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How does everyone else feel about this latest wave of /pol/heads that the trump election flooded our board with?

How many of them are trannies in denial and will get caught in our venus femboi trap?

Pic related, average /pol/ack's fantasy (being mume in this)
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I just use this site for the memes so shit like this doesn't really matter to me
You know, its funny you suggest that im a "tranny" in denial. Tell me, if I have fantasies of rape, murder, torture...am I a rapist, or murderer in the closet? Should I come out of the closet? Are you suggesting I start with you?

I already shared my story about my past, my gay / trans bs brought on by my abusive mother, and how I overcame it. You guys refuse to face it though, and anyone who reminds you you get angry at, out of FEAR, fear of the truth

Well learn to FACE it, whatever it is....I was in tears sometimes, facing the horrible, horrible feelings inside, but I'm glad I overcame the causes. It took years, but you have to start somewhere, and facing the feelings you FEAR is the first step.
>How does everyone else feel about this latest wave of /pol/heads that the trump election flooded our board with?
As long as they're lgbt I consider them welcome.
Anyone else will have to go back.

Hey /legbutts/!

I found a picture of your BF*!

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What a hunk!
This makes my boipucci wet!

because he crushed your bladder?

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im in the closet transsexual
i stopped talking to my family cause my sister was abusive and the rest were absolute shitheads to me
i want to come out but i dont know if this is just a phase thats been going on for 22 years or if i would somehow regret my decision later on
i feel like i should mention something to my family to try and repair my life but i have no idea how to feel or what to say
i dont even feel i could pass without some serious cash
any help?
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>i stopped talking to my family cause my sister was abusive

Was she sexually abusive? What kind of things did she do?
>just a phase thats been going on for 22 years

Its not a phase.
Just do it. If you regret it early on, you can either detrans or keep trying. Id recommend the latter.
never sexually abusive just physically and verbally
she'd broken my door lock to come into my room and beat the living shit out of me on a nightly basis
i was covered in bruises and cuts regularly
she made my life a nightmare at school and any social group encouraging people to bully me because i was "too sensitive" for a guy
she actively stole everything i owned
and would go running to our mutual parent saying i called her the worst things shit i couldn't even wrap my head around at the time
i never got any support from the family either, she couldn't do anything wrong because our whore father left her mom for mine
i never got a break from it
they wondered why i would cry any time i was forced into the same household as her
"she's supposed to be doing that anon"

im just worried with how much of a meme its become recently

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Hi /lgbt/ I'm a femboy and I have all of it laid out except for one thing. I need a good haircut. I have the workout routine going good, the medicine I'm thinking about, but I need an androgynous haircut. Plz help
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That's such acute pic
Go for long or semi-long hair. Androgyny for men works in reverse as it does for women. A pixie cut or a buzz cut makes a woman more androgynous. For a man, having longer hair makes him more androgynous. Typically and on average, of course.

How femboy are you OP? [spoiler]how do you get smooth hairless balls? asking for a friend[/spoilers]
I like to think I'm pretty fem I just have to work on hair(in all departments) and I just shave them while my conditioner sets in(3-5 minutes)

Hi everyone this is my first visit to this board. Ive recently accepted the fact that im queer as a 3 dollar bill. So yea. Id just like some advice when approaching other gay men to flirt. srsly. Pic related
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good lord.
Put a golf ball in your ass, that will impress them.

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Supporting Hillary is dumb, but supporting Trump makes you a literal retard
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The GOP is hypocritical as fuck when it comes to the debt, this is well-established. They didn't give a single fuck about the debt when Dubya was in office, they only brought it up during Obama because they became the obstructionist opposition party.
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>implying there is a difference between Hillary and Trump
>implying they both aren't tools of the reptilians
o rly

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hugs, cuddles and headpats edition

sorry i fucked up

• Male vs Female measurement data: https://www.bwc.ohio.gov/downloads/blankpdf/ErgoAnthropometricData.pdft
• Size charts: http://www.americanapparel.net/sizing/default.asp?chart=womens.pantse_conversion_chart.php
• Transition time lines: http://imgur.com/a/qWpxv
• Voice Training: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/1ske7b/mtf_voice_training_regimen/
• Nep ily
• Voice Help: http://webjedi.net/projects/lgbtq/speech-therapy/
• IRC: https://www.rizon.net/chat#mtfg
• Discord: https://discord.gg/qjxGSxY

Previous: >>7211408
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Sorry, having camera issues. Here is the first one.
good edition

also who posted a picture of me in passgen

brb ima kms


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I'm a straight white male. Are you scared of me, as a member of the LGBT community?
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You misspelled 'aroused'.
You're aroused of me?
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>Support groups have this fucking rjng peader faggot EHO WILL NOT STOP ALKONG ABOUT EVIL CIS WHITE MEN


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any tips to help me pass as female?
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You're already done. I would personally keep my hair longer for personal taste.
mfw m8 grow some tits ffs
Grind part of your nose cartilage off, grind your chin down a bit, remove thick ass neck muscles via surgery, then find some way to somehow cover up scars....

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im mtf, is it safe for me to take these when im on hrt?
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I'd assume so, its very baseline increase, but honestly, think about where your testosterone is right now.

another point is (I assume you are a born female) I think that these work JUST for those who have a penis, so I cannot be sure.

With how biology works, some foods make organs work better, and these, I assume make the testicles work better. you don't HAVE testicles, so I'm really not sure...you could try. Worst it will do it make you healthier.
I am born male, im on hrt against testosterone and I don't want to increase it. duh.
>im mtf
>I assume you are born a female

lmao your reading comprehension

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Anyone else wish it was true and don't see anything bad about it? I'm starting to think every male would be objectively better off if they did some light hrt. Not to mention the massive global reduction in violence and crime that would lead to.
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we're already getting enough pumped into the water supply from women's birth control along with xenoestrogens from using plastic containers for everything
What about making testosterone to make people more logical?

In all seriousness, adding estrogen wont REDUCE violence.... giving estrogen doesn't lower testosterone, just like pouring water into a container or bleach doesn't REDUCE the bleach. It might dilute it, but its still there

And trans people are still violent, you know (and ftms in particular can be very scary, as you still have the female mind / background estrogen, FUELED with testosterone.... Seriously, all ftms I've met have been far too aggressive, by male standards)
nice quints
funnily enough, as a trans guy who by my own admission is a dickish edgelord, it was much worse pre-t
but the scariest people i've met have generally been agp trans women, with or without estrogen (a good friend of mine, an aap trans guy, was raped and knocked up by his agp ex)

What is the meaning of the phrase "Special Snowflake" for you?
Who uses this expression? And for what purpose?

Opinions and descriptions pls. Internet is confusing me.
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pretty much someone who uses a label that is wholly uneccessary or just plain nonsense, I assume they're doing it for attention and "oppression points"

>pansexual instead of bisexual; they're literally the same thing
>any form of gender neutral ID; you're not trans because you have a pixie cut and don't really like dresses that much
>any gendered pronoun that isn't male, female, or they/them

alt-righters use it to discredit people's identities.
I identify as a professor of psychology

your labels mean nothing

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Am I the only tranny who aren't offended by statements like "all men have penises?" It's a generalization to which I am a (rare) exception. I don't expect cis people to adjust their everyday language for my sake. I mean technically not all humans have 46 chromosomes or ten fingers either.
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i'm neutral about statements like that
i loathe it when people say, for instance, 'people with vaginas' instead of 'women', though
i feel a lot more dysphoric about being called by association a 'vagina haver' than a woman
i guess offended isn't really the right word, but it still bothers me because it just reminds me of what i am and what i will never be
Y'all need some jesus and pimozide.
Kek wills it.

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MtF Transition donation thread
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Im MtF trans and need help to pay for doctors appointments and hrt for my transition, any help is greatly appreciated

(it won't let me post my gofundme link so instead go to gofundme,com/charlottes-transgender-journey (change the comma for a period)
This is quite possibly the single worst place you could have posted something like this.
hello please!
i am needful of monies $40000 USD for my trainss urgeries please send bitocin or western union
many thank!

(bitcion adress 17v9ZmZGCWkbrJ9bnJtHgLYVsXdQwTNiCQ)

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Am I passable?
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you look better than a lot of girls desu
Post caveman brow tranny
is this a new meme?

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