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Is MtF really more common than FtM or is that just an internet thing?

Pic unrelated.
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tumblr transtrenders are like 99% FTM so there's at least 100,000 of them

I've never been on this board, and on any board I go (/fit/ /his/ /tg/) there's the sporadical off-topic talk about transsexuals (as happens on any board) and it seems to be mostly about mtf traps

Is it just a 4chan thing cause of fetishes?
Mostly yeah. I see more FtMs on a daily basis than MtFs generally. Especially at my job there's only 1 mtf I know of aside myself and she's a hon, and I've met like 3 FtMs who have some odd spelling of a normal guys name. Entertaining desu.

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u wot.jpg
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Firstly, what does the highlighted mean? Not even in a "what is tumblr playing at" way, as in i fully don't understand the meaning of that sentence.

Secondly, what part of lgbt are you, and where do you think the line should be drawn with gender identities? e.g. specify whether you are cis or trans, and lgb or whatever. Then say what 'options' you think there should be gender-wise, do you think it should be a legal thing on forms etc?
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No idea what the highlighted means.
I draw the line at anything where you identify as more than one gender. Just put "other" and then a place for them to say. No need for them to make it complicated for the tiny tiny amount of people that don't identify as male or female.
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it's means that she's another extremely retarded """""genderqueer""""" person who thinks that acting in a way that's usually socially associated the opposite sex LITERALLY means that's you're changing from a girl to a boy, and vice versa.

These people usually try to posit themselves as gender non-conforming, but in reality they accept the false notion that gender roles and gender norms are dictated by biology (hence her stupid fucking use of the nonsensical 'trans-masculine' phrase) instead of society.

She's a girl who's convinced herself that women could never act masculine (whatever that means) and thus she has to literally transition into a man, or imply she has a "man's brain" (not real by the way) to do it.

I hate these people.
After reading the whole thing, I think it means she's female and has zero intentions of transitioning but wants to present male and is attempting to and acting how she thinks men asks. So trans without the trans part. A literal transtrender. Transman would imply a desire to transition into a man, trans masculine then means a desire to be more masculine... but not stop being a female.

Which is obviously not being trans but just doing what she wants and giving social norms the finger. Which is fine, but not fucking trans.

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I want to be like on of the Shemales you see on porn. I'm a male but I think im trans to female, what do i do?
I want a dick- Already have
But i also want tits and feminine face.
What do I do?
>pic unrelated
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bumping for advice
You're agp, hon. Sorry, but you're too degenerate to even be a tranny.
>I want a dick
Is it cute and small? if not, sorry you are shit out of luck
>feminine face
you can't get it from hormones
you have to be born with it, sorry
>what do i do
just keep pounding our feminized boipuccies because you will never be one of us sorry

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Were you bullied? Did you deserve it?
Yes you did
Old Thread >>6718931
Chat: tinychat/notgaygen
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First for harambe
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>tfw I was the bully
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benjamin hennequin.jpg
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this is the french guy, hes finished his attempts tho so I couldn't make a screencap

>mfw he had the john cena song as his intro song

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dumb frogeposter.png
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Why is everytranny on this board short, wide-hipped, have amazing butt genetics, decent boobs genetics and apparently is cute enough to have their own cam show? It's not fair how all of you get to live your amazing lives full of boyfriends, cuteness and financial gifts from /r9k/ neckbeards while I got to be a chiseled Germanic demigod. Why is life so fucking unfair and shit, at least gimme some of your passermoney for me to buy boxes of chocolate I want to die from chocolate obesity already T-RAAAGEE!! REEEEEEEEEEE
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uhhhhhhh, which transgirls are you referring to ?
>it's the "listing all the exceptions" episode
Hey, she's doing pretty well.

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Is Sheik a transman?
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No, it's called a disguise. /thread
>/threading yourself

But I do agree.

Speaking of which, what's /lgbt/'s opinion on the zelda wiki changin the tab "genders" to "pronouns"?

Keep in mind they only put pronouns on there if someone in-game refers to them by those pronouns.
No sheik is a demisexual pangender fictionkin

How did you do it and how hard was it to get? What do you guys work?

Or are there people who can't find jobs?

I studied media and live in a capital. I wrote a few applications so far but I fear that I might get not recognized because of missing legal name change and no perfect passing. The city is very trans accepting but still. I even might freak out if I get an invitiation to a job interview.
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The running joke is that the jobs open to transwomen are Programmer and Prostitute.
Customer service call centers and tech industry work in general are fairly welcoming. It's more about how socially adept and how much of a fit for the job you are. You'll have to be more of an obvious choice or they might overlook you due to bias, subconsciously or otherwise.
It was harder for me to get my job not exactly because I'm trans, but because I had gone to therapy for being trans. I work for Lockheed Martin, designing the various computer systems needed to fly a modern plane, and I needed to get security clearance since they work on a lot of stuff for the US Government. It was a colossal bitch for me to get my old therapist to release everything so they could be sure I wasn't suicidal or a psychopath or whatever.
It sounds to me like your biggest issue is your confidence. Don't worry about it. Most employers care a hell of a lot more about you being able to do your job better or cheaper than whether or not you're a degenerate. I won't say there isn't prejudice because that's just not true but we aren't in an Irish Need Not Apply society. Unless you aren't in the US or EU(+UK). Then you might be fucked.

Can confirm that IT and *ware development fields are very accepting. Other STEM fields, especially science and math, not so much. You also forgot camwhore and porn star. May as well generalize it as the tech or sex industries.

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Trans men of /lgbt/, I need your help. Since starting testosterone two months ago I have lost my falsetto/head voice completely. I'm a musician and the music I've recorded is designed with the vocals a lot like this:


Most cis men can hit falsetto, right? Will I be able to sing in my head voice again when my voice settles or am I fucked and have to find a new style of singing?
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I've found that basically all transmen sound like Morrissey's singing voice.
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Big boys don't cry.png
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>have to find a new style of singing?
mtf here, mine was completely fucked by puberty, yours might work differently, idk, but if not than it's a crapshoot

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So im a straight cis male and i just had sex with my other straight cis male friend. It started off with us watching porn together (straight porn) and then we started jerking off together, and then jerking each other off. We both agreed that it would just be a friendly thing, not a gay thing but idk. He ended up sucking my dick a little and then he let me put it in his ass, which took a lot of prep work but after all that it was amazing. It felt a lot better than any girl and i had the most amazing orgasm ever. When we were all done, he kissed me. Is that gay??? I think the sex parts are fine but idk if the kissing is gay or not. Please help all our friends are telling us we are fags but we really arent.
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You know the rule. Did the balls touch? Did your scrotum so much as brush his?
Uhhh i dont think so?
then you're okay.

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I am a cis straight white heterosexual man but I cant stop thinking about this whole gender thing.
I have no gender or body dysphoria, feel comfortable with a masculine identity, have a sweet heterosexual girlfriend.
I have a mix of masculines and feminines interests to the point it's meaningless (computer programming, practicing boxing and BJJ, wilderness survival, collecting plushies, trying different shampoos, hoarding ebooks and pictures my hard-drives).
I have no particular fantasy about having sex with a transgender person and if I were involved romantically with such a person I REALLY wouldn't want to bottom/suck dick. It make me uncomfortable thinking having sex with anyone which isn't my gf so it can't be a fantasy for me.
Of course I wondered how it's like to be a girl but which male hasn't ? A bit the same way I wonder what it's like to be a cat or a bird. When I was a kid I had the fantasy of being a shape-shifter so I could be anything I want but it needed to be realistic so I couldn't create or shed a vast amount of matter for creating a smaller/bigger body without eating a lot or shedding organic blobs on the ground, and I was afraid of being killed by humans if I was an animal so I usually took the form of different men or women.

Now gender seems like an interest on its own, I talk a lot about it and my gf was even confused that I might be closeted transgender. Sometimes I just get really obsessed about a topic and I try to read as much as I can on the subject and gather as much data on it. Generally it is thing like animal's right, mushrooms, asymetric warfare or making alcohol at home (4 principal interests of 2016) and it's been gender for about a while now.
I am mostly afraid of someone looking in my hard drive and finding all the things I saved about it.

Am-I just autistic ?
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Am I just autistic ?
>Am I just autistic?
It could be. But it did sound a little like you're keeping some kind of issue or discomfort at a safe distance. Might not be that you're trans.
I can't figure out how to word this in a non-clumsy way, but could it be that you want to be feminine and have feminine interests without becoming less masculine or less man (in your own eyes and/or those of others)?Could it be that you in general like to chip away at ideas you used to take for granted, like the gender roles/ideals you were raised with (and trans people are an interesting point on this radar)?

Also, I have a straight cis guy friend who hangs in gay & trans circles because he can paint his nails, wear earrings and talk about pop culture without monitoring himself so much.

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My transitioning has been an unmitigated disaster. It's obvious to me (now) I am an unsalvageable eternal hon so I am going back to living as a NEET shut-in since I am scared people will somehow detect any changes about me (like boobs or something) because I'll still continue taking hormones so it's for the best.

For some reason I also feel guilty for flushing my masculine potential (like me being 5'11, having noticeably wide shoulders everyone compliments me about, barrel chest, narrow hips, small firm butt, big hands and feet, handsome young man's face) down the toilet, like if I can't be a woman I can at least be a believable real man, you know? I kinda feel sad about it because it's such a waste and I couldn't see that before. I wish I could be a better man but now I feel like it's too late and that I'll never be anything but a weak castrated teenage twink-looking pushover to people my entire life and I feel ashamed because of that.
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I also am worried I'll somehow start looking like a girl down the road even though it's very unlikely.
I am not crazy, I just don't want people to single me out as a sick faggot and beat me up. I am scared of people beating me up because I act or look slightly feminine.
How do you pay for food/rent as a NEET? Being a permanent shut-in is very appealing to me.
I have a doting parent who's probably not going to live much longer so I live under their roof atm. Most likely going to be homeless after that.

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I'm still on fence about my sexuality, but I've fooled around with a guy once, and I've fucked a middle age woman also. These are my only sexual experiences as a 24 year old(because I avoid people irl and find socializing with new people to be really painful, so I just try to avoid it).

Now this chubbish(he looks like he might be fat), I'm not really attracted to fatness(I used to be fat myself and I hated my body, now I enjoy jacking off tomyself in the mirror mirring my self).

I met him on grindr, he's horny, I'd like to get some and I also think It might be fun but I also think that not being gay and fooling around with guys can damage my emotionally and sexually. But I need to know if I'm really gay or If i've pathologically become gay.

Also, I find this guy to be a trustworthy indivudial, he seems nice, but I'm not really attracted to him, but once I start jacking off to porn my minds guys to that place(that I would go to him and he'd give me a blowjob, I would want him to be naked though...

Also, I have hook up anxiety so wouldn't "exposure therapy" help with my panic attacks.
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please respond
You sound pretty gay to me, OP. Don't worry too much about labels, and just do what you want to do, okay?
Man, I'm unabashedly gay and even *I* wouldn't let a fat dude suck me off. Whether or not you're gay, if you're giving these fantasies this level of thought then you're not entirely straight and thus should stop worrying about the stigma attached to same sex relations. If you're not entirely attracted to him as you say, and can fap just to the idea of going to meet him, then it's not *him* that is getting you off, but most likely the excitement of a viable gay hookup with a dude you can *actually* meet irl and fuck around with. Which leads me to question how you can acknowledge these things but still be unsure of your sexuality? It sounds like your impulses are telling you something quite clearly.

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Sup anons, I'm here to open up to strangers because they can be actually genuine on the internet. So, since I was little I felt different from everyone else and ostracized by my peers, like as far back as I can remember. And for all the hate and pain I received, I developed a bad case of chuunibyou syndrome, and I believed I was some demi-god sent to earth to reign over the mortal scum, like I actually thought my essence was supremely better than everyone else's and I was special. So I lived like that my entire life, (I'm 22) I had no friends and devoted myself to becoming some big-shot. Cut to a month ago..... turns out all that was my weird way of repressing my trans side. It's like my subconcious couldn't handle what was so blatantly obvious.... so I came up with this.... Delusion. But.... now that I know who I really am.... I'm completely happy, serenly content, and I actually like people now, I can identify with people now that I know I'm a girl in a boy's body. But here's the problem.... I've lived my life to such a degree of humanity... I envisioned myself coming into grandeur and fame eventually. But now I'm so happy... and yet, I know... I could never do it. I could never transition even tho I'd make a great trap. I feel happy.... but I want to die. I redeemed me to myself, I feel like I accomplished my life's goal by simply discovering this truth about myself. And so with a loving heart for everyone.... I want to kill myself. I know what I am and I'm happy... but I want to die now. I.... could be happier than I've ever been.... if I became a trap... but I don't dare to be that happy.... so I wish to just serenly commit suicide. What do?
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Become big shot and a trap
Reach for the stars and beyond
File: illya.jpg (87KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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>could be happier than I've ever been.... if I became a trap... but I don't dare to be that happy

Fuck off, if that's what you want to be then why you "don't dare". Are you afraid of those "mere mortals"?

Wait, actually, you want to be a girl with SRS and all or you want to be a trap and, you know, lots of sex? Maybe want to be a trap then later "fully transition"?

Wathever you want to be, don't care with people saying shit to you, you just need to make sure you will not regret later or find yourself "trapped" (no pun intended) without anything you can do.
Also, a question unrelated and about this "syndrome": You ever felt that people was ignorant or even mentally retarded? If yes, have you ever been surprised after finding out a sign of consciousness from people? I think I'm confusing with something I read some time ago.
post bussy pls

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does anyone have a copy of the original article before it got censored/yanked? I want to read it and judge it myself instead of taking the media's word for it.
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No names but you can guess

That link is 404'd for me. Am I doing it wrong?
Hmm It's 404'd for me as well know. Go on (http://archive.org/web/) and search (http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/08/11/i-got-three-grindr-dates-in-an-hour-in-the-olympic-village.html).

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Am I actually gay if I only like it because it's taboo?
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I mean, do you hunger for cock at any given moment in the day?
Oh yeah.
I mean, if you fantasize about having a cock in your ass or in your mouth and would actually do it if you've been given the chance, then yeah.

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