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Okay, /k/, help me out. I want to be an operator. This thread

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Okay, /k/, help me out. I want to be an operator. This thread isn't necessarily about that however. This thread is about narrowing down my choices.

So, of the following Special Operations MOS/Rates, which do you guys think is the most elite, the most badass, or whatever. And why?

Special Forces


(MARSOC isn't possible to get into entry-level, or even early in one's career so I'm iffy on even considering it)

Air Force:

For the life of me I cannot find any information on CCTs or SOWT beyond just the basic job description, so any and all information on that would be greatly appreciated.
>which is the coolest guize

Want to know how I know you're not cut out for special operations?

Tell me about how you're going to get in shape in basic training.
It's not the "coolest", it's which is the most rewarding. I can google just about any of the jobs and find some snippet about what they do or some badass operation they were involved in. It's not a matter of which is "cooler".

I want to make a career of it, and I don't want to get through a pipeline, start doing my work and realize "Fuck, this is not at all what I envisioned".

As far as "getting in shape goes", I'm in good shape now, well enough to pass all entry level requirements for all SOF schools/selections. And my ASVAB scores qualify me for all as well. I'll obviously take time to focus on getting into better shape, sure, like improving my run time.

I'm 22 years old, and an office job isn't for me. I think I owe it to myself to try something new.

>Entry level requirements
>Muh run

When I can kick you out of bed at 2 AM and you can shit out a 325 out of 300 on an APFT, come back.
92S - US Army

Operator as fuck
If ur as physically god like as you say you are, do Seals.
This retard again. Because google is hard.

Well, unfortunately I can't exactly emulate, at home, being sleep deprived and being pulled out of bed and doing a PFT. I currently score about a 274 on the PFT, my 2mi run time being 15:15 +/- 10 seconds. I can do 100+ pushups and situps/crunches easily, I just need to work on my run.

For what it's worth, I won't be enlisting or making any set in stone decisions until March of '16, until then I'll continue working on my PFT scores, particularly my run time.

>100+ pushups

Drop 70% of that for form, which you will be strictly graded on during any sort of assessment. People vastly underestimate the physical requirements for even the lowest of the low in combat arms, never mind any sort of Special Operations or cool guy school. I'm not saying you can't get there, but you need to take a serious, no-shit assessment of your physical fitness and then apply that to you being tired, hungry, and sore.
You and every other kid that grew up playing cod op.
The only COD I ever played was World at War :/ Not too big on them sadly. Now counter-strike...

Again, I very much intend to take the next 6+ months to assess where I am fully, and make adjustments to my life as needed to get where I want to go. My biggest issue is I'm not entirely sure WHERE I want to go. There's so many options, and I'm the type of person who will research every aspect of something before making the jump into it. Which has me twiddling my thumbs looking at all of the possible SOF choices, because all of them do awesome stuff, at least from what I can read. I'm most drawn to Special Forces because of the whole "They're all over the place doing crazy stuff, raising armies and no one even knows", but I can't in good conscious make a life choice like this based off of google search results. And I don't think the former MP recruiter nearby can give me an honest assessment of SOF.
If it was so easy to google what that job is, why couldnt you find the MEG thread that would contain your auti-...u-um intellect.
I've posted in the MEG thread. It's a very slow moving thread, and questions are very rarely addressed in it. I don't know if Navydepper is still around or if he shipped but the thread has basically devolved from a somewhat useful tool, and motivational place to a circle jerk of "I want to join the military...buuuuuuuut". Plus with /k/'s culture it's probably better for me to attempt to contain an SOF post separate from the general enlistment thread.

Really all I want here is information about the Special Operations jobs, whether from people who served with them, who have research on them, or just are opinionated. If you were an infantryman in Afghanistan and had a prolonged interaction with a SOF group, your input would be appreciated, for example.
Sorry was only a 35 series attached to group, so not sure i know anything about anything.

However, check out professional soldiers forum and socnet forum. Those are the real places to get info.

My advice is, read what each one does, and list down the ones that seem more your speed.

MEG is still active its just too many people are posting broad questions like yours, which causes most responses to be slow. Be more specific with your questions and you will get an answer pretty quick.
MEG probably isn't the best thread to be asking for broad information about SOF groups anyway. I've been browsing Shadowspear, but I'll start checking out both of your recommendations as well.
You should talk to Buck Yeager, he
Loves to mentor people.
PSF is specifically 18 series and group guys active and retired

Socnet is pretty much everyone
>For the life of me I cannot find any information on CCTs or SOWT beyond just the basic job description

I don't believe people when they say this. There is tons of information online and in books; just the other day I listened to an interview with a STO. You obviously just want to be spoon fed.
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what are you gunna do when you have to goose walk a mile at 2 am and then get drowned in the pool to the point of becoming a shallow water blackout? or when your instructors start actually beating the shit out of you? their are hundreds of people in the military better than you who wish she had what it takes. just my two cents m8 but I can almost guarantee your gunna get into boot camp, hate it because the military sucks wall to wall, lose motivation of being super badass speshul forces and do whatever faggy MOS they put you in for the next 4 years, oh btw the wars over so have fun cleaning toilets for 4 years.
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>Thinking we consider SOWT to be actual SOF

You must be sixteen or stupid as hell. Air Force special tactics, in this order:

Pararescue: High risk technical Search and Rescue personnel. males only. 2 years medical/combat/survival/parachute training

Combat Control: Establish airfields in denied areas, typically first SOF force deployed. Males only.

Tactical Air Control Party: Train alongside Rangers/Delta/Seals and integrate into other units as an air force representative, calling in air strikes and working as a link between the squad and support aircraft. Males only.

Phoenix Raven: Wear gay flight suits and stand in front of aircraft in Italy pretending to be a highly trained security operator. Women are welcome.

EOD: You train with the Navy's EOD guys, but you will never be deployed in that capacity. A+ training and a 30k gear allowance to sit in Guam for 4 years and do noting. Men and women, but women never make it.
>but women never make it.

Sure they do.


Handpicked example deliberately interviewed by AFBluetube for good PR.

I've been doing this for twelve years now, but feel free to correct me all you like. Not a single one of these women has been on a raid. The closest they will ever come to being used to the fullest extent of their opsquals will be operating a robot to handle a roadside bomb.

It's not a field we need women in. They're only there because we HAD to give SOF tabs to a certain amount of women, so we reclassified a couple of AFSCs to prevent standards for our battlefield airmen from slipping.
lol okay buddy continue ignoring facts
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omg u guys eod so hard
obviously fake photo women can't possible be strong enough to wear a bomb suit

I'm not entirely sure which facts I'm ignoring. The most women you will see in any SOF career field are all in Secfor in their phoenix raven gear. You can typically see them laying on their kits on the ramp taking selfies in their multicams or flightsuits.

AF EOD is literally second line Navy EOD. The difference is that the army has an easier time logistically getting an air force SOF EOD unit than they would if they were setting up a joint army/USMC/Navy FOB. For whatever reason.

I'm not trying to be a dick here, anon, but even in that video: She was handling the technical and support end of EOD. Most likely munitions and ordinance inventory, occasional radio support for army EOD teams that patrol outside the wire.

This is the air force, we don't have a ton of combat jobs for enlisted personnel. Bomb squad is not on that roster. If you're getting shot at in Air Force EOD, you must have pissed some rear echelon motherfucker off really, really bad.
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whoops forgot the picture
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navy eod so hard too no women there either
to be fair the school is academically challenging, not physically.
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women are too dumb for eod school bro

Not to mention AF EOD does not even into Water Confidence or SERE. Like I said, we reclassified that field and PR in 2011 to allow us to keep rescue and combat control open to meathead giant 19 year old linebackers.

I dont think anyone here has said that.
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only men could possibly know how to control these robots

I have a feeling that your age starts with a one and you're trying to start a fight here on purpose. I'm not disagreeing with you, I've got twelve years service in an SOF unit under my belt and I'm trying to help you learn more about this topic so you'll know it and can make more educated posts in the future.

That is all.
no i totally agree with you. women are too dumb and weak for eod.

Look at her. Look at her fat face.

Look at your average Naval EOD tech on an HRT squad. The disparity is visible. My point is that AF EOD is a job almost anybody can do, but typically only men care enough to pursue the career field, year and a half of training, and arbitrary shitty deployments to areas that you will spend a year doing literally nothing with.

Nobody is too dumb or weak for AF EOD.

But you typically only find tryhards in the airforce with dicks. The psycho bitches go marine corps or army, apparently.
Thread posts: 37
Thread images: 8

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