843968

>No bullying
>No hugboxing
>No tumblr shit
>No *actions*
>No drama

Previous >>6343966

Let's do our best, girls!
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nudist are my style inspo
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Everyone post the trip you want to kiss RIGHT NOW
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flannel nigga.jpg
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>What style, or person inspires your look, MtFG?

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>tfw nothing is turning you on at all but you want to fap, yet trying to fap feels like a chore, and you can't even get erect.
I'm wanting to be horny and wishing I could masturbate, while simultaneously having a rock-bottom sex drive and being totally incapable of using my equipment. Fuck this weird feel.
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mtf I take it? How long on mones? Do you like boys or girls?
I'm a cis male with really low testosterone actually. It's been low for nearly 3 years now. I like both boys and girls, typically leaning heavily towards boys, but sometimes I'm like this and nothing seems to be able to turn me on at all. Looking at guys or girls makes no difference because both are doing nothing for me right now.
No idea then, can't really relate. Do you know for a fact you have low test? Like you've done tests? If so you should be able to get HRT, like not the transition kind. If for what ever reason you have low T you should be able to get a prescription for testosterone to boost your levels into normal range. At least that is how it works here.

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There is no such thing as "passing". The only people you "pass" to are humoring you to be polite.

Trannies do not look, sound, act, or even smell like women. They appear to be men in drag.

Some are simply better at applying makeup than others or have mutilated their bodies more thoroughly, but in the end, they are nothing like women. They do not have vaginas. They do not have natural-looking breasts. Their bone structure is completely different.

The self-delusion that a tranny requires to think that all the self-mutilation and costumes makes them into a woman is nothing comparing to the delusion that's required of their partner to believe that they are a woman.

The only people who ever shack up with trannies are just as mentally disabled. You will never be "normal" or "accepted" by anyone other than your own kind. Your fantasy of being a woman that all the straight boys like will never become real.
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You only recognize the trans that don't pass as being trans in the first place though
0 for effort tbqh senpai
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"passing" is just a euphemism for being able to successfully deceive people

being able to pass is nothing to be proud of, it's like "congrats on your ability to lie"

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> That feeling when you put on your blouse, skirt, pantyhose and heels
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pics or it didnt fappen

What was the feel, senpai?

Did it hurt?
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>when your mom brings you home a bra and asks you to put it on

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am I a closet faggot /pol/?

>get blackout drunk somewhat constantly
>friend always tell me I say a lot of gay shit
>I recall I was borderline black out drunk kinda hitting on one guy

The catch is, I've fucked more than 30 different women (literally prostitutes) and I'm pretty sure I don't want to suck dick or get fucked in the ass. Also I find women sexually attractive but sometimes I see some guys and think that they look kinda cute.

Also I lift.

N-no homo.
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Fuck my asshole Chad
>(literally prostitutes)
Just come to the fag side, I promise excitement and no having to impress or pay shitty women for sex. Fags are always free... well, mostly if you take the dominant role.
pls respond

>be me
>lvl 22, KHV
> 5'4" and 15" shoulders
> have A cup breasts (gyno)
> barely any facial hair/body hair
>people tell me I look like a 16 yr old girl all the time. (round face, always red lips, fat distribution, etc.)
>never done hrt
>Love CDing
>am straight but have gay thoughts now and then
>tfw no muscle mass and manlet

Should I just start hrt and be a full on trap? I appear feminine but my personality is mostly cis male but i'll feel more comfortable in public looking like a grill instead of as a guy being mistaken as a loli

inb4 you are falling for meme
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Pics or it didnt happen obvs

I mean, you could, nothing wrong with that but, you'll lose your sick erections and kiss goodbye to your current libido, dudebro
I..I am too shy senpai

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Any LGBT Alt-right/NatSoc/other uncucked folks here?
How should the LGBT look in a more conservative society?
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>gay man thinks hes a normie now

I hope you dress like Milo.
Gay: likes it up the ass, usually promiscuously
Right: licks butt to the hierarchy


can't even
> we didn't finish gassing you senpai, please come make our philosophy strong again so we can get back to the job

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christ i'm depressed.
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Plenty of cis girls have adam apples, even big ones. It can still be feminine.
it's huge. was made fun of for it in jr high even when i was a boy. it has to go, though i'm very poor so yeah.

gotta make this happen. i'll save up
If American, about 5k.

Why is it so hard making friends as a girl?

>a friend who you could talk about anything on your mind or what you're feeling
>a friend who is comfortable with their appearance so there is no jealousy
>a friend who isn't a transbian and won't confess there love to you making things awkward
>a friend who has balance between being social and being introverted

Cis or trans, idk, im just really sad over it today. Rant over
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All my female friends always have trouble befriending other girls. I have never met a girl that has maintained friends with other girls from their childhoods, yet that is quite common among men.
Actually I've heard some girls say that's why they like befriending gay guys, because women's friendships usually come and go every couple of years and take a lot of work to maintain, whereas men to maintain friendships for a very long time without much work involved. But I think women tend to do it to themselves a lot since they bicker and gossip a ton, plus they hold grudges forever.
>try to make other tranny friends
>every tranny wants to be lewd with you off the bat

hanging with the wrong crowd

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Here's a list of all the genders, please educate yourself before you misgender someone
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Hi, welcome to Chili's
me on the second row, third from the right
Am I a dick if, when I spot someone's pronouns in their bio, I make a point of referring to them as anything but that?

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Someone else feel like they changed/could totally change their personality after transitioning? Or would you stay the same?

I've used to be an extremely introvert, rebel and angry teenager (I was in a Escitalopram treatment for like three years since i was 16 because of anxiety and rage problems).

I feel like i totally would have turned to be a christian happy and understanding "girl" who was always smiling, if i transitioned earlier. IDK.
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I think it was less about changing my personality and just being true to myself.

I was quite shy and prude, after that I kinda started getting a bit too outgoing for my older version, specially due to where I work now.

I think the biggest change was the fact people say I'm pretty and give me attention, that inflated my ego by quite a lot.
A drastic hormone change from testosterone to estrogen will definitely change the way you think.
It might change some of how you operate, but the biggest change won't be in you. Rather, the most noticeable impact will be between you and others. Identity as dialog is a very strong model, and can model all the small ways in which your perceptions, and others' perceptions of you, can contribute to a vast change in apparent character when

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So, what IS a "chaser"? I'm almost exclusively attracted to femboys. I like to fuck them, I want to date them, and I absolutely adore their soft features and cute bodies. Does that make me a "chaser", or just a guy with a type? Also, what can I do to attract more femboys? I'm cis as fuck.
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An unattractive person that wants to fug you.
If attractive or if you're low on cash, they are called admirers.
>tfw admirer
dodged a bullet there loov.
I'm confused...what's he saying?

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