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what is the best way to get into hrt?
im gona try and go to a psychologist and get a look at what he have to say but its damn expensive, so im curius how did you guys start your Journey?
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If you're in a liberal area go to a doc
If you aren't self med.

Here in AL I had to self med but stopped
I wanted too try ouit a psychologist too see what he have to say, but he cost like 100 euro per hour
Psychologist will want to see you a few times. Because deep down he's insecure psychology is even necessary so he heaps it on anyone he can. Totally useless don't bother, you're gonna be out 500$ for not even a hormones script, but just a note that says "I'm Ben the psychologist, hormones might? Be a good idea" and you're gonna go visit the same dr's you could just go visit right now, dr's who probably don't even care if you have a note
or not.

Just go dr shopping. That's what I did. Took a couple days.

How to dr shop if you're mtf
>make as many dr appointments as you can with as many dr's as you can, this might be a pain in the ass.
>borrow sisters clothes
>dress as girl
>go to dr's office
>once alone in room and nurse asks what you're there for, ask her to write on your chart 'patient wants to be referred to as Ashley', and say you're transgender and need hormones
>tell dr you're trans and you need more hormones. (If he asks, say you've been buying them online but ran out.)
>ask for spiro 100mg q12h, estrace 2mg take 2 q24h
>if he says "are these real doses? Show him http://transhealth.ucsf.edu/trans?page=guidelines-feminizing-therapy
>if dr says "I can't do this" or tries to refer you to an lgbt clinic, he is an asshole. Onto the next doctor on the list. It might take a few tries.
>eventually you will strike gold.

>Google nearby trans support group
>ask girls for a cool doctor

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Why does /v/ think I'm implying that they are gay for playing as the girl character all the time?

and not realise what I'm actually doing is implying that they should be a girl?
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Stupid thread.

I play as a dude because I'm a fag and dudes are hot and I like looking at them. (heeeyyy Geralt..)

If you're a straight guy, why would you want to look at a dude when you can look at some crazy fantasy girl with her tits and ass hanging out and bouncing all over the place?
I question the "straight" guys who play males, not females.
Because you aren't catering to their repressed sexuality, you're catering to their repressed high school bullying experience.
By saying things that look like you're picking on them, and judging them, they're reflexively treating you like a chad, and tense up like they're about to get that swirly in the clogged shitbowl they had in 7th grade again.

Get /v/ horny however? You'll have them spewing on and on about how they wish to be the little girl.

Don't ask them why they play a girl character all the time, just know they do and pose other questions asserting and accepting that they're playing the girl character. Talk about things like "What's you favorite kind of dress/bikini to dress up your character in?" And make a thread around that. Then a Quarter to a Half way in start talking about breast envy and how good it's gotta feel to have that tight latex mashing your mammalries up and giving them that nice perk.
That's gotta awaken some latent dysphoria.

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Why do so many transwomen become unfunny after they start HRT?
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They're practicing for being women.
in a nutshell
Comedy and humor comes from pain.

Women are pampered little shit, so therefore have no sense of humor.

talk about the possible tinychat resurgence.

or why you dont have a bf.

OR your zodiac sign.

or just why you dont have a bf you loser
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>falling in love with best friend
>known him for years, we understand each other's humor perfectly, can talk for hours and hours
>playful with me
>have heard him say "everyone is a little gay"
>he's in a long distance relationship with a girl


>hey bro it sucks that your gf is away
>maybe i could be your gf for tonight?
dont actually pull this but fuck this scenario is hot in my head

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Hey, I'm physically male and I have no problem with my body at all but I sometimes feel like I should be in a female body. I'm not mtf since I don't want to be a full girl but I secretly wish I could switch back and forth from male body to female body depending on how I feel at the moment.

I've read it's called bigender. Does anyone else feel the same here ? How is it for you on a daily basis ?

One could say : Bigender thread

> t. couldn't keep it for myself anymore, I needed to speak
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AGP fetish.

Gender is bullshit; there's no such thing as gender identity.

Trust me, I'm like you.

>Gender is bullshit; there's no such thing as gender identity.

> >>>/pol/
>/pol/ is always right

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What's the easiest way to trick a cute transgirl into detransitioning into a cute femboy?
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by laying down on some traintracks and waiting for one to come by

Eh, fuck 'em.

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vote away /lgbt/

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i wonder how many of these are duplicates
What a moronic framing for a question.

Non-binary is as valid as any gender identity because GENDER DOESN'T REAL

Seriously, gender is LITERALLY a meme.

I'd love to say "fuck that non-binary shit," because a world in which there is male, female, and people who cross over is much simpler than a post-truth one in which the meme foundations of our civilization are being examined down to their skeletons. But it's true. I unfortunately realized myself that I am "non-binary" when I began transitioning as an mtf. I have dysphoria, and I love growing boobs and shit, but I just can't consider myself fully a lady.

Of course, my own experience is just feelings. It means nothing. But the same can be said of ANY gender expression. The social sciences are a noble pursuit, but in entomologizing the human experience, we seek to make comprehensible that which is inherently irrational.

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will there ever be a president with transsexualism? if so, can anyone in the public eye today be pointed to as a candidate?
pic related (although i disagree with her on about 60% of topics)
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She's a dumbo with zero redeeming features though.

Pic related however... now this maes sense.
Zinia Jones would be alright I think.
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it's was 2016 and a cisgender white woman (hillary clinton) couldn't be elected president. what makes you think a tranny can be elected president? it's far more likely america will someday have an openly gay president rather than a tranny president.

also picture related, this hon tried running for u.s. senate (a lower office) and still failed. good luck ever hoping to win POTUS

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>Had first boyfriend (online)
>great time together
>he was cute, we both liked each other and did everything together
>were going to get together after university
>he started going to /pol/ all the time
>/pol/ goes on about traditional values and all that bullshit
>he starts going to church more, talking to his retarded christian parents
>suddenly he's super anti-gay and breaks up with me, but still wants to hang out all the time and is super clingy
>starts to claim we were never dating at all
>I'm trapped in this hell of spending time with the person I love but him suddenly hating gay people and trying to convince me I'm straight

Have any of you had someone turn 360 like this and give fucking confusing signals?
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That's some high level cognitive dissonance right there.

Damn, I'm sorry man.
My theory is that there are two kinds of people – normies and weirdos, people who are excluded by the society because of their non-mainstream hobbies, creativity, mental disorders, world view, slightly autistic personality, lack of social skills and sometimes beyond average intelligence. Approximately every single person on 4chan is a weirdo, but many of us want to be more 'normal' than normies themselves and /pol/ is their favourite place to go. All they do is studying normies' behaviours and trying hard to be just like them. Their normie families and social environments tell them how important it is to 'find a gf', 'grow up' and they take it too much into their hearts creating a black-and-white vision of what's right to do and what's 'degenerate'. They desperately want to conform to the rules of the very society that calls them 'faggots', 'freaks' etc. The result is… they become even more freaky and exaggerated, they become actors on a stage of life and not themselves. They seek ideologies like fascism or Christianity which give simple answers to complex question, facilitate and explain their black-and-white lists of rules.
Give him a big ol' kiss on the lips and engage in some intimate handholding.

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New Passgen, other one is kill
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am i passing here??

8 months hrt
pass and beautiful
can tell you're trying
would call you ma'am out of courtesy

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Pol yard here and I can't stop loving sissy hypno porn

>fantasise about having a cock to suck for hours on end
>help please
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Go suck a cock or something, faggot. You've already been reprogrammed, nothing you can do to stop it
Just repress it hard enough until you relapse and end up on the titty skittles

Hmu when you have silky smooth hairless skin, itty bitty titties, and a joocy bootyhole for me to eat

See you in like 20-30 months, cutie

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Rule #1 - No tripfagging, no namefagging.
Rule #2. Section A - Don't respond to shit posters or namefags/tripfags.
Rule #2. Section B - Report shitposters.
Rule #3 - Post bara dudes.

>tiny chat:
> /fit/ sticky
> Husbando Mode Pastebin (mostly meant for Intermediate lifters)

Previous Thread: >>7277518
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> Post Butt Edition
is there a previous butt one ?
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4 plate weighted hip thrusts for 5x8.
Butt is finally out of hank hill mode
> not being part of the Meta-Butt movement
filthy pleb

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What do legbutts think about ass eating?
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I love to have it done, I'm not sure if I like to do it.
my bear bf likes performing it on me

its super weird hitting his eyeballs with my nuts while i fap tho
Have you tried?

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I know it doesn't work for gays, but could conversion therapy work for trannies? I'm 18 male, i've been in therapy for gender dysphoria since 16, and my therapist has said that the only way he thinks i'll be happy is if i transition. I'm not sure if i could bring that amount of shame on my family though, so would conversion therapy work?
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maybe. but eventually you'll succumb to the desire to transition and you'll wake up as a 40 year old man where your only option now is to become a hon and deal with the deep regrets of not taking action earlier
use your brain here. if conversion therapy worked for trannies, why would medical transition exist? psychiatry goes for the option that requires not listening to people even when it straight-up doesn't work ('antipsychotics' are provably a meme, for instance) -- the existence of transition proves it can't even PRETEND to work for anything more than a sparse few cases.

>Starting therapy for gender dysphoria at 16
>You're 18 now and you still haven't started because of thousand-year-old desert god memes

Wew, lassy. What the fuck are you doing with your life?

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What form of homosexuality is this? Does the I in LGBTQIA stand for incest?
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even better.

The I stands for intersex.
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Also there's no I in LGBT.

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