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>the feel when classic agp case
>the feel when strong urge to be a femboy/ or transition
>tfw over 6 feet
kill me.
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Same here, considering giving up on it forever.

Fuck me, like seriously, i have a life most people would love, a cool well paid job doing shit i enjoy and i'm upset about not being a cute girl.
Happiness might be the death of ambition, but seriously the human mind is shit as expectations and goal.
tru fampai
are you me

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oh wow.gif
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Hey /lgbt/, first time posting. How do you know if you're bi? Someone sent me some yaoi the other day. I read it, and, eventually, nutted to it after it was in the back of my head for a while. I've been going back and forth between straight and gay erotica for the past week. Things feel normal, but I'm just not sure if this is just some phase or kind of acceptance. What do you think?
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If you would fuck a vagina and take a cock, you are bi.
yes you're bi

you're welcome
yaoi looks like girls so no

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Which is worse in terms of stunting the progression of the trans rights and such? Hons and transbians, or TERFs?
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Hons, most transbians and general retarded trannies who are the vocal minority are pretty detrimental. They are the first image that comes into someones head when they think "tranny", and that's obviously not a good thing. Though another valid contender are the special snowflake tumblrite demigenderqueerotherkin types.

I pass so most TERFs don't even know I'm trans so I don't really care what they have to say about trans people to be honest. But they did fuck over trannies in the 80s/90s with the healthcare and causing suicides, which people tend to forget or don't know about.

Anyways, they are all bad in their own way, its really up to the people who don't pass to deal with that shit!
Holy shit I barely even remember what SRS means what are all these fucking terms
What even is AGP anyways I'm so fucking lost on this board as a casual gay dude
a girl's penis
terf is tran's exclusive radical feminism. it's a club

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How do I get through the phase where I want to stop dressing/presenting in the "typical" way of my assigned gender but literally all of my wardrobe+body+hair are "typical" for my assigned gender?
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buy new clothes retard
bitch I'm not made of money but if I was I'd probably like myself a lot more lmao
Buy andro clothes and grow out (or cut if you're f) your hair. It's not that hard senpai.

Montreal pride parade is the 14th

Who's coming?
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That's faggot shit, OP.
Gotta suck dick some way
What's wrong with finding a dedicated relationship with a guy/gal you can relate to on an emotional level?

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>Came out as gay 3 years ago
>Really wanna date a woman to try things out
>I'm attracted to women sexually anyways
>Realizing I might've just been bi and jaded with women back then
>Can't get date now because I don't wanna be "that gay"
What do boobs feel like goddammit
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They're soft and silky, hell their whole body is. Reminds me of soft tofu or marshmallows. They seem pretty delicate but you can still give them a satisfying squeeze.
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Just go bisexual. It really is the best. I never have to worry about who gets my dick up. I never have to be concerned about whether this makes me a fag or that me a breeder. I am free and you can be free too.
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Maybe I'll get a hooker. But then I miss out on seeing what women are like dating. Ugh. Damn societys acceptance of homosexuality.

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being elderly and gay? thoughts?
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pfft, didnt u hear? gay death at 30.
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I mean, people do it all the time, so it can't be that bad. There's more to being gay than fucking all the twink boys around you. Find a guy your age and create a relationship together.
gay death only realistically happens at 50. 30-40s are daddies.

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So I have a friend I know from school. Keep in mind we're both in our 30s now.

He has a job and a kid and everything, his own place and was even married for a while. The thing is all through his early 20s and even as a kid he wanted to be a girl and always got caught and punished by his family.

Like, his dad savagely beat him. Not just like, belt to the ass and grounded and sent to bed, I'm talking punched in the head and knocked out while crying and being called a faggot.

He's pretty normal most of the time now. Always cracking jokes at work, gets along with everyone even thought he's a manager. Constantly gets invited out to clubs and such when he doesn't have his kid but just declines.

The thing is when he's alone at home. That's when the messed up shit happens, I think.

I was housesitting for him a couple weeks back and found journals with all sorts of fucked up drawings and shit, torn up women's clothes and drawings of himself dressed up being burned and whatever.

Apparently when he has "bad thoughts" he prays and scolds himself with near boiling water to the point where he can't feel it anymore. He also drinks. A lot. That's not even a secret.

I've told him just to embrace himself and get help and maybe just be who he really feels he is but he just yells about how "No, that's how you lose everything, that's how they take your kid and you fuck up and become a degenerate freak and your kid winds up in foster care"

He'd rather kill himself with booze and hurt himself with self torture and psychosis than just seek help and admit he's gay/trans or whatever.

Should I just leave him be?
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Noice fiction mate, rp somewhere else
Shit if that's not bait I don't know what to do.
He sure fucked up by having kids and a wife.
If he transitions every single thing will break.

>Wife will probably divorce.
>Take kids away from him.
>Kids will be bullied because they got a tranny mom.
>His family will fuck him up too (dad / mom / etc)
>They will probably not let him see his kids either unless there's some ugly judicial battle.

I don't really know what to do. He killing himself is also terrible because that will scar his kids a lot.

how did gay/bi people have had sex in ancient times /lgbt/?

since its not just simply as lubing up and you are ready to go, it takes some preparation time , enema, relaxing your muscles and making sure you haven't ate anything so you wont "leave any accidents" on the bed ,etc.

Weep, you girls. My penis has given you up. Now it penetrates men’s behinds. Goodbye, wondrous femininity!
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allahu fartbar.gif
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please, it cant be. tell me it aint so anon...
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I have had almost completely spontaneous anal sex, as a top, without needing for the bottom to be prepared in any way except for a little fingering in the shower. I also went ass to mouth and you can bet I wouldn't have done that if there were shit on my dick, I'm not completely evil...

Basically, what I'm saying is even back then anal sex was much less difficult than it might seem.

Am I wrong to compliment a butch/dyke? I work with the black girl whos cool as fuck, I consider her a friend. She's a dyke, dresses like a boy/man talks trash everybody respects her. Like she's not a tumblr woman, she's just hood. And she's built like a god. Abs biceps, looks like a crossfit chick. But she wants to be fat and have a kid, she thinks shes too skinny. I try to tell her that it's unhealthy to be fat and that she looks good. She once told me I was cute and had a good haircut. It was a long time ago. But yesterday I saw she looked great, like physically fit. And I complimented her physique, tryed to be respectful as possible. She thanked me but was kinda meek? about it. I don't think she was offended, but I wondered if she took it the wrong way.

>pic not related
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You're fine OP. She's insecure. She probably has a hard time with accepting her body image and compliments. Keep being sincere and hopefully she'll realize she's as great as you say she is.
>She thanked me but was kinda meek? about it
It's fine to compliment her on looking good, but expect her reactions to the compliments to always be 'meek' like that. Enthusiastically responding to those sorts of compliments is typically just when they come from sexual prospects.
once i saw an half-asian dyke get called white (as a compliment) and she started freaking out and screeching

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>was playing around with some big, burly, daddy bear type
>started to get in a 69 position and accidentally sniffed his butt
>found it pleasant in a weird way
>spent the next half-hour sniffing and licking at his hole
>wishing he could be sitting on my face right now
>have jerked off at least six times just to the memory of sniffing his butt

What the fuck is wrong with me?
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buttplebs everyone
That's not weird though. Doesn't mean you like shit per se, just assholes.

is there a website where i can find a partner to commit suicide with? like maybe on the deep web or anywhere
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Fuck off to /b/ with this shit, your suicidal urges have nothing to do with lgbt. Also, please don't hurt yourself.
>suicidality has nothing to do with being lgbt
pls dont kill urself op :c

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>Attracted to this hot guy in my sociology class
>he's straight
>he says that he's fine with gays but doesnt support lgbt rights
What do? I get excited every time I see him.
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Internalize everything and repress it. Don't be retarded.
There is nothing to do.
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If you're a twink then become a chemically addled femboy and seduce him

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I just had my first sexual encounter with another man. I was really anxious, but I did enjoy it but I really never got super horny enough to jizz.

He came on me, I couldn´t come at all.

After it was done I didn´t feel ashamed or that I had been emotionally scared(like when I did when I slept with a woman in her 40´s), yes I had been cummed on, yes I had the taste of anothers man cock in my mouth, but that didn´t even seem to faze me(unlike when I had sex with that broad in her 40´s, i literally started crying after she left because I felt so dirty).

Anyways what does this mean? And more importantly how do I fix my delayed ejacalation(ir what ever that is that keeps me from jizzing when I´m with other people, keep in mind that I am on SSRI)?

Can I still hold my head as a straight male after I've sucked anothers man hard rod stick?

I´m so confused, but I really do feel more emotionally drawn to men, I want to cuddle with them, and feel hard bodies.
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I mean, come on. Don't do that to yourself.

>i enjoy men's bodies
>gay sex was enjoyable
>i like men emotionally
>totally straight

You really think that adds up?
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You're gay dude. Really wish these threads would go away to be honest.

You are not confused. You fucked a guy. You liked it. You were ashamed of fucking a woman. You're gay. You are gay. You are a homosexual. You're gay. You're gay. You're gay. You're gay.

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I wanna suck a guy's dick but am afraid to ask.
What do?
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don't ask
time to rape

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