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F/A-18E/F research

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FA-18F VF-103.jpg
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Hey /k/, are there any good online databases that have detailed information on the background, development, and operation of the Super Bug? I'm going to write a paper on the Super Bug but I can't find detailed information about the exact improvements over the legacy hornet and all the details regarding its testing, operation, current equipment and its implementation in the strike role specifically. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
ill bump your bread with some cool super pics
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thank you anon
no prob, i love Hornets :3

superbug having some eagle for breakfast ;)

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buddy tanker config is sexy as fug
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prolly gonna go send some sandniggers early paradise tickets :)
Dont forget the E/A-18 Growler, the electronic attack variant of the super hornet.
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Looks pretty badass with all the stuff on it!

Think the Growler is the only plane to get a simulated missile kill on a non-gimped Raptor.
Why is the Super Hornet so sexy?
Well there's obviously the Wikipedia article.

There used to be a documentary about the Rhino on youtube but it got taken down and now you can only find ones about the legacy hornet.

Cause the engines are just gorgeous.
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I don't think it's much, but I'll help you out OP. Fucking love Super Hornets.
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I dont think ive seen the super doku.. you know its name or who made it?
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I don't know its exact name but I think it was a modern Discovery channel great planes episode or something.

The one guy to review this series on IMDB makes me think this is it.
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>Tfw future USN air wings will consist of F/A-18 E/Fs supplimented by F-35Cs with EW support from E/A-18s and AWACs from E-2Ds

We're going from a overwhelming advantage to a Jesus why is the world even trying anymore advantage

>and its easier on logistics because of there being only 2 combat airframes

God i love being American
Ah, ive seen that one. its more about the Hornet in general tho. Think its still on youtube.
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What's the purpouse of that config? To conduct ultra long flights? Idea of transporting fuel that way is kinda stupid, unless it works ofcourse.
USN can't into proper large CATOBAR aerial refueler yet, so super hornets pick up the slack.
mah favrit
Just remember:
F/A-18A+/B/C/D designed to replace A-4, A-6 and A-7 and have limited dogfighting capability
F/A-E/F was designed to take everything great about the legacy hornet and make it better.
EA-18G is the successor to the EA-6B, and does a damn good job of it (in addition to SEAD and Wild Weasel)
International Roadmap/"Super-Duper" Hornet will allow F/A-18F's and EA-18G's to operate effectively well into the 2030's.
>C&D have little dog fighting capability
In truth they have a better empty weight thrust to weight ratio over the Rhino. The Rhino can pull an extra .1 Gs and has a little better AOA if I'm not mistaken. It's up to you to decide which ones better but I've heard the legacy hornet has a slight advantage.
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In a slick dogfighting situation sure. However in a combat situation coming back from bombing some sandniggers, I would take the extra .1G in addition to being able to go 250 knots faster and have a better radar than the marginal thrust/weight I could get from a legacy bird.

Operative clause being "designed", I know about the YF-17 and then how the Navy wanted to get rid of the A-series, meanwhile for interceptors and pure air-to-air everyone was still circlejerking over the Tomcat.

To fly with max missile/bomb load-out, carrier planes don't launch with much fuel, so they launch another plane first that has no weapons and pods that can do mid-air refueling and extra fuel, the heavily armed planes can then fill up their tanks and go off on the mission.

>Think the Growler is the only plane to get a simulated missile kill on a non-gimped Raptor.

Sort of. There's a Growler out there with a F-22 silouette on it from that air frame getting a simulated kill, but it was from when it was still an F/A-18.
File: ea18g_f22kill.jpg (442KB, 2592x1944px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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false. Look at the wolf stencil, that's a Growler.
Except for the proof-of-concept, EA-18G's are all new builds, not conversions of 18-F's. If I recall correctly, the Growler was at Red Flag back in '09 and was able to get AMRAAM lock with the standard AESA radar.
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Yeah I would give the over all combat advantage to the Rhino, but as an aside they have the same top speed. I just tend to assume dogfighting refers to WVR.
Growlers are new builds, but as another aside you can get an F model with Growler innards that can be converted into a Growler when needed. Australia did this.
Kind of hard to put a gun in where a jamming array is? Other than that, the ALQ-99 jamming pods can be slung under just about anything, not sure about the wingtip S-band jammers, I think those are permanent. Either way, same performance as an 18 F with jamming capability, and I reckon you could use either AGM 88's for Wild Weasel/SEAD, or even sling up ATFLIR pods and JDAMS, the hardware is still the same.
Ok yeah, I confirmed my suspicions. RAAF is getting a Growler-derivative without the cannon, with ALQ-99 jamming pods, but without the wingtip s-band jammers, instead keeping the AIM9X rails, and they ordered ATFLIR pods that I assume they will use in lieu of one AMRAAM.
Are you sure they didn't buy the S-band Jammers? I only read that they had Aim-9X integration, not missing part of the wing and jamming package.
>All these USN super hornets
>No RAAF super hornets
Gotta fix that.
a rhino is a rhino :)
question for the knowledgeable.
why are the wing pilons on f-18' angled outwards instead of straight?
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A weapon release problem on one specific load out fucked up a plane. It's a damn shame. Google canted pylons super hornet for more.
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Thread images: 23

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