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Would you ever date someone with BPD?
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yep. i have before so i sort of know what to expect when entering a relationship with someone who has BPD.
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My little sis has bpd. As long as she takes her meds, shes's a really sweet person who loves to help people. The only problem is when she misses the crazy highs and lows of bpd, and stops medicating.
So I guess as long as they took their pillz I wouldn't care
No, never.

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Hey /LGBT/, I want to rant here for a second about Wikipedia and Homosexuality. The page which discusses documented cases of homosexuality in nature seems to use a really loose definition of "homosexual behavior". The reason this alarms me is because it seems like the content is being manipulated in a way to make homosexuality look more common and natural than it actually is.

Look at this shit.


I'm not trying to go /pol/ on you guys but come the fuck on. We all know what homosexuality is. There is no need to stretch the definition to fit your agenda and more importantly obfuscate actual scientific research with your bullshit.
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any social issue on Wikipedia is really liberal and I would say not factual, there's a reason why you weren't allowed to use the site in school.
Okay but before we do anything else
1. How does this affect your everyday life in any conceivable way
2. Is it worth expending energy on this topic
It's really boring having everyone come here to rant to us about lgbt related bullshit they find on other sites or hear about in the news. We are not a hivemind.
If you want to talk about that shit, fine, post some actual examples from the article and ask what people think. But posting the link and calling it bullshit like you think anyone here actually wrote it and is going to defend it is just a stupid waste of time.

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Sorry anons, but I am angry now at some aspects of LGBT. I am angry with the fact that inside the LGBT community hate and discrimination are fully allowed against bisexuals. For example, many gays were trying to explain to me that there is no bisexuality and I am just mentally challenge gay because I am in the closet. How come, in LGBT community as bisexual I am not allowed to feel safe and be proud? And how come some asexuals also discriminate against me for being bisexual. They keep trying to explain to me that as bisexual, I must have sex in a relationship, and I am not allowed to be happy in asexual relationship with both genders because then I must admit to myself that I am asexual even though I prefer to identify myself as bisexual.
Even heterosexuals discriminate me for being bisexual. They also keep telling me that there is no bisexuality, and I am just gay or straight.

I just do not get why there is so much hate against bisexuals in LGBT (I can understand outside LGBT, but inside LGBT? the place where we are taught to fight discrimination). How come we are not allowed to do what makes us happy? Just because some bisexuals lean towards asexuality or homosexuality or heterosexuality, we are still allowed to be bisexual, it is a spectrum which most LGBT community and heterosexuals do not understand (pic related) :(
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>bf is wary and doubtful cause I'm bi at first
>nowadays likes to role play I'm straight and he "converts" me with his mouth and ass

make it work for you or just lie
well shit I just realized how poorly worded that was
>bf is wary and doubtful at first
mtf here

I like bisexuals. You guys seem way more chill than either L or G.

Lesbians and gays are always trying to work out who really qualifies as lesbian, who really qualifies as gay, and they're busy hating everyone, even their own community.

This isn't the case with bisexuals from what I see. You guys are the least judgemental, and the most willing to accept that people aren't lying about who they are.

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Pentakill Kat.jpg
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Onward to page 10, am I right?

I know this will get trolled into oblivion, but I really just...am beyond caring at this point. It's either I get this off my chest before doing something or know that when I cut my losses and run - I'll have left things unsaid.

Years ago, I found 4chan and enjoyed trolling around on it, generally just laughing and snickering at the occasional dumbassness that can be found on here. I was young, stupid, horny and just generally trying to explore every facet of humanity I could find.

Segue to a few years later, relationship I was in ended poorly, we had opened up to each other and it came out I felt like...I'd have been happier if I was born female. She took it in stride, I thought things would work out. We talked and she helped me learn to do makeup, and we tried exploring things with resources online. Doing so in the real world would have been next to impossible...this was the mid 2000s when being trans was no where near as protected as it is today.
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The miracle ended about 6 or 7 months later. She got knocked up by a 'mutual friend' of ours and our relationship ended, and I spent the next two years swimming around the bottom of a bottle.

I gave up on pretty much everything except focusing on my work, haven't dated, haven't had sex, haven't even so much as entertained the idea of ever finding someone again. Obviously there was a reason I was left, so being the trainwreck I am - I wouldn't want to put anyone else through having to deal with and put up with me.

I look in the mirror, and I see 33 years of regret, self hate, loathing, and failure staring back at me. Wishing for what could have been if the resources had been there and I had not been in what was essentially 'the bible belt'.

Some, asinine part of me still dreams, and the dreams I have only make me all the more depressed and angry with myself.

Fairytales aren't real, there are no happy endings, you're born, you live, you work to make someone else money, you learn to give up on dreams, and you die.

That's my story. Sorry for wasting your time and bandwith.
Life sucks for a lot of us unfortunately. I'm 24 a NEET living off NEETbux haven't been in a relationship since high school. I'm trans as fuck but couldn't admit it to myself and waited until I wouldn't pass to accept it. If I could've accepted it sooner maybe I could've gotten help instead here I am a NEET shit posting machine with no hope in life. I hope somehow you feel better about yourself though anon.
im a NEET, haven't been in relationship, and what the fuck is neet bux ?

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>no news
>no discord info
>no bait warning
>no posts

This truly is lazy & depressed edition.
Some threads are only a photo. But I think it should have a link to the previous thread >>8744510
Good morning/afternoon sunshine!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!

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Found this...

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I'm so fucking envious rn
Here's some more:


There was a third person like this but I can't find her.

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>hot boy in my dorm building
>meet up
>really hot, we're both into it
>suck him 5ever
>he sucks me for a bit
>we are both ready to cum, I cum, but he can't
>he's mega hard and i'm still sucking him but he can't cum
>he keeps jacking himself but can't cum
>"yeah, you can leave now."
>get dressed awkwardly
>shoot him my phone number in case he wants to try again sometime
>blocks me on grindr

what the fuck senpai? he was obviously into it. is this just a repressed young gayboy thing?
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He was probably too anxious about hooking up with a total stranger and couldn't cum. Been there, done that.

As for the blocking, typical one night stand behavior and probably too shy to ever meet up again.
sorry for the blogpost and thanks for the measured reply. I really need to stop using grindr, fuck that app.
I've been that guy with a few guys.
Anxiety every single time I meet up somewhere new. I guess just the thought some dude I was looking to fuck could murder me in cold blood sets it off.

I'll usually just block them because i'm embarrassed/didn't really like it.

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lesbian gay bisexual HSTS AGP

pic unrelated
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HSTS vs AGP is not a real distinction though
No. Its tttt or nothing.

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yes transgender isnt a good word anymore
anyone man can take hormones and transition an call themself a transgirl an even transgirls say that those people are trans

rmemoving transgender and just calling trans either agp or hsts is a good start

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AGP here. Are my hips wide enough to fool the boys? Or am I forever doomed to hon status?

passgen, individual body part edition: for those of us too afraid to post our faces, submit individual body parts for commentary on whether they might pass here
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Oh wow your hips are even higher than mine, but you don't have the weird violin hips as bad as I do.
Really hoping hrt gets rid of my violin hips cause mine are like 100x worse than yours despite my hips not being high like yours are.
>Oh wow your hips are even higher than mine, but you don't have the weird violin hips as bad as I do.
>Really hoping hrt gets rid of my violin hips
Sadly it doesn't tbqh. Source: Me 2.5 yrs on HRT.
I haven't been on hrt long and I've noticed it reducing though. It was actually one of the biggest changes I've noticed and I'm only 6 months in.
It's really noticeable to me though because I've had it my entire life

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What's their name /lgbt/?
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Who, my female self?
No, the person who molested you as a child.

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>tfw cant wear skinny jeans
>tfw cant cross my legs or keep them together in fem pose in public
>tfw dont have guys trying to impress you

Ive got more but cant remember right now, I just remember feeling these pretty strongly today. What are some of yours?
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>can't wear cute/fashionable clothes
>can't paint my nails
>can't cry in public
you can literally do all those things. well except maybe have guys try to impress you, but that's out of your hands regardless of gender.
Not without being heavily judged

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Everything came out EXACTLY as I wanted. Thank you for being with me on this journey. My transition is officially OVER.
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Blaire no make up is a great look for you
File: t.jpg (349KB, 3840x2160px)Image search: [Google]
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rage moar
You seriously look gorgeous, come kick it in bbank sometime

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I just noticed i'm 18 since midnight and i don't have time anymore. I need help to figure out what i should do.

>Some background
I don't enjoy the idea of aging as a male. the idea of looking like my father or cousins... I'm disgusted by the idea of going to gym and getting a big, manly body. I'm disgusted by every body hair that's starting to grow everywhere, and i check myself at the mirror everytime. I don't exactly look at my face, i delude myself into focusing on every feminine and cute features while i ignore and hate every millimetrical masculine ones.

During those years lurking i could see myself in many stories of people confused with gender, but i've never found out how did they stories ended, and i couldn't find an end to mine. I feel like i've split myself in two. One who posted here, asked for advice and helped other people in the same situation. Gathered knowledge to find answers. But at the same, the other person, my true self irl did nothing. I didn't progress during all this time. Now, i feel like i jumped off a cliff, into the void, and i don't know what i'm doing anymore. My "hope" is lost. And my "true" self is going to a college in the next week, repeating a routine of hobbies until it's time to sleep. The only reason i'm not doing drugs is because i don't want to fuck up my body aesthetically, in respect to the hope i had.

>Please, ask myself about my gender identity, make me question myself deeply, i want to answer everything i can and when the thread gets archived, read it over and over and find an answer based on my posts. This way i should know if i'm trans or anything like that, and what should i do... Anything helps, even the most basic "When you've started to feel like that" or anything a therapist would ask. I won't lie about anything this time. Thanks and sorry, i'm desperate.
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Given you've said you dissociate your "here" self from your "true irl" self, I'm not sure if there's anything anyone here can do to help you.
P.S. >>8744472
I guess what I mean is, you should see a therapist or something irl. Or start crossdressing, or *something*. If you're going to college, use that as a chance to break your routine.

It sounds like posting on a forum isn't going to help, if you've been doing that for years.
Just buy hormones off the internet like everyone else.

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Last thread: >>8737032

Main Discord link: https://discord.gg/3NrSCsk
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You newfags can't even respect the trips I got for the nice thread
That's some bullshit though. Know for a fact no one is falling in love with my smile any time soon. I'll be happy in general, but fuck those illegally hypothetical persons.
Trying too hard.

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1 QwEsVJ3x5gtGzF5R9SiSFA.jpg
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Not OP, but I'm the one who posted this in /repgen/ yesterday.

I can relate to almost everything in the essay, but most of all "I don’t correct her. I never correct anyone." Every time someone brings up my supposed* gender when it's not relevant is another twist of the knife. Seeing a trans woman do it, someone who should know better, hurts even more.

And even though I mostly just keep quiet about anything that might provoke that response because I'm terrified of these interactions, whenever I see it done to someone else - even if that person is statistically almost certainly a cis guy - I think "that could have been me. That was my opinion too. I could have posted that and she would have said the same thing to me".

*and presumed, at that. My profile doesn't have any gender information on it, and I doubt they're doing a deep dive through my history to figure out if I've ever mentioned it. But of course "did you just assume my gender" is just a meme toxic cis people use to make fun of us. No-one could ever possibly have a legitimate reason to want a norm of not calling people dudes without their express permission.
Fucking heartwrenching
This is exactly how I feel. I don't underdstand how the woman in the second link can dismiss these feelings so angrily.

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