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>be me
>be 20, cis male, bisexual but only interested in dating girls
>I guess I can just call that heteroromantic
>moderate-severe hard of hearing, autistic
>plenty of other fun mental and physical handicaps
>asthma, anxiety, depression, etc
>had an abusive dad and a hard life overall
>but nobody wants to listen to my shit, "nobody cares anon, you're a loser"
>also poor
>was huge loser in school because sperg, couldn't handle college
>on top of that, total beta male and unattractive
>but still white and cis male
>liberal from New England, moved to the south because broke
>republican hicks everywhere, can't understand a word they're saying
>when I can understand them, they all say dumb shit anyways
>just spouting on and on about Trump or making racist comments
>too awkward and unable to communicate to make new friends in person
>friends that wouldn't pity me, friends that I'd actually enjoy hanging out with
>there's nowhere to meet people there irl anyways
>people with a fucking brain, I mean
>also not marginalized or interesting enough to make friends online and hold their interest
>the friends I have irl live 800 miles from me now, they're hardly online
>they're also hardly available when I visit irl
>can't be honest with them about myself because they're mostly /b/tard types
>the friends I have online I think only talk to me because they're friends with my gf
>they probably also pity the shit out of me
>just want to be happy
>not marginalized or disabled enough to get help or meet internet friends
>but marginalized and disabled enough, and in the right, invisible ways, that I have a very hard time
>I hate my life, I hate myself, I just want to be happy
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>bisexual but only interested in dating girls
Bisexuals are the fucking worst.
I hope everything works out for you. Hang on. Push ahead. Claw your way up.
Thanks, anon

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33 year old Queer Guy here.
How many people on /lgbt/ have a mental illness such as severe depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, ADHD, etc. that is so severe that it guarantees that no relationship will ever last?
I've been diagnosed bipolar since 2007 and it just fucking sucks.
>2007 - Diagnosed bipolar, try to kill myself at the end of the year
>2008 - Develop huge drinking habit and Benzo habit
>2009 - End marriage with person I had been with for over 6 years
>2010 - Drink even more to battle the pain of loneliness and begin to get into one short term relationship after another
>2011 - Leave my job of 8 years and decide to form a metal band. Join the BDSM scene and finally come out as queer. File bankruptcy to get off house I bought right before recession.
>2012 - Obsessed with sex, have a double life as a computer repair tech by day and BDSM sex parties 4-5 nights a week.
>2013 - nervous breakdown in middle of summer. Ended a year long relationship and left the BDSM scene
>End of 2013 - get all religious and join a young people church
>2014 - more nervous breakdowns, more bullshit. Decide to go back to school. Go to AA and NA meetings to stop my addiction issues. Been clean since May 2014.
>2015 - began dating a really cool person and things were doing ok. School is awesome too. Leave the church because I found out they secretly hate gay ppl. Never told them I was queer.
>2016 - Hard year, depression, start yelling at my partner and friends for no reason. We break it off two weeks ago.
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I am doing really well with life right now. Full ride to university for a 7 year undergrad to doctorate program. I'm getting paid to go to school.

My problem is people. No one can stand the roller coaster rides of dating me or being a close friend for more than a year or so.

Everyone loves when I'm super energetic and semi-manic, love my high sex drive and 8 inch cock, love my creativity, love that I'm this passionate person. Love that I am caring and really try to help people. I don't have kids, but I am currently doing a free internship helping disabled kids.

But when I'm on a down and am moody and irritable, no one wants anything to do with me. I try to tell people that I'm having a bad time and to just give me space, but my partners never do. They push my buttons till I start yelling and saying horrible things. Then we break it off because the things I usually say when my bipolar is at its worst are really fucking awful.

Then everyone who knows my partner hears about the horrid things I said while I was having a bipolar episode, but no one gives a fuck that the bipolar was driving it - I'm just some monster.

>How many people on /lgbt/ have a mental illness

I'm trans
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Putin Grinning And Laughing.jpg
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Faces of /lgbt/ thread? Or is that a rule breaker?
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Comb gently
Who is this kid and why do I see him everywhere on this board?

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>got asked to go on a date
>feel like i'm in a cloud for 3 days
>it's my first date so idk what to expect
>he cancels the date because he has to do something important
>he doesnt wanna see me ever again thoughts on my mind
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The exact same thing happened to me a week ago
Hey, shit happens sometimes... try to reschedule.. if he doesn't want to or avoids you than yeah.. probs doesn't want to see you. But, you did say he asked you out.. so why would he not want to see you?

Don't be so insecure.
ah sorry anon i know how awful it feels
yes i was thinking the same thing, Like why'd you ask someone out and then change your mind. I guess i'm just paranoid but who knows.

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I heard there is some suspious activity in here.
Please show that you are not gay or anything amongs those lines.
It's common knowledge that there is only 2 genders.
Anyway have a good day
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bye pol
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Board of peace.jpg
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why did you post an animated penis going into a puckered butthole?

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trans man.png
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>tfw a fTm looks more masc and fit than you do

Old Thread: >>6497972
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before and after.jpg
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>tfw guy fucks me then falls asleep

how am i supposed to get him to spoon me now?

That's why you're both meant to have a post-fuck ciggy innit famalam

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Le Teddie face.png
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So the last time I got fucked it was too rough and began to hurt; for the following week my anus felt tight and occasionally hurt and rarely itched. There was never any leakage or blood, so I doubt it's hemorrhoids. It looks, externally, a bit inflamed--I've come to the conclusion that it's likely just minor tearing and it has caused this. It's been about a week and a half and some of the inflammation has gone down, and it feels more elastic again, but not all of it.

Has this happened to anyone else? How long did it take you to heal? Is this abnormally long?
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Use more lube next time, stretch it out with your fingers or a plug beforehand
I used only one finger before and used plenty of lube, I was just rough. Regardless it's still not normal now.
You got butthurt

Give it some time and next time stretch more and always more lube

If you think youre using enough use more

it makes me h*rny
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high heels.jpg
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How i became sterile
Fuck off peter coffin
are you a hamplanet?

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Hi, I'm a bear. I've been dating mainly other bears (generally lean towards guys built like me). Im single now and have decided to venture into other territory. With that being said, I need input.

My question is: how do twinks and other gay guys look at bears? Are we bears approachable or too intimidating?
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Depends on taste.. i personally don't like bears sexually but i know another twink like me who ONLY likes bears so..
Are you fat with a patchy beard, muscular with a full bear or just obese?

Like it depends 4channers though can and will fuck anything
>muscular and hairy
Scary, I'll avoid you so I don't get injured
>fat and hairy
Gross, I'll still avoid you

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(Female) Hi I just wanted to know how to date someone that doesn't identify as a male. I've always been sexually drawn to "girls" but only dated "guys". I'm sorry if the terminology offends anyone but i'd really like to know. Thanks
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are you saying you want to date a tranny?
I'm not opposed to it. I'm just saying someone that identifies as female
Try asking cis les gen and trans Les gen

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Literally any pic of a female aged 12-29 triggers my gender dysphoria
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Well that sounds like a very serious personal problem you have there.

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Is gender a social construct or is it a real biological aspect of man? When I think of "gender" I think of "role designed to create the illusion that biological sex has more of an impact on sociatal role and natural behaviour than it actually does". In a sense, "gender roles" should be called "sex roles", and gender itself is a / is the ultimate "sex role". Is this the case? Or should I be looking at it differently? Does being transgender (specifically changing your physical body, hormones especially) really have anything to do with gender?
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Going to start using the name OP.
Straight, White, Cis, 19, Jewish.
well, gender is probably "natural" in the same way bionic braces are natural. Yeah,it's not 100% "natural", but just an extension of what's already there. There's probably common difference in sex already, gender just forces them to be more harsh.
But what part of gender is inherent? What are the difference between the inherent aspects and the sociatal "given" aspects?

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Posting this here because I have nowhere else I can and I must. I'm MtF for reference.

I don't know how it all fell apart. How it all just destabilized and became this way. Like a tower of blocks that collapsed when one was pulled out, and from there they all drifted into endless space.

I can remember the linchpin thought. Thinking to myself if I could flip a switch and be Female I would. Over the next year it all slowly destabilized more and more as I struggled with it and made up reasons. Eventually it started to deteriorate my health until I gave in and started on this journey.

I don't know what even caused that moment. After it all came down, after it was all unlocked I could suddenly remember so many things. So many things I could pinpoint at from childhood and teenage years, but none of them seem to correlate to that linchpin thought to me.

And so I lay here all this time later dwelling on what never will be and how insane this all is. I felt free, but for the first time I fully grasp the scope that I'm cast adrift into a place that never ends. Space feels like such an apt metaphor.

It's not pity, it's not sadness. Nothing I can cry over, that almost never happens and only with extreme stress. It's just an empty feeling.

I've been like this all day. Maybe it's just because I had a major dysphoria crash this morning. It's very early morning the next day now. I can only say that I'm proud of myself for not giving in and drinking. Though I've never wanted to as badly before as I do now.
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Aw hun sorry to hear. It sounds like it's from the morning. You should return to normal soon. I'm feeling a bit anxious today.
I couldn't quite tell. Have you started hrt or live in a place you could get access to it? Also how old are you?

I'm 25 and starting my hormones later this month. Wish I could have started younger.
Yeah, everyone gets that sometimes OP. Some more than others, some worse than others, but you need to either let it pass by taking some time out to wallow in it, or break through that shit like it's nobody's fucking business. You'll be ok, I promise.

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This just happened

>be me
>be clumsy fag
>going to California this weekend
>packs last minute
>checks pockets for drugs
>finish pack up
>get healthy snacks
>go to friend's house closer to airport
>trips on lawn chair
>chair is very far from me
>makes no sense
>fall on top of my food
>smash bananas
>palms are sweaty
>knees weak, arms are heavy
>vomit on my sweater already
>mom's spaghetti
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Great thread OP.
File: twinkpepe.png (46KB, 227x309px)Image search: [Google]
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made a twink version of OP image
>No purple cock cage

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Fags who carry guns don't get bashed.
Why don't you fags accept Milo as your savior?
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Can't I be Pro2A without having to take every word he says as gospel?

I'm not saying I hate him but I wish some people would stop jerking him off all the time.
File: 1464488040807.jpg (106KB, 674x426px)Image search: [Google]
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>Why don't you fags accept Milo as your savior?

"But the thought that I might influence my child towards a lifestyle choice guaranteed to bring them pain and unhappiness–however remote that chance may be–is horrifying to me. That’s why, quite simply, I wouldn’t bring up a child."

"Most of the reason I went gay is so I didn’t have to deal with nutty broads. Imagine how much worse they’re going to get when the passive aggressive manipulation tactics stop working because the guy can get himself off with a thinner, hotter robot any time he wants to. They’re going to go mental."

"Gays have been told for 30 years that they were 'born this way'. That's a lie. 'Born this way' was invented by the gay lobby as a run-around of the religious right. The religious right was saying that homosexuality was a sinful lifestyle choice, and then the gay lobby invented the 'gay gene'. They said "we're born this way"....it really has no basis in science at all."

What's best about it is he has risen to prominence thanks to his boundless preening, self-aggrandizement and shameless self promotion in a sad but obvious attempt to gain money and readers and try to convert the internet to his conservatard cult.
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"I lost my virginity in an interracial fivesome with a drag queen." "How old were you?" asks Rogan. "Thirteen, maybe fourteen... it was great.” Later on, Rogan touches upon child abuse amongst Catholic priests; this prompts Milo to discuss a priest from his childhood. "He made you suck his dick for real?" asks Rogan. "He didn't make me, I was enthusiastic about it."
Milo goes on to state that "he was a great priest... he's going to get lynched now." "How old were you at the time?" asks Rogan. "I was in my teens," replies Milo, before going on to ask Rogan "You've never seen a fifteen-year-old girl—at any point in your life, however old you were—you've never seen a fifteen-year-old-girl you thought was hot? When you were twenty-five, when you were thirty, you will have seen girls at fifteen you thought were hot, of course you did." Milo then clarifies his experiences: "I was a very mature fourteen-year-old. It wasn't molestation, it was perfectly consensual. When I was fourteen, trust me, I was the predator... I was aggressively seeking out the sexual company of adults."

What the actual fuck? Why would ANYONE accept him as our """saviour"""?

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