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A friend liked this article. Read it, and basically the writer says that lesbians are losing their spaces because when LGBTQA people protest about inclusiveness for trans/"queer" people in cis spaces, it's usually lesbians who lose their hold and not men. However, she is content to chalk this up to patriarchy which is a totally unsatisfying explanation. So I'm thinking it's either 1) there are more MtF's than FtM's thus they complain and get up in arms or 2) men's spaces are already inclusive.
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Advocation for female spaces is advocating for female supremacy.
kill all cis females.
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I'm a lesbian and think this is fucking retarded. Lesbians don't have "lesbian spaces" because they don't go to "lesbian spaces." Hell, the last lesbian bar in San Francisco of all places closed down a few years ago because lesbians just weren't going to it. Lesbians these days are meeting each other on OKCupid, getting in serious relationships, and living like normal Americans who just happen to be gay. The only reason gay men still have their gay bars everywhere is because enough gay men actively participate in and prop up their own hookup culture, which keeps it alive. Lesbians settle down earlier than gay men on average and never really had a big hookup scene anyways, and other than hookup bars there really is no need for "gay only" spaces. What are you going to have? A coffee shop or bookstore for lesbians only? You'd be out of business in a week because there just aren't enough lesbians willing to go there every weekend. This is stupid and we should be happy that we get to be normal American women who happen to like other normal American women.

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Is transbianism just the cis straight male equivalent of a cis straight woman pretending to be bisexual?
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How come everyone accepts lesbians unless they're trans. Then all the old tropes about lesbians are back in full force (violent, predatory, overly masculine, etc).
Because "transbians" are straight beta men larping as women to sneak into women's pants and fulfill there fetishes
Wrong, they just need a good dicking.

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"Shave before you ask if you have a chance" Edition
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>"Shave before you ask if you have a chance" Edition
best edition thus far
If you need to shave, you've already failed desu
>Shave before you ask if you have a chance
What if my hair is so dark that even if I shave there's a shade left?

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Which of these labels fits you best?


I'm interested because it seems to me (a cis gay man) that the wild majority of trans girls on the internet self-identify as lesbians. I haven't found this to be true of people I meet in the real world which is interesting. Also 100% of trans men that i've met have been gay/bi, but there seem to be none of them on this board so I will keep this poll to MtFs for now :)
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This is a poll, not a quiz
Most true trans girls who transition early tend to be straight. It's only late transitioners/men on the internet who give the impression that a lot "identify" as "lesbians". In reality most actual trans women are straight or bi. The latency of bisexual trans women can be attributed to those that grow up being told they're supposed to like women, etc. and more openness among trans people.

There are plenty of ftms on this board, but I'm sure their numbers are similar to mtfs anyway.
>It's only late transitioners/men on the internet who give the impression that a lot "identify" as "lesbians".

Transitioned at 15 and I'm pretty much gay.

Except actually I'm bi but don't tell anyone.

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Is the concept of sacred femininity the greatest threat against trans women?
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Femininity is more sacred to us than it is to cis women lmao
maybe to transbians but not to trutrans women.
Judging by the suicide rates I'd say trans women are the greatest threat to trans women

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>Girl in the left is a MtF, right is a cis female.

What they put in the water in south america and how I can get some?
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Seriously, what kind of sorcery they do down south?
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I want to pass that well.
Hormones and antiandrogens are OTC medicine down there. You can just go to the drug store and buy it like you would cough syrup.

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Because a lot of people seem to debate about her transition and want to know what she looked like before, ive tried to make the most complete blaire white timeline i can.
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Should rich people be barred from transitioning/obtaining FFS? Would work to gatekeep fetishists like Blaire etc.
Cara are you going to ever transition one day or you just enjoy the company of your average tranny 24/7?
I'm just here to help.

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>like dick
>not attracted to guys

What do I do with myself?
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Trans women (at your preferable degree of passing)? This seems obvious.
Dickgirl hentai and trannies?
I agree but they're hard to meet

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Can i get someones opinion on this?

So this might be a mouth full but here it goes.

So when i was around the age 4 or 5 i remember asking my Dad if life was better as a Girl?
and pretty much after asking that not to much was said along those lines until i was like 14, and as a joke to one of my friends i pretend i was a girl online, but after the joke.. i felt something click.. like.. i really enjoyed pretending i was a girl.. and for 2 or 3 years i pretended to keep being a Girl.. until i was like 17, then i finally stoped because i felt it was weird of me to keep pretending someone i wasn't.
And after that i can't stop wishing that i was a Female, like i legit am stuck wishing i was a girl..
Now i'm starting to feel as if my feelings are not even valid anymore, because i feel like... what if i don't want to be a girl and this is just a sick fetish i brought upon my self.. but then i think to my self.. no i'v always wanted this... now i'm just mad because i'm not sure if me wanting to be a Female is just a fetish that i started when i was young pretending to be a girl on the internet or if i always wanted to be a girl when i asked my dad that day if being a female is better..

So what's your opinion? Am i just a fetish seeker? or do i really have Gender Dysphoria?

I wish i was a girl, i'd give anything to be a girl.. i'm almost 21 now and not one day has passed since i was 14 about being a chick.

I just feel down and stressed out about all this.
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You are trans as fuck fa m
You can spend your whole life pretending you're a girl and literally wishing and praying to be one and still not be trans. An inbred desire to be a girl manifesting in childhood is not necessarily indicative of being born trutrans, which is the only natural trans.
So i'm not trutrans?

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Let's be completely 100% honest with ourselves here.

I mean I never made a conscious decision, but what if was a traumatic childhood or failure to bond with my father? I know so many gays who have a missing/abusive/neglectful/neurotic parent.

There's no proof we are born gay. It only "appears" when we start playing with other children, as if it begins as an ego state rather than a sexual feeling.
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Both of my parents traumatised me so now I only like andros and transwomen :3
You know how some people are predisposed to having a heart condition, for example?

Well, some people are predisposed to being gay. There is a genetic element.
However, you can act against it. Even if you are "gay", as in you feel like doing gay shit, you can choose not to do that gay shit.
Also, people who lack the "gay gene" can choose to do gay shit.

So yes, it is a choice in the end, its just easier to make for some people due to genetics, but its still a choice.
>Have we choosen not to be heterosexual?
>I mean I didn't choose to be gay! things that happened to be in which I had no control over made me gay!

Did you also "choose" to be dumb?

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Anyone want a depression thread?

For some reason feeling sad makes me feel better in this weird way..

Give me all that them sad things like..

How i'll never be a real girl
or how i'll always be looked down upon or some shit like that.

Make me feel like poo'

i want to embrace my sadness for some reason today.

Also if you have any sad music to share please don't hesitate.
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I just came to feel like shit with you dont mind me
Yeah, for some reason being sad also helps me in this strange way.. I don't know what I should post to contribute to making us feel like cheap, but here, have my bump.
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So I've been saving up for the past few months to eventually to move out to eventually have everything break at once to eventually just trying to buy a car to live in to eventually get denied everywhere because I have no credit.

And I got a ticket today. Not because I was breaking the law but because I was at a red light and the cop behind me decided to enter my plate because he was bored and found the registration was out. Not because anything is wrong with the car but because the Check Engine light is broken and I don't have $1000 to put a new computer in the car.

I've discovered today that there is a god and that god is giving me every hint in the world that it's time to die. But being that this life is so shit and my luck is terrible it's likely that Catholicism was the correct religion all along so I'll go to hell for killing myself.

Life is pointless anyway. There's not enough payout for all this suffering I have to deal with. I wish there was a way for my family/friends to be alright with my death but I'm just hoping that the universe goes black behind me or there's a few alternate realities where everything turned out okay.

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I think my girlfriend is a closeted lesbian and I wonder if any lesbians here could tell me if I may be correct. She has had a relationship with one woman in the past and about 10 men.

She says the sex she had with another woman was the best of her life. She has a big photo library on her phone and all of the remotely sexual pictures are of women, in 22000 pictures I didn't see one provocative picture of a man. She is always much more descriptive of her attraction towards women when we talk about it. Her sexual interest in me plummeted a month into the relationship, and we have had sex only once in the past two months. When she sees men, she prefers them to look feminine (long hair, clean shaven, the more feminine someone looks the more likely she is to say they're "beautiful"). This really makes me think that she is actually a closeted lesbian.

Also the other night her brother made a facebook post about his girlfriend being pregnant and she cried for like 5 minutes straight. I assume that's due to the fact that she feels as if she wants to have a child in a natural way but that, as a closeted lesbian, she can't bring herself to actually pursue that.

What does /lgbt/ think? Am I right or most likely wrong? She is 19.
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Your only choice is to take titty skittles, sorry.
it looks like your gf has transgirl fetish/every girl pretty much faps to lesbian porn tbqh. your only choice is to take some titty skittles and hope that Alice doesn't cuck you and impregnate your waifu.
>She has a big photo library on her phone and all of the remotely sexual pictures are of women, in 22000 pictures I didn't see one provocative picture of a man
What makes a man appealing over a woman isn't visual. It's basically everything else.

>She is always much more descriptive of her attraction towards women when we talk about it
Maybe you just notice it more because you are insecure about her attraction toward women?

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Everyone but one person at Christmas dinner is aware I'm a degenerate, so to avoid an awkward confrontation I'm hiding upstairs, how was your Christmas my dudes?
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Exactly the same. I'll be hiding in my room forever!

It's only the one person for me though, and everyone else is fine, can pass decently well. Not sure if anyone knows I've stepped away.

We're having a big dinner on Boxing Day rather than Christmas though so I'm still hiding
No one at Christmas dinner is aware of my secret

Every likes me
No awkwardness. No questions. Don't draw any attention from anyone.

I smile but I'm crying inside. I can't do this for the rest of my life. It's like watching a film I got tired of long ago. It's not my life

No one must know :(
I can't tell a soul

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>tfw want to be bot but I am too tall
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I love tall beefy bots
but ur gay af dude

I will never be a qt girly bf for somebody
Dude... It feels so shit when you look down at the top after a kiss who's at least a foot smaller
I'm 6'5 (or 196 centimeters for any non-retarded country)

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What are your New Year's Resolutions, /lgbt/?
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> Get weight back under control
> Find gf/bf
> Fix shit
> Full bike license
> Be more social
> Fix car
>stop being fat
>start being healthy
>take care of my looks
>get some sort of routine in my life
>letting my feels go
I still have to decide if I have to let him go as well.
>Finish facial hair removal
>Give a solid attempt at finding qtbf
>Be brave enough to come out to someone so I can have them be my driver for getting my orchie done

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