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What do you think of it? Do you like it? What characteristics of his ass and body look like a woman's?
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Women's bodies are fat and grotesque, what the fuck are you talking about
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Now I know why my uncle committed suicide, being gay is the absolute worst fucking thing to be. No one loves you, everyone on social media secretly thinks you're a joke, we're practically still aliens since no one understands us. I'm so fucking alone, people I've met who I thought shared the same feelings weren't exactly true. I wish I died after I attempted suicide fucking twice. I'm so sick of being gay, just fuck it anons.
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What is bothering you so much about being gay?

There's certainly some shit about it that bothers me, but what in particular is making you hate it so much? Purely the opinion of others?
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You'd feel the same if you were straight.
>No one loves you
Maybe just not you, you social autist.
>Everyone on social media thinks you're a joke
Even if this were true, I don't see why I'm supposed to give a fuck.
>we're practically still aliens since no one understands us
If you can't make people understand that you are attracted to your same gender, much like they are to the opposite, I'll call you a social autist again.

>I wish I died after I attempted suicide twice
Finally we agree on something. I wish you had died too. Clearly, you aren't one bit cut out to face life.

Try harder or kys, faggot.

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How do you feel about wispy, effete gay men? Is cute/endearing or annoying? Somewhere in between?
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Doesn't bother me in the slightest. Can even be hot if it's natural and not over the top.
What does bother me though is when people turn them into this scapegoat for the source of homophobia. Masc4masc REAL MEN ONLY types are unimaginably more annoying than even the most eargrating fake lisp.
As a straight guy, it's the only gays I fucking like.
I work with a fag whose masculine and it's gross when he "accidently" touches my hand or does other gay shit all the time.
At least with a flamboyant gay guy it feels less gay.
Recently I was playing LoL with an over the top fem gay guy and his vocie was kind of getting me horny.

Wispy and flamboyant please
also say shit like yaas and other gay shit
I'm at least a triple faggot and I can't stand the whole forced Hollywood gay behavior thing. Stick your dick where you may but act with dignity and pride. Or don't. Fuck me. Who the fuck am I to tell you how to act? But if you act like a valley girl I'll hate you because I also hate valley girls.

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What's some good LGBT fiction? In particular, gay/bisexual male stuff.

Pic not really related.
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fun fact, that meme was engineered by a lesbian anon.

Also I'm looking for LGBT literature.
Not lit but drop by the lgbt webcomics general on this board

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Who the fuck told you transition is a last resort

Regretting transitioning is the rarest thing in the universe. It doesn't happen. Less people should have second thoughts about it
yeah but what if you're actually somewhat successful as a male and look like a literal chad? who wouldn't be apprehensive of throwing all that away to become a hon?

death > being a hon

not even 1/10 chasers want unpassable transgirls, and as far as careers go - a man will always be taken more seriously than an abomination
There have been some astounding transitions before. It's possible that you'll be fine, depending on what in particular your disadvantages are.

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>it's a "bisexual thinks that their opinions have weight" thread

Care to prove otherwise, bibois?
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You're mom has a lot of weight
you just proved my point
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Bisexuals are actually like the master race of the LGBT community though.

t. bisexual

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Why do gay people want children so bad when the world is full of doggos ?
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>gay people want children
[citation needed]
>wanting kids
>current year
wrong board friendo
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>be ftm
>don't have dyshoria or GID or whatever
>transition anyways because
>I wanted to be on the winning team
>men are stronger and smarter than women
>men are superior in every way
>every important contribution and almost every industry are manned by men
>mtfs get fucked

boys rule, girls drool

other ftms feel the same way?
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>don't have dyshoria or GID or whatever

MTFs do get fucked in the deal but being a dude isn't what it used to be now there's no freedom in western nations.
get fucked, because men will always be in power. Feminism is a phase. Just like lesbianism.
I don't know if there's a word for what you have but that sounds like some fucked up AGP but not really AGP since there's no gyno on it.

Anyways glad you're enjoying it, don't kill yourself if you ever regret it though, you can detransition fairly well compared to a MtF.

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Should I attempt buttstuff with hemmoroids? Albeit it's a very small hemmoroid that doesn't hurt or bleed but I've had it for like 2 years now
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Also I've never stuck anything up my butt before so I have no idea what it's like
>my friends and me
my friends and I
Not really.

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how does a twink like me (5'8, 150 lbs) go about shaving body hair? do i shave it all? legs? armpits? everything?!!
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>5'8 150 lbs
whats considered twink then? how slender must i get? is there a chart?
yes, everything

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Daily reminder that if you're trapmode on hormones you need to wank daily, even if you don't feel like it, otherwise boners become small, painful, and we lose pretty much all sexual value aside from getting fucked.

>tfw 4 months into hrt and still a 7 inch dickgirl
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>tfw 4 months into hrt and still a 7 inch dickgirl
Good luck with maintaining that, really.
t. 8 years into hrt, and despite almost perfect daily fapping I went from 7 inches to like 4.5 inches and lost girth too.
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Another 8 year POI here: I lost about 2'' but actually gained about 1 1/2'' in girth.

I often go weeks without gapping, despite both camming and having a husband.

Can confirm that it's unexpectedly painful if I haven't flapped in over a week.
7 years HRT. I had a 5.5 inch before HRT, now it's 3.5 inches. It's not very painful though. I fap a few times a month at most.

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Caught in the crosshairs again.
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What did the previous thread even do wrong? I saw nothing rule breaking in there...?
Yeah, seriously wtf.
yo why did that get deleted we werent even doing anything wrong

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How do you convince a trans girl not to get SRS?

I've been with this preop chick for a little over 9 months and she keeps on talking about it. Is there any way to stop her going through with it? If she does it I honestly don't think Im willing to continue our relationship. Not trying to be mean or insensitive, it's just a preference.
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>It's just a preference
Then prepare for the fallout, you don't convince someone to be nonop, especially not for selfish reasons.
If she wants to get rid of it, it probably gives her a lot of dysphoria. Preferences are fine, but asking someone to put up with something that causes them mental anguish for them is pretty selfish.
It probably won't work out. Even if you do "convince" her she'll never be happy about it and will always have that dysphoria dragging her down.

If you don't think you can be with her post-op then it's best to let it go. She might try to convince herself to keep it at the thought of losing you but it wouldnt be good for her mental wellbeing. Surely you'd rather someone that enjoys that part of themselves as much as you.

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Was anime the cause of your dysphoria /lgbt/?

Be honest.
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>tfw yume will keep pretending he's the pro-trans candidate

Taiyō no ko Esuteban
Don't be stupid anon.
It was video games. RPGs with gender choices fucked me up forever.
This, how could nobody realise something when a little boy is really excited to play as a female?

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Where do I go to meet other gaymers?

Pic sort of related
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Fun bunch of guys I game with. Kind of move from game to game but think they are pretty much all into overwatch and LoL atm.
Oh cool! I made an account, waiting to be verified. I've been trying to get back into league, and have been very much into overwatch atm as well
What a bunch of normies
Should get a multiplayer stellaris game going

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