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Hey /lgbt/, first time posting.

I know you probably get these kinds of posts all the time but I dont know who I can talk to about this.

The only thing I ever masturbate to is the thought of being a female, sometimes coupled with having sex with a male as a female. Its not just a sexual fantasy though I genuinely just want to be a girl.

I tried to fight against it by training in the gym and putting on a different persona but I think that I'm always going to feel this way. Ive had sex with girls before but it's extremely hard for me to finish, I usually go soft while I'm inside which really strikes me as wrong.

Im terrified of transitioning and feel like my face and body can never look feminine enough.

Pic related, it's me
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a waste of a good male

you sound like you're an ago tranny
Waste of a hot male.
What do do you mean by ago?

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If everyone agreed to take the ethical point of view by respecting others and their core values, would there be any need for a rigorous study of ethical?
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ethics lives matter. really makes you think
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Respecting others and their core values is your definition of ethical, not everybody's. Ethics is so divisive BECAUSE it's different from society to society.

For example, crazy Christians believe homos are evil. By trying to ban homosexuality, they honestly think they are saving us from eternal damnation. In their heart of hearts, they believe they are making the ethical choice.
How are homos not evil? They want to take away my guns and my god.

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Do you like being queer? Why (not)?
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I guess so? It's similar to asking me if I "like" being a white male. I've always been so, and I've always been queer, or at least since my earliest memories.
Not really. But I suspect I'd be just as big of a failure if I was straight.

As for why, because being a minority sucks, especially a sexual minority. I'll never meet a potential mate randomly. I'll always have to seek them out in these gross, sexually charged spaces. And because there are so few of us, it's harder to find someone compatible.

And love is such a big part of the human experience too. Why would I want that to be more difficult for me?

Also, I live in a less than tolerant country.
Where do you live if you don't mind me asking?

Friends please.

I think there's probably a lot of people here who are lonely or would like more friends, on the net or otherwise. So post something about you and maybe a location or steam/Skype/whatever and make some friends.

Me first:
lonely dood in Wellington, we could listen to vinyl in my room if you're cool
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Buttsex in your room?
Preferably just hang out
I love stand up comedy a lot, as well as funny movies, YouTube channels, and yaoi. If you're in NYC that's great too.

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med stash.jpg
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How does everyone here store their meds?

pic is my set up, i am using an eski which keeps things pretty cool, and these little japanese suitcase locks will stop people snooping. and i cover it with an oppai mousepad as a diversion

any one have good storage/ hidding spot tips?
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I use this cunning device.
File: images(13).jpg (7KB, 225x225px)Image search: [Google]
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I keep about 6 months worth of oestradiol in here, with all of my AAs, and my passport.

The rest is in a large box in my wardrobe, with a similarly Japanese suitcase lock from Daiso.
you take finasteride AND cyproterone?


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Dysphoria Folder Entry #12.webm
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>20 years old
>2.5 years on spiro/E
>30" underbust, 36.5" bust
>not going full time until I can pass 1000000%.

I need to run and lift and stuff so I don't get flabby.

But hiding my tits is starting to get hard.

I wear a really, tight, low-profile sports bra that did the job until recently but these things are just out of control.

How do you hons do it?
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>mfw mtf and id have her face with a smaller chin and brows
why are you still presenting male 2 and a half years into hormones?
by not being passable, retard

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Guys who describe themselves as "total tops", why must you make such a concerted effort to appear masculine and "alpha." We all know that the only reason that you refuse to take it in the butt is because you're a pussy beta bitch who's not man enough to put down their purse and take a throbbing 8 inch benis.

Pic mildly related
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I've met a lot of guys that are exclusive tops that are effeminate and queeny as fuck.
be honest now, getting fucked is not manly.
>that level of inferiority complex

kek, see a therapist dude

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Thread for those who feel unwelcome among the younger and more successful transitioners who have turned hongen into an ironic thread.

>height must be at least 5'10
>shoulder to hip ratio must be at least 1.2
>underbust to hip ratio must be at least 1.05
>shoe size must be at least 10M
>if you have not been on hormones for at least two years, you must be at least age 24
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unironically posting a selfie
hey there, lord farquad
you are adorable

i'm a transbian... and i go swimming and dudes stare at me... i get too much attention from them, and i really hate guys. if i were a real female woman i would be smiling and looking at girls in the shower... hehehe... but because i know what it's like to have guys you don't want looking at your looking at you, i don't. wish i could, but i can't because i look too male and i'm non-op so... i don't want to make them uncomfortable like guys make me. they should have a place where they can get away from that. i always divert my eyes to the ceiling. i would love to go to the shower and check out the wet naked girls. real lesbians are so lucky.
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>OP confirmed to be 200+ pounds and stroking their neckbeard
So believe me, I get it.
You get to grope yourself and steal a peak in the chicks bathroom. But bro. Have you considered that it makes you look like a GIRL? What's more, men might get the wrong idea and try to date you, which is hella gay. My bro Brad did this, at first it was all fun and games, we'd grope him and laugh and it was sweet, but then we started getting attracted to him and that's FUCKED UP.
Here's the kicker though, we told brad to stop doing the pills and he CRIED, brad would never cry before, he had the least emotions of us all, like a war vet, real cool guy. But it gets worse, Brad stopped taking the pills but the boobs stayed on and he had the face of a fucking chick and acted totally gay, smiling at silly shit all the time, it was gross.
He was weak as fuck, couldn't squat fuck all anymore. Then recently Brad told us that he had to keep taking the pills or he'd die, doctor said that, so now he's taking the pills for life and honestly I might end fucking him some day and that's gay as fuck. That's my horror story and it's true, so please, stop taking pills before it's too late
That sounds hot. Please tell me at least one of you will marry him someday.

So what is one supposed to do in this situation?

Your partner wants to kill themselves really badly.
You're the only thing preventing them, multiple times daily stopping them from walking out and offing themselves.
They are constantly going back into depressive states, every single day, and it has become extremely tiring and is wearing you out.
Literally anything will, for lack of a better word, trigger them into such states, there is no predicting it. They'll also just randomly do it themselves, all the time.
If you broke up with them and kicked them out, they'd just go kill themselves. Same for breaking up with them and not kicking them out. Yet you're tired of it all and just want to be free of it. You want to break up with them and stop dealing with this stress, but you also don't want them to kill themselves.
On top of this it's only this constant stress of dealing with someone so suicidal, helpless, hopeless, and pathetic, that makes you want to break up with them. Aside from that the relationship of years has been wonderful, in fact the most compatible relationship you've ever had, also the longest lasting one. You've lived together for years. It's just this constant recurring depression, which has worsened over the years despite them only coming closer to their "dream life", which is making you want to end it just to be free of the stress.
You would miss them after breaking up, and knowing they were going to kill themselves at that point would only make it worse. Many, many things would be ruined, even just breaking up with them and them not killing themselves, there would be so many reminders of them and it would still hurt to do it. But the stress is just so much. I wish I could just pawn them off on someone and let them be their boyfriend and fill this role instead so I knew they would be okay or at least live. This is all just too much.

What do?
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Der traurige Frosch.jpg
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I wish I had a bf who was so reliant on me.
No you don't.
They're not reliant, they keep wanting to walk out and fucking off themselves and I have to stop them, over and over.
can't you have him committed?

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How do I find a bro-tier boyfriend?

All the gays I've met have been special snowflakes, entitled cunts, or too politically correct.

It feels like they just don't exist in my city.
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What city are you in
San Antonio.

The straights here are pretty bro-tier, but almost all of the gays I've met are unbearable.

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hayley kiyoko.gif
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Cis Lesbian General: Muzik Edition

What are you listening to?

See >>6824174 if you intend on drawing attention to not being lesbian.

Add these to your filter list: http://pastebin.com/hmZKdbmE And keep updating your filters with every thread. Some advice to keep this general decent: Recognize the ability to hide posts that are attention-seeking. Avoid discussions of feminism, questions of gender, or other topics more suited for your tumblr. This thread is intended for AFAB lesbians to discuss and congregate on 4chan's /lgbt/ board. Therefore please respect /lgbt/ board rules, and 4chan global rules.

To join Discord look here: http://pastebin.com/P644WESi
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OLD: >>6870690
Just broke up with my girlfriend of 5 months guys, it wasn't long but it felt like a lot and I loved her a lot + she was my first real girlfriend, how do you get over someone? I'm not really keen in giving many details but I think to say that lately I had been feeling like she wasn't what I wanted and I was just with her to have someone to support me and talk to me and love me and not be alone, not because I truly loved her for who she was.
I think it's enough to say that*

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I identify as a gay male, I am 24. but I have started to get off to straight porn. mainly orgasm compilations where slutty women get intense orgasms from very manly men and rough sex.
What does this mean? Do I put myself in the position of the female? Or am I a closeted bi/straight guy? I am very confused! Maybe it is the rough, slutty thing that gets me off...
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Don't think. Just enjoy.

I had a similiar experience. When I looked more into straight porn I realized that I found tomboys very attractive thus was bi. If you are you have to find out yourself
Haha faggot liking pussy!
>Or am I a closeted bi/straight guy?
I had the same from the opposite side. If that helps, now it's almost 3 years later and I know I'm bisexual.
Seriously though, other than for coming out or "finding yourself" why do you need labels?

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i hate my life.gif
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I am a closeted tranny. This year i broke down and started jumping through the hoops for hrt. I started self medding 3 weeks ago. I am completely in the closet, no irl one knows about it outside of a few doctors, a psychologist, and a psychiatrist. I lied to the psychiatrist and told him that I had talked to my family about it. In reality, people on here are my only suport network. I have made about 30 threads on /lgbt/ over the past 3 months With out you guys i wouldn't be on hormones right now, i would probably be a depressed mess or dead, but i know you are just anons, we are not real people in each other’s lives

Should I come out to someone irl ?

I am really scared T_T. I feel I have to tell someone… but I can’t. I can’t predict what will happen. I am ashamed to be a degenerate tranny scum, I don’t want my family to disown me. I live with my older brother and his girlfriend, I don’t want him to kick me out. Is it possible to keep this from him?

I want to tell my older sister. When I was like 10yo, my older sister caught me cross dressing and said she would accept me if I wanted to become a woman, but I denied it and brushed it off, and then repressed for over a decade….i don’t know if she would still accept me, what are my chances?

My best friend knows something is up with me. I know he likes tranny porn and anime too so I think he would be ok with it, I want to tell him.. but I can’t risk it. I don’t want him to see me as some unstable freak. Should I risk it anyway? Fuck…

A few hours ago i was going to ask on facebook a lesbian family member how my sister reacted when she came out to her, but I got scared, and i kind of revealed that I was hiding something important. Am I fucked? Should I try and ask her again?

please halp T_T
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>I am ashamed to be a degenerate tranny scum
There is nothing wrong with being transsexual.

You could try coming out to your older sister unless you have a reason to believe that she somehow radically changed her mind over time.

If possible you should become financially independent so that you can come out without repercussions. Then you can consider who to come out to and who to hide from, if anyone.

Be well. You can do this.
>being a degenerate
I feel bad about this sometimes but it helps to remember that it's just another way of saying "stop wanting/liking what I don't want/like".

I think your friend, older sister and the lesbian family member all sound like good people to talk about this. If you're afraid of your brother throwing you out, maybe choose the person most least likely to talk with your brother about this to minimize your risk? From my experience, people who watch anime tend to be pretty accepting of things related to /lgbt/.

I was really afraid that my friends would see me as a freak if I talked to them about this but none of them seem to care or then they are just generally interested in the process and why I'm doing this.
Any local trans support group? Apart from meetings, many offer talking with someone further down the road.

Are romantic orientations a bunch of malarkey for SJW or this thing is actually real?
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I think they might be real, but they don't seem to be very innate, unlike sexual attraction, which seems heavily focused on physical femininity, masculinity, androgyny, or any combination of those three, and rarely can be changed with effort.

Romantic attraction seems to be based on gender roles, be they purely societal or those few parts of gender performance that are based off of innate biological tendencies.
they're real
But what does romantic attraction really mean? Is this just a mild platonic emotion or it can be this very strong feeling with dopamine rush?

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