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>tfw when you go outside and every woman is shorter than you making you look like Paul Bunyan among midgets
Is there a worse feel than this?
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tfw average male height
tfw fucking wide shoulder and narrow hips
tfw trying to repress but life is suffering
lose some weight get cool clothes and practice makeup. be the runway model of their dreams.
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>be manlet of manlets
>have to shop in the Boys section for clothes
>try shopping in the Women's section
>everything still too big
>still have to shop in Boys or Girls clothing section

Sexual orientations are a social construct and no one is '''born this way''' you just have preferences

Heteroflexible and bisexual are just labels people use to excuse their sexual attraction
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Monosexuality only exists because of social influence.
Gender only exists because of social influence but that is good for trans people, not an obstacle.
I get giddy when I hear about fascists who want to deny my will and my rights finally getting a taste of their own medicine.
Straight people are worthless savages.
How is the label bisexual an "excuse"? An excuse for what? It literally describes a legitimate orientation.

can hrt make my muscles and body hair go away/;???
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Your face is too manly

Sorry dude
Good ftm desu

Why are there so few Blanchardians?
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all the edgy kek worshippers who want to overthrow le paradigm stay on /s4s/ and /bant/ and other shitpost hives
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Because some people find Blanchard posts to be genuinely annoying and are tired of seeing AGP/AAP/HSTS plastered all over the board.
There used to be more but many have fallen in the crusades.
There is just no legitimate reason to be one once you examine the evidence. The scientific community accepts that there is a correlation between age of onset, autogynephilic fantasies, orientation and childhood gender non-conforming behavior because Blanchard's research actually supports these ideas. It rejected his HSTS/AGP etiological explanations and ETLEs because there is literally nothing showing he's right on those.

I've noticed a lot of queer people tend to also get high, especially gay men (who tend to do meth). I'm curious what drugs my fellow LGBT people here use.

>Gender (Male, female, FTM, MTF)
>Sexual orientation
>Drugs you have done
>Drugs you do regularly
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>Cocaine, weed, hash, crack, amphetamine, ritalin, nitrous, heroin, xanax, ativan, oxycodone, vicodin, opium, alcohol
>Heroin, weed, crack, alcohol
Should have included country in the survey desu.
>Gender (Male, female, FTM, MTF)
>Sexual orientation
>Drugs you have done
literally none, I am pure as the driven snow, but it seems like everyone I know has smoked weed except me.
>Drugs you do regularly

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Anyone ever had their conservative or homophobic/transphobic parents change their mind and suddenly become supportive of you being LGBT?

My Dad grew up in a southern baptist family and was completely appalled at me coming out as ftm, but years later after he watched some transwoman give a speech on TV about gender dysphoria and seeing how dysphoria has negatively affected my mental health, he's agreed to help me pay for top surgery and we're looking into surgeons now.

Feels kinda good.
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>change their mind and suddenly become supportive of you being LGBT?
I wouldn't trust anyone who did this.
Your dad isn't a real southern baptist if his opinion of you suddenly flipped after watching a tv program. There's no convincing christfags that trannies aren't literal demons.
Except for when they do because everyone is human and capable of reasoning and empathy

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The best part of my day starts with the panties I'll put on. I have a thing for satin sissy panties and wear these the most but regular panties are good too.
It's like I don't feel dressed without them anymore.
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this is the most disgusting and degenerate thing i've ever seen
I have way more than just this. They make me feel happy. They can't be that bad.
this tbqh fAm


This apartment is not much like home, she often marvels. The ghetto in Harare, Zimbabwe, where she lived until last year is home also to the Chipangano, the ruthless youth militia linked to President Robert Mugabe. She worked discreetly as an LGBT youth activist, but no one outside her family knew she wanted to live as a woman, or even that she was gay. She went by her male name, Traimo. Every time she dabbed on face powder or wore a tight top in public, she felt like she was participating in a small revolution. Her first thoughts when she woke up every morning were, “Am I going to come home alive today?”

It was in New York on a ferry that she first encountered a transgender woman. Tiara couldn’t stop staring. The woman just went about her business, playing on her phone, humming a tune, unaware of her surroundings. When she got off, Tiara followed her for a few blocks just to be near her, entranced by her freedom.

But that independence proved elusive for Tiara. Everyone she met in New York was too busy trying to survive America themselves to help her. She realized she was in real trouble when she found herself living in the Staten Island Ferry Whitehall Terminal, riding the ferry back and forth every night for days. In November, days after the U.S. presidential election, she ended up back in the District. Like nearly three-quarters of black transgender women in the city, she was homeless.
“So here I am, thinking, okay, I’m a queer undocumented homeless person of color. How does this work?” she says. “I’m like, now I’m here so I can sit here and cry or start to figure out things myself.”
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Do you sincerely have a problem with housing the homeless m8?
If they are legal American citizens, no.
Some people don't deserve to leech off of everyone else. That thing is one of them. Subhuman.

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Why wouldn't Pavlov conditioning work on gay people?
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Did you just finish the behaviorism section of your high school psychology class and believe that means you know anything about psychology?
Not at all, I'm genuinely curious about this. Do you have an answer?
Humans are more complicated than dogs.

They tried aversion therapy on gay people (giving them electric shocks and injections to make them vomit) in the 50s and it didn't work, basically just traumatized them and gave them PTSD without actually removing their gay desires. There was just a docudrama featuring it if you're a Britfag:

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Its the male brain and the fact their penis is twisted to look like a virgina
Pretty much all trans people over 30 are broken and seriously mentally unstable for the most part.
It's just the trans-molesbians.

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What kind of guys do traps/femboys like?
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i like average guys
really masculine guys preferably taller and larger than me and with a beard

t. trap
Guys like OP pic related.

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boy fever edition

• Makeup tutorials: http://masterposter.tumblr.com/post /116605714860
• Male vs Female measurement data: https://www.bwc.ohio.gov/downloads/blankpdf/ErgoAnthropometricData.pdf
• Correct hormone levels: http://www.hemingways.org/GIDinfo/hrt_ref.htm
• Checking your levels: http://www.privatemdlabs.com/lp/Female_Hormone_Testing.php
• Transition time lines: http://imgur.com/a/qWpxv
• Voice Training: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/1ske7b/mtf_voice_training_regimen/
• Voice Help: http://webjedi.net/projects/lgbtq/speech-therapy/
• IRC: https://www.rizon.net/chat#mtfg

last time on mitfug:
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6th this week
Nazi edition
nth for sophie is a literal autist who got raped just enough to become brain damaged but not enough to kill herself

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Am I less trans if I enjoy topping men?
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Yes. You're a filthy HSTS.
>am I less of a woman if I top men?

Are you familiar with dommes? While not a populous female role, there are plenty of women who are. There are few, if any, single acts of actual invalidation.
I'm a ciswoman and I like topping men. It's rare though.

I think as a non-op transwoman you get a better experience of it because you have a penis that can feel. Pegging is kind of fun but you don't really feel much so being with a guy that's really into it is kind of a chore.

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When should a post op passable tranny tell their partners that they are technically a dude
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Wedding night, post consummation
Fairly early on, maybe second or third date?

You should try to determine how the partner would react- if you think accepting, come out. If you have reason to suspect otherwise or that you'd be in danger if they found out, it might just be safer to leave altogether and not say anything about it, just say something like "Sorry, I don't think we're gonna work out"

Because it's not something that can be perpetually hidden- you're still taking some medications, you can't get pregnant, things like that. And for some people, it is a dealbreaker.
When he starts talking about kids (or never if lesbian).

Realistically speaking, is it possible to become a dickgirl? I mean, for a woman to only get ftm bottom surgery without actually transitioning. I consider myself female, and I only have dysphoria regarding my genitals. But the dysphoria I have is really, REALLY fucking bad to the point where it affects me every day of my life, not to mention making sex completely impossible for me.

Would there be a doctor willing to perform the procedure?
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>ftm bottom surgery
What do you mean by this?
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you can only pick one

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