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Hey /k/, not really a newguns here but I recently became much

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Hey /k/, not really a newguns here but I recently became much more interested in shooting as a hobby. I'm looking for suggestions on what to get next.

So far I have an old youth sized .22lr bolt action (haven't used it in ages), a Benelli super Nova 12ga., and my most recent acquisition, a Glock 19.

So what do I get to round off my collection /k/? I also have little experience with going innawoods but I want weapons that could fill that sort of camping/exploring niche. I prefer durable easy to maintain weapons.

Also, a good knife. Ka-bars seem interesting.
obviously a rifle in a full sized round
i'd recommend a semi automatic rifle. take your pick, so far you have your bases pretty well covered.
I'm thinking more specifically. what are some good, most importantly reliable options?
Build an AR15. A brief warning, once you start, there's not telling how deep the rabbit hole goes.
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You need a semi-automatic rifle or carbine, in a centerfire cartridge.

A Hi-Point can do, but there's so much better options out there.

>AK of some sort
>AR-15 in a flavor you prefer (I'd suggest .223 or 9mm Luger)
>Nitescout, comes in three sizes, pistol, rifle, and "I'm going to file a form to make this an SBR later", it's an MP5 clone using Uzi mags, and it has kind of that cool Tec-9 look without being dogshit
>Uzi carbine
>Mini-14 (an AR-15 is probably better value in the long run, but they have a nice feel, also, the accuracy problems were solved in 2006 so get a new one if you want one)
>M1 Carbine

Oh yeah, and you ought to consider a revolver some day, in .357 so you can shoot .38 for real cheap, or in .22LR so you can shoot for insanely cheap.
What's the average cost of something like that? Is it hard to learn what you need to do to put one together?
The ammo is like twice as expensive as 7.62 x 39 just so you know
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AK, AR-15, these are very popular today, there's loads of options, and they work great.
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>implying .223 isn't cheap as hell anyway
>implying both cartridges don't have pros and cons to weigh against each other
The low end is about $4-500. $1000 will get you a really good quality rifle. Personally I would suggest starting small, and then adding on as you figure out what you want.
You can get a pretty good AR for about 700 bux

Of course, there's nice ones for less.
Calm down sperg, I'm just informing him
Thanks for the tip.

Okay, good suggestions. The revolver option sounds appealing. AK sounds a bit more appealing than the AR at this point.

Thanks, that is doable.
If you're interested in ARs. check out the /arg/ threads. If you can wade through the tripfags jerking each other off, and you can learn a lot.
If I get an m&p 15 can I change stuff like the handguard and stock later on
AR, AK, Vz58, SKS, or any of the various WWII bolt actions are all safe picks.
There's a pretty decent /akg/ AK Buyer's Guide that goes through a lot of shit, mostly FAQ's and models.

WASR-10's and RAS-47's are gonna be your entry-level AK's.
>Based Buck.png
are you even trying
>AK sounds a bit more appealing than the AR at this point.
Both are great rifles, but if you're interested in AKs, now is a really great time, when Saigas got banned from import among a bunch of other things under the sanctions regarding Ukraine, the US gun industry jumped on this opportunity, and now there's MOUNTAINS of American made Kalashnikov rifles, as well as parts and accessories for them, you have a lot of options here.
Yes, AR-15 rifles are supremely modular, you can do A LOT.
To expand upon this, say you buy an M&P-15 Sport (or literally any other regular AR-15 rifle), things you can do with it:

>change out the stock and grips for various things
>switch out the .223Rem barrel for a .300BLK barrel, and get 7.62x39mm tier ballistics while using the same bolt and mags, also, unlike 7.62x39mm, .300BLK will actually consistently cycle with subsonic loadings, a very good caliber if you want to get a silencer
>remove the bolt and magazine, and install a .22LR conversion kit
>install a .410 bore shotgun conversion kit
>remove the upper entirely, and replace it with a .50BMG single-shot upper
>remove the upper and replace it with one in .458 SOCOM, has the power of a .45-70 Levergun, but in semi-auto, and it uses regular AR magazines (a regular 30rd .223 mag holds 10rds of .458), these are hog-destroyers
>put a bump-stock on it (and maybe on some of the previously mentioned configs) and simulate near full-auto, without any paperwork or taxes, 100% legal

Then there's other things, say that you have a transferable M16A1 rifle, or just the lower-receiver of one (you won the lottery or found nazi gold buried in your yard, and you thought "Hey, a machinegun would rule right now."), you can do all of those things to that, and have it full-auto, you can use a .22LR conversion kit with the M16, and have .22 caliber full-auto fun, or you can use a 9mm Luger upper, for SMG fun.
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Bump-stocks exists for AKs as well, if you want them. Basically, the stock and grip ride freely along a rail (or the buffertube if on an AR), and it has a shelf for your finger, what you do is that you place your trigger finger on the shelf, then you pull the gun forward, while holding the stock against your shoulder, your finger will pull the trigger and the gun recoils backwards, if you keep pulling the gun forward, your finger will keep hitting the trigger, and it's like the gun shoots full-auto.

Really fun gadgets, though keep in mind that they're NOT practical for ANYTHING, do not substitute them for real training, it's fun to blast off a couple of magazines like that, but you also want to become familiar with your rifle and be able to fire it accurately.
(though many bump-stocks have a switch to lock the stock in place so you can shoot normally, if you want that).

You can bump a gun without one, but they make it REALLY easy to do and gives you a very consistent rate of fire once you have the knack down.
Thread posts: 23
Thread images: 8

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