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ADHD in the military

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Any current serving members with ADHD on here? If so I'd like some advice.

I've been in for about two years now and I'm studying on the side. I've noticed I'm having a bit of difficulty concentrating on all this paperwork that comes along with it so I've been thinking about going to a military doc to try get this stuff perscribed to me. Don't get me wrong, I can do my job everyday just fine it's just when it comes to this study shit is where I'm having my dramas.

I'm afraid they might try and discharge me or corps transfer me if I'm identified as having ADHD.

What should I do?
You realize ADHD is a made up disease right?
What should you do?

Pay out of pocket and get assessed on the outside. Don't go to a psych for stupid shit like that. It's unnecessary to have that on your record and you don't even know if you have anything wrong.

Try Military OneSource and ask for a free and confidential counseling session. They will give you a mental health provider to talk to in person that the military has no way of knowing about, unless you say something that triggers a mandatory reporting. They should be able to refer you to someone who is specially trained to assess your learning abilities.
I've been considering getting it done on the outside, but if I get them via a civie doc and if it ever does show up in a drug test then I'm kinda fucked. I figured if I did it through the greenie weenie it would be 100% legal
Try to avoid the medication route if you can. There may be ways to improve your concentration without it, e.g., meditation.

If you are diagnosed and it really does come to that, then you'll need to make an assessment from there. I can't say for sure how it would be handled, but you could consider yourself barred from anything in Special Operations.
The US military semi-recently screened just about all of their members for ADHD and discharged those found to have it.

So yeah..

Find a coping mechanism
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If you havnt been diagnosed with ADHD then it could also be something else like Dyslexia, since that also massively effects your conentration.
I have Dyslexia and mild ADHD and it fucking sucks when it comes to studying. Doctors tend not to perscribe stuff for it in my country though.
Conscript with ADHD here. Still got drafted to pewpew things.

If you can still post on 4chan and still have a desire to study, you're fine. And since you're already in the army, it's unlikely you will be discharged unless it's revealed with a ADHD related blunder (e.g. assault an officer)
You realize a disorder isn't a disease, right?
>has totally normal problem
>gib medication
people today are worthless pussies
To be quite honest you're better off solving your own mental health problems, unless you're considering suicide. The DSM 5 is closer to a cave painting than it is to actual science and it reflects the current state of psychiatric medicine in the U.S.
Do research on the specific problems you're having not on ADHD, you might have sleep apnea, low T, hyperthyroidism, or a number of other things.
You walk into a doctors office talking ADHD and you roll the dice on him giving a fuck to look into these other disorders before just throwing lobbied medications at you.
I had 80HD as a kid and my mom pumped me with ritalin

I still got in fine
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