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Ok question here
if I get laid with a transgender MtF it would be fine for her if I try to ignore the fact that she has a penis?
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No, why do you think he hasn't gotten it cut off yet?
ok this is a hypothetical question what IF she had not cut it off yet?
Most MtF would probably prefer if you ignored it. Everybody is different though and some are okay with their penis.

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straight guy here, need your input, I'm starting to think I could be a closeted faggot

>be robot
>feel uneasy around girls but have fucked more than 30 prostitutes from brothels
>care about my appearance and fashion a lot
>friends tell me I say a lot of gay shit when I get black-out drunk but I never remember these
>I once recall I was kinda "hitting" on another guy when I was borderline black-out
>sometimes stare at dudes and think that they look good and feel like I wouldn't mind a hug

The thing is, I always fap to girls, I don't feel like I want to suck dick or get fucked in the ass, and I don't get sexually aroused seeing another dick.
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you are probably just starved of intimacy desu, maybe a 1 on the kinsey scale, aka a little bi
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Buddy, prostitutes carry sexually transmitted diseases. You should get screened for any blood born pathogens by a medical professional.
Get off 4chan fag

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>Grindr is full of bottoms
>OKCupid is full of tops
What is it about taking dicks that makes people turn into such sluts? I just want a nice bottom to settle down with that won't sleep around with the whole city.
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you rang?
Have you tried keeping it in the basement?
Any anons can confirm or deny this? Maybe I should try okc if true.

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So what do you guys think of me? I need some confidence to ask someone out
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Looks pretty gay to me
shave ur peach and ur sideburns
other than that ur very hot and i'd defensively put you on ur knees and pull my cock out
id fuck your ass
good lick

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Important Videos:

Old Thread: >>6376912

Jesus Loves you, but not your sin.
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We are the warriors of Satan's legion
We are the soldiers of infernal war
Knife in my hand, axe in the other
We are the killers in search of Christ

Crush, Crush, Crush... Jesus
Crush, Crush, Crush... Jesus

Prepare for battle weak lambs of God
Lord of destruction I summon thee
Grant us your powers of annihilation
Crush the Jewish prophet, death to Christian faith

Crush, Crush, Crush... Jesus
Crush, Crush, Crush... Jesus
I hate this hairstyle.
Way too long on the top

It makes people have an even longer face which is always ugly

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Why are bisexuals always the biggest Uncle Toms?
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There is no such thing as a bisexual.
Uncle Toms?
Because much like liteskinned/high-yellow blacks and mulattos are just separated enough from dark skinned blacks to form a social buffer between whites and their undesirables, bisexuals aren's "as gay" as gays or transsexuals, so cis/straights see them as "safe" enough to be a middle ground between themselves and the rest of the LGBT community.

Bisexuals then mistake the slightly better treatment they get as a result for genuine sentiment, and become desperate to appease the straights in hopes that they'll be able to acquire some sort of honorary straightness

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I'm losing sympathy for the Orlando victims

>"'He just wanted to fit in and no one liked him,' he said. 'He was always socially awkward."

Maybe the Left is right that he didn't shoot up the bar because of Islam. Looks to me that he did it because the patrons were assholes to him.
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Yeah, he probably became a psychopath because people thought he might be a ticking time bomb.

In other news, you should always be nice to alligators, otherwise they might start eating people.
>Be a cunt to someone
>They kill you
>They're the bad person
>You're a saint
You don't have to be a regular at a nightclub where you feel unwelcome.
It's not your small town high school.

>harambe the gorilla is shot dead
>people cry about this for three weeks on social media

>the worst mass shooting ever happens, leaving 50 people dead
>everyone forgets about it within 24 hours

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The narrative is:
Rich college graduates with connections to international corporations are correct.

Their opinions, which are correct, are:
The class just beneath us is terrible.

Poor white people are terrible.
Small white employers are terrible.

Poor white people are Christian, so Christianity is terrible.

Religions that aren't Christian are therefore good.

Poor white people have a tradition of keeping firearms, therefore guns are terrible.

Their frictions with the class beneath them, poor black and brown people, are reprehensible. How dare these underlings look down on anyone?

Poor white people are homophobic, therefore homophobia is terrible.

The majority of gays are necesarily white and poor, therefore non-Christian brown people are less terrible than they are, therefore rappers and muslims get a free fagbashing pass along with their foodstamps and military equipment.
>the worst mass shooting ever happens, leaving 50 people dead
wasn't the virginia tech shooting worse ?

Stop spammin pls

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bigot is in sarcasm quotes.jpg
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49 people were killed because someone hated gay men and shot up a gay bar.

Mainstream news doesn't want to call him a bigot because he's muslim. Fuck this shit, I'm buying a gun and voting for Trump in November.
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i mean, how hard is it to look through current threads before posting a new one?
>Mainstream news doesn't want to call him a bigot because he's muslim
Too many people believe that being Muslim automatically makes you a bigot, and Christians pushing "freedom of religion" want us to believe that religion is a justification for intolerance.
>I simply cannot tolerate these people having the freedom to tolerate what they choose nonviolently.

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Dump your /polgbt/ images/comics bere.
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gay hitler.jpg
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Had some, but can't find them.
I seem to recall one cartoon about a superhero that had to rescue a boy that got stuck in a penis or something. Really well written and drawn. Can't be sure it was /pol/ specific, but if I recall correctly it was posted in /pol/ with "great success" (at least it seeded the seed of doubt in the sexuality of a few posters).
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Wow.. search for this on google... There are hundreds.

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post your pics, get gendered.
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well im not going first
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Butch lesbian w/man shoulders.

4/10 female

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How do you decide your sexuality when you are clinically autistic enough that human contact of any kind seems like a bother?

I'm obsessively controlling, but I also want relief from that responsibility. And then I want it all back again.
Being in a room with a normalfag with their own sloppy agenda reduces that control without any submissive benefits for me. So being alone provides relief from that desire to stay in control.

I want more than masturbation, but I'm stuck in a feedback loop of control freakery.
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Find other autistic individuals, buy shrooms, take low dosage, have autist orgy.
If you're self-aware of your tendencies then you can take measures to keep them in check. If you actually want a relationship you have to be willing to not be in complete control. A partner reduces your control, yes, but that's something you have to cede if you want one that will stay. There's not really any other way around it unless you can content yourself with hookups.

Why is there a fetish for straight guys? Like what's the difference between a straight guy and a gay guy? They are both males. Is it a turn on because it makes the straight guy uncomfortable?

-a curious straight guy
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in case you haven't noticed most faggots are fucking faggots
something you want but cant have, etc
But like you shouldn't do that. Having sex with a straight guy is non consensual sex.

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9c0 (1).jpg
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>be me
>closeted transgender and pansexual to most of my family
>friend invites me to go to a LGBT pride fest that's in a couple days
>my mother is very opinionated about LGBT in a negative way
>"as long as my son isn't sucking dicks, he's okay"
>she doesn't know I'm going to the pride fest
>Thinking about coming out to her while I'm at the fest, maybe I'll text her?
>mfw she'd probably beat the shit out of me
What do you guys think? Should I just tell her while I'm at the festival, or in person?
Also, share your personal experiences with coming out to family and friends
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sry never had to come out, it was pretty obvious. my mom asked me if i'm sad because of a boy or a girl, i said boy and thats basically how i came out when i was 15.
Idk senpai. I just don't tell anybody, they dont need to know i find twinks attractive.
If you think she'll find out, say something before she does. My parents found out I was trans and didn't take it well. If you're very secretive and can make sure they won't find out until you're independent, then just don't say anything. Say you're going bowling or something.

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Previously on MascGen >>6291845

Have you had some beef lately? Tell us about it.
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How can you guys like this?
A big beefy butt? Feels good on the D.
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>this will never b u

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