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I just wanted to start out saying I'm Bi.
But for as long as I can remember I've always wished I was a girl. I'd rather not go through the transition just because I'm very sure I couldn't pull off the female look. I am attractive and in decent shape, but my bone structure, especially in my face, is very much of a male. I really hate I was born a male.

I just wanted a general discussion of people similar to what I'm going through, or any helpful information.

Thanks everyone!
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congratulations, you're a tranny
not wanting to be a tranny because being a tranny is shit doesn't make it less true

t. an uggo manfaced tranny
I'm one hundred percent with you. If I could pull it off I'd be a girl, but I never can.
I thought I was pretty manfaced, but after a couple years of hormones and a little FFS and now I look like Zooey Deschanel face-wise.

Your results may very

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Okay no judgment.

My best friend is an RN and has a bit of experience doing minor surgeries. He also has a shitload of medical equipment and painkillers at his house.

he offered to orchiectomy me. it's not THAT dangerous, is it?
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It can be life threatening if he doesn't do it right, and on top of this, if anything goes wrong, he will have charges pressed against him for assault, and he will never be able to practice nursing again.
Also, if you're really that desperate and refuse to save up for one and are going to DIY this shit, then there are better methods. You'd be best off with calcium chloride injections to your balls, which, while stupid and crazy, will not be putting anyone elses livelihood on the table.

About 2-4 weeks after you inject them you could go to a doctor and complain about pain in your balls and lumps and shit (you'll probably have lumps and maybe ridges in your balls by that point). Get them to do an ultrasound, they'll see your balls are in pretty bad shape and will likely confuse it for testicular cancer, after which point they will want to surgically remove them.

If it goes well it can get you an orchi that would be covered by most types of insurance. If it goes wrong, all sorts of things could happen. If you fuck up or are unlucky there can be serious complications such as infections, lesions in the scrotum, testicles adhering to the scrotum, all sorts of stuff. Even death. But it's not as crazy as having someone who isn't a surgeon cut you open.

Some people have had castration levels of testosterone from those injections alone, either done once or repeated. I would say that most I know of who have had it done eventually had their balls surgically removed, you could potentially go without the removal but I wouldn't count on it.

If you're interested I can give you more info on it.
>lumps and ridges of calcium, infections, lesions, testicles adhering to the scrotum

reading that made me gag a few times.

i think i'll take my chances with the amateur surgeon.

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Buttocks of the devil.

No it is in fact atrocious
Poor dynamic range

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RIP me.png
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>tfw tranny
>tfw literally have this face type
RIP me
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>actively choosing to mutilate your body
>actively choosing to not have an artificial female endocrine system
its the current year

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Are there any tops that want this? I am 5'11 210 lbs a good amount of muscle. Some fat. I've been lifting for a few years. Everyone interested in me turns out to be a bottom. I have been a top just to make it work, I'm just getting tired of it.

I'm interested in guys with a similar body type to mine. Masc, gamer, furry, weebs all okay. It just seems like they are only into feminine twinks . Should I stop lifting and lose a bunch of weight? I could prob get twink mode in a year or 2.
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>top/bottom meme
>many other memes
Good lord.
>I'm interested in guys with a similar body type to mine
Post a pic of yourself so we know what kind of body type you're interested in.
Nope, don't give up anon. You're doing gods work. Beefy bottoms are a natural treasure that should be protected. Even more so since you're into interesting stuff.

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Does smoking diminish the amount of estrogen i have in my body or does it make the estrogen im putting in to me less effective? If i still want to smoke like a few cigs a day can i just take more e to offset the smoking or will that not work?
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I think that the whole smoking& low testosterone only applies for cannabis.
I would be more worried about the effect smoking has on your overall health when combing with HRT. Research DVT, you might want to quit.
nicotine binds with estrogen receptors, but doesn't activate them. so it makes the est less effective.

it also causes your test to increase. all in all its quite shit.

i doubt i could convince you to quit, but once you do, think twice before starting again

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How many of you who are in boymode 24/7 noticed people being more rude to you than before, bumping into you and not saying sorry even after you turn around? Or is it just me? Why do men act passive aggressive towards me without a reason? Occasionally I feel like yelling at a guy who bumped his cart into my ass without saying sorry but I don't want to draw attention to myself so I just pretend like nothing happened. Why is everybody being so inconsiderate to me like I don't even exist?
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Only gay men care about mens existence. If you are not an impressive presence you are invisible.
>mfw trenders realize that "male privilege" is a meme and no one cares about them

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Now that trannies can join the military are any of you going to get in?

I hope more trannies join so I can up my chances of having a tranny bf
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>implying a 5'6" 115lb femboy would be any good in that line of work.
Seriously, why would you want us causing more trouble for you?
>he admits femboys are trannies
I never said that, just that we've got the same sort of body type.

And you're talking about getting a boyfriend so isn't that more of our line of stuff?

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whitehouse at night in july.jpg
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looks like just a christian fear movie.
Honestly I don't care about the gay agenda because the faster the world goes to shit the faster the end times will come. Let sodomites destroy themselves. All that we can do is live clean life and not be influenced by them
I hate the pride parade culture too so I can sympathize with this guy at some level.

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I recently moved away from home to prepare for college. I've purchased myself a new laptop and so I left my old desktop back at home for my parents to use. I got a text tonight from my mother asking about the stunning amount of gay big black dick porn on the computer. She wants to talk tomorrow. Her and my father are complete conservative anti gay Christians.

I'll get to the point: what's the fastest way to kill myself?
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Congrats, you're officially away from home. Which means you no longer have any obligation to satisfy your parents needs.

If your school isn't expensive, you can probably afford to pay for it w/ a student loan, so them pulling college funding can't even stop you.
Tell them you'll tell them immediately after your big black dick party where you'll be sucking lots of big black dicks

Also tell them how much you love being at college
>race mixing

I hope they disown you.

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that feel when sudoku.png
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>tfw you have a tranny gf who you've been with for nearly two years
>tfw you yourself have been taking HRT meds that entire time
>tfw now you can't top at all, have no desire to top, and want nothing more than to get pounded, be given attention, have your body fawned over, etc.
>tfw you get none of this
>tfw you're in a relationship that doesn't fulfill your physical and often emotional needs and your attraction has changed a lot since you got in it, but you're so attached that you really don't want to break up

Is it going to be worth the pain to break up? Our personalities are such a good match but physically it's just not working out. I just want to be all submissive and shit. I want to get fucked. I want to have a bf who I get to cuddle up to and get the physical and emotional affection I'm feeling starved of.

I'm not even a tranny either, that's part of what makes this difficult. I've never tried dating guys since starting these meds, I'd be trying to find them as a gay guy but I don't know how people will react to my boobs and other feminine features. I get lots of compliments from guys on pictures so far, with them knowing I'm a guy, but I don't ever show them boobs.

I'm an anal virgin, too. I don't want to go on being an anal virgin, but I also don't want to break up with someone who goes together with me so well on a a personality level, who I do love and who I've been with for a long time. I also don't want to end up doing that and winding up single or never able to find a good match again. But I constantly have that feel when no bf.
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>closet faggot tranny tries to repress but only manages to pretend like she's a normal heterosexual male
Did you talk about the fact that your needs have changed ?

She may be OK giving you some more attention, and top you from time to time (not necessarily with biocock, though).
What would that have to do with anything even if it were true? I'm not a closet tranny (they wouldn't bind, view boobs as an inconvenience most of the time, identify as male, love their dick, etc.) and I view myself as 95% homo. I'm only interested in other people with dicks. Currently I feel only really into shaven masculine guys taller than me.

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I've been self medding for almost 3 years. I want to get an orchi really badly, what would be the fastest way be to go from never having seen a therapist or anything, to obtaining an orchi? I'm in the US for reference.

Are there any good ways to get coverage for it or should I just save?
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There are some surgeons who will do it with little question in the US, but you've gotta look to find one and it probably won't be covered by insurance
I do already know one surgeon who will do it, and it'd be about $5-6,000 depending on the sort of accommodations I get myself and airfare prices and all that.

I'm just really hoping there's a cheaper/easier way so I can get it done even sooner.
If you've been on hormones for 3 years some insurance will cover it under the guise of "testicular atrophy" which to be fair is gonna happen when your on hormones for years

So I really like my best friend but at this point we're basically SIBLING zoned. I've had a growing crush on her for about 2 years and last night I finally let it slip. I was crying real bad because I knew she COULDN'T like me back. She has some trouble with feeling and identifying her emotions and romantic feelings are a mystery to her. So now she feels guilty for not noticing when I'M the one with a crush.
Anyway, I've pretty much decided to not push her or talk about it ever again unless god willing she likes me back.
She's more touchy now too....
Is she flirting?
Do I have a chance at all?
How should I act around her?
please please help
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1st step
r u les
i am les and she's pan
She is probably being nice because she knows you are into her.

In my experience I would say if she didn't flat out day she was into you back I wouldn't shoot for a relationship no matter how much you are attracted to her. The way you described her if anything developed it would be fun for a while and then disintegrate and possible ruin the friendship along the way.

Also I know you or her won't agree but she is bi. People who are "pan" a are bi. There are a million genders but only 2 sexes. Unless you count intersex as its own sex.

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Father Cool.png
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How's your relationship with your father, /lgbt/?
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We're alright, but I don't think he knows I'm gay. My family is starting up a plumbing company soon too so I'm not sure how this is going to work out. But he kind of has that "no fucks given" type of personality.
But my dating life is abysmal and coming out when I'm not in a relationship is pretty pointless so I'm pretty much stuck
Good, but I'm deeply closeted.
I get along with him pretty well. He's a little all-around unstable these days and I don't know where I'd fit an official fag confession in, but I live on my own and only talk to him three or four times a year so it's all good.

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Straight pride > Any
The day any of you faggots can show me how to have kids while being the same gender ( cause other genders don't exist) I will stop, until then..
Shut the fuck up with the genderfluid/wtvr the fuck you call yourselves. I don't give a fuck about what you do in your bed room as long as it stays in your bedroom.
Let me get it straight, you guys can have the gay pride parade to remind of the efforts you guys have done for the gay community? my ass, that was the 70s. Build a bridge
When heterosexual have a parade tho " oh you were never oppressed" "you never had to fight for your life"
You can be the special cupcake, at the end of the day, if you would get a dollar for how many genders you are born with ( and cant change it) YOU WOULD HAVE 2 FUCKING DOLLARS, nothing more nothing less.
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More like edgy and autistic.
>edgy and autistic
at least I got an opinion
>The day any of you faggots can show me how to have kids while being the same gender ( cause other genders don't exist) I will stop, until then..
>> trans lesbian/gay ftm general

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