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Hi /lgbt/ first time poster here, id like to ask some questions:

-Why is it that most homosexual males are "bottoms" (this comes from my limited exposure to homosexual relationships, sorry if it is incorrect or prejudiced), i find that the ratio of bottoms to tops is heavily skewed, is it because the criteria for being top is much rarer than those for being a bottom?

-What do bottoms desire in a top? physically and emotionally what are attractive and defining features for those looking for tops?

-What do bottoms get from being submissive? what is it about getting dominated by men that turns you on?
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OP here, i should just add to the first point that i ma essentially asking, why are submissive and submissive feelings more predominant?
I don't know where you find your meme gays, but more mentally adjusted gays do not have a role of either a bottom or a top, but rather just do what's in the moment and depending on the other partner.

Anyone who says otherwise is a filthy degenerate.

I feel like I'm the only one who sees there being more tops than bottoms.

Also, not all bottoms are submissive and not all tops are dominant.

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My gender therapist is trying to push a sort of feminist ideology on me, including the belief that gender is a social construct, and that I'm genderfluid. In reality, I'm just a trans girl. What do I do to get through it and just get a sign off on the mones?

Apologies if the format is off in this post, or if it's against rules, I'm stuck on shitty mobile. Thanks ahead of time
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They're totally right that gender is a social construct but so is "genderfluid" and that's an even more retarded label

You need to tell them that you have SEX DYSPHORIA i.e. you're uncomfortable about your physical characteristics and would benefit significantly from going on HRT.
Just keep stressing that point without resorting to "but I'm a real wimmenz!", and keep the conversation surrounded on your physical appearance and desires. Hopefully they will approve you for HRT eventually, and then you can discuss all that bullshit about 'gender identification'
That sounds like a good idea, and sums up the issue well. Thanks, anon
Where'd you find the therapist? Doesn't sound very trans friendly to me, maybe you should try another?

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what are your chances of passing by age?
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your age divided by 100
last two digits are the percentages of you not passing

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I want to be fucked by a transgirl so bad l, why is it so hard for girls looking for tgirls.
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they've learned to avoid chasers who give off a 4chan aura

real "girls"
Oh, "thanks", you seem like an "okay" "guy"

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How do we stop the regressive left and return liberals to the classical variety?

>52% of British Muslims in poll think homosexuality should be illegal


>There is nothing like Islam at this moment for generating this kind of intolerance and chaos, and if only a right-wing demagogues will speak honestly about it, then we will elect right-wing demagogues, in the west, more and more, in response to it. And that will be the price of political correctness. That's when this check will finally get cashed.

>The root of this problem is that liberals consistently fail to defend liberal values as universal human values. Their political correctness, their multiculturalism, their moral relativism, has led them to rush to the defense of theocrats and to abandon the victims of theocracy, and to vilify anyone who calls out this hypocrisy for what it is, as a bigot. The words we use matter here.

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You do realise they haven't quizzed every British muslim? The fact it's a 2% majority could be a complete anomaly, but even so, these "British muslims" are going to have to fucking put up with it aren't they? I bet a majority of conservative voters think transgenders being allowed in their identified gender's bathroom should be illegal too, but what the fuck can you do? Eradicate conservative voters? No, you have to live and let live.
>how do polls works??

Ayy lmao that faggot Milo is going to die in 3 days.

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Everytime I roll the dice, I come up short
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Don't worry. It all works out in the end.
Knowing I can't fully be a real girl makes me want to die
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Hi, /lgbt/, help me figure this out. I am a guy and I am unsure what is happening to me.

I have watched a ton of shemale porn because I found that it is the most reliable source for getting off. When I met my first girlfriend, the sex was kind of difficult. I had difficulty getting off. Not watching as much porn helped, but during sex I would fantasize about my girlfriend being a shemale.

Before that, I also had sex with shemales and I figured out what I like bottoming more than topping. That was also the case with my girlfriend, I remember getting hard when she first touched my asshole with her fingers. I enjoyed her using a dildo on me.

Then I went back to fapping to shemale porn for some time. I tried having sex with another girl, but I couldn't really get into it. I didn't really get all that hard, so it wasn't even feeling good. I just got soft after a little bit. I know if I was actually horny and put it in when I was 100% hard I'd be able to finish since I've done this before.

I went to a shemale and I definitely got hard from playing with her penis. Although when I was sucking it I got kind of bored so I had her fuck me. She was a little too big, so after a few minutes of fucking I just started playing with my penis and came. I wasn't really all that excited after the initial touching/looking at her hard cock. Especially didn't like making out with her since she had stubble.

This made me want to test what I get hard looking at

[ ] male bodies
[ ] female bodies
[x] hard penis
[ ] vagina

Is this normal? I'm positive I used to get hard at pictures of women before. I once jacked off to the pic in this post. Can you really stop liking things?

Or is it because of the porn and I just need to stay off for a while?
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get on hormones, ASAP
I'm not interested in whether I enjoy gay sex, since I clearly do. I'm more interested if I can enjoy straight sex.

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>tfw finally getting to the point where you're reasonably sure you'll kill yourself within six months
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I'm reasonably sure you just crave attention.
I'm reasonably sure you should talk to a therapist asap
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Dew it

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I had never felt quite right in my own body, comfortable in my skin. It was as if there was this ever constant presence in the back of my mind. With the being I came to associate with that presence tirelessly trying to alert me to some, in its view, error.
Leaving me with a sense of awkwardness after any social interaction as well as during.
Naturally I was soft spoken,quiet and kept to myself. I didn't have any friends persay, but I didn't get the perception that any of my schoolmates dislikes me either. At least, I think so. Right?

Never the less it could become very lonesome. Eventually the desire for companionship would creep it's way back into my mind and yet there was that presence again haunting my very bones like an apparition whenever I would try. Sending me scurrying back to my party of one.

I became acustomed to getting my fix of human interaction through the Internet. Browsing online forums and chat rooms. I began passing myself off as a girl. "People just treat you nicer and give you free stuff in games." I reasoned.
It was at that moment the wheels began to set in motion and I would finally learn the name of the phantom that taunted me, but not until I stumbled upon several transgender threads. "Gender dysphoria" at long last I had discovered your moniker, spirit! "With this name came the power to finally exorcise it like the demons of fiction." I thought.

I told my parents, who were supportive, saw a therapist, got blood work done and "voila" before I knew it I had been on hormones for 2 months.
With the hormones came changes. My skin got softer, my face rounded out and I even began to to develop breasts, as small as they may be. It wasn't much, but it was a start.
However still present was my insecurity and awkwardness. It appeared the spirit would be sticking around, for the time being anyway.
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I followed my same old, time tested routine.
Arrive at school and head for homeroom.
Sit down.
Bury my face in my arms, masquerading as if I was trying to still trying to get some sleep, hoping no one would talk to me. They didn't, they never did. It is befuddling why that hurt so much when I was the one actively trying to avoid conversation.
Bell rings.
Head over to my first class in room 108
History, I liked history.
Keeping my head down all the way.
Proceed to the back of the room and take my seat. The far side of the classroom is notorious for housing the unmotivated and rowdy students, but I didn't mind. They left me alone for the most part and it significantly diminished my chance of being called upon. Over time we developed an unspoken symbiotic relationship of sorts. They would leave me be and I would "pretend" not to notice as they copied off my tests.
Bell rings.
Travel to and from my next pair of classes.
Bell rings.
Make my way to the bathroom and occupy the farthest stall. I had learned that it was the easiest way to spend my lunch period if I wished to keep my peace of mind. Far from the gazes of my schoolmates. Unable to make a fool of myself as I awkwardly search the corridor for an empty table I could solely fill or work up the courage to ask to sit with a group.
Bell rings
Breath a sigh of relief, no one had entered the entire thirty minutes.
Head to my next class in roo-
"uh!" I had hit a wall.
No it wasn't a wall, it was Dean. He towered over me.
"Oh, uh, sorry." I muttered
"No worries." He said cooly. "I was actually meaning to run into you anyways, although maybe not so literally."
I nervously laughed before absorbing what he had said. "W-wait, me? Why me?"
"I'm having a few people over tonight, alittle get together. One of my pals moved out of state recently so the group is looking for someone to fill the spot. You seem chill enough in class, we figure we'll test it out, see how you mesh."
My head was buzzing, truth be told I had partially zoned out at the words "get together" but I could decipher the rest decently enough through the white noise. Was this really happening? Nervousness struck hold of me, but there was something else as well, excitement? I doubt I would be able to suppress the anxiety completely even by tonight. Still social interaction seemed easier now that someone else was reaching out instead of me, and he wanted to be friends, actual friends. Uh if I "meshed" of course. With that thought a renewed surge of anxiety poured over me, but my thoughts were cut short by a sudden movement. It was Dean, he was turning to leave. I was suddenly painfully aware that I had no idea how long I had been standing there in silence.
I quickly thought of all that had transpired one last time. It seemed like eons since I had been sitting on the toilet during my lunch mere minutes before.
I called out to Dean.
"S-so...it's like a slumber party?"
He sniggered "sure, dude."
I uh, kind of got wrapped up on writing the set up and background.
Actual fap part coming soon!

Is it possible to be happy alone? Or do all humans need love?

There was a girl who told me she liked me. I didn't have any interest in her, but on a calculated basis, I decided to spend time with her and see if I could grow to like her. I did. We love each other very much and have a great time talking and emotionally supporting each other. She lives in Canada, but she even made it out to live with me for a week. We had a good time.

And yet I still really want to be alone. It's not her, I just don't want to be in love with anyone. I feel safer, cleaner, more efficient, and more like my usual self when I'm alone. I've been open with her about this and I've been struggling with it since the beginning. I really want to be alone, but am not sure if this is the right decision. She really wants me to stay, so I'm struggling to turn myself around and accept staying with her, committing to marriage and life together (I'd plan that far because otherwise, what's the point).

Do I really want to be alone? Or am I mistaken? Or maybe I do want to be alone, but I should keep her on board because I will want different things when I get older?
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ITT: introvert feels
I'm going through something similar, I think.
The truth is, dating is really exhausting for me. It makes me tired. Being alone makes me feel at ease, like I don't have to put on a mask to please others because there's just me.

To answer your question, it is possible to be happy alone. You'll still have your friends and family, or maybe just acquaintances you talk to once in a while. You don't have to be in love to be happy.
Humans don't need love, they just need interaction with other humans. How much you interact with others or how much attention you need varies from person to person.
Bump in hope of answers. I'll let it die after this.

How do you tell what your sexuality is? What specifically are you thinking of when you masturbate? Is it your hands feeling their body? Or your body feeling their hands?

As an MTF, I have difficulty feeling sexually aroused. However, when I do, I'm more focused on my own bodily sensations as I am being handled. I am not focused on the body of my partner. I often imagine being handled by a man, but I don't think I'm actually sexually aroused by the male body. Sometimes I masturbate to images of women, but that's because I'm imagining myself as them.

Maybe I'm truly AGP and while I could share a romance with someone else, I'm sexually attracted only to my own sensations?

Or is my sexuality based on whoever I'd want handling me, even if I'm not paying attention to them?
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I figured out mine from my feelings for others. I noticed early on that I got romantic and sexual feelings for both males and females, hence bisexual. I've had excellent relationships with both males and females.

>Or is my sexuality based on whoever I'd want handling me, even if I'm not paying attention to them?
It may take some time for your sexuality to settle down. You are finally getting to be female, and that can be very exciting for you, and cause some self eroticism. That may settle down and go away.
28 year old virgin, I'm still confused.

Love to imagine myself as female except my cock, I love cocks, including my own.
I'm Ace and when I wank, I don't think anything. Most of the time, I wank when I'm reading a story or a comic. I've tried doing it without porn and building my own fantasy, but then I get bogged down in the minutae of the fantasy and the setting no longer works (The last time I tried that, it was a world based off a story called "The Pilfered Princess" which took a very Pratchettesque view of the story of a Princess being kidnapped and a Hero rescuing her. The fantasy had me as a Guild Torturer who ended up with a few princesses after their fathers pretty much said "You can keep her!" to the Evil Overlords that kidnapped them to gain leverage on the King. It devolved into nonsexytime bullshit)

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How do I come out to my parents as non-binary?
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You could start by not being faggot
Is it really necessary to begin with, honestly?
for my parents to know who I really am? uh, yes I think that's pretty fucking necessary?

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I'm in deep /lgbt/. I've never posted to here, but I know if I post this to /b/, it will turn into a shitpost thread.

I'm gay, 100% but like 2-3 year ago i discovered yiff.I have only fapped to yiff since. Maybe 2-3 times i've used regular gay porn. I can't break the addiction. I'd rather have a strong anthro wolf for a lover than any human guy. I find anthros so hot but I need to get used to the real world so I can have a dating life. Please help.
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Wait for real life anthros (made by genetic modifying) or realistic anthro sex dolls
for now just settle for animal dildos
no, i'm not giving you real advice you furry faggot
I'm a furfag too anon, don't worry. What I did is I replaced some of my furry porn with human porn. Well u actually should done that along time ago...just start getting used to real porn

>Please help.

Option 1. Stop indulging in furry shit, it's not healthy at all, there's people you can find that can evoke the vibe you're looking for, but if you keep being a dipshit that yiffs all day, you're going to end up as broken and autistic as weebshits confronted with the knowledge that their waifu isn't real.

Option 2. Kys

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Is there a tinder-like app for straight guys that want to fuck tgirls that isn't a scam?
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>like 1 in 10 profiles is "I just want to fuck a t girl"
Dunno what the ratio of tgirls in your area will be though. It's pretty low near me.

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Is using Grindr when you're curious a bad idea?
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Nigger, tell them you're curious and you'll be flocked to
I've been told I look like a twink. Is this a good or bad thing?
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Man just ask your gay friend if you can experiment with you.
You won't know unless you try it out.
And if you're completely clear on that matter, I'm sure they'll understand.

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