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After seven months on testosterone, I'm passing so well that I got a lot of double-looks and questions when presenting documentation for an overseas trip. I've identified as a boy so long and have used my chosen name for over ten years that I forget I'm still legally female and that my legal name is very feminine. All the paperwork and costs for a legalized name/gender change make me anxious but after my trip, I feel like it's going to be quite necessary soon. Does anyone have tips for making this process as painless as possible? One part that I don't like is that I will have to publish my legal name in a newspaper and I think that's so embarrassing cause it's really no one else's business what I do. Also I have a lot of medical debts I'll never be able to pay off because America is so great so will this cause them to deny me changing my identity? How will I be able to inform my employer, cause I live in a state where it's legal to fire someone for falling under the lgbt umbrella...
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>One part that I don't like is that I will have to publish my legal name in a newspaper and I think that's so embarrassing cause it's really no one else's business what I do
where the fuck do you live that they'll just do that to people
seriously what the fuck???
>he wasn't born with a gender neutral name

o i am laffin

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At what age did you lose your virginity and was it like?
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18. lost it to a fat chick. it was pretty good. lights off she let me cum in her mouth.

Still haven't fucked a dude, but I want to try at some point. I'm in better shape now so I think I have a chance.
17 lost it to my gf of a month and a half
>was terrible she started to cry once we got going due to christian guilt
she was like omg what did i do, then 10 minutes later was like "well since we already did... LETS DO IT AGAIN"
19, bit of a late start.

It was with this really cute twinky blond I met in college. We didn't have a place to do it, so I fucked him doggie style in this storage shed near the gym. It was pretty hot, I had him sprawled over this old sports gear.

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Me:You shouldn't take black market hormones if there's a chance it will cause serious organ damage.

Apparently telling someone not to harm themselves makes me a Stormfront tier bigot.
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>don't buy drugs
>kill self from dysphoria


>buy drugs
>chance to die
>but also chance of passing

idk senpai which sounds like the better decision to take :^)
It's the same things you get from a pharmacy, there's no risk to it
This doesn't make you a bigot, but it makes you a naive retard, to believe that it would pose a threat.

>"Sometimes that has actually placed them at quite high risk, because the medication you get through the internet is not the correct dose, and it's often a combination of different hormones that have effects that can cause problems like blood clots, strokes, pulmonary emboli — really serious life-threatening complications," she said.
Sounds like she's retarded enough to believe they buy it from places like silkroad and it's alternatives.
They're always the right "dose", 1mg is 1mg, they don't produce their own estrogens, they buy it from the same places other pharmacies buy theirs from.

Could I ever look like a girl? I'm 6'2"
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Hormones, breast augmentation, a li'l FFS (moreso on the nose and cheeks - your chin's already pretty feminine, though it could use a slight touch-up), and some changes to your hair an eyebrows. Piece of cake.
Also, I do know some cis girls who are 6'+, so you don't need to worry about height.

post your hips

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I smoked weed with a 54 year old man and we had sex.

The whole time I was scared and thought he was going to kill me necause he was really dominant and aggressive

I thought older guys were passionate and caring. You lied to me /lgbt
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>Hooked up
>Age difference
>Aggressive sex
>Wanted daddy-son experience

Sounds like you came buckets and loved it you slut. How does it feel to be a bottom bitch with the same fetishes as a girl. You'll be wearing skirts in no time sissy.
Hot pic desu

Cis Lesbian General: Oldfags edition

For the oldfags that have been on 4chan since its beginning, and the oldfags who are 30+
This is a thread celebrating you.

Add these to your filter list: http://pastebin.com/hmZKdbmE
And keep updating your filters with every thread. Some advice to keep this general decent: Recognize the ability to hide posts that are attention-seeking. Avoid discussions of feminism, questions of gender, or other topics more suited for your tumblr. This thread is intended for AFAB lesbians to discuss and congregate on 4chan's /lgbt/ board. Therefore please respect /lgbt/ board rules, and 4chan global rules.

To join the Skype email: [email protected]
To join Discord look here: http://pastebin.com/P644WESi

older than the oldfag: http://boards.4chan.org/lgbt/thread/6727420#top
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43 cis lesbian here. sitting at work waiting for a big meeting (bonuses???) yeah!
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>tfw no older mature lesbian qt to take you to all the best dive bars

i am young teach me your ways and let me be your trophy butch
>trophy butch
Only femmes are a worthy catch. Everyone knows how slutty butches are and they deserve no love.

>playing multiplayer game
>character is a girl
>guy I have a crush on "damn you have a nice ass anon" referring to character
>butterflies in my stomach, blush, heart starts beating fast, feel really happy and validated
>2 seconds later crushing realization I'm not a girl and never will be and am not feminine in the slightest

i literally want to die why am I like this
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Story of my life.
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>Playing games/using steam with female names and characters
>Treated like a girl
>Anxiety fucking hits, heavy breath, my heart is skipping many beats
>Omg its happening
>Look down
>Absolute depression during the next days
>Be 14
>Play a woman on a roleplaying server for the first time
>Heart starts racing
>Start physically shaking
>Feel incredibly afraid for some reason
>Fight through the fear
>"Well that was weird I bet it meant nothing at all HOHOHOHOHO"
Imagine my life if I wasn't a fucking idiot and took that as a sign.

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People do unhealthy things to look like what/who they want.

Theres the "real" barbie and ken, the girl that wanted to look like a dragon, michael jackson, and many other people.

Some agp's want to look like their anime girls. Is it really bad? Unless they end or act like freaks i think it's a okay thing to do.

I want to look like lightning from Final Fantasy, but i know i'll never make even close to it and it's easier to kill myself. But it's possible for some people to reach the appearance they want by working hard (and spending lots of money)
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it's probably unhealthy in the sense that you'll never be what you want to be (moreso than just trannies in general), but it's not wrong.

It's not wrong but it will be harder with a 2D character.

>Spending lots of Money

Honestly if you want to look good you don't need to. Plastic surgery takes a shitload of constant maintenance and doesn't look good, there are better permanent treatments in the pipeline that'll be way better for cheaper. All the other stuff like skincare isn't expensive, the most expensive products aren't the best by a long way. Constant hair styling could get pricey but nothing you'd need to be rich for.
>Plastic surgery takes a shitload of constant maintenance and doesn't look good, there are better permanent treatments in the pipeline that'll be way better for cheaper.
Like what treatments?

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Who do you suspect is trans?

pic related. There's no way he doesn't wanna be a girl
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who's this nikka?
Maybe, but he's 6'3" so probably better off doing cute cosplays than trying to pass full trans.

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Gay faggots
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Wet Water
Barbaric Islam
Pedophile priest

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Time to kill la kill myself.

How should I do it? Britbong so no guns.
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Bathtub full of battery acid?
I live with my Grandparents and they have an abundance of Co-codamol. How many will see me off?
Ok I'm giving you more attention. That medication probably won't work too well since it seems to be mainly acetaminophen. You could try electrocution? A large fire would do too.

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Im gay
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No, you're just a beta male.
meme aside, why do people actually think he's homosexual? What exactly about him triggers some's gaydar

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Have you read the new "truth about homosexuality" comic for Christian kids? It's from some "Truth For Youth" book.
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Femgen FAQ:
▶What is a femguy/femboy?
An androgynous male with feminine and soft features. Mostly gay, but not all.
▶Are fem guys trans?
Some inevitably turn out trans. Some age into twunkhood and continue slutting it up on Grindr well past their mid twenties.
▶Can I be a femguy?
Often with enough effort, yes. Masculine bone structure, height, and aging make it hard.
▶Should I go on HRT?
If you can deal with the tits and infertility, you'll look younger longer and you won't age like a man.
▶Is liking femguys considered gay or straight?
Gay. If you're on the fence, you're bi, like a lot of people.
▶Skincare resources: https://www.reddit.com/r/SkincareAddiction/wiki/index
▶Hair care resources: https://www.reddit.com/r/haircarescience/wiki/index and /r/FancyFollicles
▶Beginner makeup resources: https://masterposter.tumblr.com/post/116605714860 and youtube tutorials


old: >>6712643
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So, what have you done to make yourself more feminine today, /femgen/?
just took my estrogen dose!
File: IMG_20160815_141642.jpg (1MB, 1940x2596px)Image search: [Google]
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Took an other photo with an other angle. Shaved best as i can.

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How do I know what my sexuality is? I have sexual fantasies of being a female being fucked by a man, but I know that if I was a man I would never want to have sex with a man. When I see women i know if they are attractive or not, I get really jealousy of them, I want to be them, but I don’t think about fucking them. When I see men I feel nothing, but the thought of being dominated by either a man or a woman turns me on. I don’t want to be gay, so I don’t want to be attracted to men, but at the same time as I transition and my mind is becoming more female I guess I kind of feel fed up of other women, I also super hate the expectations I have always had as a guy to find a girlfriend. I used to watch lesbian porn, or sissy porn, and post op tranny porn too, and imagine myself being them, I never wanted to fuck them. Then after that I started watching POV porn from female perspective getting fucked and sucking cocks. I used to just masturbate to porn. But now I no longer watch porn, and I just use my imagination and shove fingers up my arse to tickle my prostate. Also I want to suck dicks now too.


Does this mean I like men if I fantasize about sucking dicks? Please I don’t want to like men though T_T
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Ok are you trans? What is AGP? It honestly just sounds like you have sexual fantasies just like everyone else.
>>6733579Ya i am mtf
i know i have fantasies but i dont know if it is a reflection of my sexuality or not, i realy don't know how to determine what i am
You sound MtF wanting male partners which makes you het after transition.

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