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Why does /femgen/ pass better than /mtfgen/?
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meme magic
because our goal is to be qt rather than to be women, and so we focus all of our energy on a single task while mtf has to focus on both
We dont live in a society of amazonian warrior princesses, we live in a society of pussies.

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Do most transwomen want to be girls because they're actually trans, or is it because being female is easy mode?

Men get the short end of the stick in a lot of things in life. We're more limited in fashion choice, get inferior treatment by the legal system, have a much harder time dating, and are generally valued less. Not to mention that girls are just plain cuter.
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>it's this thread again
Fine. I'll make the post. Girl is ez mode, tranny is not.
But just because being a tranny is hard doesn't mean one can't develop dysphoria as a result of gender envy, right?
I certainly wouldn't call being a girl "easymode", but for me it's a little of column a, a bit of column b. I legitimately am much happier with myself being a girl than a boy, but I was never that dysphoric about being a boy. The main thing that made me go full trans instead of just repressing and androgynysing is that being a girl that is somewhat boyish and into guy things is generally socially acceptable, but a guy being into almost any girly things or being at all feminine is looked down upon a lot.

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Why must i look feminine when i do not feel feminine, i don't and never wanted to be female or feminine, i don't have anything against it..

Everyone in my family has a macho masc attitude even the girls including my 16yo sister, but why must the boys be "pretty". I look at my 12yo brother starting puberty and i see my struggles and pain laid out in front of him. I dont want this life for him, i know for sure he hates it, he's beginning to realize what life is like when you look like something you are not, i see him cringe and frown when people mistake him for a girl.

Now before you say stuff like "eat more" "do manly stuff" "stop acting like a girl" i have a fast metabolism so i cant gain weight and if i try to i feel sick. And i have half given up on the idea that ill ever be treated the way i want to anyway, how do i approach this subject with him, i feel like this is the opportune time to help him in any way i can.

How would you, help a young boy from falling into deep depression from all the affections his ultra feminine appearance gets him when he just wants to be "normal"?
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post pic of face and we'll see what we can do
Hm i dunno. I would want to post it only for people to see what my brother has in store for him but ill just get picked at for my own femininity ugh
nigga what are you even talking about

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>tfw not a girl
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Does anyone know any chill lesbian bars/cafes/ clubs in Melbourne?

Also general thread for discussing your local LGBT scene?
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Shoutouts to my local transgender groups. You know, all 0 of them. Living in an area where your "local" whatever is at best a half hour away at worst 4 hours is pretty shit when you have the internet to be jealous over everyone in big cities.
Bumpin' for interest. I'm moving to Melbourne soon and need to know the places to be.
Are you lesbian as well? I know plenty of gay male clubs around but I'm struggling to find girls only ones.

Also bump

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Have you ever had a romance with a hot Priest?
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most youth pastors have banging bodies built for sex unless youre unlucky i guess.
men were created to give sex
No, he most definitely was not
Does an ex-priest count?

From /r9k/, with love.
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didn't even read

he needs to fix his caps lock
Well, it's...a compliment? I guess?
A very autistic, over the top compliment, but I suppose he has good intentions.
Things like this make me want to help robots, not because of pity, but because I can see that some of them, for as awkward, unattractive, and bitter as they are, do have some good in them, and I'd like to bring that out in them.
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For the love of God, STOP TALKING. Stop your verbal diarrhea. You talk too much. You have nothing interesting to say. The main reason you have nothing interesting to say is because you don't do anything interesting and you don't know anything interesting. More on that later, but for now, you need to STOP TALKING SO DAMN MUCH.
Stop talking about the stupid shit you talk about. Nobody cares about any of it. Stop talking about your feelings, stop talking about your inner thoughts, stop talking. Nobody cares about how you feel or what you think. That opinion on religion or politics you have? Keep it to yourself. That thing you know about some obscure item, event or place? Shut the fuck up about it. Nobody cares. NOBODY CARES. That shit you say is not witty, erudite or interesting. It's tone-deaf, out of place, stupid and boring. Stop thinking that people care about your feelings or thoughts or your existence. THEY DON'T. So stop thinking that, and stop talking about it.

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It's about time for me to go, but not before posting a last thread. I've never been someone very aware of sexuality, self-conscient of my own orientation since I was around 16-17 (Bisexual, or biscum), I've always put an incredible effort for being kind, never been weird or disrespectful towards anything or anyone; I love my parents and my friends, but it's getting impossible to hold this in secret, this dysphoria I've been feeling sickens me to death, yesterday I fucking pucked out of it, and I cannot tell anyone for my desires of being an andro-sexual machines for simple reasons: I'm poor; I have very femenine body and features yet my nose and some hair bothers the achievement of that goal; I thought I could always count with my friends and family, but it seems I'm the disgrace of my family since I couldn't earn free studies abroad like my brothers, it seems I'm not good enough or smarth enough to deserve respect, it seems that I cannot play videogames or go out with friends without being a lazy dissapointment; no one really likes me by different reasons, but they're all just out of the blue, so now that I don't have support at all and the only one desire I had is gone forever, I want to say good-bye people of /lgtb/, it's been a fucking pleasure; chasers fuck-off; andro's, you're angels in this world; trans and crossdressers, hope you are happy how you look today and if you don't try your best of getting that look you want, I'm sure you can be beautiful; the rest of the zoo, keep-it-up with the noise, and sorry for pic-unrelated, yet Lucina is cute, I'll be posting in life no more, peace out
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Safe travels, hope you find some peace in the next beginning my friend
Why leave?

I think OP is going to/did kill themselves.

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Hey guys.

About 8 months ago my ex girlfriend broke up with me, and through a lot of it I didn't have a lot of people to turn to and I was freaking out mentally. A lot of the time I was angry and I felt really alone.
Previous to that, a guy who I've known for maybe 6+ years tells me he's gay. Being a little confused on where I stood regarding that, I was pretty sure I was bi. We flirt a little, eventually he pretty much becomes my best friend and maybe a few months ago we just sort of assumed that we were dating each other.
The issue comes in where I'm not sure if I'm bi. Him and I have been dating for maybe, 4 months and we've never really "fooled around" or anything, and it doesn't seem like something I'd even want to do. And on top of that he isn't really someone I see myself spending the rest of my life with romantically.

So what do I do? I mean, I can't stay in this relationship for the rest of my life, but I don't want to lose him as a friend, and I'm afraid that breaking up with him will make him hate me, like how I hate my ex now. Is there any way to let him down easy (I don't want to hurt him) and still be his friend? I'm afraid I may of unintentionally put myself in a horrible position here.

>Pic unrelated
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If you haven't said to each other "yes we're dating" you can probably deescalate the relationship back to a friendship
It wasn't something in which we both agreed on. We're in a group chat with some people we know over the internet, and when they asked if him and I were together he said yes, and I wasn't around for it.
I'm afraid of crushing him if I were to go to him and tell him that I don't want that sort of relationship with him.
Do you know if theres any way I can let him down easy? Will telling him I'm not bi help with anything at all?
Going to clarify this a little bit.
We didn't sit down together and neither of us asked each other if we wanted to date, it was just something we both sort of agreed on because I wasn't opposed to the idea or anything.

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smh fam.jpg
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Tranny here.
Why can't guys (bisexuals and other scum) ever get through their heads that our benises are not for playing? I let a guy shake my girltumor out of curiosity and it was the most boring bland senseless pleasure-devoid 5 minutes I'll never be able to get back and yeah I could have said something sooner but then again I didn't want to spoil his fun since he was like an excited autist who just discovered a rare special edition train toy or something.
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>but then again I didn't want to spoil his fun since he was like an excited autist who just discovered a rare special edition train toy or something

to bi guys a feminine penis is very appealing
its just a fact
OP don't you feel pleasure when other people touch your penis?

Are you on hrt? I'm asking because I just came from the urlogoist and it turns out I have low but average testosterone levels, I also don't feel much pleasure when other people touch my penis. I'm wondering if this might have something to do with having low testosterone.

I'm really starting to become concerned about my penis, it's not normal to be only able to cum by your own hands.

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>wants qt trans gf
>hear every single one is insane
>try to talk to some anyway
>every one I've met acts mental

Is this just the way it is?

I've also heard they're way more likely to have STD's in general, which makes me sad I'll never just have a qt trans gf I can cuddle and play vidya with.
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>wants qt trans gf

there's your first mistake

passing, stealth, and sane transwomen don't label themselves publicly/openly trans

it's just social suicide

There is no way to find a "good" trans gf unless by chance

You have better chances if you find an unpassable girl if you want a trans waifu, because all the girls that are both passable + attractive and waifu material get snatched up. The passable girls that stay single are that way for a reason.

Also, stay away from BPD trannies. They probably account entirely for the crazy ones with STDs.
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Iktf. But most of the time its because they're in a relationship already or not into me.
>tfw trans girls reject you just as much as cis girls

What is wrong with me?

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Have any of you been harassed in public? I'm trans and just had my first experience today.

>be a somewhat? Passing trans woman, 1 year hrt, full time
>walking home from doing grocery shopping on a pretty busy street
>see guy on phone walk towards me, see his face and realise he's clocked me
>see that he turns around and starts following me
>stop at redlight and check he is still behind me but also still on phone, keeps shooting me looks
>cross street and he walks in front and looks back a few times looking me up and down
>wondering if I'll have to run
>he saddles up beside me and says 'excuse me I just wanted to say you're very beautiful and I'm wondering what you're doing tonight'
>bit taken aback but scared as fuck and say I'm flattered but in a relationship
>he says 'are you sure you don't want to grab a drink?'
>say I'm sure and rush off
>walk back to apartment checking if he followed me but all clear

I know he must've clocked me as trans because I pass sometimes but also because I ain't beautiful. So I got chased in real life but who's to say he wouldn't get me somewhere quiet and beat the shit out of me.
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>be a somewhat? Passing trans woman
>full time

there's your first mistake

>So I got chased in real life but who's to say he wouldn't get me somewhere quiet and beat the shit out of me.

wow a faggot getting what they had coming to them, color me surprised

ITT: it's fucking nothing
He might have clocked you but it's hard to tell cause guys are often pretty aggressive when asking a girl out. From what I've seen, chasers sometimes get extra aggressive when they spot a trans girl in the wild cause to them it's like finding a rare pokemon or something.
How is that harassment?

He didn't threaten you, he didn't curse you out, he didn't make a scene. He just asked what you were doing.

You're tricking yourself into thinking that the anxiety and confusion you felt is his will, you did that to yourself, he did nothing wrong.

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DonĀ“t be mean just comment below :DDD
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make like a kitty and get run over
It's shit. Sadist/Masochist is the only acceptable BDSM
It's the best

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Tranny chasers are all the same. First they tell you to come over then they psychologically manipulate you into showing them your feminine benis, then they touch it and you tell them to stop because it isn't one bit pleasant for you and also it hurts so they fuck your face and ass instead and cum all over your underdeveloped tits and afterwards when you suggest going to some social place together they give you a really bad, lame excuse which probably means they are ashamed of being seen in public with you but sure, as soon as they are somewhere private they of course call you.
That's it, I am going to be a miserable spinster with 20 cats for life.
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Avenge every spinster trans woman and become a serial killer of chasers. Lure them to secluded areas with the promise of feminine penis, then drug them and cut their heads off (your choice which).
>with 20 cats
Yes good! Become the crazy cat lady!
OP, would you be interested in dating a ftm? I'd love to date a mtf because I feel like me and her would have a lot in common regarding being trannies together...plus I mean, you wouldn't worry about him not seeing you as a female/using you/being a chaser, etc...

>tfw when no qt transgf

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Post dysphoria-inducing pictures. I'm not sure why exactly, I guess I'm just in a hate-myself mood.
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I would choose the woman on the right!
The girl on the left looks too childlike and weak. I can see some closet gay with pedophile tendency finding a little girl attractive. Nothing is more attractive than a strong solid woman who will not break under rough sex, but then again I am bi cis masculine.
File: victoria_silvstedt.jpg (92KB, 500x346px)Image search: [Google]
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>Post dysphoria-inducing pictures.

i don't get it, i'm only seeing two regular women

the left one is an average white chick, the right one is an average german/swedish/danish/norwegian "hot catwalk model"

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