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Tank Museum Munster

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sup /k/, I've done a few other threads about "I went to a WW2 museum so here are photos for you" (namely about the former OKW and the Seelow Heights memorial), so here's yet another one.

Sadly I'm stuck on a 3G connection so I can't share too much this time around, but I'll give what I can since /k/ has always been really appreciative of this sort of thread.

Tank Museum Munster is the former Bundeswehr collection of tanks that has been turned into a public museum. Their exhibits span WW1 to the modern day, so there's a lot of nice stuff to see.

To kick things off, here's a replica of an A7V - the only original one was captured by the Aussies and taken to 'straya.
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Now with this one I'm sad that I didn't photograph the explaining plaque next to it as I have forgotten its designation. It's a german tank similiar to the Whippet, but not inspired by it - as so often, different engineers in different places came to similiar solutions.

The A7V was a relative failure (like the british tanks, even though it had better armor) and the original idea of mass producing it to turn the tide of war was changed to an order of 20.

This medium tank here (the french who captured and used it inbetween the wars removed the cannon before giving it back) is a lot more in size and shape like what we know as a tank though.
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Even though it is not a tank, it's an armored car that was used after WW1 by the Reichswehr to help combat the multitude of revolutionary groups that sprung up and tried to disturb the order. As far as I remember this is the only original one still existing.
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Even though the quality of metal used to construct it was bad and its main armament didn't really stand a chance against T-34s and KV-1s, the Panzer 38 (t) of czechoslovakian origin was still used by the Wehrmacht to supplement the Panzer III and IV forces in the East.

Otto Carius started out on one of these, so they weren't total failures.
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A Panzer IV later model (not sure if G or H) that was apparently used by the Afrika Korps.

The plaque fitted next to the driver viewport is just to commemorate who restored it back to working order.

Speaking of which, most of the tanks at this museum are actually in working order - imagine my surprise when I saw some pans to capture oil and other assorted liquids dribbling out of them!

The museum has a program called "Hobby Commanders" for tank enthusiasts to work and maintain them, including regularily firing up the engines! And said program was so overrun that by September of this year they had to stop taking applications. It's good to see people still care about these beauties.
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When you get a boner from standing in front of a tank, it can only be a Panther...
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..or a Tiger. This one is an Ausführung G with the later cupola that could swivel open to the side instead of making you an instant target to any snipers.
When you want to pat a Tank Destroyer it can only be a Hetzer...
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...or a Jagdpanzer IV, nicknamed "Guderian Duck" thanks to Guderian insisting on its creation and necessity.
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Here, Stuggy-Stuggy, good Stuggy!

The StuG III was conceptualized as a breakthrough weapon attached to infantry, assisting it to overcome enemy hard points by crushing them - the longer the war went, the more it was used in a tank destroyer role.

Disregarding that, it was by far the most built german tank in WW2.
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A Jagdpanther. Check out the bottom of the glacis plate, this thing had to endure quite some shots.
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What happens when you put a 38cm mortar developed to be used by U-Boats to shell coastlines into the chassis of a Tiger?

This. It was created to make close quarters battle like Stalingrad more likely to be overcome and won instead of being drawn out and lost.
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Heavy, slow, more prone to breaking down than being defeated or penetrated - the King Tiger was a mighty monster that didn't help a nation running out of fuel.
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To close things out here are two cherries on top.

Remember the pinnacle of US-german cooperation? No? Here it is, the MBT 70.
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And this is Erwin Rommels death mask.
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Bonus Round: Guess that gun!

It's not a CETME.
an mp45?
does it have shit on bovington?
G1 battle rifle.

Thanks alot for the pictures. I´ve been in Munster training area some years ago but didn´t make it into the museum. So it´s nice to see you posting all these beauties!

Is any of those tanks alive? Or these are just empty shells?
stg 58?
>file name not theyseemerollin.jpg
Read his post with the panzer iv picture in it senpai
Wasnt Guderian actually opposed to Jagdpanzer IV's development?
I worked at the Panzermuseum Munster in 2013 as a Praktikant and drove this Stug III. Thank god i'm not a huge guy.
Nice. Please tell me is King Tiger also alive? I think like maybe 1 or 2 are still in working order in the entire world.
yes it's still in working order
G1. Did they have any pre-A2 G3s or G2/G4s from the tests?
Not Aussies.

The Kiwi's have the only original and drug it back to New Zealand.
Sweet, i'd love to see a good movie with a real King Tiger in the leading role.
>Fury - Nazi Edition
>"rasende Wut" - ein Panzerepos aus den Tagen des großen Krieges

>Scene from Fury with Tiger 1 is reversed.
>It's Tiger 2 vs 5 shermans.

Why wOuld the kiwis take it to Queensland? Currently it's in Canberra
Must be on loan then.
Or you're full of shit.
Been on display for most of the past 100 years in Australia and was drug home by australians after capture.
Aussie's stealing the glory of New Zealand is all
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Tanks a lot OP!
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No G2/G4s, but they had the gun that ruined H&K

Can't talk about places I've never been to, sorry!
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*have not had

sorry, had a delicious Schnitzel and 1L of Hefeweizen

Have a 7.5cm KwK 42 L/70

As I've been to the OKW at Wünstorf previously, it was a weird moment when the guide told me that where the parking lot is now there used the one functional Maus (of the two built). They had a tiny model of a Maus at Munster, one day I'll go to Russia to see the real deal they assembled from the two Maus/Mice/Mäuse.
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Maus at Kubinka is an empty shell apparently. Not so long ago some kommando shared 4 photos of interior.
isn't the interior supposed to contain russian angry words? But it doesn't surprise me at all that it's empty. I just want to stand in front of it and be awed by the sheer size of the thing.
>it has 2 settings
>0 and 50
krauts keeping it simple for once
best thread I've seen all week
Thanks a lot! I might be able to post the other photos I took in a few days. I also took a photo of a Merkava but right after it, my battery died and the file got corrupted sadly.
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Thread images: 22

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