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Because LGB people are not an oppressed minority can we just split lgbt into a tranny board and a sexual minority board?
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If it would stop trannies from trying to dominate every conversation then I'd be all for it.
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Yes and the sexual minority part should just be chasers.
We don't need more degeneracy containment boards thanks

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>coming out to mom
>"It's just a phase"
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>4chan must know about my irrelevant teenager problems!!!!!!!!!
>"every girl who has a crush on another girl at some point"

>"you think being gay is COOL? is this what the COOL KIDS are up to now?"
>irrelevant teenager problems
that's like 90% of the content on this board

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Help. I just discovered I am very attracted to twinks. How do I stop these gay feelings?
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You don't.
Congrats on discovering that being gay isn't a choice though.
Enjoy your AIDS.
well men lose 100% of sexual desire after they cum
So i suggest you cum in a twink.
>enjoy the post orgasm shame
Ive thought about it, but in my fantasies I just want to cuddle and have him lay his head on my chest.

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Are there any studies on hormonal responses in gay bottoms to sexual stimuli?

What causes that lip-biting feeling that makes you want to arch your back and be made into a bitch?
It can't be part of the standard masculine toolset.

But male rats given estrogen demonstrate back-arching and female sexual behaviour. Is it estrogen at work in bottoms, or something else?
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Why is taking cock "female sexual behavior"? I'm a masculine bottom and I can tell you that plenty of us exist. The man/woman role dichotomy is so much bullshit.
Op, if someone's fucking your ass, why would you not instinctively and reflexively push your prostate into whatever's fucking you.
Are you retarded?
>why would you not instinctively and reflexively push your prostate into whatever's fucking you
Well put. It is purely physical and has nothig to do with females, they don't even have prostates, they arch their backs for the sake of their clitoris.

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Straight fag here. How do I go about obtaining a qt trap gf? Where are people like me supposed to even look?

>tfw no qtp2t5'0transgf to cuddle the frigid winter nights away while injecting each other with hormones
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>while injecting each other with hormones

So I'm not the only one who's thought of doing this. Too bad I'm neither 5'0" or cute.
bump. this is serious
Oh, you just hit < > < > ^^ VV ABAB and she'll appear. Because you're so wonderful.

You get a partner by going out and interacting with the type of people you want to date.

Apologies for the intrusion onto your peaceful board, but i have just a simple question.

Is the HIV/AIDS virus in the LGBT community still a serious threat?It seems to be made out like the boogeyman of the community. Or have advances in modern medicine toned it down. What precautions are taken.

Pardon my ignorance and sorry if i have offended anyone with my query.
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The threat is still just as real, we're just more aware of it now and [the not retarded ones] can take precautions.
HIV got so big because no one really knew where it was coming from, so everyone barebaked and shit and no one was tested.
its a big deal.
>an agency used grindr to distribute home HIV tests to gay men on LA. Of the 67 people that reported their results 2 learned that they had hiv.
So its still very common statistically.

precautions are much better. condoms obviously. always use condoms. Getting tested is FREE! its free to get tested. go get tested for free. go get tested with your boyfriend both for free! people also can use prep if they really want to have unsafe sex.

it seems like the youth takes it more seriouly than older gay community. GL getting a twink to bareback, not happening with them. but i was in san fran for folsom and at bay of pigs people were barebacking rando's in the club it was scandalous.
PrEP is actually safer than condoms, if you use it right.
The issue comes when idiots decide that they can skip a day taking the pill.

It's a big problem, but easily avoided nowadays by
>Avoiding hookups
>Using condoms if you're unsure
>Getting tested regularly with any and all sex partners
>>Paying for RNA tests if you really are hellbent on staying negative (like myself)
>Taking PrEP daily

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They were totally gay for each other, right?
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Yes. They did it for the jail bait younger brother who is also a homo
Only in your fanfiction.
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Do you want me to write one, Anon?

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Is there such a thing as masculine guys who are into trans guys? Or at least wouldn't care about boipussy? I pass well, already growing a beard at 8 months on T. Working on vocal infliction and gains. I am not attracted to guys who are more feminine than me. I get hit on by teenage girls in the wild, and old daddies and betas on Grindr.

What do? Should I juat succumb to tranny death?
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I'm personally kind of curious to pursue a relaton ship with a transman, but I'm afraid that it would be seen as ferishizing him. I am not a super masc4masc guy thought and I already have a hard enough time finding gay guys of any kind in my area who are into me, so I have little insight about what other guys want. Most gay guys are obsessed with dick though. Even the total tops love dick and want a hung bottom boy toy.
There are, they are most likely gonna be bi though
Bi man here, lean towards guys, I'd date a trans guy no questions asked. I'm iffy about trans girls though.

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Why is there so much hate for bisexuals in the LGBT community? Especially for bisexuals currently in heterosexual relationships?
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because the gays think that bisexual men are actually gay like them.

Because of the perception that Bi people, when they get tired of all the homosexual oppression, can just switch over to appearing straight and as such,are not as dedicated to the homosexual cause as someone who is fully into liking alike.

If you get sick of the hatred from the gays and the lesbians, try hanging around the asexuals, as they seem to be another group the gays and lesbians hate for no real reason.
Bisexuals are basically like the phone gamers of the LGBT community, only that they have no choice in the matter.

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>Be at pride
>See this

What do?
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Gay rights should be about gays and lesbians and nothing else.
99% of furries are fags though, so they should be allowed.
Trannies make me appreciate the good old fashioned perversion of furries.

/lgbt/, will you ever feel as alone and confused about the world as Todd Chavez?

also ITT, pls be aware asexuals are VIPs
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I don't know if I'm asexual or not. I'm a male. The first time I masturbated I was 16 and I did it because I'd been hearing about it for years and years and wanted to know what the fuss was. I liked how it made me feel. I masturbated to a profile picture of a girl on Facebook, but it was just an image of her face. Since then I started to masturbate regularly, but I hardly ever watch porn. I do feel arousal for women but it's never enough that I want to pursue sex or think it would be rewarding. I had a girlfriend and I couldn't get it up the first time we tried to have sex. It didn't really faze me until she got incredibly upset about it later that night, making me feel rather useless. She had bipolar disorder and was generally very abusive, perhaps sexually. I felt pressured to fuck her, as if it were a necessity for our relationship, and I stopped masturbating for two weeks and finally fucked her twice. It felt good because of the romantic implications, and I even cried, but physically I didn't think it was anything to particularly write home about. I much preferred how I felt afterwards when contemplating it alone. I liked the power and the rush. After that night I still had trouble getting it up, occasionally being able to. Thinking about the act made me incredibly anxious. I'd make up excuses so as to not have to go to her house. It made her go nuts. I left her but for a long time I felt emasculated, as if there were something very wrong with me, physically or something, maybe it was that I have an anxiety disorder. I made friends with someone who is deep into LGBTQIA and through her suggestions that I might be asexual I started thinking more about it. As of now I am conflicted. But I do know that right now the thought of actually having sex makes me anxious and sick, but I masturbate regularly. I think for me it's more of a bodily necessity and I like the thought of how textures feel sensually and that's what I get off of. (1/2)
I still fantasize about people and check people out though. That's why I don't know. But if I were ever in a situation where I could have sex I'd turn it down. It's a prospect that to me has humiliating, boring, and sometimes sickening implications. I don't know. I'm not aromantic and a currently have a girlfriend. The thing is though that she's incredibly traditional and we've been dating for over a year and she won't even let me kiss with tongue. I'm hoping she might be asexual, actually.

Sorry for the long post. I've just never gotten this off of my chest. I've never even been on this board before. I don't know the rules so sorry if I've been an idiot. Thanks for being here.
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this is the longest thing i've ever read on 4chan

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ITT: post the worst home you can find.
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This thread is a mess, much like those homes.

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>enter room
>see this

What do, /lgbt/?
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"Aye yo String, where's Wallace?"
>"nice nipple"
>"oh shit why am i in here again? where am i? what's going on!"
I'd ask him if he wants to make out.

So... I was was finally glad that I had not been triggered for a WHOLE ONE HOUR today, I was on Facebook taking one of those really cool quizzes. I did not except to be triggered, because really not that much triggers me. Only cisgendered males, white people, christians, americans, trump supporters, and all privileged people. Anyways, back to my story... The quiz asked for me gender. I was triggered that is asked for my gender. LIKE FOR REAL? Who ask's someones gender. That is totally disrespectful and triggering. Then I realized that "Male" came before "Female"... That was EVEN MORE TRIGGERING! Wow, that patriarchy. You know what triggered me the most though? When I noticed that MALE AND FEMALE WHERE THE *ONLY* OPTIONS!!!!!!! THAT IS LIKE TOATS *TRIGGERING* !!!!!!!!! It did not even have an option for all these genders and gender identities that exist.Female to Male FTMAgender Androgyne Androgynous Bigender Gender Fluid Gender Nonconforming Gender Questioning Gender Variant Genderqueer Intersex Male to Female MTF Neither Neutrois Non-binary Other Pangender Trans Trans* Trans Female Trans* Female Trans Male Trans* Male Trans Man Trans* Man Trans Person Trans* Person Trans Woman Trans* Woman Transfeminine Transgender Transgender Female Transgender Male Transgender Man Transgender Person Transgender Woman Transmasculine Transsexual Transsexual Female Transsexual Male Transsexual Man Transsexual Person Transsexual Woman Two-Spirit
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2011: the joke
Its just my idea or trolls really need to step up their game?

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I've seen at least 10 people who had FFS from different doctors, and they all still have manly faces. I cannot understand why, though. What are the typical reasons as to why FFS fails?
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>face is naturally very long
>long midsection of face
>having too radical of a surgery causing face to look out of proportion
>features are generally large, meaning they can be shaped to be "feminine" but will still be large like a males
>face wasn't very feminine to begin with, good ffs comes from having a good base to make subtle changes to rather than creating something new, which runs the risk of creating uncanny valley type shit
>this doesn't apply to all of them but;going to some shitty 'do everything at once' surgeon rather than seeing specialists based on what section of the face you want changing

That's all can think of right now
>Longer face
>Bigger head
>Noses are longer, making an already longer mid face look even longer (female noses ends a bit further than half ways to their lips, male noses goes very close to the lips).
>Male facial muscle that hasn't/won't atrophy
>Deeper set eye sockets
You'll find women here and there who have some of these features though, but it's when all those things happen at the same time, that somebody looks male.
Its always the dimensions of the face. All you need to know is that on average male skulls are 30% larger than females.

If you look at trans you will see they have wider and taller faces than females. People are too focused on the brow. But if you have a female sized head you will pass far better even with some meh brow bossing than a ts that gets brow surgery but has a dimensionally large faced .

FFS currently cannot truly narrow the face at any level above the chin and very bottom (at the angle and no higher) of the mandible. The widest point of our face for most people is actually where the mandible inserts into the skull at the TMJ joint. Also some peoples zygomas are wider that than this but most epople the TMJ is the widest point. This point can't be changed with current techniques.

Also they can't narrow your forehead. Or shrink it really. Pull hair down over an over developed forehead looks uncanny you can't truly hige a tall forehead by pulling the hairline down because others peoples eyes will still pick up the large dimension of the top of your skull.

These are a few things.
Average trans people ignorantly think of transition like "do you have potential with hrt" when they should be thinnking "are you a good candidate for ffs?" because hardly anyone will pass great with just hormones. You must be lucky have small brow bossing, small nose, not be angular ect. So the question becomes more like "can I pass with my brow bossing removed, my chin softened, jaw softened, nose done" and for many people (most?) these things are not enough to truly pass. So if you are a good candidate for ffs you could have a successful transition "eventually"

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