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Ok, so I'm trans (or at least want to) and I wanted the people i cared about to know. So i tell my friends like its no big deal all like "Hey Ally, I'm trans now, so refer to me as Ms. Anon and use female pronouns, i guess" but i cant tell my parents to save my life. Like i hint at the fact I want to be trans but they think its a joke or something.


>can tell friends im trans, but not family

Why am I like this and how can I change? does anyone else have the same problem?
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You could try writing to them and telling someone else to give it to them. It'd be a little weird but it could work?
hmm, that sounds like it could work maybe. I think what I fear is confrontation, so if someone else does it for me, then maybe it will work!
You could always mention it in your suicide note

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I don't like females so,i guess im gay.
I tried with a guy...and it was boring as shit...i was trying to get erected touching him...but it didn't work and we didn't had sex at all because i wasn't exited.
I tried with other guy that's considered hot,and nothing...i touched him,touched his dick...i got a little exited a the first seconds, but not erections at all...i didn't really got turned on by his body,i was good looking i guess? but i touched his muscles and nothing...i was like "this is boring"
Why i don't get erected touchin men if im gay? help
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Because you aren't gay?
You're an Asexual, Harry. Be prepared for a life of boredom.
r u sure u dont like females
>maybe u just require more stimulation to get erect

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I'm going to try and write short sentences so there's less for you to read.
I'm gay, 18 years old, and single/virgin. For about a year and a half, I've had a feeling which is becoming more and more intense in recent months. I feel like my body on the outside doesn't match how I feel on the inside. My body is fairly - but not overtly - masculine (broad shoulders, pretty hairy legs, masc face). The thing is is that on the inside, my image of myself is a lot more feminine or at least "effeminate". I love boys and love being a boy, and I'm 99% sure I'm not a girl.
What do?
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Well done you understand why Non-binary isn't some made up tumblr shit. Constantly dysphoric for a gender that doesn't exist and you probably couldn't define anyway, it's pretty shit.

Be androgynous and use hormones where you feel necessary.
I don't think I want to use hormones, but do you have any tips on androgyny?

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Do gay people ever jack off to themselves?

Pic unrelated obviously
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Nah thanks.
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not consciously

but i do like feeling up my own chest, it has the twofold benefits of getting groped, and groping in return.
i like how the outer left seal is hopping and pooping at the same time

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If trannies kill themselves because everyone hates them, why not live as society expects it from them? Being unhappy is better than being depressed to the point where you kill yourself.
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that really makes one think

wow #I'mNotADegenerate now
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troll harder.jpg
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I'm confused
What are you suggesting?

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help me out guys, how do i find a transsexual escort in alameda?
i've exhausted all the ones on backpage and craigslist is dead as usual.
i'm dying for sexual interaction and i don't know where else to turn to
i don't care about them being pro's or passable
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Help me figure out how you are so retarded my faM.

How have you "exhausted all the ones on Backpage"? Between the East Bay, South Bay, and SF itself you have hundreds of tranny pros advertising on Backpage. Allow me to float an idea my faM: leave your shitty little fucking island and go drive and see one across the Bay. Some bomb ass young Filipina trans girls in Daly City..... dont ask me how I know :^)

I dont understand the point of this thread or how you could be so retarded. I mean if you dont have a car then you should buy a car before you buy a prostitute you retarded piece of shit. "Hurrr durrr I live in the Bay area and I cant find a tranny derrrrrr" I mean seriously? Step up fampai.
Isn't there those SF weekly / eastbayexpress type ads with "massages"?
>i've exhausted all the ones on backpage and craigslist is dead as usual
whynot just go to san fran for a weekend of fun?

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Hi /lgbt/ it's me again. A few months back I asked about how to get rid of my gender dysphoria.Suggestions I followed were to take testosterone and try out guy stuff such as chasing girls.

My gender dysphoria has greatly decreased since I started chasing a shy and quiet girl.I try to be the type of boyfriend transgirls dream to have, you know the type that gets posted here alot. But my dysphoria keeps me from alot of stuff like building masc and confident speech.

Also, the thing is there's another guy chasing her. She rarely replies to my messages even when she's online though she says she's busy.[usually a 2-5day wait]
She rarely talks to me anymore. Is this what people call getting "dumped"? She used to reply around a few minutes or so?I'm confused what do?

What's my situation? What should I do? Should I just take estrogen or continue this path?
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....she's not interested in you bruh
it's pretty fucking obvious
Tbh the other guy is a classmate and we have gone out a few times as opposed to the other guy.
But is she not interested in me? Should I just give up on being a guy?
uh huh
and how exactly did you go out with her?

a girl who is interested in you is going to make time to respond to your message lol. and definitely not taking 2-5 days barring crazy circumstances. like think if it were reversed...

if you can be normal than try to do that. this is hellish. but given that you're on /lgbt/ and asking if you should give up on being a guy because some girl might not want to date you makes me doubt that.

Why am i afraid of telling anyone i'm transgender?
Why do i panic and feel sick when the thought crosses my mind about what will happen, what they will think or do?

Even my friends, i'm absolutely terrified as i lay in bed in the middle of the night writing them a text and then deleting it without sending. I can't muster so much as "i think im a girl" despite the fact i've been on hormones for several months and look and dress andro, but they just think i'm femgay or something idk. It help that im a recluse and dont see my family anymore... It would be easier for me to cut off my friends and become a total recluse than to tell any of them i think. But i also dont want to lose my friends after i already lost my family but i can't keep denying the dysphoria and living a fake life either.

It hurts when friends make off-handed remarks like i should get a haircut or i should go to the gym, or they criticize me for being not masc enough or when my voice is high, and i can't say anything back. It hurts when they make fun of super gay people, and trans people, and use the wrong pronouns on purpose. What hurts the most is i don't know if they really feel that way or they just play along with society, but i can't even call them out or make a defense without feeling like they'd turn on me or find out.

Honestly im just so fearful and weak and like i know it's never going to get any easier yet i can't even manage the most basic things, it makes me wonder if im not cut out for this life and i should just take the easy way out and hope for the best in the next one. I've got nothing going for me and no one really keeping me around anymore. It never gets better, and it never gets easier. If i can't be strong enough now, then how will i ever be?

Why am i so worthless
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It's ok. I'm like that too. Have you talked about this with your therapist, or tried to form a support outside of your freinds and therapist to encourage you and be there for you just in case? Maybe a community or LGBTQ center? If you form a second group of people that you know will be your friends and stick with you: that might make a world of difference.

Stay strong! And, don't do anything drastic.

BTW, a lot of people have those thoughts. Like, maybe all of my family members will die off or disown me or something. Or, in general, wish it was easier to come out or transition. It would be so awesome to just go to a doctor and come back a month later fully transitioned. But, humans are very social animals, who like to be in groups, usually, and do not live in a perfect world, so you might have to grit and bare with it and meet new people, because your friends sound totally toxic for you to be around with right now from what you've told us.

The bird-cage is open, and you've already opened it and are half-way to the mall. Don't give up!
fuck em

from the day that you're born, people will hate you not because of who or what you are, but because you're there. you think you're a girl? you have to be the best woman that anyone could be. and people will hate you, and they might call you a freak, but that's okay because you're going to be better than them. you're going to forgive them, because they just don't understand you, and are too closed-minded to ever try. fuck, you don't need those people. you don't need anyone. you know what you are. train your voice, take pills, dress however the fuck you want, because your shape should be for you first.

fuck therapists, fuck the lgbt community, fuck the detractors. just do it. when you boldly do what you want, others will follow your strength, and that's the company you should keep. if your friends can't deal with the fact that you're trans, they're not your friends. you can't be friends with only a part of a person, and not the rest.

I get that a lot of this probably didn't make sense, but all I'm saying is just do it. fear is the enemy.
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Trumps up.jpg
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>It hurts when friends make off-handed remarks like i should get a haircut
here's what you're going to do
1. lose your friends
2. download games and progressive rock music to play in the background
3. stack on doritos and mountain dew
4. enjoy shut-in life to tha fullest my mane

I'm watching a compilation of AIDS coverage spread over 10 years. It's awful how they only refer to us as "homosexual men" granted, it's true.

But this QT caught me eye. He's irrationality mad about HIV/AIDS. What do you think the chances are he loves dick?

Also HIV/AIDS general.I had someone that might be pozz cum in me last week and have been safe and refrained from all sex with my girlfriend. Haven't had any symptoms so I'm banging her tomorrow
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Get tested. Symptoms don't show up for a long time
I think I'll be okay. He was clean and we both got tested within the last year.
>having risky unprotected sex with men when you have a girlfriend


or break up with her

but dont risk someone elses life cuz you are a degenerate

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Hi genderless peeps, a straight anon here

just wanted to state a fact

all the lgbt peeps are faggots

aaand they should kill themselves, or can turn into pretty grills, in which case you can gimme a good succ.

also, no grammatical errors in the sudoku-note is a must.
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what sagee? nothing to say 'cuz you know that I'm right

great. still kys
haha we were totally trolld by you wow you did such a good job haha you even told us to kill ourselves wow nice one haha

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mtf. havent started hormones yet. but already kind of feminine face. wanted to see how well i pass rn before i go thru some changes.
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kill yourself, faggot
k. i was thinking i could jump at a moving car. but that would be messy. or i could just noose it up, but i dont have any trees or buildings tall enough. any quick ideas?
tell your dad you want to go hunting with him

when you get a gun, shoot yourself

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Does anyone know him?
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>hot gay

Pick one
They're still better then the poo in the loos'
Just because there are less attractive people than the Japanese doesn't mean that the Japanese are hot

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> age
> bio sex & identity
> sexuality
> favorite album

Ill start.
Mtf trans
Aphex Twin - Syro
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And One - Bodypop
Meliora - Ghost
... I don't know how to say this, Rachmaninov's concertos.

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Looked up the whole Gigi thing and stupidly read the comments.

Just a quick reminder of what people think of us trannys.
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No surprise there
yeah is this really something SJWs really try to struggle against?
they're not gonna win any battles in the fucking comment section. like >>6707459 said, no fucking surprise there.
Retards exist? Shocking.

I just can't believe that transsexuals are so willing to travel to countries that can and will imprison them (at the minimum), if not punish them with whipping/lashings/beatings or more so, execution. Do they just not know these are the laws in Islamic shitholes? Or do they just roll the dice and hope not to get caught? God help them if they get busted for prostituting themselves on top of this. Adultery is a solid death penalty in most of these places. Homosexual adultery even worse.

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7 b.jpg
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What hookup apps/sites do you use?

I normally use adam4adam but its all old guys now.
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if ur under 30 use omegle text
>if ur over 30 stay the fuck off omegle.
also grindr obviously, dont expect it to work well or quickyl tho (that being said i got laid literally 2 hours after installing grindr)
How does dating even work? I want a bf, but I'm scared it will just be people that want to get laid.

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